Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I sometimes think I have a really weird mind but blogging has taught me that no thought I can come up with, hasn't been thought of before and by a bunch of people. The Internet is a great leveler. We are not nearly as unique as we would like to think.

I have played a game with myself for years and usually when I tell people of it, they look a bit shocked at first, but then play right along. It starts with the hypothetical question,"If you were on death row, what would your last meal consist of?"

I guess I use death row because that is the only circumstance where your life has a time limit, down to the minute. Regardless of your heinous crime, you are allowed to eat anything you wish. Those circumstances do not occur in the everyday person's life. Of course in my fantasy, I would be wrongly accused but the call doesn't come from the governor till the last minute, after I eat. So eat I will.

Often when I have been eating in a restaurant and the food has been exceptionally divine, I will say out loud, "That is going on my death row last meal list." This always starts the debate after the shock of my premise wears off.

I have found through the years that my "last meal" changes as my tastes expand along with my waist line. But there are the basics that never change. My only fear is that my stomach will not hold all I want. Besides having a free choice menu, there is also the blissful freedom at that point, knowing that nothing you eat will alter your longevity one bit. Bring on the fat and bring on the sweets. Cholesterol, take a hike.

I am sure I would want a pound of crisp bacon as an appetizer. Yes, you heard me, a whole pound. After I polished that off, the skin of a whole turkey would proceed a leg of lamb. OK, by all rights I am exploding right now but this is a fantasy and I would continue. Hopefully, the Out Back Restaurant would cater part of the meal as I would want one of their sweet potatoes. Mercy they are good. They make pie filling seem bland. That would eliminate any need for dessert.

Since my fantasy stomach would still be on the empty side after chomping through a rare Filet Mignon, I would request Lily's Chicken from the Bonefish Grill which is chicken breast, goat cheese, sauteed spinach, artichoke hearts and lemon basil sauce. Sometimes we have a meal that the memory of it stays with us forever, Lily's Chicken is one. Thanks Jill and Luis for that lovely treat.

Since they won't give me any wine with my supper (prison rules), I will just want water to leave room for more food. By now, they would probably be putting away the lethal injection needles or unplugging the chair for my gluttony would have done the states work for them. Probably wouldn't even make it to the governor's call.

Fortunately, my fantasy is just that, a fantasy. I really do try to eat properly for health reasons. However, remove those health concerns and I would be scary at a dinner table. Those would be my choices today, tomorrow they could be different. Well don't know about you but I'm mentally stuffed. Think I'll take a walk after I finish my oatmeal. Whee.

Now my question for you. What would be on your "last meal" menu?


  1. -Definitely 8 oz. rib eye rare--no need worry bout E. Coli,
    -Bsked potatoes with 1 whole stick of REAL butter.Yep and more if large potato + home fried 1 lb. thick bacon crumbles.
    -Green bean casserole with fresh green beans and fresh fried onion rings and another lb. thick fried bctumbled acon to boot.
    -Heaping bowl of fried okra.
    -Fried green tomatoes.
    -Six home-made (scratch) biscuits with another stick of REAL butter and imported date honey from Morocco.
    -Plenty of coffee sweetened with generous amounts of sugar, real cream flavored vanilla or hazelnut.
    -one whole homemade fancy nut pound cake made with real butter, and Texas pecans-topped with homemade ice cream and real homewhipped cream.
    -one whole Texas pecan pie with lard made crust topped with home churned French vanilla ice cream.
    -one whole coconut cream pie with lard made crust,fresh shreded coconut and coconutt milk filling.
    One TexMex date nut (Texas pecans) roll candy. I'll probably be in full cardiac arrest by now.

  2. Thats` difficult. I'm every bit a foodie like you. Liked your choices.

    I guess it would be something from my mom's kitchen !! She's an amazing cook. Oh, or it could be Ravioli. Read this post I wrote about it sometime back..

  3. Well Patti, I would start request:

    *a large fresh sliced avocado, bacon, cherry tomato, and gr. onion salad with real buttermilk dressing..

