Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Thought you all could use a smile after my last post.

I don't know yet how to embed a video but will keep trying till I get it. In the mean time, This is the link for a really cute commercial.It is for Pedigree Dog food and will only take 15 seconds of your time (that brief time allotment is brilliant advertising). Less is more and it cracks me up every time. The fact that David Duchovny does the voice over makes it funnier. I normally fast forward past commercials thanks to my adorable DVR. Luckily caught this one. Enjoy if you haven't seen it all ready.


"Don't look, don't speak, don't touch." These were the strange words my sister quoted out of nowhere crediting the famous Dog Whisperer. We were driving over to see my niece Jill and her husband Luis's new house when she made this strange announcement.

I gave a really intelligent "Huh???" as we pulled into the drive way. Somehow I had missed the first part of the conversation.

" Just do as I say and also, don't turn your back on Winnie the greyhound." she added mysteriously.

My other sister started to giggle and said,"Winnie will bite you on the behind if you turn your back to her."

Oh great. Tell me a dog is a biter and you have my complete attention. I really am a wimp around known biters and do not enjoy pain. The bad thing about a biter dog in your family is that you really can't defend your self and still remain friends with the family member. You have to allow the dog to chew on you and wait till you family member gets the matter under control.

An early picture of Winnie with Jill when Winnie was still an only child and no, I can't remember the exact reason for the cast.

Well Jill had two of Greyhounds and I wasn't sure which would be Winnie. Now I am a huge fan of Greyhounds and have owned a few myself. They are generally very affectionate and clingy dogs. One of their endearing traits is how they often lean against your leg and look up at you adoringly with their great deer like eyes. Butt biting was new to me.

"I am pretty sure Luis will have her muzzled." she added encouragingly as we approached the house.

I had slyly worked it so there was one sister in front of me and one behind. I know, that wasn't a bit brave of me but they are younger, I was the guest, and I had more fanny to tempt such an animal.

Handsome Luis greeted us at the door with the two Greys behind him and sure enough, one was wearing a bright red muzzle. Grateful but also very carefully, I did not look, speak nor touch either dog. That is a hard task for a devout dog lover like me.

I kind of forgot them as we toured the new home and was enjoying the tour. Both dogs were trailing behind when I heard something like someone clapping their hands directly behind me. Breaking the cardinal rule of the DW, I looked.

Winnie was directly behind me and snapping her jaws together inside the muzzle, inches from my behind. Oh she must have been so frustrated that she couldn't connect and I really had to laugh but only as I looked away.

Her slapping jaws were like Pavlov's dogs drooling. She was so close but could not touch. Only when we all sat on our tempting behinds did she go lay on her massive bed.

I have worked with dogs as part of my occupation for years, I have been chewed on by many and I have rescued over 250 dogs but I had never met a dog with a fanny fetish.

Winnie, you girl are one of a kind. Jill and Luis, thank you for keeping my fanny safe. but mostly for giving a most unusual dog such a wonderful home.


  1. That is somewhat funny. I've seen dogs which have fetish for nipping, but not just one body area.

    I've had puppies that might have continued that habit had I not rearranged their thought process early in training.

    In fact Luckie, when I first adopted her tried to nip when over a toy which, at the time, she did not know hot to play, but she knew it was hers, maybe a puppy in her mind as that seems to be all she did in her former life.

    Luckie is very sensitive to loud strong voice discipline, so it was easy to retrain her thinking. She slinks around for awhile after I increase the tenor and volume of my voice.

  2. I am not certain I ever encountered a grey acting quite like that. Certainly some nippers though (my first one did not like men at all and her one and only night in my house was spent with a muzzle on. She later went to a home with a woman).

    She's a beauty.

  3. Hilarious! Hearing the chomp, chomp, chomp from behind would make you scurry to find a chair! Reminds me of a grey goose I had as a child – you couldn’t turn your back on him either.

  4. Such an interesting fetish. Winnie is lucky to have found a loving home. She's a beauty.

  5. That was a cute video. A butt biter, that would be a little annoying. Surely they can do something to break her form that habit, couldn't they. They do need the Dog Whisperer. Could you were able to leave with everything in tact. LOL

  6. Nitwit,
    Luckie was so lucky you found eachother.
    Winnie is a retired racer so her habits were long formed. Most dogs will respond to tone of voice. They can't stand when we are angry with them.

    Sorry to say most of my rescue dogs (who obviously did not come from the best of homes), preferred women. The women were usually the ones who fed them and talked baby talk to them. Training usually fell to the man so there was often fear attached to the men. Then there are the Barrys of the world thank goodness.

