Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ok, I'm sure I am the last person to join the band wagon, but have you all checked out Google Earth? I have heard of it for quite a while but haven't checked it out till yesterday. My, my, my, do I feel like an international spy.

If you are clueless like I was hours ago, Google Earth allows you to visit anywhere on earth via satellite imagery. It is a free download that is great fun to play with. It is not real time imagery due to many reasons too complex for me but Google Earth can explain. Though not in real time, the image is usually within 90 minutes of real time. Close enough for my needs.

The pictures are not photograph sharp but you can definitely tell what you are seeing.

This is my little house in Arkansas. A bit distorted and hazy but there it is. Now the stuff you see on TV shows like 24 is much clearer where you can actually see peoples faces but then, this is the free version. Had this occurred while I was mowing the yard, I would have been in the picture if unrecognizable.

With a click of a button, I instantly traveled to Key West and found my grandmother's house we lived in 60 years ago. Boy have the hibiscus grown. They are taking over.
Then with another click, I was in Ohio right on the lake where I spent some of my happiest times as a teenager. We lived there two different times while growing up. Unfortunately, I can see it but it won't let me transfer that photo via email like I did the others. Don't know why, but then I am only hours old in this process.

With the economy so bad, this is a cool way to travel and never have to leave home.

I probably should worry about this capability leading to "Big Brother" for I do feel a little like "Big Brother" my self as I snoop in peoples back yards.

What do you think? Fun or potentially dangerous and invasive? I'm leaning towards fun.


  1. Yes I also use Google Earth to find my daughters' houses and my own one! It's fun, isn't it?! Thanks for your visit!

  2. It's never too late: and yes, it is amazing. I only wish I could use it more effectively than revisiting all the old places I lived, ... or am going to.

  3. Given that I built my house in the middle of my property for privacy, I feel invaded! But, having said that… if I had DSL instead of a frustratingly slow dial up connection, I would be exploring Google Earth right now.

  4. Google Earth has come a long way since I last saw and used it. Your post got me started again and I will have to download it.

    The last time I had it my house was a grainy, fuzzy, out of focus blur from way up high. The only thing I could make out was the street we lived on. Thanks for the post.

    I like your porch all around the house.

  5. Yes, it's amazing, Big Brother notwithstanding.

  6. It is phenomenal, I think, and also a bit big brotherish. I haven't been on it in a while, so I'll go check it out again.

  7. Reader wil
    So glad you do it also, Makes the google trip to Australia for you a quick one if not as satisfying as the real trip.


    Could you use it in the same manner you use the fly overs or is the image not clear enough?

    I thought you might object to the privacy invasion. It really is cool though.


    I had to wait a while for the images to clear up then I use the camera icons. And thanks, I bought this house for its porch.


    Thin line here between fun and invasion of privacy, but for now I am on the fun side of the line.


    I suppose it could be abused but at least for now, it is a fun toy.
    Since my brother is coming in a few minutes, I will be able to tell him his garage doors are open via Google Earth.

  8. I love exploring places on Google Earth. There is something eerily enjoyable about looking around from space. I don't want to get too close and really invade people's privacy, but it is remarkable to "stroll" down a familiar street that your feet haven't touched in 50 years. Truly grand.

  9. Thanks for your comment to my tulips.

  10. I haven't tried it for a while. You reminded me of it. I think it's fun, but then, I'm nosy.

  11. robin
    That really sums it up for me also. It is so neat to dive out of the upper atmosphere like it does to spiral down to earth."eerily" is a good word for it.

    Reader Wil

    You are most welcome, they were beautiful.

    You know, I am too.