Friday, April 10, 2009


Arkansas took a bit of a whipping last night. The all day gentle rain was softening us up for a doozy of a storm. We didn't get any tornadoes in our county but the south and western part of the state wasn't so lucky. It was awful in Mena, Ar, where three people lost their lives. My heart goes out to them and the town that was damaged. From what I can see on the news, Mena looks a lot like our little town last February.

When the straight line winds hit last night, I was surrounded in fur. The cats were wild eyed but Mighty was panicked. They all couldn't get close enough. It was scary enough that I went to bed fully dressed. I have a fear of being blown into some one's pasture wearing only a flimsy night shirt. Like that should be my biggest worry. While the winds were as strong as I have experienced since I have been here, I didn't get out the Arkansas tornado hat (my old motorcycle helmet). When I put the helmet on, Patti is really scared.

Last night as the winds shook the house(and I am sitting on a slab) I would have been more concerned had it not been for my fearful animals. Being "fake calm" for them translated into actual calm. Imagination can be a powerful tool. It can take you into dark places that do not exist or out of dark places that do. That is my Zen for the day.

When I took Mighty for his morning walk, I was so pleased to see no new tree limbs down. I guess the ice storm got all the weak stuff. In fact, with the exception of the back of the house being plastered with grass clippings and leaf buds, I could find no damage. We dodged another bullet. Now time to help those not so lucky.

Fortunately, my brother left yesterday and missed it all. I would really have panicked had his 34 foot motor home had been anchored in my front yard. He called from Indiana were they made their first stop to say they only got sprinkles all day. I am so thankful for that.

Jim was not thrilled about his picture being on the Internet. He is convinced evil lurks out there so I will only show what can be posted with no fear of his head being photo shopped onto a naked body.

Jim and Shirley arriving

Jim and Shirley leaving.

This way, neither Big Brother nor the perverted can't get my big brother. Loved having you here Jim and Shirley. You were lovely guests. All guests should bring their own houses. See ya.


  1. We had no damage here...glad to her you made it through the storm. Animals alway tell you when the storms are bad.

  2. Mena Arkansas where a tornado.
    At least three people were killed and two dozen injured on Thursday night when a tornado smashed through Mena, Arkansas.

    "About half the injuries were reported as serious," said Tommy Jackson, a spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management at North Little Rock, Arkansas.
    See the live program.

  3. I'm just catching up here. We had no phone or internet service all day Thursday because some prankster decided to cut AT&T's fiber optic cable that serves our area. Nice. Sorry to hear that you had some bad chicken. Interestingly, so did a good friend here, on the same day as you. Quite a bummer. Glad that your visit with your brother was good. Hope the weather clears up everywhere for everyone.

  4. Arkie
    So glad you were spared also The four legged ones really do know when all is not well.

    Thank you so much for the updated information. That was not available to me at post time. Have been watching the news and it is really bad in Mena. I plan to help out thru chuch collections and the Red Cross.

    Your AT&T cable was deliberately cut?? Wonder what the nut got out of doing that? Hope you didn't have computer withdrawal. Glad you are back in business.

  5. Glad the four of you had one another last night and that you made it through another storm. My heart goes out to Mena, AR and to the families of the three who lost their lives.

    I am glad to know I am not the only silly person to go to bed fully dressed when a storm is approaching. Of course, I have heard that people who are blown into someone else’s field usually don’t have a stitch of clothes on. Oh well…at least it makes us feel more secure and am sure your helmet would stay intact. Ha ha! It is fun to laugh at our (oh so human) quirks. I am siding with Jim on the no pictures on the internet rule!

  6. I am glad to know that you suffered no damage, and I fell sorry for the people who did.

  7. Jewels,
    Sure wsa a bad night for a lot of people. Even those whose lives were spared face a long hard row to hoe rebuilding.

    Thank you. So happy to have been spared and my heart goes out to the suvivors also. This has been a tough weather year and it is only 3and 1/2 months old.

  8. The pictures of Mena on CNN were horrible. I'm so sorry for those folks. I don't stay dressed when there is a storm in the area, but I do keep my purse with me if I have to take cover. And, a flashlight. I'm sure I look funny, cowering in the bathroom with my purse strap over my arm.

  9. I was thinking about you all day after hearing about the weather problems on the news. Glad you made it through okay.

    For all my complaining about the weather here, we really don't have it that bad. We can get some nasty thunderstorms, but the major problem is the lightning. I used to sit in my hallway with the critters during really bad T-storms. I used to have a water bed and I thought that was a bad place to be in a storm... Anyway, our biggest problem would be a hurricane or severe ocean storm (ie "The Perfect Storm"). It's been about 18 years since our last hurricane.

    Glad you and your critters were there for each other.

  10. Betty,
    It is so sad about Mena The after effects take a long time to recover from .
    I did have to laugh at your purse clutching. My neighbor is the same way. She says she isn't going anywhere with out it.

    Thanks for thinking of us. I used to have a water bed in Florida and wondered similar thoughts. Hope your "perfect storm" was a once in a century thing.

  11. There's a lot of truth to that ... we just had vistors, and it would have been less stressful for some people to have more space.

  12. Robert,
    so true. It allows each party some moments of privacy also. Wish I had one for when I visit.