Saturday, July 25, 2009


I would like you to meet Howard and Gay Nell, (last name omitted) a truly delightful couple. Howard is the author of Arkie38 that I have been following for some time. We met Thursday and then went out for dinner last night as a birthday treat for me. Nothing like taking advantage of newly formed friendships. Thank you so much Howard and Gay Nell. It was so thoughtful of you to treat me. Turning 70 certainly has its perks.

Howard is a favorite blogger who tells great tales of family outings where something usually goes awry. Those are the outings or events we all have that may not be funny at the time but improve enormously as the years smooth out the rough spots and the humor set in.

These are the times that are memorable and get retold more and more as time passes. Anytime you start to chuckle as you preface a story with "Remember when---- or--There was this time---", it is usually a story about a disastrous event that is now just hilarious. Go to any class or family reunion to prove that point.

The only complaint I have with Howard is that he doesn't post often enough. Last night he told stories that just cracked me up. He is a natural story teller. I told him there were at least 5 good posts over dinner conversation alone. Howard if you do nothing else, please post about the car. I am chuckling now thinking about you dropping your shoulders to one side.

They took me to dinner at a restaurant on the White River and had a meal where I ate too much again. They had the cat fish and I had my favorite guilty pleasure, chicken fried steak. The sad thing is that I am going to the same restaurant today for a luncheon. I am not sure a 3 day fast will counteract the damage. Oh well, it sure was good.

After dinner we went into town to listen to the music on the town square, something I just love to do. We had the obligatory ice cream ( Gay Nell and I had peach frozen yogurt) which is customary when strolling around listening to the various musicians.

Gay Nell ( who is as funny as Howard) and I were really entranced with this very young musician who was a pure ham.

This was the only picture I took of him that was any good. He was such a little ham that when he first saw the cameras on him, he quit playing and pushed his sister out of the way so he would be main focus in the shot. That would tickle me, which resulted in an out of focus pictures. Catching him slightly unawares was the only way I could get a printable one.

The thing we all liked is how many really young musicians are there. All these people travel miles to sing and play for free. Future county entertainers in the making.

All in all it was a delightful evening which I hope we can someday repeat. Thank you Howard and Gay Nell for dropping into my life so pleasantly. Have a safe trip. See ya in cyber space.

Arkansas Patti
and Arkie38


  1. I'm glad you had such a nice experience with them! A stroll around the square, listening to music and eating peach yogurt sounds like a very good thing!

  2. Patti, that sounds wonderful and I'm so glad you got to meet fellow bloggers and enjoyed them. I know I would like his stories if you do, so I'll cehck it out (not that I need another blog to read....LOL)

    Goooood photos too!!

  3. what a lovely couple
    sounds like it was a great evening

    the young muscian does look like a ham ;)
    good for him
    you need confidence to make it in music

  4. Oh how neat, Patti... I wrote Arkie38 yesterday --and introduced myself. I think he and his wife would have alot in common with us--since we seem to like alot of the same things. I hope he will write me back!!!!

    Since I'm drawn to your posts (since YOU are such a great story-teller)--I think I would enjoy Arkie's also.

    Looks like you all had a great evening and celebration. I'd love that music also. Love that last picture of you and Arkie...

    Have a great weekend.

  5. My only tip and somewhat poor at that, for planning an "eating out" adventure:

    Eat next to nothing the day of the event--piece of fruit, lots of non-caloric liquids,"rabbit food"---virtually no calories. If you remember, a green salad before leaving for the eating frenzy, sometimes stymies overeating.

    If it is a breakfast dining out it is a lot harder for me.

    I've had a lot of the same problem traveling so much lately. The last trip I carried a small cooler with my own calorie free liquids (Nestea Diet) 2 Fiber One Bars, and two carefully counted snack baggies of Kashi TLC Roasted Veg. crackers (has more fiber than certain other crackers).

    I was determined to compensate for two previous weeks trips with overeating at Ryans and Golden Corral.

    I've been holding my own at 25# but gotta get it movin' on down as the next 25# has a huge reward daggling in front of me.

