Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ever since I saw this lovely little flower the other day, I have been tormented by the song from the late 60's ,"Build Me Up Buttercup".

I was going to add music to this post but besides not having an application for it, it is one of those really virulent, head banging tunes. Go here is you are masochistic. Other wise just enjoy the visual only.

This time of year in Arkansas and I am sure in many places, open fields become alive with these pretty little flowers.

According to Wikipedia, as far as horses go, their acrid taste and the blistering of the mouth caused by their poison means they are usually left uneaten. Poisoning can occur where buttercups are abundant in overgrazed fields where little other edible plant growth is left, and the animals eat them out of desperation.
I have read other reports where cattle are able to eat them but they are not first choice.

The field I photographed held only horses and they were knee deep in buttercups. Hopefully there was grass below all the flowers.

Buttercups aside, did you ever plant something and it was so unproductive for so long that you forgot just what you had planted in the first place. The gardeners adage is that plants will often Sleep, Creep, then Leap. Well what I planted did just that. It has been three years and all I knew was that I had an anemic variegated something. Then the other day it leaped.

Ah yes, a Variegated Weigela was what I had planted. The wind was blowing so hard I had to hold the plant to catch the blossoms.

Sometimes, it is worth the wait to see them leap.

Quick update, after Minnie had almost 3 days of being sweet smelling, she is back to her old tricks. However now it is not bad enough to set of the Carbon Monoxide detector. I call that progress.
Hay fever is not gone but much better. Thanks for all your suggestions. You are the best.


  1. I had a Richard Simmons exercise tape when my original knees could do those gyrations, which had BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP on it. Believe me, it was not a pretty sight, Simmons or me. My bionic knees will not do gyrations.

    I wonded if the Benadryl put you into la la land. I am snorting and hacking, but not as bad as if I had no shots or medications. For once this heavy pollen season hit me while on shots. You have to rest them and be retested. I am nearing the period of discontinuing for a period of time. I hate that as the bronchitis episodes increase to near continuous--no rest .

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    Glad you and Minnie are both better, Patti. I have a rose bush that has finally decided it wants to grow! Your Variegated Weigela and the field of Buttercups are lovely....as I go off moving my arms and shoulders to the tune.."Build Me Up Buttercup"....don't break my ♥!


    April 27, 2010 7:45 AM

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  5. Love your tune...haha
    I miss coming by here as much as I want too. These darn verizon bytes are for the birds or should I say buttercups.
    They are pretty in the fields but I too heard they are not good for animals tummys
    I love this flower that took so long to take off. Maybe there is still hope for a few of mine yet.
    Hope your day is great

  6. Enjoyed looking at your flower pics...especially as all mine are currently being covered by an April snowfall.

  7. Goodness me, I have never seen so many buttercups together. We call them "Boterbloem"( plural:"Boterbloemen"). Boter= butter, bloem=flower.Pronunciation: boater bloom. Ha,ha... so far the Dutch lesson.

  8. Nitwit,
    It is a catchy tune and probably would be good for exercise.
    Yep, Benadryl was what put my mind to sleep. Great on the allergies if you don't want to get much done. This has been a tough season.

    My comments moderation is berserk today. That field is suddenly full of old, all ready published ones that I can't get rid of. It did get rid of you though before your were published. Sorry.
    Hope you are happy with that tune in your head.

    Thanks for coming by when you do. I would hate your problem with bytes. How confining.
    Hang in with your flowers. Some do take three years to flower.

    Vermont is beautiful but it really has a short growing season. I guess it makes you appreciate it all the more. Oddly we were in the 40's today.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks Wil for the well done Dutch lesson and I appreciate the pronunciation. Makes it so easy to understand. I do love to learn and you never fail to come through.

  9. I had no idea that buttercups weren't good for horses and cattle. What a bummer for them that there are fields full of it.

    We have a pile of St. John's Wort growing here in our yard. Not something we were happy to see. So, yesterday we started yanking the stuff out. It's a deep-rooted rhizome, which makes it particularly hard to eradicate, but we're going to give it our best shot.

    Glad you're feeling somewhat better, patti.

