Friday, April 16, 2010


I am back, kind of. My computer is still not fixed. My computer guy was not feeling well so he really didn't get to work on it much till this week. He couldn't find much wrong, tweaked it a bit and for now I am functional. He says if I can't live with it, he will wipe it clean and I can start from scratch. For now I am settling with functional. Well my computer is anyway.

As for me, I discovered on Wednesday that grace is NOT my middle name. It was a beautiful day and my wayward back pain that had plagued me for about ten days, felt fine. So I picked up my walking stick and took off down the road. I was gawking about at all the lovely green, watching cattle graze, when my foot found a tricky hole. Splat, down I went in a flash.

It is incredible how you can be upright and blissfully happy one second and in less time than an eye blink, you are face down in the gravel. For a few moments, nothing moved as I give the road side gravel a close up look while gathering my wits. Tentatively, I move each quadrant and discover that they did indeed move. That was good news for at my age, I don't bounce well.

Then, though I was in a fair amount of pain, I wanted to get up before anyone saw me. Yes, I am of that age group that thinks a fall is embarrassing and laughable ( heh heh), not a reason to consult an attorney.

My knee, ankle, right hand and my chin hurt but not really all that bad. I decided to walk it off and after a hundred feet or so, I was feeling fairly good so I continued my walk though I didn't enjoy it as much as I was looking down all the time. Guess I need to stick to pavement.

Anyway, when I got home the ankle swelled, a big knot formed on the knee that was naked of skin, my hand really hurt and I felt a little bit like I had been in an accident as my shoulders and arms were strangely sore. Dang, do you ever get fragile when you age. Good thing is that the back is fine and I am mending.

I truly want to thank you all for stopping by to visit when there was no one at home. I really have missed visiting you all though I have actually gotten a lot done around here. Seems I used to spend a lot of time on the computer and considered that house work. Hum. Well it is inside the house.

It will take me a while to catch up with you all and with my bum hand, typing isn't much fun but I will peck away till it is done. I've really missed you.


  1. I do hope you are feeling alot better now. Your description of your fall was brilliant ....I was down there with you ... inspecting the gravel. I too had to do the quadrant check once and your description was spot on ....on the other hand I did have a tiny giggle too. Thanks for poping by my blob....Take Care

  2. Yayyyy!!!! I've really missed you & read some of your older posts. I'm so glad your fall wasn't too serious- take care of yourself! Of course blogging is housework. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;-)

  3. Glad you are back, but wished you hadn't returned to us with a "splat" though. I know the feeling you described, well though.
    I was getting on my bike from the left side, foot caught and I ended up face down, flat on the ground, on the right side. Full hit to the forehead. I felt loopy for a bit!


  4. Hi Patti, I'm so glad you are back. I've missed you so much. BUT--I'm sorry about your accident. Hope the soreness goes away soon. Falling can shake us up, can't it?????

    George always tells me that I miss so much when we are hiking because I constantly look down... I have a fear of falling --so I'm always watching where I put my feet....


  5. richie,
    Thank you so much, glad to be back.

    Splats really put you in another dimension for a brief moment don't they? The world as you knew it just turns upside down. Glad you recovered from your "splat" also.

    Aww, thank you so much for visiting my "old" stuff while I was gone.The old stuff gets lonely. I missed you too.

    Yikes, that sounds much worse for you had to deal with all that metal also. It does knock you loopy doesn't it?

    The terrain you an George travel is usually rough. Don't blame you a bit for watching your step. Tell George that you missing a few things is better than him having to carry you out with a sprain.
    Keep hiking.

  6. Sorry about your run in with gravity. Glad you are back and I hope your aches and pains subside soon.

  7. You poor thing. Hope you're starting to feel a little better. Hope you had some extra strength Tylenol and some ointment to rub on the sore shoulders and first aid cream for the knee and hand. I try to always watch where I am walking, because like you say, I don't bounce well either. Rest over the week-end.

  8. Welcome back, Patti, you've been sorely missed. Hope you continue to mend well; I know how easy it is to fall and we do hate to look foolish, don't we?

  9. I am so glad you're back. I always look forward to your posts and to your comments. I missed you. I do hope you improve quickly.

  10. Glad you're back, but so sorry you are injured. Take care and I hope you mend quickly.

  11. Patti! I am so glad I checked to see if there was a new post here. So sorry to read that you took a fall, but really there's no graceful way to do that at any age. It's true though, we don't bounce back as quickly as we used to. Hope you're okay and on the mend. Welcome back.

  12. Sorry to hear that you had a nasty fall, but good to know that you were able to get up and get back home. I have not fallen in public, yet, but have taken a tumble or two around the house. Fortunately, no harm was done other than to mess up (tear) a rotator cuff, which continues to plague me from time to time.

