Friday, April 23, 2010

Ahhhh Choo

Well the pollen has won. Lately I have not been bothered a lot this time of year. I developed allergies when I moved to Arkansas but each year I seemed to get a bit better till I was almost sneeze free in the Spring. This year has done me in. Perhaps the open window routine due to my stinking cat have made it worse. However, everyone is saying this is the worst hay fever season in a long time.

It is not horrible, I mean no one dies of itchy eyes and sneezing, but to be the most comfortable, I have had to go back to Benadryl so I am sleeping a lot or in a really groggy hangover. Just don't have the wit to work up a post. Yawn. We have a big time rain coming tonight and I am hoping that puts the pollen to bed. Hay, I've got stuff to do here.

Just a quick shout out to my computer guy. I was still having trouble, especially since I could no longer load the pictures from my Sony digital camera. It would take my Kodak but not the Sony. His wife made a follow up call to see if I were satisfied and when I told her my concerns, she immediately made an appointment to sit down with her hubby.

When I got there, we sat my computer and camera on his work space and together for an hour and 15 minutes worked on the problem. We both shook our heads a lot , laughed a lot, and I often heard him say, "now that is weird." However, he stuck with it and it is now solved. When I asked what I owed, they both said nada, nothing, zip.

"I did work for you and you weren't happy. My job isn't done till you are happy." was CG's response. Now this guy is a busy fellow. He does a lot of businesses and banks as well as we home bound types but he made the time and was cheerful about it. God I love this town and the people who live here. Don't you wish everyone did their job like that?


  1. How I empathize with your hayfever. I've lived lots of places and had allergies everywhere, so I can't damn any given area.

    My allergist says there is pollen, fungus,molds and other respiratory antagonists in the middle of the desert or the middle of the ocean. his Little Rock office says it is a terrible season in Arkansas.

    I am on allergy shot routine so my suffering is minimal; everything is not in shots either.

    Benadryl is as old or older than I am and still one of the best antihistamines

    And yes, it has a strong side effect of drowsiness. Zyrtec is a long acting one with no drowsiness, but serious price tag.

  2. What a nice guy ...good service is not dead ....well in your town anyway. I do hope your Hay fever gets better for you soon ...I wonder what pollen starts it off.

    I'm not sure how I missed Cassidy's story ...what a wonderful read...and a happy ending. I had a rescued cat that one day the age of 19ish .. decided to go out and keep walking(she was an indoor one since she was rescued at about 12 from a cruel owner). At first I hoped she would return but I was worried as it rained after about 4 hours of her escape but after 24 hours I patrolled the area with posters,with a photo and a little about her. After 7 days, friends said it was probably her death walk ... they said that an old cat knew when its time had come and they went off to die. I know they meant well and after two weeks I began to believe that she was no more and I hoped her end was peaceful.
    Three weeks after she left, while calling one of our other cats, her head appeared through the iron back gate ...she almost had a look of 'I've found you mum' and she padded into the house. She was skin and bone ....covered in ticks ...but safe. Nearly three years later ...after failing kidneys, she died but boy did she have a spoilt last few years ...Georgie was my favourite ... she slept on my shoulders at night and my lap whenever I sat down ...I still miss her after three years.

    Sorry got carried away xx

  3. Patti I heard this week that the pollen is higher than it's been in 9 years - and I believe it. Finally it's raining here in Hot Springs and I am so thankful! blessings, marlene

  4. Sorry honey about your sneezes and running eyes....they aren't deadly but can irrate the heck out of you. I never had the problem either til I started mowing for my rent...hahaha
    Glad you computer man fixed you up. Sounds like a real nice guy and glad you know him because we all need help now and then with all this computer stuff.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Try Claritin. It works and it doesn't make me sleepy like Benadryl does.

    That computer guy is a keeper!!

  6. It's nice to know there are still people that care about customer service.
    Sorry that your allergies are acting up, the pollen here is terrible too. I don't sneeze, I just can't breathe!
    Thanks for the info on the cat food. Part of Lilly's problem is she loves milk and being soft hearted, some would said soft headed, I let her have some. Then I pay for it! But I will try a different food.
    Sunny :)

  7. My allergies have been much worse this year, too.

  8. Nitwit
    Ah, I knew my cyber pharmacist would come to the rescue. I tried every OTC there was 6 years ago when I moved here as allergies were new to me. Benadryl was the only one that really worked. Maybe Zyrtec prescription strength would work. Thanks.

    Thank you. Could I have 100 more please?