    It really was so funny of Winnie. I have been goose caught. Think I would prefer a dog nibbler. Geese really hurt.

    She really is a beautiful dog and I had to really work not to reach out to her. Greys are a real favorite of mine.If Jill and Luis hadn't taken her, she might have been unaboptable. I love them for it.

    Yep, all parts of my behind were unscathed. Jill actually likes Winnie being a bit agressive for protection. They handle her obsession very well.
    I really love the "optimum pooper" commercial. The dog's expression is priceless.

  7. How funny. I guess dogs are like people. I wonder what a dog butt biter would be in humans?

  8. Oh Patti, you have given me a good laugh. I'm sitting here with tears running down my face from laughing so hard. I needed that this morning.
    Despite her fetish, Winnie is a beautiful dog.

  9. Hmmmmm I dated a guy (only once) with a similar fetish!

  10. Winnie sounds quite delightful--If! I have never heard of a Behind Biter either, but I haven't been around anywhere near the amount of dogs you have...!
    Glad your fanny was safe! LOL!

  11. We adopted a dog from the pound when my son was about 16 months old. He (the son) was running around the back yard one day when I looked out and saw the dog firmly planted on my son's behind; a big bite of diaper in his mouth. Shortly thereafter, he was returned to the pound.

  12. glad for muzzles.. or i don't think i would visit my neice...i love dogs.. but,, i have too much for winnie to grab!!!

  13. I read recently that many dog tracks are closing, so there are a lot out there for adoption.

    Don't know anything about greyhounds but since they're been looking at other rear ends on tracks all their lives, there's a certain logic to that.

  14. Winnie sounds debiteful, uh, I mean delightful. LOL

  15. When you want to add a video to your post from Youtube, this would work --
    * There's an 'embedded link' provided for all videos usually on top of the page (right hand corner). Copy it.
    * Go to 'Edit HTML' tab of your post & Paste the copied part wherever you want it to appear.
    * Voila! Video added.

    Hope it works. I had done it this way :-)Let me know if it doesn't. I shall help U.

    Loved the advertisement .. Hahaha..cute doggies. Also the story :-)

  16. LInda,
    Yikes, never thought of that-- but I'm sure he would share the cell with the Oregon man who was cutting women's hair on the city busses and super gluing them.

    Glad I found you funny bone for I thought it was a tickler. She really is beautiful isn't she.

    Ha, ha, ha that is priceless. Guess they don't have "date" muzzles do they though not a bad idea.

    Ah yes, safe except for the ravages of gravity. I have seen a LOT of dogs and that was new to me.

    Don't blame you one bit. Throw a child in the mix and the humor vanishes.

    All right sis, glad you finally conquered the comment thingy.
    Too funny... but I am sure I have you beat. Charlene is the only piker in our group. Think that is why she is so careful about her weight??

    You have got it, you really do. Never thought about that but the track dogs really do spend a huge amount of time studying butts as they race around the tracks. Only those who finish first are spared.

    That would make a good track name wouldn't it?? Debiteful.:)) I'd never bet on one though for you know he never came in first.

    Thank you so much. Barry had also given me the instructions and had found out that the embedded code had been removed from that commercial which is why I couldn't make it work. Now with yours and Barry's help, I will again try to put a video on my post when I see a cute one.
    Thank you my friend for helping me.

  17. Thank you so much for doing this post. How badly I needed this laugh. I just came to town earlier to pick up some cleaners and of course I had to come by the library and check on you guys.
    Boy will this ever end. hahaha
    I love the way you tell this story....toooooooooo funny...I would have been just like you two people one in front and one behind.
    Take care and watch your behind

  18. Funny, Patti... My oldest son used to have a Greyhound--but Rio never had a fanny fetish... I do remember him spreading out on the sofa. He took up the entire sofa--as you can imagine.

    Cute Story.. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Dog Videos were too funny. I tried to send them on to a friend & couldn't, what am I doing wrong?
    An old friend has Greys, just the sweetest, not a butt bitter in the bunch.

  20. GYH,
    So glad I could give you a chuckle. Thank you so much. I know you have been going through it with your server problems. Hang in there, just a few more days.

    Most of them are very sweet and affectionate dogs and my they do take up a lot of room don't they.
    They remind me a lot of deer.

    Barry told me that the embedded code has been removed. All I could do was copy the site link and paste it to the post. I spent a ton of time on this not knowing about the code. Good luck.
    Are your dogs optimum poopers?