Monday, October 12, 2009


There is a new addition to the family I want you to meet. I first met her via her sonogram which I can't find. Darn it to heck, what kind of Aunt am I?? She was beautiful even in the womb.

Recently, my 4 nieces were in this belly comparing photo. Not fair. No one ever should have to compare to the niece on the left(Kelli, who is sucking in) although cutie pie Kaleigh in the middle who was awaiting her new sister, held her own. Poor Keri, the mom-to-be's belly that is full of Courtney Rose, just hurts to look at. Keri is one of the sweetest, kindest, cutest people I know and being family has no bearing on that judgment. My sister and her husband did good work raising these girls. They are beautiful inside and out.

Courtney Rose was delivered one week ago today and weighed in at 10 pounds 6 oz. A definite keeper. No throwing this one back. This is a family that pops out big babies. Nine pounds is pretty normal for this bunch. When skinny-belly Kelli was born, they hid her in the back of the hospital nursery for she made all the other babies look undernourished. Now she makes us all look fat. If she weren't such a neat person, she would be hard to like.

Meet Courtney Rose. The beautiful future.

Want to say here that I just love the name Courtney Rose. I am sure she will probably end up being called Corky in our "need to abbreviate society", or possibly just CR to her texting BFF's. But for me, she will always be Courtney Rose. It brings images of southern gentility to mind. With a name like that she can only marry well.

Keri, I love you and can't wait to see your's and John's latest creation.


  1. Congrats on such a precious bundle of life, Courtney Rose.

    The miracle of life never ceases to put me in speechless awe.

    Over a week ago our UPS delivery nab and wife had a precious much desired baby boy, brother to my husband 5 year old church buddy.

    After many attempts and seven costly failed implantations, they conceived naturally. Delivery was C-section. Our church family celebrated.

    Reminds me of the oft repeated phrase, all comes for those who wait upon the Lord.

  2. Welcome to the world Courtney Rose!
    I have a DIL named Courtney who is often called Court. Babies are all miracles from God. I know all about big babies! My first weighed 10'1, the second 9'10 and the third 8'12. I was ex-rayed for twins on the first two. All were induced labor two to three weeks early because of size. None were C-section!!Enjoy this bundle!!

  3. WOW! TEN pounds? Makes me hurt to consider that!! She's lovely, and I love her name too.

  4. Courtney Rose is a beautiful name.

  5. So cute. Hello Courtney Rose!

    The photo with your nieces' bellies reminds me of a scene I saw just the other day at the health food store. A young, beautiful expectant mom was in the veggie aisle. Her belly was as big as your niece's. The store's produce guy was stocking veggies, when he turned to her and said, "So, are you expecting?" It was so funny we all laughed.

  6. Oh, Congratulations!! Courtney Rose is beautiful!! And 10 pounds!! WOW!! HUGS to you and your family!!

  7. Welcome Beautiful Courtney Rose...

    I just blogged about one niece expecting a baby boy...and showed a photo another niece's 9 month old son. It's a small world Patti.

  8. Nitwit,
    Thank you and you are so right. It is purely a miracle.
    Congrats to your friend. To have tried so hard then be rewarded must have them over the moon.

    Good grief lady and you can still walk. At least they kept getting a wee bit smaller. They do look so much older when they weigh so much.
    Keri's first was natural, this one was C-section.

    I know Judy, even looking at her belly hurt me. Thanks so much.

    Linda Starr,
    Thanks,I think so to but then I am really prejudiced.

    Thanks so much. That was too funny about the guy in the store. A real Sherlock wasn't he. Gosh I hope he isn't married.

    Cheffie Mom
    Thank you so much. They read the blog so they got your hugs.

    Thank you.
    Babies are in the air aren't they?
    Carter is such a handsome little fellow and 9 months old? Hum, does he have a date for prom?

  9. Congratulations Auntie. That's one big baby. My biggest one was 9lbs. 3 ozs. and the smallest was 8lbs. 2 ozs.

    Our nine pound one with all of her black hair, looked like she was about two months old. Considering I weighed 4 lbs. when I was born, I suppose she did seem several months old to her Grandmother. LOL

  10. Beautiful little niece! Congratulations! I hope she lives close by....

  11. Patty,
    Thanks and I am surprised at how many of my readers had really big babies.
    You sure were a tiny one though weren't you?

    Thank you but I fear she lives in Florida. I still haven't seen Kaleigh and she is now two. Really need to make that trip.

    4th sister,
    Thank you. High praise from someone who has a pile of cuties in the family herself.

  12. OMG!! this is so very exciting! 10lbs~ what a healthy "little" one.

    Aww sweet babies just do the heart good!

  13. Patti...what a wonderful post..thank you for sharing such a personal gift.

  14. Welcome Courtney Rose. What a cutie!!! She was one big baby girl. My sons were 7-7; 8-4; 9-8....

    We had 3 sons--but had a name picked out all along for a daughter. She would have been Laura Elizabeth. Her nickname was going to be LE (Ellie).... BUT--we never had a girl.


  15. Awww.. that just made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a bundle of joy like that , my day simply can't go bad now.. Courtney Rose is a lovely name. The lil one looks like a blooming flower :-) Congrats to the proud parents & the entire family, especially the grand-aunt :-)!!

  16. boots,
    Thank you and yes they do wonders for the heart.

    Thank you for allowing me to.

    Good thing you quit when you did, they were gaining weight each time. You were heading for a 10 pounder yourself.
    Know how you feel about a girl, my mom felt the same way and was going to keep trying till she got me.
    That would have been so clever to use the first initials of both names. I like Ellie.

    Thank you lady. She really did look like a blooming flower. They had her wrapped so tight it looks like she is in a vase.

  17. A BEAUTIGUL Baby with a Very BEAUTIFUL Name...I love that name. Maybe with luck, everyone will call her "Courtney Rose" sure is pretty, as is she!
    10 and a half pounds...WOW! That is so interesting that your family has a tradition of averaging 9 pound babies..!

  18. Congratulations to Auntie Patti and the parents of Courtney Rose! Always a miracle to see a newborn baby!

  19. OOLOH
    Doesn't it sound old southern plantation? Could have been a friend of Scarletts. Even if no one else does, her old Great Aunt will call her that. One of the privileges of age.

    Reader Wil,
    Thank you Wil, I never cease to be amazed by the miricle of a life created.

  20. What a beautiful name! And congratulations to the new adorable creation! Babies are such lovely and gentle creations of all. I am anticipating one of my own from my youngest daughter who is on the family way. That will promote me to the category of a Grandma, a long overdue title for me.

    I have no doubt Grand Auntie Patti will spoil this angel with too much love!

  21. Bonnie Bonsai
    I can tell you are really looking forward to being a Grand mother. You get to do all the spoiling and can let your daughter do the hard parts.
    I sure wish my niece lived closer. It is about a thousand mile trip. Darn.


  23. Anon,
    And just think, Courtney Rose will probably name her first after her grandmother.