Monday, May 4, 2009


Truth is I have lots, just nothing wants to be told today. I keep a list of topics two pages long that I normally peruse in the evenings to look for an idea. This list gets added to daily as I think of something new. Something normally will jump off the pages and holler, "pick me" but not last night nor this morning. Nada.

We have been socked in here for days with rain, not down pours, just all day drizzles. Perhaps cabin fever has addled my brain. I will get out today or else. Pretty sure that is why rain coats and umbrellas were invented. I really, really need a field trip.

I always do my best mental writing in the moments when I first awake and am lying in the dark. My rested mind is a fertile mind. This morning, it was just rested. No subjects, no turn of phrase, no tangent taking. Could my mind be on strike?

Usually the first thing in the morning when I am mentally composing, my cat becomes obsessed with getting me up and out of bed. It has nothing to do with food for she has free choice cuisine. I use to think that maybe my eyelids made a sound only a cat could hear for she would be quiet till they opened, then the squalling would start. This morning she was quiet, too quiet. Perhaps it is not my eyelids she hears but my brain spinning its wheels. All was quiet this AM.

This will be post 124 if I manage to post it. Except for an ice storm and an ailing computer, I have managed a daily blog. That was part of the idea of blogging. I had hoped the discipline would unblock my writers block. Well it worked 123 times.

I am sure even the best of you out there have hit this wall so I am not really alarmed. If nothing rears its head tomorrow, then I might be alarmed.

I don't want you to have clicked on my link totally in vain so I am posting a picture of my first rose this year. I know it is only the first rose of many this season. Hope this post is the same. See ya tomorrow.


  1. That photo alone was worth the click!!

    Remember my BWO plaque and that you don't have to feel obligated to post everyday - but then, we do, don't we? LOL

    Cats CAN hear your eyelids opening - I'm sure of it.

  2. Th eonly thing we have blommin are the yellow petunias we planted on Sunday.

  3. kenju
    Thanks. I understand BWO and should take heed. Guess theee is more shame in posting junk than in not posting at all. Gotta work on that.Kind of a personal commitment thing.
    I knew it, cats can hear them open. Thanks for confirming that.

    Soon Abe, soon all will be in bloom.

  4. This rose is very exquisite! Thanks for your post. Thanks also for your visit! The whole evening there are Remembrance programs or documentaries about the war. So I went to the BBC and hope to see there something else. Have a great week!

  5. Love the picture and enjoyed the post. We all get blocks now and then. Not to worry.

  6. It is impressive that you have posted everyday with only two exceptions since you started blogging. : ) I hope your writers block is gone and you are typing up a story as I send this. If not, pictures of Mighty Dog always bring a smile.

  7. You may find this hard to believe, but when Roger and I started blogging, we blogged seven days a week for more than a year. Now we're lucky if we post more than once a week. I like that you keep a list of topics. That can help when you've hit the creative brick wall. But a day off every now and then can be a really good thing. Enjoy the freedom.

  8. Reader wil,
    I wished I got BBC. Your post today and the one about you being in a Japanese internment camp make me realize how insulated we ere here in the states to actual attack till the Oklahoma bombings and 9/11. Wars always seem to be fought in other counties. Thank you for the history lessons.

    No story for tomorrow but I have got a post in the tank. Feeling the juices running again. Thanks for being able to accept Mighty pics as sufficient.

    Thanks for the encouragemnet. Just hit a blank wall but think it is gone. I know I am not alone in this which helps.

    I bow to you and Roger. That you went a year before breaking was wonderful. I know how regular you all were for I lurked on your site for a long time. You, kenju Magazine Man and FC are the ones responsible for getting me on this treadmill. Thanks, I think.

  9. Hi Patty,

    Writer's block is something we all suffer.

    Here is what a famous writer had to say on the subject hundreds of years ago.

    "Then, rising with Aurora's light, The Muse invoked, sit down to write; Blot out, correct, insert, refine, Enlarge, diminish, interline."


  10. Nancy,
    Amen, Jonathan. When you write your own projects, no one but you knows when you have an off day. A daily blog holds you accountable.
    Thanks for the tip. Think I am Ok now---till next time.

  11. Beautiful rose, Patti. My roses have taken a horrible pounding from all the rain we've had here.

    I'm so damp I'm beginning to mildew, I think.

    Kudos to you for sticking to your blog schedule so well. I may post every day, or only a couple of times a week, and it has been as long as 10 days between posts. When I have writer's block, I have it baaaad! I think you've done wonderfully, and your posts are always interesting and/or entertaining.

  12. My intention when I started my blog was to be a bit more in-depth. More eloquent. Time does not allow this at this point in time. Your posts are impressive, entertaining, and hold my eyes to the monitor until I have read and re-read the post. Great stuff. Take a day off if you need it. :)

  13. More and more I've become a bit of a night owl, but I have to soar with the eagles in the morning too. It's that 9-11 at night time that I usually maintain my blog, and write. It took some time to regear my brain for that, because normally I'm a morning guy ... or at least historically.

  14. I must tell you about Woostle, a cat we used to have. She used to sleep on me most nights, just curled up on my side. I had a battle of wills, and some mornings. I could feel her all alert and waiting for me to wake up, and I would lie as still as I could, breathing as if still sleeping. Trouble was that something had to give in the end, and it was always the increasing need to move my legs, or shift an arm, because my hand was numb. As soon as I made the slightest sign that I was awake, she was up, demanding breakfast.

    Woostle had a range of techniques to get us out of bed. Some of them spectacular. Occasionally she would jump silently, and lightly, onto the chest of draws beside our bed. She would then wait and calculate distances, angles, and all sorts of complicated things. Then, when she had got it all sorted, she would launch herself high into the air, with back arched, and tail held straight for balance. She would firmly lock all four legs below her, and land as heavily as she could on to Laura's middle. Poor Laura would be flattened into sudden wakefulness with all the air knocked out of her, and the cat would be off the bed and heading for the kitchen before Laura had a chance even to sit up(I have watched the whole performance through almost shut eyes on two or three occasions. Naughty of me to casually observe without going to Laura's rescue, but amazing, and funny to watch the cat planning the whole thing.)

    One morning Woostle went through a series of progressively worse tricks to get us up (and L. and I silently agreed to take no notice and see what happened). Woostle did various noisy slurpy groomings in the hall. Jumped on and off the bed several times over my legs and Laura's. She did the high dive onto Laura. When nothing still worked, Woostle had a think and then jumped back on the bed, walked up my side until her little furry face was only inches from mine, and then started to heave as if she was going to be sick. I shot out of bed like a bullet! She was waiting for me beside her food bowl, by the time I got to the kitchen, not ill at all, but with a good healthy appetite!
    Hope the rain stops soon. All the Best. P.

  15. Pat,
    The rains have been incessant lately. Know any living ark builders? I caught that rose before the rains, it is now hanging its head from the weight of all the water, few petals left.
    Hopefully I can get more relaxad with this blogging process. Thanks for the good words.

    Thank you so much for the kind thoughts. I love that you share Frost Bottom Farm with us. Watching your chickens scatter or you digging in the compost is two fold. While making me not miss it so much, it also makes me miss it a lot. Thanks

    God bless you man, I will be laughing at those images most of the day and part of tomorrow. That comment deserves its own post. So unexpected. Too, too funny how you perfectly described the mind of a cat. Plan to print that out, hang it over my computer for when I need a good chuckle. Sure hope Laura was awake for that. Revenge is sweet.

  16. Robert,
    Don't know how you blog and work too. Being a morning person also, I do find I am pecking away much later at night on these blogs. But I am retired and can nap any time. Bless you for doing both.