  10. The Buttercups are so pretty! Each year I am surprised by something new growing in the garden. I can hardly wait to see what surprises await me this spring.

  11. I don't even need to hear that song and it is going on in my head, what a beautiful sight those buttercups are, we used to put them under our chin to see the reflection as kids, not sure why.

  12. Love that photo of the field of buttercups and maybe it's a good thing that animals don't like them - otherwise they'd all be gone. The weigela is beautiful!

  13. I, being the nosy person I am, had to check out the song. I'm not sure if I've ever heard it before or not. But it's the kind that once you hear it, it sticks in the brain. LOL Just finished mowing the backyard, did the front right after lunch and the back when I brought Granddaughter home from school. Now I'm pooped. Sorry Minnie is up to her old tricks again. Could she have a tumor or something growing in her bowels?

  14. Sorry to hear that the foul aromas have returned... could she have worms?

    I never knew that about buttercups and horses ...I do hope the ones in you photo were fine....btw ...I hate that song lol

    I heard that Arkansas was struck by a tornado this week ....hopefully no where near you.
    Take Care

  15. Oh wow!!!.. WOW!!!.. I just loved the Pics.. The flowers and the field with flowers are fantabulousy amazing :) .. I would have just sat around the whole day and see 'em blooming and then going down :) .. What a place to stay .. I'm so jealous :P

  16. robin,
    Most ranchers here spray for the buttercups but some like that person, just don't fight it for they will soon die out and grass returns.
    Isn't St. John's Wort the stuff to make you mellow? I hate the stuff with great root systems. Good luck.

    They are pretty and since I don't have grazing animals, I just love their brief display.
    Hope you have some great surprises this year.

    Linda Star,
    That song is a pip of a brain hugger. I am just about over it when I have to answer comments and it is back again. Yikes

    I know, I just love this time of year but I am sure the ranchers aren't happy. Fortunately for the grazers, the Buttercups don't last long.

    Hope the song leaves you alone. When I am doing something like mowing is when it really takes hold.
    Minnie has been throughly vet checked but if she keeps up we may have to go back.

    Minnie is worm free and has been vet checked. I will take her back if she doesn't improve in a day or so. She is much better, just not sweet smelling yet.
    Thanks but we missed the storms. This weekend we get another round. It is just that time of year.

    Thanks, it really is a beautiful sight this time of year and I always enjoy the view. This area has some beautiful vistas. What attracted me in the first place.

  17. I love seeing all of the yellow fields this time of year --when we drive in the country, Patti. I had never thought about it making the horses sick...

    So you got your Weigela after THREE years, huh??? Interesting.... About 5 yrs. ago, I planted all kinds of Lily of the Valley ---and NONE of them came up... I thought if I were patient that some of them might grow after a year or two. WELL---guess I won't see any of the Lily of the Valley. NONE of them ever grew.... Darn!!!

    Hope you are feeling better.

  18. What gorgeous flowers! Yes, it was worth waiting for the leap!

    But I am sorry about the hay fever! Not a bit fun...I hope you get some rain and that it washes away some of that nasty pollen!

    I never knew that about buttercups...I do so hope those ponies will be okay! Fascinating facts! Enjoyed this!

    Love, Janine XO

  19. Those are beautiful blooms....! How wonderful they finally came up and said "Hello"!
    I did not know that about Buttercups....Very Interesting, but sad that such a pretty flower should be poicenous for some animals. LOVE the picture of the two Horses in that lovely yellow field....!
    Sorry to read about your dear Cat Minnie having a bit of a relapse....

  20. Betsy,
    Try again with your lily of the valley, maybe in a different place.
    I planted the Weigela as a bare root and while it leafed out each year, these are the first blossom.

    Sniffles and smiles,
    I think the horses will be ok for they will only eat the buttercups if there is nothing else.If they were my horses, I would have to put them in a different pasture or get rid of the buttercups.

    They sure took their time. Until they bloomed, I wasn't sure what I had planted in the first place. I truly forgot.
    Minnie has had two good days. Seems to come and go now. I sure appreciate the sweet smelling days.