Sunday, June 28, 2009


Around the table starting from left. Me, Demaris, Jeanne, Iva, Daisy, Jewels, Icie and Arliss.

Yesterday my cancer support group met for our monthly luncheon. We picked Jo Jo's restaurant on the White River. No, NOT the one where I got sick thank goodness. Does that narrow down which one to avoid Betty? Hope that helps.

Anyway, we like this restaurant because of the view and because they give us our own private room so we can be totally rowdy and not offend the rest of the patrons. We are unabashedly noisy and laugh almost constantly. Jo Jo's puts up with us so it is a favorite place to meet.

One of our members, Jeanne, was giving an account of how the Angel Flight organization helped her to fly to the Cancer Treatment Center of Tulsa which is a fabulous hospital. Angel Flight is a wonderful group of volunteer pilots who fly people free of charge to distant hospitals for medical treatment. Jeanne who has been fighting brain cancer, was stumbling a bit as she searched for words to describe the service. She grinned and said that sometimes she forgot stuff and for us to be patient.

Demarius kiddingly poked Jeanne's arm and asked"What did you say your name was?"

Jeanne's instant response was, "How soon do you need to know?" to which we dissolved in laughter.

You see, that is what we do most-- laugh-- at ourselves and with each other. This group is wonderful medicine. Each and every one is a priceless gift. I love them all.

Monday I won't be posting or checking your blogs for three of us are going to Conway(which is a couple of hours away) We will be leaving first thing in the morning to visit one of our members, Melinda who is in the hospital there. She is also fighting brain cancer and is really struggling now. She had multiple mini strokes and is in a ton of pain.

A week ago she was barely able to attend her daughters wedding but she fought hard and was able to walk her daughter down the aisle. This is one brave girl who still has a teenage son at home. Her husband left her because "he got tired of all this cancer stuff." Such a sweet heart he turned out to be. Guess he skipped over the part of the vows mentioning "sickness and health." To show Melinda's amazing nature, she has f0rgiven her ex.

Those of you who pray, please put Melinda in your prayers. She is in mine. See ya Tuesday.


  1. What a wonderful support group! Laughing, if you can, is good medicine.

    Mother died of brain cancer and my sister's ex-husband, also died of brain cancer. The big "C" is a frequent visitor to both my husband's and my families.

    I used to go a CARTI radiation luncheon called CANCER ANSWERS. I never had radiation but the luncheon was for all cancer survivors and caregivers.

    A survivor was anyone who lived one day after diagnosis. I gained more than I gave.

    There was an event where I entered a contest, and had a ditty printed in a booklet. My story wasn't as inspiring as many I read in the book.

  2. It looks like a wonderful group of women and I am sure you get a lot out of being with them.

    Melinda will be in my prayers. He husband ought to be drummed out of the human race.

  3. What a neat group, Patti... The picture is great ---especially of YOU...

    Cancer is such a wicked disease.. People who have it MUST stick together and help each other (which is what you all are doing).

    I enjoyed the Farrah specials about her struggles and her WILL to live.

    One of my best friends in Atlanta has Stage IV Breast Cancer (in her bones now). I worry so about her--but right now, her treatments are helping.

    Love and Prayers to you and your group,
    P.S. Have a safe trip to Conway.

  4. Thanks for the picture. It's so nice to be able to put faces to these people.

    I hope we have these kinds of groups all over the country. Wonderful.

  5. It looks like you all had a good time and meeting. The photo looks nice too.

    I heard and actually saw my very first chickadee here this year, about two hours ago. I think he ate a quick bite and left.

  6. What a great group! Glad you're having fun.

  7. You would never guess from the picture just how loud and rowdy we are. : ) (Patti’s smile is a permanent feature on her pretty face and we all love her!) I feel so blessed to be part of such a fun, wonderful, loving, and strong group of women too. Thank you for the link to the delightful post about Melinda – she is an amazing lady. I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow (with you and Arliss there, her room will be filled with sunshine).

  8. Nitwit,
    It is wonderful to be free like we are in a group of like people. I think that is why we get so rowdy.
    I truthfully did not know the definition of survivor. Thanks.
    I hope you will share your ditty. If you have all ready, let me know the link.

    Thank you for your prayers Judy. I know these do work. A friend put me on 23 prayer lists last July and here I is.
    Studies have shown that people prayed for recover quicker and more completely than those who are not.
    I agree about the ex.

    They are sooo special.
    I am so glad your friend is responding to treatments. Sometimes it is a long haul. I will put her in my prayers and thank you for yours for Melinda.

    I only hope those around the country are as fun loving as ours. Can't tell you what a lift they provide. Priceless.

    Thanks, we really did. So glad you finally saw a chickadee. I was beginning to think Ohio was to be birdless this year. Hope you got pictures of your only visitor.

    We do have more fun than good sense.

    Aren't they great, each and every one? I only hope we can bring some brightness to her tomorrow. Think Jeanne taught us that visitors mean a lot. Melinda is due for a turn around don't you think.
    See ya tomorrow.

  9. I admire all you people! How brave you all are. Keep supporting each other. We have a lot of patients in our family and neighbourhood. Cancer is the most terrible cause of death here too. I hope you will find Melinda a bit better. I pray for all of you. God bless you.
    I have no good words for the husband who left his wife.

  10. Thank you Wil for your comment and especially for your prayers.
    I agree about the ex husband. I find no charity in my heart for him and am amazed that the person he hurt the most can find forgiveness for him.

  11. Patti - I am so glad that you have them and they have you. I lost my Mom, Sandy, in 1990 to her third battle with the disease. She was 46. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and I miss her so very much. There is a huge hole in my heart.

    I want a bumper sticker that reads "I Hate Cancer".

  12. What a fantastic, uplifting post, Patti. I really needed to read this today. I wish my friend Martin had had a group of people like this to laugh with during his struggles.

    Best wishes and calm healing thoughts to Melinda.

  13. Bless you all. You certainly look like a happy group.

  14. FBF
    I am so sorry about your Mom, Barry. That is way too young to be taken from her family. You must have been a relatively young man.
    We are making strides but there is still far to go. With people like you caring, we will beat this thing.


    You have just been through a double dose of sorrow. I am so sorry and hope your memories will bring you some comfort. It is odd that the only support groups I know about are attended by women. We have invited men but have had no takers. I think it would be a good thing for men.
    Knowing you have 20 people in your corner is a great feeling. The laughter is icing on the cake.

    Welcome back and thank you. We do have a good time.
    I really enjoyed your story on the nudist colony. Very funny

  15. Hi, I came in through another blog intrigued by the title. You have a wonderful group of friends and a great sense of humon to pull you all through. Good to have met you.

  16. lakeviewer,

    Thank you for stopping by TNS and for commenting.Always love to meet a new to me blogger. Will check out your site.