Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well the little guy is home but not a happy camper. He is in pain as evidenced by his panting and shaking at the same time. I have pain meds for him but they just seem to only take the worst away, not relieve him totally. He is kind of in a catch 22. Pain increases his serum cortisol levels and this is detrimental to proper healing. However if he were totally out of pain, he might hurt himself.

We know if we have a broken leg to use crutches, elevate, and not to go jogging. If an animal feels no pain, they will just use the wounded limb and do damage. Of course Mighty has a very low pain threshold. He screams when you remove a tick. My job is to keep him out of serious pain but leave him in enough pain that he won't hurt himself. This is the worst time for us both. Time for the tightrope walker to do her stuff.

This time his wound looks much better. Not sure if there was less damage this time or the vet is getting better. First I will show a picture of Mighty's left leg he hurt two years ago. Then his right leg as of last night. There is a big difference in the amount of post-op bruising.

Post-op two years ago on left leg

New surgery right leg.

Hope you weren't having breakfast.

We have a 12 week rehab program ahead. The vet did change one aspect which I am happy about and I know Mighty would be thrilled with. He gets to rest for 5 days this time. Last time we started therapy immediately after he came home.

In two weeks I can start him on the water therapy which he likes much better than the stretching exercises. I get a kiddy pool from Walmart, let the sun warm the water, put on his life vest with handle on the back and let him swim. That way he can exercise with no weight on the joint.
Last time I put the pool in the front yard which is quite elevated from road level. Didn't realize that people driving by could not see the dog, just an old lady walking round and round in a wading pool. Finally some neighbors who couldn't stand it any longer called to see if I were "all right". This time the pool goes in the back yard.
This surgery cost $300 more than the last one but then everything goes up and as I told a friend, "If I had to hook on the streets to get the money necessary to fix my dog, I would." Fortunately I didn't have to do that though my bank account is a lot lighter. Just as well for she brought up the premise that I might not foster much interest on the streets at my age. Now what did I do with that pimp?

I really want to thank all of you who commented and sent Mighty your wishes and prayers. Pretty sure it helped him, know for certain it helped me. Thank you . You are the best.


  1. That post-op bruising does look much better this time. I do hope Mighty figures out that this is all being done to help him. I think it takes animals a couple of days after anesthetic to start feeling like themselves again. That might account for the shaking and panting. The first few days are always the hardest. I hope you both manage as best as you can.

  2. You sound like a wonderful nurse. Lovely that Mighty is back. I can see from the photos why it must be painful, a big wound with a lot of movement. I enjoyed your description of the neighbour- worrying water therapy sessions. (I also followed your link to your earlier blog post "my first pimp", an account that was so well written that I had to smile a bit, but.... thank goodness things turned out alright in the end!) All the Best to you and Mighty, P.

  3. Yeah for Mighty! Luckie and I are excited to see him home, and hope the pain fades rapidly. Glad he gets 5 days off to recoup, before physical therapy.

    His therapy kind of parallels my knee surgery. Only I had to get up and move an hour or so after surgery without a caudal block because my arthritic spine had no room for the tube. I'm thankful for morphine.

    It is hard taking care of a ywounded animal that cannot talk! But if the "complain" of pain, they are really in pain.

    Glad you don't have to resort to a "night" job as a lady of the night.even if it involved some "parties."

  4. Aw. Poor little guy. So glad he has you.

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  5. Mighty’s post surgery wound does look much better this time – hopefully that means he will recover faster! My heart goes out to you both. Mighty is lucky to have you! If there is anything I can do…

    Have you ever thought of contacting the pimp and asking “Do you remember me?”

    I laughed heartily at your post yesterday! Oh my! I admire your bravery at returning to school on Monday – not sure I would have had the courage.

  6. robin
    I'm pretty sure he knows. He is very trusting of me Today his pain levels are much better. The only walking he gets is to pee. Good thing is that he is now hiking his leg. Good sign.

    I have had lots of experience when I had the animal shelter.
    Glad you liked my pimp tale. Outside of being disappointed in the fellow, it was funny.

    That had to have been awful. I hope they loaded you up with morphine.
    I was surprised this time with the 5 day delay in therapy but we are both glad.
    Actually it was expensive but if you compared it to the same human operation, I got a real deal.

    Thanks Barry. We both appreciate the thoughts. Am sure you have probably been thru similar with the kennels.

    He is doing quite well today. Slept a lot which means he wasn't too uncomfortable.
    I had to go to school. I didn't tell anyone so I had no excuse not to. Turned out it wasn't high on anyone's thoughts. We always think we are more important than we are.

  7. That second incision looks much neater than the last, as you said. I hope that Mighty will do his therapy easily and not fight you on it.

  8. kenju
    He didn't fight me last time though he did make me feel like a giant bully with his large hurt filled eyes. He just doesn't quite understand,"for your own good."

  9. Hi Patti, I'm so happy that Mighty is home. It's amazing how much better this wound looks than the last one two years ago. Like you said, maybe the Vet is getting better with his surgeries!!!!

    Good Luck balancing the pain vs. no pain act. I'm sure Mighty will be fine since he has the bestest Mommy in the entire world.


  10. Thank you so much Betsy. If love equates to good then I am a good momma.
    He actually used his bad leg a bit this AM.
    Thank you again for your support.