Thursday, March 5, 2009


This handsome fellow is hiding a secret while dressed in his winter best. He has ungodly breath.

Mighty has the worst breath I have ever smelled. Only good thing is that he is not a mouth breather, rarely pants and is not an "in your face" type of dog. However, on our day trips in the car with the windows up, it is a real challenge to hold breakfast down.

It would help if I could brush his teeth but he is extremely mouth sensitive. It would be easier to bathe a cat and I don't take pain well.

So, my little fellow has to face the vet several times a year. Besides his breath, it is also a health hazard to have chronic gum infections. There is a known link between gum disease and heart disease for both dogs and humans. So, this is necessary. but it doesn't make it any easier on an over protective pet owner.

While it is not major surgery like he has had in the past, still it is scary enough for he is not a young dog ( around 12 years old.) and all anesthesia is dangerous the older a dog gets. Just like for humans.

His serious surgery was over a year ago when he ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. Kind of like a foot ball player injury. His knee was pieced together with screws, pins and 80 pound test fishing line. After 2 months of therapy, you can't tell he was ever lame and my bank account has also healed.

Knowing he survived such extensive surgery should make me feel at ease. But I am not. Sure will be glad when I pick him up this afternoon.

He is giving me this look now which clearly states "But I always eat this time of day." Yep, he has to be hungry and thirsty for surgery, so in deference to the little guy, I am also forgoing breakfast. Tummies that growl together, stay together.

Keep good thoughts for the little guy for me.


  1. He is so precious with those big eyes and sweet face…you would have to be mighty yourself to resist him! It tickled me to hear that you are skipping breakfast to show support – know he appreciates your compassion. Brandy and I send well wishes to you both.

  2. The poor little guy and I have something in common.....LOL. I hope he does well under the anesthesia and recovers quickly.

  3. What a precious little dog! I hope he recovers well and speedily from his visit to the vet.

    Thanks for your visit to my cardinals, Patti.

  4. I remember that our pets( three cats and a dog), were always upset when we took them to the vet. They refused to go in a basket or the cage for the cats. We were always upset when a very sick animal had to be put down. I hope your doggie will soon be better.

  5. Jewels & Brandy, Kenju and Pat-Arkansas

    Thank you so much for your good wishes for the Mighty one. He is back home now, a bit drunk but with sweet breath and doing fine. He was just gone 8 hours and I missed him a lot. Thanks again.

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  7. Reader Wil
    You snuck in while I was thanking the others. Thank you for your wishes also. Pets know when they are going to the vet don't they? Can't fool em. Mighty will be fine when he sobers up.

    March 5, 2009 4:13 PM

  8. My best wishes for the puppy! He seems to be so sweet. We also have dogs and cats - all of them adopted from the Humane Society and they are very precious to us.

    I love your blog.
    (My blog is in Portuguese - that's why I come as "anonymous").

  9. So glad you stopped by Miriam. Rats, I don't speak Portuguese. Wish I did so I could visit you also. Can you get a translator widget for your blog? I visit a Finnish blogger that has one.
    Bless you for taking in Humane Society animals. Wish more people did that.
    Do come back and thanks for the kind words.