    *a whole Baked Salmon with a crab-shrimp stuffing, wild rice with pecans and cranberries, baked squash drizzled with butter and honey, my favorite coleslaw,
    and a FULLY STUFFED baked potato on the side.

    *Dessert would be Triple Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake, warm Blackberry Crisp topped with vanilla icecream, and a Coconut Pecan Carrot Cake with pecan, coconut, pineapple creamcheese icing.

    *and to be healthy just plain unsweetened iced tea for me please!

    FUN POST PATTI !!!!!

  4. Give me a warm chocolate souffle with cold whipped cream on top, pure heaven, although I like the sweet potatoes, prawns with capers, asparagus, wild rice, garlic stuffed olives, and there are so many more choices I could make, but notice I chose the dessert first. Oh and I love a homemade pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and my favorite cookies is an walnut crescent coated with powdered sugar. Yum.

  5. I'm not really a "foodie" so my mind goes to things I would miss-- like fresh tomatoes from the garden and just picked corn on the cob. I like the fragramce of herbs (rosemary, basil, and oregano -- all fresh) and fresh-cut flowers. I would want to feel something that had been warmed by a summer sun, like a towel that had been set out to dry. It's not food, but it's delicious to me!

  6. I am not an alcoholic, but then I would ask for a bottle of sweet red wine, and drink until I am drunk and don't know anything of the situation around me... On the other hand I may prepare myself for what's going to happen and to face the music as worthy as possible.

  7. Lobster tails, Bang-bang shrimp from Bonefish Grill, a filet mignon, and some of the pastas we ate in Italy, followed by fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. A side of cornbread and pinto beans with fresh onion chopped on top and for dessert - another helping of lobster!!

  8. Nitwit,
    You and I would never make it to the chamber. A heart attack would get us before the needle. We both Looove that bacon.
    Wouldn't it be nice just to pig out and have no health concerns? Back to reality.

    Ah, a healthy eater and you are young enough that you could eat what ever you want. You are smart, stay that way. Enjoyed your post about B 35.

    Outside of the desserts,you at least had some really good ingredients. Proud of you.
    Now, who are you kidding with the unsweetened tea? LOL

    Ah, since I was scheduled the same time as you and you aren't hungry, could I have your last meal?

    Linda Starr,
    Think there is a tee shirt that says "Life is short, eat dessert first." You would have a real sugar rush going.

    It would be a time for the things that make us happy. Good choices--for you. It is choices like you made that will have you living longer that the rest of us. Wish I could...

    Reader Wil,
    If they allowed wine, it would have been my first choice also. Don't think you have much to fear about facing the music.

    Yea, another Bonefish Grill fan. They really have some great food don't they. Like your choice of dessert. You reminded me,fried chicken for me also. Sure hope virtual food isn't fattening.

  9. I've never thought of it that way. My last meal. I don't know, there are so many things. My Mother home made noodles with plenty of rich chicken broth, her delicious home made apricot pie. Chinese hot sour soup and Kung Pao chicken.Hot fudge sundae with whipped cream, crushed nuts and a cherry on top.

    But knowing me I would probably be so worked up I wouldn't be able to eat for fear of upchucking. LOL

  10. I admire you for thinking about your last meal but that makes me sad ;o( but tell me that all bad and calories have been removed and there is little I WONT eat LOL
    Home made biscuits, yea, chocolate chip cookies home made of course, fried cornbread
    lots of ice cream... NOT interested in Snails or other oddities.

  11. For starters I would have oysters, natural of course, then I would move onto a roast, yep a good old fashioned roast, roast beef or pork which would include the crackling, crunchy potatoes, greens and lot's of gravy...mmm...mmmm!!!

  12. I am glad that your fantasy ends with a call from the governor! Fun post! Given that I am allergic to milk, black pepper and wheat, my last meal would be a heaping plate of biscuits and gravy with lots of freshly ground black pepper…for desert flan and homemade pumpkin pie! Congratulations on your families new addition…Courtney Rose is beautiful!