    I am not the least sorry you got carried away. That was a great story and it too had a happy ending. She definitely had a wonderful life with you.I had one for 22 years also. It is like losing a sibling when they go.

    Boy it has been a pip this year hasn't it? Hope the rain works for you. The rain is hear now and I am delighted to see it. Purely beautiful.

    Grandma yellow hair,
    You bet. They are not fatal but are some where on the same scale with as cold.
    Back at ya for a great weekend. Have fun with the GOM.

    I have a 3/4 box of Claritin also among my failed meds. Benadryl so far is the only thing to work for me.
    You bet about CG. He is all ready married so I will have to see if he is up for adoption.

    I do believe the USA is completely covered in a greenish yellow mist these days.
    I knew you would appreciate my CG after the problems you had.

    I do hope you are getting some of this rain also. It stopped briefly, I went out side and no sneezing. It is pouring buckets now. Yipee

  9. hey patti... i just got my voice back a couple of days ago.. dr said it is the pollen.. some members of the family wanted me to bring the trees inside.. guess they kind of liked the quiet!!

  10. So good to hear of an honest computer guy who makes sure his customers are happy! The pollen thing does make getting back to nature, with plenty of fresh air rather difficult. I can see why some people take to chainsaws and herbicides with a rather manic look in their puffy red rimmed eyes (although operating a chainsaw whilst sneezing is not recommended!). I do hope that your gas producing cat improves. I suppose that a cure has to do with having the appropriate internal flora to aid digestion? Our neighbour's kitten, still has us gagging and diving for the doors several times a day, but she does seem to be getting better.

  11. Oh, Patti!!! You must live in the most wonderful town ever!!!! What a lost art customer service is! Your computer guy and his wife are terrific! I'm sorry to hear about the hay fever! That's miserable...It is pretty bad here as well...looking forward to some rain here this weekend...You are much in my thoughts, and I hope you feel better soon! Love, Janine XO

  12. Your last paragraph says a lot. It's something I miss not living in small towns anymore.

  13. Oh I sure do, Patti...To have that kijd of integrity is wonderful in this day and age. I am trying to connect with a new Computer guy because my old one has no time for me any more---Too busy with his "Corporate Clients"....Ahhhhhh, the way of the world now.
    I hope the Rain gets rid of all that pollen and that you have some relief---even if it's just for a dew days...!

  14. It's too bad that you suffer from hayfever! Your computer friend must be very nice to repair your computer for nothing. That's a guy to honour! And his wife too!
    Thanks for your visit. Yes,your own language is so important. I would be very upset if I couldn't speak Dutch for the rest of my life. In Australia I met some ex- Dutch people who refused to speak Dutch with me, because they didn't like the Dutch. That made me very angry. They even pretended not to understand me.Ha,ha, though it's not funny!

  15. It's allergy season for all I guess. I buy AllerClear at Costco, $12 for 300 pills. I take one a day at the start of the season, before my symptoms appear, keeps them at bay, with no side effects for me.

  16. We got a downpour last night and again early this morning, an accumulation of almost 2 inches according to my rain gauge. Like you, I'm ready for the pollen to be knocked down a bit. Another good thing is that I don't have to make a trip with the hose to fill the bird baths; they are running over!

  17. It has been a bad year for those of us with allergies. Sorry about your sneezing and itching, you didn't know it but I have been there with you. :) I hope after the rain this weekend the pollen will not be so bad.

    That is great about your computer. I am son builds and maintains my computers.

    Hope you are doing better soon and all that sneezing stops. Hugs

  18. If only there were more people like yhour computer guy. Most of them, once they get paid could care less if the customer is happy or not and then to get them to fix it correctly is like finding hens teeth. Happy week-end, glad your computer is up and running full steam ahead. My allergies have been worse this Spring also, thank goodness for Benadryl, eye drops and nose spray. LOL

  19. Hey Patti ~~~~ I hear ya on the pollen! GAWD ! It's been awful this year and that dang virus nearly did me in but I'm good now except for my lower back and that's due to overworking it in the yard!! HA! Hubby pulled a muscle in his shoulder yesterday loading a cow to take to the vet so we are two crips hobbling around today! :)
    We've had over 2 inches of rain since last night and it's not over yet so I hope the pollen is gone.
    Your CG seems like a real great guy and it's not easy to find trust worthy people this days as you know so you are real lucky! :)

  20. jan,
    Voicelessness is frustrating isn't it? Seems I have my best thoughts when I can't say them.
    Sorry to hear Florida is pollen heavy also. Take care sis.