    Then I haven't collected the 1st reward at 25# yet as I am waiting for release of a new version of Windows. <:~D>

  6. Sounds and look like a wonderful evening. What a delightful birthday present from fellow bloggers.

  7. Patti,
    We really had good time. Hope to see you in November at the Blue-Grass festival. Happy Trails.


  8. I couldn't resist...popped over to see Arkie38......I love reading blogs that make me smile. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Pat
    Hope you get to meet a fellow blogger. It is a unique experience.
    The peach yogurt was so good I may have to go back for some today.

    I know you do meet and greets and it was yours and Betsy's success that made me not even hesitate.
    I have no idea when you sleep. What with work, writing your blog and reading countless others, you must be exhausted.

    If confidence alone make success, he has a lock on it. Fortunately, he was quite good also. Probably should have gotten his autograph right then.

    Thank you for visiting Arkie. I really enjoyed his post on the boat and the rocks. He tells stories so well,just hope he will post more of them.

    Good ideas except I find when I cut calories before, I pig out more cause I am REALLY hungry.
    I'll have to check out Kashi's crackers. I do buy their granola bars, though they quit making my favorite.
    Dang, maybe that is the reward thing I need to help. Will think on that. Good luck to us both.

    Yes it was so very nice. They helped to make turning 70 much quite pleasant.


    It sure was fun folks. See ya when it gets a bit cooler. Have a safe and fun trip. Pet the pets for me. Oh yeah, also hope you post about the cat saving your life. You are a good story teller.

    Glad you could pop over to see Arkie. I know he will appreciate how far you had to travel. I know I do.

  10. Patti,

    I LOVE the name of your new friend, Gay Nell. It has such a nice ring to it.Did you happen to ask her about the origin of her name?

    As an old city girl the closest I ever came to the wonderful country experiences you have was when we went to Dolly Parton's Silver Dollar City in Pigeon Forge years ago and the time we spent in Branson. I loved both places because they were so different from anything I had ever experienced in Philadelphia or New York.

    I would enjoy seeing that young fellow playing his music so proudly. He will probably grow up to be a big star, I hope.

    You are very lucky to have such a rich life style with all your friends,animals and entertainers.

  11. Nancy
    I like that too. It is a southern thing to call a person by first and middle neme together.
    One of my favorite characters on TV is Claudia Joy on Army Wives. It sounds so genteel southern.
    I am trying to talk my niece who wants to name her baby, Courtney Rose, to call her by both names. Not sure I am making progress there.

  12. Patti-

    Great story and thanks for sharing. I'll be peeking in to Arkie38's blog now.

  13. Happy Birthday to you Patti (sorry I'm late with that, but it takes time for news to travel around the globe!), I am sure you will have had a great day.

    Glad that you had such a lovely time with Howard and Gay Nell, it is really nice how blogging can foster such friendships. It must be a special thrill to meet up with the people that you visit via the blog. That first moment of seeing each other could probably be quite funny too..., "goodness.., he Claimed to be tall! Wow, she actually Has two left feet, no wonder there are no photos of her below the knee on her blog!!"

    I keep wishing that it was possible to hear you and the other people who's blogs I follow. If I can master the technology I might try leaving a few spoken words on my blog one day (it will be amusing for people to hear my muddled New Zealand/English accent if nothing else!).

    One really special treat for me a few years back was to discover the delights of "talking books". At one time they seemed to be only available to blind people, but now anyone can get them from the public library. Laurie Lee reading his book, "As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning" was especially worthwhile, and it was such a pleasure to hear him speak the words he had written.

    Anyway... Best wishes for many happy years ahead, from Peter, Laura, and Ginger

  14. FBF

    Thanks Barry, I'm sure you will enjoy.Just a shame you can't hear him.

    How did you know about my feet???

    Howard and Gay Nell didn't hide anything except how delightful they are.

    There is a way to add voice but darned if I know how. Would love to hear your accent.

    I love those talking books also. Hearing former president Carter read his book to me was just wonderful. Only problem is if you fall asleep while reading, it is a bugger finding your place.

    Many thanks to you, Laura and Ginger for your long distance wishes.
    I guess this confirms it that Ginger is no longer your neighbor's cat??