Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well now that was special. I took my brother and his wife out to dinner Tuesday night to a formerly nice restaurant on the White River. The view is wonderful and normally the food is pretty good. Well it was going down----- not so much on the return trip. The only good thing is that at least it was just me who got sick. Don't eat the chicken, the fish is fine.

Yesterday was the only nice day weather wise we had for it had been cold and blustery while they were here. Unfortunately, I had to spend it in pretty close proximity to the bathroom. Yuck. I am such a fun hostess. At least we could get outside and pick up some damaging rays. All three of us live by the tan. We know it is wrong, we just make regular visits to the Dermatologist to make sure we don't do anything worse than cosmetic damage.

I made sure they ate well yesterday but I squeaked by on liquids and gruel. At least I am cleaned out and a few pounds lighter. While I still feel a moment of panic if I burp, I am MUCH better.

They will be leaving today to go back to Ohio and I fear not so nice weather waiting for them. The weather has not been kind to them this year either in Florida or the stops in Alabama and Mississippi. I will miss them but we had a really nice visit. Due to the weather and my stomach, we stayed put in the house and got in some good "catching up" time. Conversation is always good.

They will be leaving after breakfast so this will be short this morning. I normally compose at night and shape it up in the AM to post . Last night I got nothing done but a good rest.

Should be in fine fettle tomorrow so I will see you then. Have a great day.


  1. Patti – sorry to hear you got sick…and while you had company…not fun! Hope your brother and family make it home safely and you continue to recover.

  2. It's bad enough to be sick alone, but when you have company - it's the pits! I hope you're feeling better soon. If it were me, I'd let the restaurant know you got sick from their food.

  3. Sorry to hear you were ill, Patti. Such a malady is never fun, but I imagine even more distressing when you are trying to entertain and socialize with your guests.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. Jewels,
    Thanks. Jim and Shirley are on the way and I made them promise to call when they arrive.They aren't missing anything here, it is a wash out with the rain.

    Probably should let the place know what they did to me.
    Pretty sure getting attacked by food germs, will be really funny in retrospect, almost there now. Imagine this part of the visit is the part that gets retold. Thank you.

    Good thing it was family that didn't need active entertaining. Feeling hungry today so I am pretty sure I am over it.Thanks.

  5. I am glad you feel much better! I wish you too a very blessed Easter!

  6. Now, I'm curious to know which restaurant it was. I have been known to frequent a few places on the White River, myself. OK, I know you don't want to name it on your blog. I'll just have to take my chances, I guess. I don't eat out that much any more, anyway. Hope you're feeling better.

  7. Reader wil
    Thank you so much for the good wishes for improved health and Easter. The health part is pretty much there. Have had an appetite all day.

    Can't really say on the blog. For one, I have eaten there several times before with no problem. Also my bad experience may have been a fluke. Any time we eat out, it is a crap shoot. They may be doing everything right but got some bad spinach from someone. I will let them know what happened however.