  13. Patty
    It is so interesting to see what people would choose. So far, no one has picked anything I wouldn't like also.

    Aw, don't be sad, the governor calls in time and I am saved with a very full belly. Snails are wonderful. Not the snails actually but the sauce they come in is to die for.

    Gee, you really wouldn't even worry about what month it was for the oysters. Good call. This virtual eating is fun and not the least fattening.

    Oh, I forgot about all your allergies. But then as you said, since it would be the last, you could eat all those things you have avoided. Of course when the governor calls, you are going to be one sick girl.
    Thanks about Courtney. She is just a little miracle.

  14. What a neat post, Patti.... I'm such a food-lover... It would be hard to choose... I guess I'd choose some or all of the following:
    -A Rare Sirloin Steak or Prime Rib
    -A loaded-baked potato (although I love those big sweet potatoes that you mentioned also)
    -A tossed salad with blue cheese dressing
    -A nice big piece of Peanut Butter Pie

    I could go on and on and on ---but that is one of my favorite meals....

    Betsy--From my laptop in Georgia

  15. Boy I don't know but eating is pretty important to us powells...My sister Patsy once told me she was ready to die..She is 71 and has been in poor health for a few years....she said 'She had seen everything she wanted to see in this world, she had been everywhere she had wanted to go in this world, and she had tasted everything she wanted to eat in this world.'..and I thought...well, only us Powell's would have added that last part in reference to ready to die...

  16. hahahaha....gee what a delight to read your mindful fantasystic thinking today. It helps keep my fever away. No need of Panadol.

    I love the line that says "the taste expands so is the wasteline." Yes I love artichoke very much! One of my favourites and one of the expensive to buy here fresh even the one already preserve. Sigh.

    Other than the mention of bacon and cholesterol, I love the menu lined up on the death row here.

    Alas, the sight of too much food, is enough to make me feel full. And yes, some memory of the food still linger in my palate and one of them is the homemade cake my late mother baked long ago. It's a regret I did not keep her recipe for there was something in the flavour of her cake that I can't describe.

    Thank you Patti for visiting my blog even in my absence and am glad you get the postcard alright. Just wait till I post the pictures I took.

  17. Betsy,
    Nice choices lady. Only change I would make in a your super meal would be mixing a bit of french dressing in with the blue cheese. Wish they bottled it that way.

    4th sister,
    I am so sorry your sister is in poor enough health to feel "ready to die" but that she has accomplished so much of what she has wanted to do is pretty special.
    Hope she keeps finding new foods to keep her interested.

    Bonnie Bonsai
    So sorry you are still feeling punk. There is a lot of that going around in bloggerville.
    Isn't the saying "feed a fever starve a cold"... I know, it is the other way around but I usually make it fit the situation.
    Do take care and am looking forward to your pictures of New Zealand.

  18. I suppose if I am going to die and knew it, that it would be nice to die having sex. There was a time when I skipped meals to have sex. Now, there is no time for sex and if I could find the time I couldn't do it anyway.

    On the other hand, when it comes to eating, it doesn't take much effort to raise a fork to my mouth. lol

    I loved this post. It brings the macabre out in me. lol

  19. Oh, fried okra, fried chicken . . .

    I'll just take one of everything from the "fried" food group!

  20. Abe,
    Great response for a guy. Know what you mean though,I can no longer run a 5K but I can still lift a spoon. :)

    Mama Zen,
    Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Can't argue with fried except maybe with what the state fairs are coming up with these days. I mean really, fried butter???
    Well maybe, if I was going to croak anyway...

  21. You are for sure one oddity - I would have loved watching the reactions of your last meal announcement. Keep shocking people it might be all we have left.
    Now here is a sad thought - since we don't know the day or the hour we leave this earth - what if oatmeal ends up being your last meal, will you feel cheated? :)

  22. Grayquill,
    Thank you for my morning chuckle. That oatmeal question had me rolling. Have a feeling my real last meal will probably be just as uneventful.

    Good choice, lots of butter??