Friday, July 24, 2009


I have mentioned Magazine Man before here . However, it was in my first two weeks of blogging when very few people knew I was here as I pitched my posts daily into an abyss. Robin and Kenju were the only ones around and they kept me going. Thanks again ladies.

That particular post, the only one to comment was MM himself which floored me. I was still in that "how could he possibly know I had written about him" stage. I am a huge fan of this man's writing. He can makes me spit and snort coffee uncontrollably and I am not usually a laugh out loud type of person when reading, more of a chuckler. This is a funny fellow but he can make you cry just as easily.

MM was hit by the down turn and found himself released from a magazine you probably have on your coffee table right now. His almost daily posts, became less and less frequent as he searched to find a way to support his family. I kept him on my blog list, hoping.

He is in the process of writing a book now and amazingly, he is letting us read some of the early drafts. It is on the order of memoir about growing up in New Hampshire, His first post had me laughing, smiling and remembering my own battles with siblings. Anyone with a sibling will laugh and relate. Those who are only children will definitely be grateful that you are.

If you want a good read, go to Somewhere on the Masthead, I am pretty sure you will agree.

Another fun thing happened today. I got to meet my first blogger friends face to face. Arkie38 and wife are in town for some music and fun. They let me know where they were staying so I went for a visit. I know those of you who have done this are aware of what a cool thing this is. You read their words, know something about their lives but can't put a face to them. This completes the picture.

Everyone says how comfortable you feel when you meet a blog buddy but until you experience it , you really can't comprehend. We had a really nice visit and they actually encouraged the invasion of Mighty dog. They have a cutie pie chihuahua that fortunately didn't humiliate Mighty the way Fifi did. So I am going to voice what everyone else has before me. If you have a chance to meet a blog buddy, just do it.

We are meeting for dinner tomorrow so I will take pictures and let you meet them also. See ya.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who left wonderful comments yesterday for my 70th. You helped to turn a milestone into a stepping stone. You are the best.


  1. Good mouring Patti,
    Thank you for your kind words. It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are now a member of our family and to your readers..."If you ever have a chance to meet this lady, you are in for a treat." We are looking forward to our "Dinner Date" tonight. See you later.

  2. Thanks for the link to Magazine Man. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

    Enjoy your dinner date with Arkie38. Glad you folks hit it off. I've not personally met any new blogging friends, but have rediscovered an old friend (real life) who also blogs. Serendipity!

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  3. It is surprisingly easy to enjoy the company of a fellow blogger. We've had the experience twice and were delighted both times. It's more like a reunion than a first-time encounter. Sweet and wonderful.

  4. Arkie38
    Thanks for the sweet comment.It was such fun meeting you two. Looking forward to dinner also.
    See ya.

    So glad you liked MM also. His stories always entertain.
    That is so cool that you found an old friend.
    Blogging is wonderful. I found someone who is actually related to me 5 generations back. Would never have known otherwise.

    That was what I was trying to say, didn't, but you nailed it. "It's more like a reunion than a first-time encounter." Thanks.

  5. Hi Friend, You know what I've said about meeting Blog friends. I'm so happy you get to meet Arkie face to face. She/they will become life-long friends I'm sure.

    Interesting about the Magazine Man. You could write a book you know, Patti. You are so good with words... As I say: Just DO IT.

    Have a wonderful day and dinner.

  6. What a great thing to meet a fellow blogger.

    Infrequently I'm in your area and if it should reoccur, I blog my intent.

    I have two personal friends blogging and FaceBook. One FeceBooker fussed because I humorously posted a kooky picture of myself at age 7. I'll let her stew awhile and finally post one or more of myself or Luckie.

    However, my best friend followed suit and posted an elementary school picture, too. We both are a tad off center. I think that is why my husband takes us shopping-never know what will happen.

    Will check out Magazine Man. I love to read new blogs.

    Am back from 3rd trip to Springfield MO in as many weeks. I hope to not return until my next endocrinologist appt in October!!!

    THe pictures on Military ID cards are worse than driver's license. I look like I had a tight white cap on or no hair at all. I doubt I can scan it without breaking the scanner.

  7. Oh, Patti, did I miss your birthday? I'm so sorry. I love meeting bloggers, as you know, so I'm really glad you got to do that. I'll go check out the book now.

  8. Happy belated Birthday!
    A birhtday one day and dinner with a blogger the next. Now that sounds like a pretty good week.

  9. Oh My Dear....I am so sorry I missed your Birthday Yesterday...Well, I will still wish you a VETY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your "day" was a lovely one....Turning these round numbers is always aq BIG thing, I decade to the next....(I am now creeping closer to the Big 8-0....but it is still not quite two years away...! 70 is a GREAT Number, my dear.....I wish you great good health and much happiness!

  10. I forgot to say...You had a grat Birthday Present meeting a fellow blogger....Isn't it a delightful experience? And thanks for steering us all over to that fascinating writers blog...! I emjoyed what I read very very much...!

  11. Betsy,
    I just love that you think I am book worthy,now if only I thought so too.
    Had a really nice time with Arkie and his wife. You are so right about blogger buddies.

    Anytime you are in the area, let me know. We will have a meet and greet.
    Know what you mean about ID pictures. Have to get my drivers license Monday--- Whee.

    Judy, I so agree with you about meeting bloggers. It is such fun if a bit fattenting.

    Thank you for the belated wishes. I don't mind stretching my birthday out at all.
    Somethimes good things come in bunches.

    Same goes for you Naomi, if I can make this thinkg last an extra day, wonderful. Thank you. So glad you like MM. I love his writing.

  12. Hi Patti,
    Me too I missed your birthday,sorry for that, but now I like to say....Happy, Happyest Birthday to nex year. I am coming after you.Only 14 days and we have the same age.

  13. Hi MiaN,
    Thank you so much for your wishes. We both get to turn 70 this year. Since I got there first, I can tell you it is not too bad. Didn't hurt a bit.