Friday, March 6, 2009


Got my little fellow, Mighty dog, back from the vets yesterday not too much worse for wear. He was properly drunk but seemed to enjoy the sensation till he navigated into a door frame that he miss judged. But like human drunks, he didn't seem to feel a thing.

His teeth cleaning bill effected me more than his surgery effected him. Now I get my teeth cleaned 3 times a year and my dentist bill is half what the vet charged. Guess it is fair though. Unlike Mighty, I am not anesthetized, don't get my nails done, and I would never stand for have my anal glands expressed.

For non pet owners, the anal glands are two small glands located on either side of your dog's butt. Each gland holds a small amount of a noxious smelling, liquid brown substance that your pet uses as something of a doggie calling card. When your dog "scoots" across the carpet, he is trying to express the glands himself. The vet should charge extra for that chore alone. I understand the anals can really pack a "smell" wallop and "cling" if not aimed properly. Ok, I am no longer complaining about the bill.

Did find out that Mighty had gained 2 pounds. Not much on me but on a formerly 10.5 pound dog, that is an almost 20% increase in body weight. So, the little?? fellow will now have to go on a diet. Of course the saying goes that if your dog is over weight, YOU aren't getting enough exercise. Hum. Hopefully when we both can get outside more.....?

The Mighty One is on antibiotics for a week. Once again I am glad for a small, if pudgy, dog. He is easy to handle, bathe and lift into a car, but also his pills are small. A little cheese wrap and down they go. That never worked on my larger dogs and it was down the throat with pill in hand with the big guys. Always slobbery and sometimes painful. Love the grand sized dogs but when it comes to maintenance and health care, little is the way to go.

This was my first Dane--- Loki

I used to own Great Danes (this is for you Joan), never a herd of Danes like that statement implies, but one at a time. Their honkin size,regal bearing, gentle ways and remarkable way they sit on a couch like a person, make them very dear. These are marvelous animals that can't be beaten for protection. A Dane need not even bark to make you safe. Often, all they will do is get between you and the supposed threat (it could be a friend by mistake) and no one ever crosses the line.

Mighty on the other hand could never intimidate a threat to my safety, but he sure could "annoy" them away with his incessant barking. We do what we can, with what we have.

Soooo, we are back to normal. Next week Mighty goes to the beauty parlor and then he can relax and enjoy life. No more poking and prodding , honest Mighty.


  1. My cat's anal glands must need expressing. She jumped up on the couch (on top of me) a few days ago and I felt something drop on my hand. It was 3-4 drops of a foul-smelling brown liquid and I couldn't wait to wash my hands in scalding water and scads of soap! I guess I'm lucky it fell on me and not the couch. Ick.

    My last dog was small, like Mighty. She only annoyed people with her bark, too, and no one would have ever been afraid of her, but she was a sweetheart (except for using my dining room floor as her sandbox).

  2. I managed a kennel for years and work there part time now. I (unfortunately) know that smell all-to-well....

    We have to love the little beasts though. :)

  3. Kenju
    Sounds suspicious there. Be glad it landed on you, I think. I did read that cats may also spontaneously express anal sac secretions when excited or frightened. What did you do to her Judy? KOC-- Kidding of course.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I'll pop over to see you now.

  4. Ah....that explains it. She didn't know that her sister was already laying on me when she jumped up onto my chest. I suppose the surprise of seeing her there made her shoot it out. Ew.

  5. One of my old greyhounds used to, um, unload her glands fairly regularly. She was rather skiddish and if something frightened her...

    My English Pointer takes his thyroid pill with no persuasion needed. I had been doing the down-the-hatch administration method, but now we either balance it on his nose and he'll take it when we say 'ok' or he'll just pick it up off the floor and swallow it. He's very odd.