Monday, March 30, 2009


My company came Friday and I got to show them my little town. We had lunch in the smallest but best restaurant then toured the many little shops and antique places. We may be small but we actually have a coffee shop that offers free WI-FI.. We got a cappuccino there, looked at the art work and rested our feet.

Helena, Joyce, inside coffee shop

The fun started though when we stopped a little shop that sold among other things, mood rings. These were popular in the 70's and I had totally forgotten about them. The rings change colors when you put them on depending on your "mood". Almost black indicates stressed, red for nervous, orange unsettled, green active, light blue relaxed, dark blue lovable, and deep blue was sexy. Joyce tried one on and it promptly changed colors. I did also and thought what the hay, it is only 2 bucks so both of us bought one. When I tried it on it was green for a while then went to a nice relaxed blue.

My rooster unhappily volunteered to display the ring for me.

Mine had a sticker on it I couldn't remove so the man behind the counter said he would remove it for me. It proved difficult, so he took it into the back room to work on it. When he brought it back it was showing the deep blue, sexy mode. I started to laugh and asked him what he did to get my ring all riled up. He turned flame red in the face while laughing. I put the ring on my finger and it reverted back to a nice relaxed blue. Gave it back to him, sexy blue again. His wife was in on the laughing and she took the ring from me to ring it up. You guessed it, when she gave it back to me it was again sexy blue. Kind of got the feeling that after we left, they may have closed up shop for an late "lunch."

We then hit the streets again to shop some more, periodically checking with each other what the ring color was and laughing again about the store owner. Later at home, Joyce asked to use the bathroom. While she was in there, she really started to laugh hysterically. Wasn't sure what in my bathroom that was so comical. When she came out she actually had tears from laughing. It seems when she went in the ring was an unsettled orange and then the instant she relieved her self, it turned a nice relaxed blue. Hay, these rings are for real.

I found the science behind the mood ring here. I am sure in a few days, it will disappear into my drawer, never to be seen again but it was a really well spent 2 bucks.


  1. That sounds like what we use to call "Mood Rings." It was popular here in the days of Hula Hoops and Lumps of Coal. I enjoyed reading your blog. And thank you for visiting my birds blog.

  2. Best. Story. EVER! Thanks for the laugh. :)

  3. I remember mood rings. I don't think I ever had one, but I do remember their popularity. I'm going to have to check that link to see how they "work."

  4. This sounds like a little town that my sister and Husband retired to years ago. Want name the town, but it was on the Spring River and started with a H. They later moved to Ala to be near their daughter. They are gone now, but they really loved this little part of heaven.

  5. I wrote about them a few weeks ago. I wish I still had one....LOL
    Love the story about the shop keeper and his wife.

  6. Cute and funny! The joke at work is that my "mood" ring is always black.....I don't know what they're talking about; and neither do they!

  7. Abe
    That is what it is. It has been put in the drawer for now but it was sure fun.

    Thanks, so glad you enjoyed. It gave me a lot of laughs that day.

    I'm pretty sure I had one of them in the seventies but it had slipped my mind.

    Know where you are talking about but I am south/east of there in a town starting with M. I think all of North Central Ak is a bit of heaven.

    If you get a chance to pick one up, do it, it is such fun. The shop keeper was a hoot.

    Nature Nut
    Thanks. According to my chart that came with the ring, black means stressed. Tell them to lighten up on you.