Saturday, May 16, 2009


To say thanks.


The other day my friend Blue from Finland gave me this Tunnustus Award. The award itself is beautiful. It would actually make a lovely poster. I feel so grateful to Blue to think me worthy. It is in recognition of a "blog friend" if I understand correctly. I am very flattered Blue. Thank you.

Blue was the first person to appear out of the "blue" on my blog. I was stunned and Oh so pleased that some one from Finland found my blog out of the many thousands of bloggers out there and she thought enough to comment. Thank you so much Blue for the encouragement and the lovely award. She has lovely posts and while things sometimes get lost by the translation button and meaning is sometimes iffy, you can definitely get the gist. Her home page is just beautiful. I feel like I am playing with stick figures after seeing her format.

We are supposed to pass the "blog friend award" on to two other blog friends. I would love to give it to everyone who visit regularly for you all give me the reason to face the glowing screen daily and to scratch my brain for "something to say." Your comments often tickle and make me laugh but always give me reinforcement. This would be a silly endeavor with out you all. In spirit, this is for all of you, even those who do not comment for it is nice to know some one is out there. We all know if we shout in the forest and no one hears, it sucks. I thank you.

Since I am supposed to pass this on to only two, this is my choice. I wish to pass it on to two of my most faithful readers.
Robin and kenju, both have very popular blogs I have followed for a long time and that have set the bar way too high for what a blog should deliver, but keep me trying. Both appeared on day "one" which was amazing. I truthfully thought no one would even find me or bother to read any thing I had to say. I was pretty darn excited that first day when I clicked on "comments". These two ladies have kept my feet to the fire with their support and the Ihana Blogistava, blog friend award, is for them.

Thank you so much ladies. You da best.

Now for the Aw Crap part.

Mighty found this for me the other day. He did not attempt to pick it up, he just kept dropping his head, smelling it then looking up at me again. This was definitely a "Timmy in the Well" moment.

It was on the ground near a Starling nest so it is either one who fell out or perhaps it is a baby Cow Bird stow away that was discovered then kicked out of the nest. The Cow bird is a nasty mother who lays her egg in another birds nest then goes on her merry way leaving the other bird to raise her baby. Sometimes the adoptive mothers will actually raise the honkin' big baby at the expense of her own. Regardless of my feelings about the cow bird, I hate to see a dead baby of any kind. Yes-- aw crap.


  1. Aw, gee - Thanks, Patti!! and just when I am about to pass on another award to you! (as soon as I have time to write the post). I didn't remember that I found you on the first day, but I'm glad I did. You never cease to inform, amuse and make me wonder - or give me a sense of wonder!! I appreciate this award; I will post it as soon as I have the time (I'm working all weekend again.)

  2. Luckie thinks I deserve surprises, and brings them in the house for me to see. Of course my reactions and comments are mostly unprintable.

    It is raining again here, probably at your house, too.

    On the positive side, my water bill for watering newly planted shrubs is still zero, thanks to Blessings from Above.

    Congrats on award and the posterized painting reminded me of what I remember being depicted as "the Gibson Girls"--not sure why that popped into my head at this moment. Being 70+ I have lots of those moments!

  3. So sorry for the little bird. It is a shame to lose even one.

    And dogs do go through a lot of trauma when their hair style is changed. Dog groomers won't tell you that and neither will most vets.

    I have seen it happen time and again. Cutting a dog's hair off is like cutting a squirrel's tail off.

    They have nothing left to communicate with.

    Same goes for a dog's tail. I just can't imagine a wolf without his magnificent mane or his tail.

    I think it is a people thing who feel sorry for a Huskey in Florida and cut their hair off.

    But they do look cute, don't they.

  4. Thank you so much, patti. I always stop by to say hello to a blogger who has commented on Dharma Bums. Your writing has kept drawing me back. You tell the best stories and have a wonderful sense of humor. I like how you see the world. Even when that world has a tiny little bird that won't ever see the light of a new day.

  5. Kenju
    You are most welcome. You did make it the first day but due to my set up, you couldn't comment. You asked robin to contact me to see if I could fix it. It took a long time but finally I removed the Judy ban.Yea.
    Hope you find some Judy time this weekend. Thanks again.

    Luckie is almost cat like in his present giving. If Mighty kills anything, he immediately drops it and go looking for something moving that is more fun.
    Yeh, I know Gibson Girls also. We pretty much share the same time frame.

    Usually Mighty loves his summer do. He runs a little faster and actually struts when he gets the hair off. This time he was in pain so it was a way different story. He is all better now.

    Thank you for keeping me going. It could have been lonely with out you, Judy and Blue in the beginning. You always made me want to try again.
    That little bird broke my heart. Just not fair.

  6. Hi Patti, Congrats on the award. It is a pretty one. You DESERVE it. You have such an interesting blog---and I love it.

    How does Mighty like his new 'do'????? So sorry about the dead baby bird. That is always so sad...

    Have a great Sunday.

  7. Hi Betsy,
    Thank you for the kind words and concern for Mighty.
    Mighty is now a happy camper again. He feels good and is convinced he is looking good. He has his strut back. Am so relieved.

  8. Congrats on your AWARD...WEll deserved fromall I can gather, being a NEW reader of your blog. You are always interesting and you have a great sense of humor...! Two things that go a long way, in my humble opinion.

    Poor little Birdie....It makes me so sad when I see a little one like this who never really got a chance to become the 'bird' hr could.

  9. Thanks OOLOH for the kind words,
    I have been having a great time as a newbie blogger and have met some really great people.
    I have really been enjoying your travel adventures with you Dad. Hope there is a lot left to tell.

  10. Congratulations on receiving the Tunnustus Award, and what a lovely looking one it is, and much deserved.

    Glad to read that Mighty is getting over his horrible experience, poor chap! (Hope you have been able to catch up on some sleep).

    It is sad finding dead baby birds (or adult ones for that matter!). I was wondering if the Cow bird was related to the Cuckoo? We have two sorts of cuckoo in New Zealand (apart from some of our politicians!), namely, the shining cuckoo, and the long tailed cuckoo. The long tailed cuckoo looks just like a flying crucifix. Just like the Cow bird, our cuckoos lay their eggs in another bird's nest and shirk any parental responsibility!

  11. Thanks Peter,
    I had heard about the Cuckoo and I am sure they went to the same school of parenting as the Cow bird. Just hard to warm up to such bad mothers. I googled the cockoo and it is a prettier bird than our cowbird. Ours has an irridescent blue/black body with a brown head. Not ugly except in parenting habits.
    I had to quit feeding the song birds for I was attracting such a large colony of cow birds. I won't hurt them but I sure won't enable them.