Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today will be kind of hodge podge. My brother Jim, yes the dreaded brother that, in childhood I blamed everything on from a dirty diaper to being a reason to run away from home, is coming for a visit tomorrow with his really cool wife Shirley. Jim morphed from someone to either attack or defend my self from, into one of my favorite relatives and a good friend. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the visit. They are RV snow birds that are on their way back to Ohio to end the winter escape. They bring their own house with them so they are the perfect guests. Hope Ohio will be kind to them weather wise for the return next week end.

I really hope to continue posting while Jim is here as I have a penchant for ungodly early morning hours so it should not be a problem (today I slept in a bit ). However if I miss a day or so just consider it a welcome rest from the rantings of Arkansas Patti.

Yesterday after mowing, ah yes, this is my second mow so the season is here, Mighty and I took a ride to check out some of spring's offerings. Mighty is a wonderful traveler except that he has left over fears from his abandonment years ago. Every time the car slows down or stops, he goes into panic mode and yells like I am really hurting him. Guess dogs have PTSD also (post traumatic stress disorder).

Since I made several stops, it was not as fun a trip as I had hoped. Mighty was not amused, poor little fellow.
Anyway, these are some of the things we found.

A typical Ozark pastoral scene.

My puny tulips be behind the shed and to the right, a friends bed. Guess who is going to be buying a bunch more bulbs this Fall?.

The redbud is what got me on the road yesterday. While talking to a friend who is a local, she mentioned that her grandchildren were outside grazing on the redbud flowers. Now I did not know they were edible, so I had to find out. I tasted them only to find not much taste but I can see where they would be lovely in a salad.

Back home again. Found a funny little furry, brown thing growing in my day lilies. Below is my first raised bed completed. This is my salad bed, romaine, tomatoes, and onions.

Ok, I am totally wired now as Blogger took
f o r e v e r to upload the pictures and get them situated. To entertain myself, I had 3 cups of coffee while waiting. Should get a lot done today trying to wear off the buzz.


  1. Hperky
    Welcome to thenewsixty. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind words. I am still a novice photog but am in learning mode constantly. Hope to have better pics in the future.

  2. Redbud is edible??? Who knew?

    Enjoy your visit and definitely buy more tulips. My neighbor's are in bloom now and it is a true delight.

  3. I didn't know Redbud flowers were edible, either. I guess, though, since you have lived to blog about them, they must be.

  4. I think I may need to add Arkansas on my must-see list. The "Typical Ozark pastoral scene" photo did it for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. kenju
    It was a surprise to me also. Kind of blah but pretty. You bet there will be more bulbs in the ground this fall.

    Funny, that is what I was basing the safety of the edible redbuds, the fact that my friend had eaten them, her kids had and now her grandkids. It has been 24 houea and I am still fine. Go for it.


    We do have a lovely state. Some of the best stuff can't be filmed for the roads are narrow and you can't pull over. I almost went bumping down the side of a mountain many times when I first came here by gawking instead of driving.

  6. Thrilled to add another edible flower to my list. I went out to find a redbud to taste, but I don't have any on my place.

    I hope the weatherman is wrong and your veggies are safe from getting frostbitten!

  7. Jewels
    Yeh, I had to go hunting a roadside redbud. Probably was just tasting exhust.
    Plan to cover up the plants if frost comes like I did in Florida. The small raised bed makes that easy. Now if we get a hard freeze.....that is another story.