Sunday, May 24, 2009


Saturday was the Music in Bloom garden tour and we had a beautiful day with only about 6 drops of rain. I usually use such tours to blatantly steal ideas but then that is the purpose of such tours.
Saw some lovely homes and gardens but probably the most fun thing was seeing all my gardening friends that I have been out of touch with for way too long. Bad Patti. Sure was fun to catch up. These are just a few pictures, will post more next week.

Once again, I am in love with Clematis.

Looking into an Iris

And then there was music.

Whenever I see a Koi pond, I think I have to have it. Fortunately I have learned to put some time and space between my "wants" and my "do's". They are a lot of work and my little fish tank will have to suffice.

This I fell in love with and must have. It is a shrub that has been trained into tree shape. It is aVarigated Willow(Hakuro Nishiti) which only grows about 6 to 8 feet tall but is a stunning specimen plant.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh Patti, how beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Your photos are great! The Iris is so perfect. Have a great week!

  2. Oh Patti, Wish I had been there with you. I'd love seeing all of the beauty. AND that music must have been very special. Beautiful place. Love that last bush/tree.

    Have a great day --and Memorial Day..


  3. Thanks Reader, It was a fun time. Irises never let us down do they.

    Wish you could have seen it also. Some people make their gardens just works of art. Mine fall into "just work" catagory.

  4. Wonderful sharing. I'm learning to familiarize names of flowers for they are so many to get to know with like your Clematis. I also love the ruffle contour of the Iris. You are pretty lucky with flowers and music, fish pond and that shrub (would be nice if it is trimmed into topiary) and many more in just one blog. I saw your blog through Reader Wil so I thought I will give you a visit. Have a lovely day.

  5. Welcome Bonnie to TNS. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments.
    I really enjoyed that day.I am learning how to recognize flowers also.

  6. Hello Patti,

    I love Clematis, too and your pictures are lovely.

    My son felt the same way you do. He wanted a Koi Pond and,as you said, it was too much work because he travels so much for his company. So, he thought he would get a fish tank in the house. That was no good either for the same reason. He was away too much.

    What he did in the end was a great compromise. He bought a video tape of a beautiful fish tank and when he is home he puts the tape in and his TV becomes a sensational aquarium. It really is gorgeous and it fills his need of having tropical fish...

  7. Music and flowers, what a nice combination.
    I have also 4 Clemantis in my backyard.Perhaps I can put same pick after.
    I wonder that music-instrument the man is playing...?
    How's the sound?
    I wich you a great week.

  8. That was a lovely tour. The varigated willow is spectacular, it reminds me of a firework going off! I enjoyed Saturday's post too, for all sorts of reasons. Janet's photos were superb, and the odd dash of the ribald does help exercise the sense of humour, and that has to be a good thing!

  9. Nancy,
    Not a bad idea, the video doesn't need feeding, tank doesn't need cleaning and the fish don't die. Watching fish is as relaxing as watching a campfire. Totally relazing. Hope he got a saltwater tape to wztch,

    That is a friends husband and he plays all over. It is a Dulcimer which has a hauntingly sweet sound.
    Go here to listen

    I truely went for that willow out of all I saw. That is perfect description " firewords".

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  11. Deleted previous post--too may typing errors.

    I mentioned I take house guests to the Ozark Folk Center in Mtn. View. I love the herb garden, as would any foodaholic :) but not enough to cultivate my own.

    The flowers are beautiful, but I would need to haul in $10,000 of good soil to get good results.

    Koi ponds are too much work. My best friend had one, but now it is just a pond. I am wondering how long before it gets filled in.

  12. Nitwit,
    I'm guessing you are growing rocks and clay also. I am always amazed at what survives in such a soil.
    For now I am content with "other peoples" Koi ponds.