    Glad to have you back; hope the computer holds up.

  13. hope u are on the mend patti!! also, i have missed your blogs.. give your computer what ever meds you are taking!!

  14. Looks like you and I re-entered the bloggin stream about the same time.

    SPLAT is not a pleasant event. I try to avoid if possible. I spend a lot of time looking at the knee prostheses are wonderful for lack of pain, but their operation is limited, but i am grateful to have them. "bedridden" or "sit-ridden" are not in my vocabulary, every though I do a lot of the latter.

  15. I went back and corrected it, left out the important part. "I don't want to sound like a sore loser, but I think those two other girls were using their arms."

  16. Oh My Dear...! Falling can be quite treacherous as we get up there....I hope your hand and knee will heal quickly...And that abkle, too.
    Thanks for coming by...Considering all you are going through physically and computerwise too, I think you are doing very well...!

  17. YEAH...great to read your post again....missed you bunches....Praise God you you are ok from falling...I fell off a dumpster a few years back..landed flat on my back and hit my shoulder and head hard on the pavement....concussion and all....I heard in my head "I've fallen and I can't get up" while I looked at the Carolina Blue Sky....No one around, so I had to get up....No, not dumpster diving, just throwing stuff into it. What a sight I was...LOL
    Again so glad you are back and housework is moving along and most of all, you didn't hurt yourself badly

  18. Barry,
    Thanks. At my age, gravity attacks me in lots of ways.

    Thanks, good to be back. Pretty sure the looking foolish part hurt the worst. Luckily, unless someone watched me from behind curtins, I'm good.

    Thanks, I was having a bit of withdrawal there. Good to be back.

    Thank you so much. Am almost completely healed now.

    Thanks. Probably the least graceful part is getting up. My cross legged spring up days are long gone. Mending well and good to be back.

    Ooh, that rotator cuff thing can be a real hanger on. Hope you are better now.
    Thanks, good to be back and so far the computer is bearable.

    Hi sis, good to be back. If I gave the computer my meds it would be loopy too.

    Welcome back to you also. We sure miss scenery watching the ground but I guess it is necessary huh. I don't do "stay down" well either.

    Thanks,he he that clears it up.

    Things do come in bunches don't they? Fortunately, all my bummers have not been bad so I am still laughing.Monday's post will prove that.

    Did you really think that for the same thought crossed my mind also as I lay in the gravel. Kind of tickled me once I discovered all parts were functional.
    You really had a bad one,concussions are serious. You sure you weren't diving for treasures? OK, I believe you.

  19. I love it that you are back....Be careful...

  20. Welcome back and take it easy after that fall, that sure isn't any fun. I've had a couple of falls and they all came all too suddenly that's for sure.

  21. OMG Patti I hated reading about your fall. Darn it! It is crazy how one minute like you walking along enjoying everything and in less than a second all changes...boy can I relate to this post. lol
    It is heck getting older and I too am experiencing some of the bad things about it...I guess together somehow we will make it and on our feet I hope...
    Take care and don't over do it...glad your computer is functional I would be in a real hole if mine breaks...hahaha
    Love you

  22. Oh, Patti...I winced as I read this! So painful!! I do hope you are healing...ouch! I've done things like that so often...Today, in fact. Sorry that your computer expert couldn't do better for your computer at this point! Hope it won't be too frustrating...So glad you are back! Definitely missed you...but do take care of yourself...and certainly do not rush about the commenting thing...we'll all be here! As far as I'm concerned, you can read and skip the commenting until your hand feels better! Just want you to be comfy! Love, Janine XO

  23. I'm so glad you weren't hurt more than you were! Falling is such a pita and I didn't fall, but climbed some stairs that left me pretty sore.

    Try to take godder care of you and I'll see you when you get around to it. No hurry. I've not blogged since last Monday or Tuesday or sometime. It was a difficult week and I'm still not feeling like blogging a lot. I have some pictures I need to get posted, but they will get up when they get up.

  24. 4th Sister,
    Thanks so much. Really good to be back.

    Linda Star,
    Thanks, it sure give a new meaning to the word,suddenly.

    Thanks so much. We don't know how dependant we are on our computers till we lose them.

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    Almost totally healed now thanks. My computer is still giving me problems but I am limping along for now.

    Amber Star,
    Sure hope your difficulties go away. The beauty of blogging is that we are in control.

  25. Thank you, for your kind words about me on Maggie's Blogazine and for the great laughs you gave me while reading your post. I am now following your blog and will be looking forward to reading more. Hope the air clears around your place soon. :) Hugs!

  26. Heep the movement going.
    That is very essential.

  27. Haddock,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. You are right, we have to keep moving or we will never get well.