Sunday, March 29, 2009


These candles are usually decorative and don't get much action. Put them to work last night.

And how did you spend Earth Hour? My company went back to Florida Saturday morning, so it was just me, Mighty dog and the cats. I had really hoped for a nice evening to spend on the porch enjoying the night sky with a cup of chamomile tea. However, after a really rainy day, the cold front arrived so it was too cold and damp to sit out side. OK, plan B.

I lit some scented candles, don't laugh but I love peppermint, and took a long, really hot, bubble bath, sipping the chamomile tea, while listening to my MP3 player. Only batteries folks. Tunes, tea, scents, and suds. Truthfully, I don't pamper myself this well with power available. Could it be that switch flipping stifles the imagination?

Where I live,at least once a year, we go with out power for several days at a time,thus I have a ton of battery "things". I hope this doesn't mean I was cheating for I took this Earth Hour seriously. So after I was nice and mellow from the bath, I crawled under the down blankets, clipped my battery book light on to the newest John Grisham novel and read way past the allotted hour. Technically, I managed to pull off an Earth Two Hour. I hope we were not supposed to feel a bit of deprivation during the hour in the dark. I am sorry to say, I really had a pleasant time.

While I did my best to enjoy the light less period, I was really glad to wake up this morning with situation back to normal. I hope I didn't come off as being too flip for I do care about reducing my carbon footprint. I have installed CFL lights, recycle religiously, try not to be a gasoline junkie by combining my car trips,drive the speed limit, try to buy local, and bugger my congressmen periodically about clean earth initiatives. Not ashamed to hug a tree.

As individuals, we are barely heard, but together, as the billion strong last night, we might actually be noticed by the power mongers. I hope you cast your vote in the dark. Again I ask, how did you spend Earth Hour?


  1. I hate to admit that I forgot about it. We had just returned from a day with my daughters and grandchildren, and when we got home, the TV went on to basketball and I fell asleep. We only had 2 lilghts on at the time, so maybe I could be forgiven? I do most of those things you mentioned - except bugging my reps.

  2. I wonder if any satellite photos were made before and after? I would like to see them.

  3. You spent Earth Hour in a splendid way! My candles were not light enough to read with. I had two cups of tea and some chocolate cookies. I could have taken a bath of course! I wrote a letter, and wanted to listen to my MP3 player, but the batteries were flat.On 1st April I get solarpanels. I hope that it is a good contribution to the environment. Thanks for your visit!

  4. I'm ashamed to admit that I forgot, like Kenju. I have replaced all of my lightbulbs with the new energy saving kind, and haven't had to change even one in more than two years. Only three of them were on last night. Maybe I can be excused for my memory lapse.

  5. kenju
    I almost forgot myself. Think since you are good other wise, you are all right. It was more of an awareness campaign and you are all ready aware. Besides, I did an extra hour that you and Betty can claim.

    That is a wonderful idea. Wish the hour could have been coordinated but an impossibility with the many time zones. Only thing I saw was the Eiffel Tower going dark.

    Reader Wil
    Writing a letter was a good idea. I am so jealous of your solar panels. That is a huge contrifution. Hope you take pictures of them to share with your readers.

    You and Judy are doing a good job all ready with commitment. You two can share my extra hour that I did by accident.