Saturday, June 27, 2009


Kenju introduced me to Plinky which can be seen here . It is a proposal and answer site. They proposed a question and any one can answer. I really went there looking for post ideas but got so engrossed perusing that I used up all my usual post creation time. Yikes.

Now I am scrapping so I will glum onto a few questions and answer as honestly as I can.

How has your life benefited most from the Internet.

Well I am a bit alarmed to say that everything I am right now is a direct result of the Internet. Where I live, my recreation, my knowledge, legal information, what I buy, music I listen to, books I read, movies I watch, food I eat ( recipes), how to fix about anything that breaks, how to clean anything that is dirty, how to plant, how to harvest, what medicines to take, best treatments or alternate treatments, is my dog sick, am I sick, money matters, ease of communication, reaching out to strangers who cease to be strangers, and just anything that strikes me as something I need to know more about, will be answered with a few key strokes. Wow, if it could only cook and clean house.

How on earth did we make it with out the Internet? Before if I had questions, I had to consult a professional or spend hours in the library in research. Boy do I wish I were in school now days. There are no limits with the Internet at our fingertips. I love it. Most people at Plinky give one sentence answers. Brevity, thy name is NOT Patti.

What would a road trip companion learn about your when traveling with you for the first time?

First off I would love to take a road trip where money and time were of no consequence. Most of my travels have had point A to point B with a time constraint. Takes a lot of the fun out of travel but not all. I have a true Gypsy nature. But if I could take a leisurely road trip, this would be learned by my companion. For me getting in a car is almost like drinking. A relaxed version of the true me comes out.

First, I get up ungodly early every day regardless plans and love to start my day on the road around 4 AM. I am an incurable morning person and to make it worse, I am horribly cheerful in the wee hours. However, you can really glide through big cities in the pre-dawn hours like sharp skates on ice.

Then when rush hour sets in and people head for work, I like to find a nice diner and eat a heart stopping breakfast.The only time bacon and sausage are allowed on my plate at the same time.

My favorite snack to take me past lunch is cold fried chicken legs or wings and cold seedless grapes topped off with an apple. Always have a cooler handy. Finger foods rule. Don't like to eat and drive, gets the steering wheel greasy, so I like to stop at a nice rest area to stretch legs.

I have mentioned before and this could be the deal breaker for my companion. I do like to sing when driving and I am dreadful. Don't know if I would spare a companion or just offer ear plugs. Probably offer ear plugs. Best advice would be for them to keep me busy with conversation or to try and drown me out.

Any sign that says "Worlds Largest Ball of String, 5 Miles" would have me pulling off the road. "Giant Flea Market" 'See Ruby Falls", "Bird Sanctuary," Alligator Farm," and " Covered Bridge" signs would also cause me to swerve off course. All my traveling life I have wanted to follow the signs on a road trip. I would also stop at any that peak my companion's interest.

The last thing they would learn is that Mighty would also be on the trip. I do use him to justify a lot of pee and rest breaks. Since I drive for 12 hour stretches, I need the pit stops. Of course having a driver helper, some stops could be left out or increased. Lack of plan is the best plan.

While I start early, I like to quit early, usually around 4 PM. That gives me time to check out the surrounding area, maybe do a little shopping, eat a nice dinner and unwind. Would not be opposed to a much earlier stop. Just what ever suits the mood.

Gee, do you think that is why it is usually only Mighty in the passenger seat? Oh well, he likes my singing or at least can sleep through it.

Thanks Judy and Plinky. You saved my butt for it was another "I've got NOTHING day." I still had nothing but at least was able to fill this page with nothing and made it to PUBLISH.


  1. Patti, I figured someone would pick up that ball and run with it, and as usual, you did a great job!!

    We could be great traveling companions - except for the early start time! lol I'm more of a 8-9 am person.

  2. Patti, I'm agreeable to everything except your singing. Perhaps we could listen to music?

  3. Okay Patti---Admit it: You NEVER run out of something to say!!!! ha ha (me neither).... I have never participated in a meme because I haven't run out of things to talk about YET. BUT--I do like your Plinky one.

    Great questions.. The internet has truly changed my life also. My only problem is that I spend too much time on the computer ---and my dusty house suffers.

    When traveling, I like to take back roads---especially when I have no idea where I'm going. I love to drive in the mountains and have the car windows down with that air hitting me in the face.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I agree all what you think about Internet.
    Uour singing.... I don't know... what kind of song you like to sing and do you sing very stongly...hihihihihi

  5. I would have a great time on a trip with you if I could bring Luckie who would sleep through your and perhaps my singing! My singing since COPD and its treatment, i.e. inhalers, have ruined any voice I might have had.

    Breakfast is my favorite meal on the road. Losing weight is forgotten. Bring on plenty of biscuits, gravy, grits, bacon, scrambled eggs in butter and lots of butter--and I mean REAL butter.

    What I did before the INTERNET....scary. I'm sure all of us are discriminating on how we use information. Although WIKIPEDIA is a wonderful creation, the information is posted by anybody. When I reference it, I read my link very carefully.

    The source of medical sites, be they for human info or animal, is important. My first leap for human info is the Mayo Clinic.

    I'll visit PLINKY when I catch up on my other duties today.

  6. Thanks Judy That is a fun site. I may go back on those days when my fingers don't want to dance on the keys.

    I could try but listening to music is what gets me started. I'd let you use my MP3 to drown me out.

    Oh but I do. Sometimes I wonder just why I started this blog business but then sometimes with help, I can get started. Then it is easy.
    Back roads are really fun also. I really hate interstates except when in a hurry.

    I'll attempt to sing just about anything but opera. I don't let difficulty stop me.

    Luckie is good to go if she wouldn't eat Mighty. Dogs are pretty understanding about singing. Just need to hear them howl to know they aren't very critical.
    Mayo and Cleveland clinic are my go to sites for medical help.

  7. I learnt a lot from internet and communicating with you all. I look more carefully at things. I always have my camera ready and I look up all kind of information with the help of wikipedia.I practise my languages daily.

  8. When do we hit the road?! You would make a fabulous traveling companion! I too am a cheerful morning person, love to sing to the radio, got to have my pooch with me, bring my own healthy snack food, and stop often with no particular agenda. I know Mighty is used to riding shotgun so I will sit in back with Brandy while you drive. Have you ever been to the opera? I think everyone should experience it once in their lives. There is an opera company in Santa Fe that is supposed to be spectacular. Have you ever been to the southwest?

  9. Reader,
    You have a wonderful command of English. You always amaze me for it is like it is your first language and I know that is not so. A camera does make you look at everything as a possible shot.

    Ah -- a morning person. Think there are a couple of us now.
    As for opera, my parents enjoyed opera so I have listened but never seen. Not a bad addition for my bucket list though.

  10. Hope you enjoy the trip..... what kind of song you like to sing..... Thanks for sharing your experience...

  11. Femin Susan,
    Oh I like to ruin just about anything. Hope someday to take such a trip.