Tuesday, April 21, 2009


If you just want some good reading today, visit this site( March 24th post). It will make you feel good and want to go listen closely to someone dear to you. Also, I am mostly sending pictures out so there won't be much reading via my keyboard today. This can be a good thing.

I went to a craft and music fair recently. Can show you the crafts and you will have to imagine the music for I haven't mastered posting videos yet. Take my word for it that it was a good toe tapping time.
Most pictures will imbiggen when clicked.

I do not do crafts but love them and really admire crafty people.

The crowds were perfect for me but I am sure the Chamber of Commerce would have liked bigger.

Got to love a soldier having a good time.

Possibly a young Josh Turner??

Maybe a young Kenny Chesney??

All pickers welcome
Hope you enjoyed the festival.


  1. One of our favorite places to go..We go there all the time..Love Aunt Minnie!

  2. I did enjoy having a look at all of your crafty photos. Nice.

  3. Arkie38
    Got to admire your good taste. A fun town to visit isn't it?

    Thanks Clever play on words there.

    It was. I am more of a Blues person but love all types of music.

  4. What a wonderful fair you've been to. Thank you for sharing! Thank you also for your visit, Patti!

  5. norachristie.wordpress.comApril 21, 2009 at 4:02 PM

    Thanks for the link to Garrison Keillor. He is a favorite of mine. I particularly liked this, about poets.

    Lovely pictures. I bet they had good things to eat.


  6. The quilts and pottery are very nice!!

  7. norachristie
    Welcome to TNS. Glad you like Garrison also. I am a huge fan of the man.
    Sadly did not eat anything though was tempted to try a basket of fried green tomatoes.

  8. Oops, kenju, you snuck in while I was answering nora.

    Had to show restraint and not buy out the booths. I have no more wall or shelf space to put one more thing but love to look.

  9. Looks like it was a lot of fun! And it sounds like YOU had a very very good time!

  10. OOOTH
    Yes I did. Thank you. It always makes me wish I had talent like you and other artists. Guess "wishing" isn't how to come by it though.