Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Post 200201, at least, on the amazing Susan Boyle. It is only a remote possibility that you have not seen this incredible performance by the Scottish lass, Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent. It has made every news show. If you have missed this, go here and be prepared for your goose bumps to look like they are on steroids. Over thirty million people can't be wrong. Can they?

When the discussion on my favorite morning show lead to this performance, I was prepared to not to watch for Simon Cowell is not on my Dudley Do Right list. I guess it is un-American, but I do NOT watch Idol. Any form of cruelty really turns me off. If it hadn't been for the build up, I would have switched channels when it was shown on Good Morning America. However I trust them, so I watched. This woman blew me away and made every hair I have, stand on end.

I don't believe Simon is that good an actor and if I am wrong and he is just acting, then he is Oscar worthy. His face and the faces of the judges, but mostly the audience let you know you were seeing and hearing something very special. Simon actually looked like a 5 year old when he first sees the Christmas puppy. At first he was incredulous, then he beamed pure pleasure. I was standing when she first came on and I continued to stand, afraid to break the spell.

Why was this voice so special? Not just that it was coming from a 47 year old woman and it was unexpected. The incredible richness of her voice and how the audience were drop jawed in amazement and appreciation brought tears to my eyes. Close your eyes and she has a marvelous voice for any age.

The story is that this woman sacrificed her life's ambitions to care for her ailing Mum. How many people out there are like her? Those who have unselfishly put their own dreams on hold because someone needed them? They answered the call, then one day wake up to find life has mostly passed them by. There are too many I fear but Susan should give all the selfless souls hope that it is never too late. Rewards can come in this life and not to give up if you do have a dream.

I understand she admits to never having been kissed. I also understand that there are legions of men out there wanting to correct that situation if the comments are to be believed.

Maureen Callahan of the NY Post suspects that this whole thing is a Simon Cowell put up job. God, I hope not. Especially now, when we so need to believe in happy endings. If it turns out to be such, and I do believe him capable of such a hoax, he will have managed to have spat on both hope and redemption in one night. His cruelest act ever. I hope Maureen is dead wrong and we can all go on with this lovely dream.

What do you think???


  1. I doubt that Simon is that good of an actor. I saw his expressions and those of the other judges, and they were pure surprise and pleasure. I've never seen Simon smile that big.

    BTW: he is not as cruel this year as he has been in the past.

  2. Hi Patti, Thanks SO much for the award. I will post it on my sidebar. You are so nice to remember me and I truly appreciate it.

    I haven't heard Susan Boyle sing yet--but I've heard ALOT about her.

    We're SO glad to be home!!!!

    Thanks again!

  3. I never watch Idol, but I have heard about Simon's nastiness. Watched the video of Susan Boyle a week ago and was absolutely blown away by her. It would be both a shame and an outrage if this is a "put up" job. The kind of thing that fosters and confirms our cynicism. I'm hoping she's the real thing.

  4. I think Maureen IS DEAD WROBG! She must be the biggest cynic around..And, Well....The NY Post....Of course she would write for that paper!
    I have seeb that clip 7 or more times. That is NO ACT on Simon Cowell's part, or anyone else's...That was a genuine "happening". And it does give one hope to see the Audience and the Judges go from a very rude "cynical" attitude to being blown away gy Susan Boyle. That is a talented woman!!!

    BTW: DO rent the Documentary of GREY GARDENS from NETFLIX....It is a Must See...and then when you see the HBO movie you will see whjat a FANTASTIC Job everyone connected to the film did---Particu;arly the two actresses.

  5. kenju
    You know him better than I so I feel you are a better judge as to his sincerity. It was seeing Simon so enraptured that also gave me goose bumps.I am so glad there is a kinder, gentler Simon out there but I sill won't watch him. I am pulling for Susan for it is such a lovely story and one we need these days.

    Welcome back. Enjoy the Chicken, you deserve him. Be sure to catch Susan, she is worth it.

    Me too on all accounts. It has got to be true for it is just too wonderful a story. My pollyanna nature couldn't stand a put up job.

    I too have seen the clip many times and the goose bumps rule each time. I truely want this to be the real thing. Haven't felt so good about something in quite a while.
    I will check out the documentary. Right now I am waiting on Bella. Thanks for the good tips.

  6. I am rooting for Susan Boyle all the way. I don't know that I will watch any of the episodes (what I know of Susan came first from Bob Brague, he of, who posted the You Tube video of her performance. I've since read other things about her on the Internet. I wish her well, not only in the remaining portions of the show, but in all her future life. Go! Susan!

  7. Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice. Hope she win. The expression on Simon's face really shocked me.

  8. Pat
    If anyone deserves to win it is her. If 30 million people have hit Youtube, imagine how many votes she will get. This is a wonderful story and good people really do finish first.

    Good to hear from you. She does have an amazing voice doesn't she. Hope this is just a start of a career for her.

  9. I saw a similar event on that same program with a very uninteresting looking man, who proved to have the most beautiful voice and sung like a professional tenor. Simon, who was at first cynical, was enthusiatic in the end. The singer has been famous since that time. His name is Paul Potts. You can find him at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this post! Thanks also for your visit!

  10. Thanks Reader Wil,
    I will check out Paul Potts. Love an unlikely story. Youtube keeps us in the know.