Wednesday, March 4, 2009


For a patient person, I have lately shown a tremendous lack regarding Spring.

The signs are all here regardless of what the temperature gauge says. Good thing I don't let a fact like temps in the high 20's get in the way of my desire for Spring. The temperature may be a fact , but these are the facts that I am listening to.

When I saw out my window that my neighbor's goat herd was expanding, I was thrilled. Nothing cuter than a baby goat even if they are camera shy. I guess if I had recently dropped soaking wet on to a hard cold ground, I'd be a bit grumpy about having my picture taken also.

Such a sweet baby sitter.

A dog and her goat.


I can smell the roses -------almost.


For a yard full of rocks, I somehow have a lot of worms, thus a lot of Robins.


Can almost taste that plum jelly now.

Hope similar facts are filling your surroundings now.


  1. Enjoyed your pics of early spring! Thanks!

  2. You figured out how to let me post!!!! I love it - thanks!

    I am impatient for spring too. We have snow on the ground now, but they are saying we will have 78* here by Sunday - so I guess we will see more signs of it soon. The poor daffodils and forsythia got creamed, but the robins will be back, I'm sure. I've already seen many of them.

  3. What's that saying about watching the pot boil? Waiting for spring is probably a better place to say the same thing.

  4. Jewels,
    Think it will get here??? Got to believe that goats know what they are doing.

    So glad the problem is finally solved.Phew. Changed the comment format to full page and removed word verification if you run into the problem again. We are expecting a great, warm week end also.

    You are right. I know, the more I want Spring, the longer it will take to get here. Kind of like kids and Christmas.
    Also know that in no time I will be griping about the heat and looking for Fall. Hard to make us humans happy.

  5. That baby goat is so cute. Nice photos here, Patti.

  6. Thanks Robin I am totally weak regarding baby animals. Could not get him to look at me though and it was pretty far away. I'll get him yet.

  7. Patti, thanks for telling me about World Without End. I will look for it just as soon as I finish this one!!

  8. Kenju

    Those are two loooog books. You are set for a while. Enjoy.