Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have a bad habit of not checking my previous posts for additional comments. Every now and then I do but I am really not religious about it. If I have failed to reply to your comment on a past post, gosh, I am sorry. Promise to do better.

That said, I did check back on Tuesdays post today and saw a newcomer had left a message. It was from a gentleman which is always nice. Per usual, I went to the new commenter's blog to check it out and acknowledge their visit. My visitor was David McMahon. Now I am sure I am the last to the table here and that you all ready know about this site. Sorry for any repetition. Chalk it up to my rookie status.

It seems, my blog had been recommended by a favorite blogger of mine, Nitwit, at Coward's Corner with Luckie. First, thank you so much Nitwit for the recommendation. It means so much that some one thinks you are worthy of a look by others. That helped to explain the recent jump in hits, especially from exotic places.

David's blog is very interesting besides the "Post of the Day" segment. He is a published author whose first book Vegemite Vindaloo sounded so good, I have all ready put it on order. The book chronicles the immigration to Australia of an Anglo-Indian family. I am always intrigued to learn about different cultures. Knowledge tears down the borders of this world and brings in the sunshine of understanding. The more we visit different worlds, the more we realize they are little different.

There is another reason I love blogging and the Internet. How else would I have found some the wonderful blogs out there. It is the convoluted twists and turns that lead you to fascinating places. One of my favorite pastimes is to blog hop. To look down some one's blog list and start hopping is such fun. If I like that person's writing, I check their blog list to see who they like and off I go. This is a common practice and the purpose of blog lists. Sometimes though, I get so involved hopping that I lose sites that I would love to visit again. Need to be more organized there and better at bookmarking.

Just recently I was chosen by Elder Storytelling Place as blog worthy of a look, Wow. That was a total thrill. This also has jumped my hits. I now have a new source of blogs to visit. Hum, think reading blogs could become a career.

Sometimes we throw our words into cyberspace not knowing if anything at all will come back. It is flattering, humbling, and encouraging when there is a response. Thank you Nitwit, David and Elder for totally making my day.


  1. You are more than worthy of both David and Ronni's mention!!

    Did you know that you can have comments sent to you in email, so you don't have to go back and check previous posts? That way, you won't miss any.

  2. You are a wonderful storyteller, patti. So, it's no surprise to find your blog being recommended. You and Kenju remind me today that I need to update the blogroll on Dharma Bums. I've been remiss about such things.

  3. I am sure you have a lot more hits than comments...I hit your site every day and seldom comment...

  4. Thank you Judy. I am really feeling great about the nods.
    Thank you also for the tip. I had hesitated for I have pretty tight security on my emails and thought unapproved senders would not get through. It is working like a charm. Thank you for reminding me.

    Thank you robin. You and Judy helped me to keep going in the beginnning when the ego is fragile.
    Glad you are going to update. Don't know about others but I rely on the blogroll a lot.

    4th sister
    Good to know you stop by even when I don't hear from you. Thank you so much. Fortunately my site meter keeps my spirits up. I was a lurker for years so I know more show up than comment. It has been a busy couple of days on the meter since the "nods." I appreciate all who do stop by. All writers just want to be read.

  5. Well you are not a novice. I tried to hide my nod to David,but you are just too good.

    When I was having more trouble with my blog, I tried to recommend your First Day of School Blogs to David, but they are still sitting cyberspace somewhere.

    I saw my blog tutor in Wal-Mart yesterday and told her I needed some help in tech support.

    While I am in Springfield I'm gonna download FireFox. but at this point, not sure that is solution. I've found others having the same problem. Since some are using IE7 or IE8 and blogger with no problem, it must be in gadgets or templates, security settings or something.

  6. Hi Patti and thanks to visiting my blog.
    It's allways a plaisir to find a comment and you are very politie person to come and make comments.

    Kenju tells you that you can have comments aussi by email.That's true, I knew it.

    You say, you like blogging.
    Yes, me too, it's a good past-time if the internet works and if you can have a feelinf that you are not alone,one comment make me happy, two comments extra-happy.
    Have a good day.

  7. More people hitting your site means you are making even more people laugh – and that is a very good thing! : ) Pretty soon you are going have so many followers that you will have to put in overtime. Thank you for all your marvelous and funny posts!

  8. Nitwit,
    Thank you lady for the nod to Dave. He targeted "Melinda Update" and I have had lots of hit there plus some nice comments.
    "Mental Post it Notes" was the one targeted by Elder Story Teller and while no comments a ton of hits. Just a super day. Thank you.
    As for your comment problem. I had a similar thing earlier. I changed my comments settings for "comment placement form" to "full page" and my problems ended. Can't hurt. I'll post this in your comment section for you to see.

    I did set up the email notification like kenju said and actually, that is how your message came through.
    Thanks for stopping by. Still think you should move to your cottage full time. It is beautiful.

  9. Patti, I have mentioned your blog to MANY of my followers --since yours is always one of my fav's. I love stories (not everyone does, but I do)---and you always tell great stories. I'm so happy you are getting the recognition you deserve.

    By the way, I got organized with people who come to my blog. I fixed my set-up so that I could get everyone's post not only on my blog but also via email. That brings in ALL emails--even the ones that someone visited from previous posts.

    I also keep folders in my mail program with my main followers.and after I read their emails --I put them in a folder and keep them for a month or more. That way I can tell when someone visits and when they don't...

    IF a new person comes, I keep their email in another folder called BLOGS. That helps me to recognize them IF they return. If someone comes about 3-4 times regularly, I add them to my blog list and make them a separate folder. It sounds complicated---but once you set it up---it's a piece of cake. AND you are organized..

    Hugs and congrats again,

  10. Jewels,
    Thanks but I don't think I will ever have to worry about that. Still I always told my bosses that a pat on the back would make me just as happy as a raise. That was dumb to say though for pretty soon that was all I got.This is different though.Pats on the back are really good. Thank you for your always positvie take.

    Thank you. I know your support has been there and that means sooo much. I am also aware I don't appeal to everyone which is all right. If one size fit all, we would all be going to just one site each day. Thank goodness we don't. What a traffic jam. You however, are great with universal appeal.

    Doubt I will ever get to the point where I have to get as organized but I have filed your plan in my "to do" file in case that should ever happen. You need that with all your many followers.
    I did connect my comments to my email. Works wonderfully.
    Thank you Betsy for being such a great support.

  11. Congrats Patti! I have often thought of your blog as one of the best among the bloggers. I also have a list of names, many of which I still see and write with, and now I have another system: I first answer the commenters on my blog and sometimes there are so many, that I cannot excecute step two: commenting on the regular visitors who haven't been around for some time.

  12. Thank you so much Wil. When I see sites like yours that get sooo many comments, I wonder if it doesn't almost turn into a job. Like your approach to answering though.