Tuesday, April 7, 2009


"My God,"my father blurted."She bought the bridle and saddle and they threw in the pony."

Mother shushed him with a glare for my sake but she was appalled also.

Trigger was a tall rangy animal,too large for a pony, too small for a horse. He was emaciated. The worn saddle could not hid the prominent ribs and his backbone protruded from his scrawny back. He was a brown and white pinto with a white mane and tail of amazing length. The mane reached his knees while the tail dragged on the ground. This definitely took him out of the youngster category. His hide was covered with bare hairless spots and countless large scabs, many still oozing. Juan explained that Trigger's stallion attitude started fights with the other horses that his size could not win. Juan assured me that the sores would heal. Trigger's right eye was a beautiful blue, the left eye was gone. It had not been sewn shut, instead a pink socket stared blankly back.

My parents saw a sad, dreadful shame, I saw a wonderful creature that NEEDED me to make him all better. He was MY pony. He licked the sugar goo off my hands and the bond for me was all ready formed. Mother, seeing the love in my eyes, held her tongue and silenced my father with a look. I got my optimism, love of animals and need to"rescue" from her. She also thought this might actually work out with love and a ton of care.

I had never ridden a horse before. All my adoration of horses had come from ground level. Since Trigger hadn't been ridden in years, we were even in skill levels.
Juan turned over the reins to me and I climbed on, thrilling at the creak and smell of leather. At first my father led us round and round. Trigger seemed as calm as a plow horse. After instructions from my mother on how to guide and stop a horse were practiced, I begged to ride alone. I have always been fiercely independent and wanted to be free with my pony. I was instructed to only circle the block as my father walked beside us, but I would actually be in charge.

All went well for 1/2 a block when the wild in him took over and he exploded into a full gallop. All I could do was grab the saddle horn and hang on while the reins hung on his neck. My father yelled WHOA and waved his arms as he ran frantically behind us. This only served to spook Trigger further. Totally out of control, we headed across the intersection at Duval Street, right into the path of a Navy panel truck. With a sickening thud, the truck struck us.

Trigger somehow remained on his feet but stopped, frozen in shock. I jumped off, grabbing the reins of the stunned pony. The totally stricken truck driver was at my side in an instant.The truck headlight had broken on Trigger's flank, causing a hole a grownup could put a fist into. Trigger and I trembled as my parents caught up to us and went understandably a little hysterical. My independence had been run over by the truck also, I wanted my Mommy and Daddy. I was totally unhurt but horrified at the gaping hole in my pony, my Trigger.

Once he realized no one was seriously hurt, the poor sailor was beginning to worry how he was going to explain his damaged truck. This was in pre-litigious days so both parties were worried about their own problems, not whom to sue, which is good for I was totally at fault.

It was time to call the vet. Gadzooks, forty five minutes into ownership, I had caused this wonderful creature to be hurt and I was all ready seriously over budget. While the vet sewed him up and checked him out, I had to do some pitiful begging not to have Trigger sent back to the bad cop. One thing in his favor was that he remained absolutely calm as the vet stuck, sewed and probed him. Both parents were impress by that. I was allowed to keep him but we were both on probation.......

So sorry, time ran out. Promise to finish tomorrow.


  1. Another cliff-hanger!!?? Poor Trigger - and poor Patti. I hope it all turned out okay.

  2. I wish you had pictures of this very sad creature. I can say, even with that accident, he was lucky to have found you.

  3. Oh no! How traumatic for both of you (and your parents)! Your mother sounds like a wonderful person. I sure hope you and Trigger had many good years together. I guess we will all have to wait another day to find out.

    Glad we managed to avoid the frost…it is going to be a gorgeous day tomorrow. Enjoy your company!

  4. Oh, what an experience, right? I'm just hoping the story has a happy ending both for Trigger and for the sweet girl, so full of love!
    A big hug!

  5. It's true, we can never plan for the unexpected. That's why we are all so highly insured ...

  6. kenju
    Didn't plan this continued stuff, I am just not juggling my company and blogging time well. Promise to finsih tomorrow.

    There is one picture of Trigger but I can't find it and I have looked. It showed the really long hair, bones, scabs and wound but not the empty socket.

    My mother was always nursing some sick animal. We used to reserve a room in the house for the sick birds, bunnys, etc. She was a winner.

    Thanks for the hug.I'll do my best on the ending but this is an animal story, darn it.


    You bet. Good thing the Navy didn't chose to proscute.

  7. List of the reasons I stopped riding:

    1. Fear of losing control.
    2. Fear of falling off and injuring myself.
    3. Traffic.
    4. I'm a wuss.
    5. I started too late in life.

    I'm sure I could go on.

    Amazing story.

  8. Barry
    You have the same love of horses as my brother. Too funny.

  9. I hope to return and read the rest of the story. I need to be reminded.