    Thanks Peter. The cat is much improved. We have gone 2 days and nights gassless. Phew. Guess she has really expensive taste in food.
    Hope your new friend gets over her bout.

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    Thanks.I really have found the town time forgot Janine. I have lived a lot of places but am daily amazed by the quality of these people.
    We got a dandy rain last night, hope it works.

    You just can't beat the quality of people in a small town. Not being able to hide in the masses I think sharpens the need to do what is right.

    Thank you Naomi. We had a lovely rain and just hope it does some good. It is so beautiful out, I just hate missing it. I actually mowed the lawn wearing a mask yesterday. Silly looking but works.
    Think Linda hit on it, small town people are so much nicer. If they aren't, everyone knows about it very quickly.

  21. Reader Wil,
    I can see where that would make you unhappy. We should be proud of our heritage and language.

    We don't have Costco but I am sure I could get it on the internet. Thanks for the info. Love the no side effects part.

    We really got a down pour didn't we? I have almost 3 1/2 inches since last night. I am breathing better,hope you are too.

    Thanks, I do believe the rain helped a bunch. We really needed it didn't we?

    I am hanging on to that fellow but actually, I have been blessed in this little town with caring people service providers.
    Lets hope the allergy season is almost over.

    Wow, your yard is so beautiful that a sore back is small payment. All that rain will help all your new plants and hopefully banish the pollen.

  22. About hay fever, I so understand. Over the years I've gleaned but not always heeded advice offered - like putting Vaseline up each nostril as a barrier! I think eating locally produced honey has some kind of homoepathic effect however.

  23. I hope your hayfever is disappearing little by little!

  24. I loved the title and that is how i came to read the post :).
    Hope you are feeling fine now.
    And the Guy.. Hmm He's good :).. seriously.. good service is so dead these days..

  25. Integrity - FYI, you find it in big cities too. Okay here is what I think… The thing about the big city verses small town America is accountability. If CG in the big city does a less than honorable job his reputation might only suffer with the one but in small town America, screw up once and your reputation can be permanently damaged.
    I am sorry about your allergies – I have them too sometimes and they are good to hate.

  26. LiZZie,
    Thanks, I tried the vasoline but didn't like the feeling. I had forgotten about the local honey theory and I do believe it is a good one. Besides, it tastes great.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks, the rain helped but it is still hanging on. Pretty sure the pollen will not be around much longer.

    Glad you could hear me sneezing from so far away. Pollen is gettin better but we have a bit to go yet. Pollen is one of the minuses of Spring but the pluses truly out weigh. Love Spring.
    And, yes, that guy is a keeper.

    You nailed it GQ. I discovered that when I moved to the small town in Florida. If you do bad work, word of mouth will kill you in a heart beat so the bad service people are weeded out quickly. Thus we seem to attract the caring sorts. The locals grew up knowing this and don't even consider being jerks. Their parents weren't jerks so they aren't.

  27. As mom used to say, "Them kind are few and far between."

  28. Hi There Patti, I'm trying to catch up today... Will take me forever!!!! ha....

    Glad you have such a nice guy doing your computer work for you... that's the advantages of living in a small town!!!!!

    Our pollen is horrible also--and since we keep our house opened, all of the furniture is filthy!!!! ha... Luckily, neither George nor I have allergies.

    Cute story about Cassidy.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  29. Just checking on your allergies and/or other respiratory distress. Me-Voiceless is a symptom my husband would covet.

    I forgot to add Zyrtec is OTC, but still pricey. It used to be by Rx only.

    Today-Mon. I ran out to dr. appt. with only a sweater. When I came out of his office the north wind cut through everything I was wearing. I'm home contemplating firing blogger. I don't know which is the worst of two choicesl putting up with blogger or learning Wordpress!!!

  30. Abe,
    You bet fellow. When you find one, you keep them close.

    Catching up is brutal. Thanks for stopping by. So glad you and George are allergy free as much as you like hiking around waterfalls.

    Thanks for the update on Zyrtec. My allergies are much better though the eyes still water and I sneeze a bit. Actually went out some today. It was cold though huh.
    I'm sticking with Blogger for now. Good luck.

  31. No kidding, sister! I'd move there in a heartbeat...might anyway.

    I have to keep the windows and doors closed year round. It is better than having a humongous allergy attack that winds up in a cold, etc. I buy generic Claritin at Sam's for $12 and it works as well.

  32. Amber Star,
    Aw gee, you poor thing, I can't imagine living with allergies year round. Think if I were you, somewhere with year round winter would sound good.