Monday, January 18, 2010


One of my favorite bloggers Grayquill, from It's So Just Homer recently posted a very sad but beautiful story about young Molly Hightower who lost her life in the Haitian earthquake. Suddenly for me, the thousands of people who have died, have a face. Prior to that, it was just too overwhelming to narrow it down to one person. The front end loaders that were scooping up unidentified bodies, dumping them in trucks to be taken to mass graves, were more than the mind could comprehend. This event is more than the mind can comprehend.

I think the really good people like Molly, have an extra part that is missing in most of us. They don't just think good thoughts, they DO. You can spot them in a crowd on the street for they just glow. Those who devote their lives to helping others, those who respond to tragedy with hands on help, those who are first responders, medical volunteers, missionaries who forgo comfort to help others... there is a long list of special people in this world thank goodness and Molly was one of them. I am just one of the rest of us with that special piece missing but we do have wallets and we care. Some wallets like mine are not very fat but we can always find some dollars to spare. I am so impressed by the generosity of the human spirit that has come forth and how people around the world are helping. It gives you hope about the human race.

Molly had a blog called
525,600 Minutes titled from that haunting song from the musical "Rent." You can go to visit her blog above or you can access it at the head of my blog list. I plan to back read all of it. It is so worth the visit. Her words should be heard. The last entry is by her family.

Thank you Grayquill for introducing me to a wonderful person who really set the bar high. We have all been diminished by her death.


  1. What a warm, but heartbreaking story. I am sure as time goes by we will all have similar stories. Haiti is like a neighbor, abou 500 miles off shore.

    I am glad President has protected those Haitians in FL, I did not quite understand what, but I guess they are not in country legally and could be deported, which is not likely to happen, anyway.

  2. Her family has my deepest sympathy.

  3. Such a sad story. You're right, Patti, some people really do have that spark and energy, and go out to change the world. Looks like Molly Hightower was one of those remarkable people.

  4. Patti,
    Thanks for this post today. Since Molly was a recent OSU graduate her situation has consumed the news here.

    You're right, knowing someone's story puts a face to the tragedy. I have two families of relatives who have been missionaries to Haiti for many years. They are safe but overwhelmed.

  5. Nitwit
    I did not know that about the Florida Haitians and Obama but I am pleased. The US has had a policy of deporting Haitian refugees that washed up on the beaches but welcomed the Cuban ones. I never understood our policy of selective asylum. There has long been a double standard and I am glad at least that for now, they are safe.

    Me too Patty. They certainly raised a wonderful person.

    I do believe she was one of the special ones. Perhaps her life will inspire other young people to give of themselves.

    I am so glad you found out about your family members and that they are all right. Bless them for what they do and what they must be going through.

  6. Thank you Patti...I will visit the site.

  7. Thanks for the link; I will read when I have time.

  8. What a tragedy! Molly was a very special person and made a positive impact during her short time here. I'm sure there are countless stories like hers.

  9. I hadn't read her blog until today --but I did watch something about her on TV this weekend. SO--I was aware who she was. 22 yrs. old???? Isn't it just so sad????

    Today I was watching a piece on TV about the kids in the orphanage there. Many of them have been adopted by American parents. ALL our State Dept. has to do is to give the okay --to get those kids OUT of there and get them to the USA NOW... Come on, Hillary!!!!! Gads!!!!

    This is all just so sad... I cry when watching it on TV --but can't stay away from watching it. George and I sent a big check which should help...

    Thanks for sharing, Patti.

  10. Thank you for this post and link. It is terribly sad story, but also so life affirming.

  11. What a sweet sweet lady you are for doing this wonderful post. You are not just one that sits back. I can tell from the short time we have communicated on here that you are not one just to sit back. You are a blessing just like Molly. I will save her website so I can take the time to read about her. How very sad for these people and Molly

  12. Wanda,
    Thank you, I am sure it will touch you. It did me.

    Thanks Judy, it is worth the time taken.

    As I watch the news, I am amazed at just how many Americans were all ready there trying to make the lives of those poor people better. Bless them for going outside themselves.

    It is always so hard when wonderful young people are taken. In a way I hope they loosen the adoption requirements but I hope they don't get too careless with those precious babies. There are some disgusting people out there that will take advantage of a situation like this. That possiblility gives me the willies.
    I agree, it is so painful to watch.
    Bless you and George for your generous help.

    Yes it is. If you have any doubts about today's young people, the Molly Hightowers of this world put your mind at rest.

    Thank you but I am one of those who will help only when no one else seems to be going to. Unfortunately I am not a front line person. This time, people from all over the world are doing a great job of giving. Human beings are pretty special when they have to be.

    Thanks fellow but you are. Thank you for your wonderful post.

  13. That is so touching :-( I shall read too. Think GrayQuill & you are both paying befitting tribute for a very special woman.

  14. I read Molly's story and I feel sad at the loss of this great young woman. Thanks for drawing our attention to her. The earthquake has turned the world upside down literally.

  15. Patti, I saw you over at Betsy's and wanted to stop by and say hello. Thank your for the heart warming stories you are sharing about people and giving. Unfortunately much of the money we donate to large organizations gets wasted and much is lost to corruption. The U.S. gives over a billion a year to Haiti each year and I have to wonder where are the affects of that money.

    We are giving to the cause but doing so through local organizations where we feel confident it will reach the people and not the government. Diana

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  17. Heartbreaking! So many lives and tragic injuries to a country who is needy at best. I will pray for her family she was a remarkable lady.

    God bless and thank you for this story.

  18. lostworld,
    Thank you, she was a fine example for us all.

    Reader Wil,
    It was such a shame that she was so young but she really was a remarkable woman. This whole thing is hard to comprehend.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. You are right, there is so much corruption. We can only give to those orginizations we have faith in and even then we can't be sure those in need will be helped.

    Together we save,
    Thank you for stopping by TNS. This was a story that needed to be shared.

    Thank you so much. They have to be so proud of her though I am sure that doesn't lessen the pain. They had to be special people to produce such a woman.

  19. What a terrible tragedy and how inspiring was this 22 year old young woman....! Just seeing her smiling open face told so much about her open heart!
    Thank you Patti for helping me put a face to this horrific horrible event...! It is all unimaginable and completely incomprehensible, especially when you realuze that Molly was one of thousands upon thousands. I cannot imagine the pain her family must feel at the heartbreaking loss of this special young being who was there daughter.

  20. Thank you for sharing Molly's story. What a beautiful young woman. Her story will continue to inspire others.

  21. First time here from Lostworld's blog ..ppl like her are indeed gr8 to walk the talk ..thanks for sharing the link to her blog .. I wud like to read her too :)

  22. ooloh,
    You really can see it in her face can't you? It comes right through.
    I do feel so badly for her parents. What a tragic blow to lose such a special person.

    You are right. Sometimes when we wonder 'why such a special person had to die' perhaps it is to bring attention to her goodness and to encourage others to follow her steps. I hope so.

    Welcome to TNS and thanks for commenting. I am glad her story is traveling so far. You are right, she did 'walk the walk' where most of us just do the talking part.