Tuesday, May 5, 2009


These are bits that are not big enough for their own post but combined might pull it off.

Got this in the mail yesterday and just loved it. This is probably an old saw but new to me and such a brilliant idea, I had to share. Get well cards are now on my shopping list.

Good Housekeeping Tip
Always keep several
get well cards on the mantle...

. . . this way if unexpected guests arrive,
They will think you've been sick
and unable to clean

Thanks Larry

Two minute drill.

This will sicken true coffee lovers but I sometimes drink instant coffee or tea in the mornings. It is labor easy and since I have ignorant taste buds, all is OK.

Everyone knows it takes 2 minutes in the microwave to "cook" water for tea or coffee. For a while, I was watching the cup make its circle in the microwave, tapping my foot while my mind slipped out of gear. This uses about the same amount of intelligence as watching clothes dry.

Now I have started a game to see just what I can get done in that 2 minutes.(Gee, do you think I maybe need some outside interests???)

Anyway, I can feed the dog, fill a dish of cereal for my self with a cut up banana and pour a glass of milk, all in that formerly wasted two minutes.

Or,I can make my bed and clean the litter box in the same two minutes. No, they are not side by side thank goodness.

I can walk my dog and of course, this is his talent not mine, but he can get all functions done before the bell rings.

As I air dry my dishes, I can empty the drainer, put everything in its proper place and give the counters a good wipe down again.

Two minutes may not seem like a long time but just try holding your breath that long.

Now it has become a challenge to see just what new things I can get done in those 2 minutes. Hay, when you get my age, a wasted two minutes is like half a day to a 20 year old. Wonder what I can get done today?

If you microwave your tea or coffee water, give the drill a try. Beats toe tapping.

Last piece.

I have a nesting pair of blue birds that I have been watching and doing my best to protect from the English Sparrows. So far we are winning. Below is a picture of the happy homestead. Can't give them a good grade on their housekeeping, probably a D minus but for pure cute they get an A -- ww.

I thought I had 5 eggs but I only see 4 babies. It is so crowded though that there may be one smushed in the back. I really hope I get to see them fledge this year, hopefully with pictures. We aren't too far off from first flight.

If anyone is in search of a good laugh, check out Peter's comment from yesterdays post. Very funny fellow. Peter's Pottery deserves a good look and a virtual trip to New Zealand is always fun.

That is all my pieces for today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back in story mode.


  1. Well, I've tried an 1-minute drill when I heat 1/2 cup fat-free milk to go into my old Cup-A-Minute Black and Decker (actually 1.75 cups) coffee maker. I get the dog's kibbles and medicines wrapped in cheese ready, but she has to wait until I start the mixture brewing.

  2. Oh yes, I keep get-well cards, but in my retirement community, it is sympathy cards supply that dominates.

    That might be a tad scary if they are to be subjected to my cooking!

    Maybe if I kept a supply of both, it covers my two great deficiencies: housekeeping and cooking.

  3. It's a good thing I didn't have a mouth full of coffe when I read that first bit, Patti. LOL!! Since I create cards, I could make up a lot of get-well wishes. I don't have a mantle, but the top of my entertainment center would do... for a while. The cats like to knock light-weight objects onto the floor, where they can be more properly pushed about.

    Your baby blue birds are beautiful. I hope they make it to the leave-the-nest stage.

    You are absolutely correct about the use of a few minutes here, a few minutes there. There are a multitude of small tasks that can be completed while waiting for something else.

    Your "too weak to stand alone" entries created a delightful post.

  4. Love those bluebirds, Patti. I'm so glad you're keeping those English Sparrows away. The babies look good and healthy.

    I like your two-minute marathons.

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  6. Nitwit,
    You did great and in half the time. Way to go.
    If the get well cards scare off our diners, at least they can't say we didn't warn them.

    That cracked me up also. But in the humor I saw a great idea. Know what you mean about the cats though. They are why I can't have a Christmas tree. Ornaments are made for swatting and trees are made for climbing. Oh well, an annoyance easily put up with.

    Blue birds are my favorite though if you ever notice when you look them right in the face, they looked ticked off. I guess if someone was always trying to kill my young'uns, I'd have an attitude also. They are close to launching.
    Fingers and toes are crossed.

  7. Too weak to stand alone is a great name for them....I call mine odds and ends. Love your birdies. None nested in my wreath this year because I put it out too late. I can't clean my litter pan in 2 minutes. My cats are world champions at filling the box in only a few hours.

  8. Couldn't squesze a decent paragraph out of any of them so they were just weak by themselves. Still not a strong post but stronger as a group.Odds and ends would work also.
    As for your cat box, I used to have competitive poopers till I switched to a dry cat food where the first listed ingrediant is turkey or chicken. Cut down on drastically on the amount of piles and smell.

  9. Your bluebirds are sooooo cute! They look like they are saying, “Thank you for keeping us safe!” : ) Not a coffee drinker, but since I have slow dial-up internet connection, I do things like make the bed, empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, pay bills, walk pooch, and write in my journal while the sites are downloading. I am impressed that Mighty can get his business done within two minutes. Peters comment was hilarious – our pets have us well trained. : )

  10. Jewels,
    Oh,I hadn't thought about dial up. That is a perfect time to "get er done." Proud of you.
    Mighty is very efficient early in the AM.
    The bluebird in the forefront has my heart. He has a laid back look.

  11. All great ideas! I love the photo of the baby birds! Thanks for sharing

  12. Thanks Reader, Just checked the nest and the babies have fledged. Darn, I missed it but hopefully they are all fine.