Monday, March 2, 2009


Sometimes things move in such a radically different direction than where you thought you were going, that you are totally blindsided. Such was the case of Robert.

I met Robert in a Real Estate Law course I was taking while I worked at the bank. He was a loan officer from another bank and I was an administrative assistant. We were both upwardly mobile. Though he was not classically handsome, he was clean cut and had a confident manner about him that attracted me immediately.

Quickly we became friends , then started dating. I learned he was from an old money, Palm Beach family. His family had lost most of their money but were still in better standing on the Island than the nouveau riche. So our dates centered on the east side of the Inland Water Way in the town of Palm Beach.

This was a world I had ventured into once before but was not duly impressed. I sensed a lack of passion about life and often a sad boredom among the town's residents I had previously met. Our first date was to a house warming for one of his friends, Arthur. Arthur's in laws had just presented the happy couple with a new home on the island as a wedding gift.

Robert took me around the party and introduced me to the other guests. The women were coldly polite to me but the men showed interest in the quaint idea that I actually had an occupation and we had decent conversations. I knew I was way out of my element but curiosity and interest in Robert kept my feet planted.We went out often to the Palm Beach parties and night clubs, always with a group of his friends. Robert was always attentive and almost protective of me which is why I was caught unawares.

One night, the direction shifted radically leaving me both shocked and amused. We were in my apartment, snuggling on the couch, and I thought getting ready to take the relationship to the next level. While I was expecting warm and urgent expressions of affection, he instead posed the following question as he nuzzled my ear.

"How would you like to be a courtesan?"

Good thing I read a lot or I wouldn't have known whether to slap him or start laughing. With a few historical novels under my belt, I knew he was politely referring to my interest in becoming a whore. Certainly those words were not the sweet nothings I had been expecting. I suppose I should have felt offended but I was actually amused at the ridiculousness of the idea and was pretty sure he was joking.

However , he eagerly explained with all the finesse of an elephant in a light bulb factory, that he wanted to set me up with "dates" with some of the Island elite in exchange for lots of money. This clean cut fellow I found so attractive, wanted to be my "pimp." He then said that after we made a nice stake, he would marry me. That was when I started laughing knowing we had reached the end of the end of our relationship.I'm pretty sure I was the first girl he had tried to enlist into a stable of call girls because he was so dreadful at it. The polished gentleman had no polish that night.

Evidently the parties he had taken me to were to chum the waters to see if there was interest in me for "private parties". I guess I must have gotten some nibbles of interest at those parties we attended. Didn't know whether to be flattered or appalled that I was able to muster enough interest from the elite, bored, old gentlemen I met, that Robert thought he could actually make money with me.

Robert must have had a cash flow problem for he plead his case quite earnestly. He only quit when I finally asked him.

"What makes you think I would have sex with strangers when I haven't had sex with you yet ? You don't even know if I am any good."

He too had to laugh then at the foolishness of his proposition and could no longer argue. His career as a pimp and mine as a courtesan died with out a whimper.

We went our separate ways that night. I continued to earn money the old fashioned way, I earned it, and Robert went on to climb the corporate ladder with out the easy money of a courtesan bringing in the spending cash. At least I think so.
Robert rose to prominence in the banking world and I am sure he owns several by now. The whole experience is just something to smile about today.

However, it is nice to know I had an interesting variety of career opportunities in my life to choose from. I take heart that at least I might have been a "high priced" call girl.


  1. Some men are so friggin clueless, aren't they? This made for very enjoyable reading, Patti and I had to pop over here to tell you!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a proposition! You certainly have had some interesting career opportunities! : )

  3. Kenju
    Thanks for making the annoying extra effort. I made some changes that I thought might help you leave comments but I guess they didn't work. Back to the drawing board.


    That is one job I never got to try. At least I know what I won't do given the option.

  4. Indecent proposal?? We call that kind of men:"Loverboys" They usually are dangerous and threaten the girls to kill. Well written story! Thanks for telling and thanks for the visit on my blog.

  5. Hi Patti,
    Thank's for the comment, someting wrong in Blogger...

  6. Reader Wil
    "Indecent proposal" would have been a good title yesterday. Forturnately Bob was no danger, just stupid.
    Thanks for coming across the pond.


    Blogger is aggrivating isn't it? Hope it clears up soon. Blogger heal thyself.

  7. I know you wrote this intending humor but the subject overwhelmed me with saddness.