Saturday, August 15, 2009


I recently posted about my friend's mother here. Gerry who will 97 in about a month, underwent surgery for colon cancer on July 29. They removed one foot of colon and her prognosis is quite good.

Gerry has always impressed me with her ability to bounce back (she had both knees replaced when she was 89 and scoots around quite well with only a cane) but she out did her self this time. Monday, 12 days after surgery, she was cleared by her doctor for a camping trip in their RV this week end. He was amazed, her daughter was amazed and I am amazed.

I sent her a copy of my post that day plus your comments and Gerry and her daughter loved it. They asked me to be very sure that I thanked all who put her in their prayers and good thoughts. She is convinced that prayers have pulled her through as is her daughter. I too believe they made the necessary difference as did her incredible will to "keep on trucking." Good genes help too.

Since she lost an enormous amount of excess weight over 30 years ago, she had maintained a strict adherence to eating well. Lots of pluses here but pretty sure you all helped tip the balance in her favor. Gerry thanks you, Sis thanks you and I thank you. Can't say it enough, "you all are the best."

My sister Jan sent me this site and I am passing it on if you want to read a heartwarming, true animal story. The hero below is a definite Mighty Dog look-a-like, except Mighty has prettier eyes. I know I am prejudiced but it's true. Enjoy.


  1. I'm so glad your friend Gerry is doing well. Thanks for the update.

  2. Patti Your post shows on my computer as posted at 5:55 s.m. today. But is not posted on my blog list yet. I've had this happen before with your and other blogs on my blog list.

    I added my own blog to my blog list and it shows posted a day ago.
    but was timed for 5;15 a.m. today which is apparently when it appears.

    I'd say some this wrong with bloggers "blog list" gadget.

    We gave a friend using my Telecare service, the same age that truly amazes. She had back surgeryat 96 and is generally in better shape, not overweight, etc.

  3. Your friend Gerry is an amazing woman and that was an amzing dog story! :)

  4. I am very happy to hear that Gerry is doing well and the dog story had me in tears.

  5. I am amazed and delighted by Gerry's recovery, what a strong person!!

    the dog story is wonderful, sometimes things do really happen for a reason
    a good reason

  6. Wow--that's incredible, Patti, about Gerri. She really is an incredible woman. To have had all of those surgeries and still be doing great is totally amazing. Give her my best!!!!

    Cute doggie story.

  7. That is Grand news about Gerry! Lovely, I hope those artificial knees of hers come with at least a 20 year guarantee!

  8. Pat, Thank you so much. She is awesome.

    Think you are right about it being a blogger problem. I do depend on it to let me know someone has posted though. It is showing correctly right now. Guess the heat has it slowed down.
    I copied your idea about putting TNS on my blogger list. Thanks

    Thank you, she really is. Pets never cease to amaze me.

    Thank you so much. I know you all helped. Most dog stories have me in tears. He is special.

    Thank you Dianne. She has amazed me for over 60 years.
    I do believe that dog was meant to be with them.

    Thank you so much for your caring. I keep telling Sis she is lucky to come from such a gene pool. Her aunt just celebrated her 100th. I wouldn't mind really old age if I could be as active as Gerry. We can only hope.

    Thank you Peter though the way she is going, she may out last her knees at this rate. Good living pays off.

  9. Both are heart warming stories...hope I do as well at 97.

  10. Me too Wanda, me too though I don't have her good habits.

  11. Patti, glad to hear that Gerry is doing so well. She sounds amazing...update on your might be what they call "deer ticks". My better half has contracted them from working in the garden. They are small black spots to the nacked eye...

  12. Arkie,
    We called them seed ticks in Florida but according to the net, it was the bird mite. Neither one is wanted here. I have someone coming this week to plug up the nesting accesses as a precaution. No more bites since the first attack. All is good.

  13. I am kind of surprised at her age they did surgery at all. Thanks for the update. That is all great news.

  14. That's amazing. Think she'd let me borrow her body for a while? Mine doesn't bounce back.

    Hope you're doing well!

  15. Grayquill,
    Me too but the doctors said she had the health of a 76 year old. She is the poster child for good living and great genes.

    Boy can I relate also. I don't bounce anymore period, I just kind of lay there and quiver.