Friday, May 15, 2009


Thursday morning.

The hairy version before scalping. His Benjiesque mode.

Mighty had his annual appointment with the groomer on Wednesday for his summer "do." I was a bit alarmed because my regular groomer had personal problems and had left her business to someone new. Mighty had been comfortable with his old groomer and they had a working relationship. He is a bit of a challenge as he is seizure prone, is quite a wimp, and also has a reconstructed knee that is held together with screws, pins and 80 pound test fishing line. I always tip well because I know he has issues and is not an easy groom.

I was a bit relieved when I walked into the shop and saw it was now run by a friend of mine from the Garden Club. We had our "old home week hugs" and I explained Mighty's issues to the new groomer. My friend explained that the new groomer was in training, but I trusted my friend to look out for my little man.

When I picked him up he was a bit subdued for us having been separated for several hours. He is normally quite excited. The cut was not very good but was serviceable and he was walking all right so I knew his leg was OK. On the way home he was unusually quiet. Normally when I get home, he pushes past me to get out and run around. Not yesterday. I had to lift him to get out of the car. He did his business but kept eying me warily.

I opened the door for him and he scooted in, squealing in pain as he hurried past me. He jumped up on the corner of the couch and then I noticed the trembling. I thought he might be cold as he was really missing a bunch of hair but when I went to cover him, he cried out again. I don't seem to be able to console him or stop the trembling and panting.

At first I was terribly angry with the groomer for I had traded a happy dog for a dog in obvious pain. I wanted to go climb all over them but decided to wait till I knew just what was going on with my little fellow. My inquiries on the net all cautioned to be sure it wasn't some underlying condition. It was too late for the vet so we had to wait till morning.

I got no sleep last night, trying to comfort my dog. Today I am taking him to a vet to make sure there is no physical damage. The vet can't squeeze us in till 3:00 this afternoon. It is almost as if Mighty has been traumatized. My happy go lucky little fellow wants no part of me. He just wants to be left alone. I will finish this when I know more.

You can see he does not feel well

Well it was a harrowing trip to the vet for the Mighty One and I am missing some skin on my arm where he clawed me in his many panics. He is not the greatest of patients.

When we walked into the waiting room, a large beagle started barking like Mighty was the grandest rabbit he had ever seen. The beagle's owner just grinned and he made no effort to hush his dog. The barking continued , non stop. The waiting room was small and this deafening yowl echoed thru out the vets office. Mighty was not amused so he and I went out side to wait. He was really shaking now.

The vet is a young man who really seems to like animals. He was so gentle examining Mighty. Still, Mighty managed to claw me in his efforts to leave the table and of course I have "old skin" that breaks in a stiff breeze. We both made it thru though.

Great news is that he is fine though his butt has been thoroughly probed. Seems he had impacted anal glands and the groomer just made them hurt trying, but was unable to express them. He is all better now, enjoying a pain shot and spanky clean anals. Think we will both sleep well tonight.


  1. Oh poor Mighty, Patti... I'm glad it was nothing that the groomer did.. One time when our Cocker was at the groomers, she 'somehow'??? fell off of the table. BUT--the groomers told us what had happened and told us to watch Duchess. IF she was hurt, they (groomers) would pay for the vet bill. I was surprised that they told us---but pleased that they did. Duchess was fine--and we didn't even have to go to the vet.

    Glad Mighty is feeling better. I like the new haircut by the way.

  2. His back or anals. Those were my thoughts as I was reading along. I have changed my stance on anal glands since I returned to kennel work and believe any anal gland work should be done only by the vet.

    I hope he's back to his old self soon.

    Isn't strange that I even have a stance on anal glands???

  3. Thank goodness it was not his little knee that was messed up!

  4. What a sad tale. I hope your pup is feeling really GRAND and back to his old self by now. He is such a little cutie.

    Our kitty cat has seizures whenever he sleeps very deeply. He flails and flops and can literally toss himself on to the floor from whatever he surface he's sleeping. I really understand what it's like to have a special needs pet.

  5. Betsy,
    Your groomer was very professional in telling you what happened and taking responsibility. I once got a dog back limping badly but all I got were wide eyed looks to go with "Gee,she was fine till you picked her up."
    I like Mighty cleaned up also. He gets the feel of velvet when his hair is close.

    Should have checked with you first. I forget you are very familiar with dog health problems. You are probably right about the anals.
    As for taking a stand on anals, very funny.

    That is always my first fear. We went thru a long rehab with it and I dread him tearing it up again. Thanks for the good thoughts.

    You are special folks to care for a cat a lot of people would trade in for a healthy one. Special needs just makes them special to us. Gee, do you think I used the word "special" enough?
    The little guy is feeling much better today and was just outside mole hunting. Thanks.

  6. Luckie sends her well wishes to Mighty.

    The groomer on trial needs some lessons on expressions.

    Luckie has persistant anal gland troup and seizures, too, which have been well controlled with lowest phenobarbital dose.

    Glad Mighty has some relief now.

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  8. Nitwit,
    Thank you Luckie and I am so sorry you suffer from similar conditions as Mighty.
    I just talked to my sister and she recommended more fiber in the diet to eliminate expressing of glands all together. So I hit the net and sure enough, a small amount of canned pumpkin is recommended by several vets to be added to a dogs diet. This increases the size of the stool, causing the glands to express naturally. I will research a bit more and will probably try it. I'll let you know.

    May 15, 2009 5:13 PM

  9. Oh, the poor baby. I hope he will recover soon and get his gumption back!

  10. Thanks Judy
    He is almost back to normal now and I got some good hints as to how to prevent it. Feeding a small amount of 100% pure pumpkin in his daily diet may prevent future occurances. Hear it is good for cats also but try to feed a cat something new.

  11. What an ordeal for your little doggie and for you too!. It's such a shame to see a pet in pain and you feel helpless. I hope that he is feeling better now! Thanks for your visit. The snake could easily get into my daughter's "bedroom"for she sleeps on the veranda.Snakes cannot get into the house itself, but still...