Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It has been a couple of years and while I understand these things take time, I was beginning to lose hope but continued to follow the progress.

In 2006, I saw an ad in a Little Rock news paper seeking extras for a movie being made in Fayetteville. Seemed like it should be fun, definitely something I had never done, so I packed up Mighty dog and we went to the filming of War Eagle Arkansas which I wrote about here. The information on the movie can be seen here.

I had a good time that day and enjoyed seeing a wee bit of how a movie was made. However the hours of waiting and the many takes for just crowd noise, made me glad I am a mediocre looking person with no talent that had never even thought of pursuing acting.

The movie is a sweet and true story about two boys who are best friends. One boy is confined to a wheel chair by birth defect and the other has a severe speech impediment. While one has great talent as a ball player, he is torn between a career in baseball or staying to help his community. "An extraordinary friendship, in an ordinary town."

It has one of my favorite actors in it, Brian Dennehy who plays Grandpa. Where does time go? My sex symbol should not be playing "Grandpa." He has always had "teddy bear" appeal to me.
Brian almost step on my foot as he went to his place in the crowd scene, but that was as close as we got. Yeah, I was thrilled and am rather sorry I didn't let him mash my toes. Darn reflexes.
As best as I can tell from the camera angles of the trailer, I either my right or left ear should show up in the crowd scene. Don't know if that counts as my 15 seconds of fame or not. If this isn't it, hay, I am running out of time here.

Anyway, the movie has done very well in film festivals and was finally picked up by an independent company. It is now being shown in Little Rock but I really couldn't see driving that far for my ear's debut. Now if my cheek or nose made it, I might consider the trip. Being just an ear, I haven't loaded up the vehicle to travel, nor will I.

War Eagle Arkansas is one of those movies that will be shown in "selected theaters". That always sounds more special than it is. It will show in Dallas when it leaves Arkansas. Now if it happens to make it to our local drive in theater, that is a different story.

On checking Netflix, since it is now released in theaters, I have put it on my "saved" list so that when they release the DVD, I will finally see it. My ear does not need a big screen. I really can wait. At least on DVD, I can hit "pause" when my ear makes its appearance. Wonder if the camera will make my ear look fatter?

Gee, do you think they give Oscars for best performance by an ear? Should I be shopping for earrings?


  1. Oh how funny: let me know when you are nominated for a film award of any kind.

    Do you think a wide screen might show more of you? I have two LCD TVs which have "fill the screen landscape mode." Not the best feature- it stretches the picture outside the perimeters of the screen.

    I love War Eagle for it craft festivals. And it is a quaint little area.

    Sometimes these films unexpectedly mushroom into big hits. Many of us like uncomplicated, stories without intricate lover trysts, etc. - films that seasoned movie goers consider "sappy."

    I love the poetry book I won. It has arrived and I've started it. The poetry is very good, and straightforward, understandable-
    not like struggling with the Iliad or some of Edgar Allen Poe's dark, opium induced poetry. I loved Poe's mysteries which probably were opium induced also.

    Was Mighty in the crowd? Usually pets and babies attract photographers' attention.

    How is Mighty's rehab progressing? He's got to get in shape for the next "bout in the park!" Maybe that would make a good movie...

  2. A new pair of earrings is good, even without awards.

    Dennehy was a favorite of mine, since the show with the 2 children. I can't remember the name of it - or much else - these days.

  3. nitwit,
    I have that "fill the screen" mode also. It adds at least 20 pounds to everyone.
    I hope the movie does well. I like feel good movies myself.

    Mighty stayed in the motel for they said no dogs but don't you know, a lady who brought hers anyway, was filmed.

    Mighty is still in rehab for his come back fight and is really doing well. Thanks.

    Isn't it cool to win something that is actually neat? Enjoy your poems. Will give you something to read on your "don't wanna" trip.

    You bet. Were you thinking of Brian Keith in Family Affair? I used to get the two confused. Both are teddy bear, barrel chested types.

  4. I hope it makes it to our local theatre so we can all go and see your ear on the big screen! It sounds like it is a very good movie and Brian Dennehy does have that cuddly “teddy bear” appeal.

  5. Jewels,
    Isn't he a cutie? Well for old codgers he is. He has that solid, dependable look.
    I do hope the movie does well.

  6. Cute Patti.... You really did make your 'debut' --or as I say, DAY-BUTT, didn't you???? I'm sure you'll never wash that ear again.... ha ha

    Let me know when that movie comes out on DVD...

    Thanks and HUGS,

  7. Betsy,
    Oh the ear gets washed but if he had stepped on my toes, they may be a bit dirty by now.
    Thanks,I'll let you know.