Friday, April 30, 2010


This week Kenju at Imagine posted a question in reference to a book. The book was "The Other Wes Moore" which had been discussed on Oprah. It was about two men with the same name and similar backgrounds who ended up in totally different lifestyles.

Judy posed the question,"Have you ever met or known of someone with your same name (who wasn't a relative?)" Thank you Judy, I have been floundering here for days in my Benadryl induced fog, unable to find anything to write about and unable to even find the want to. You jogged my memory and I hope I can slug through the story.

I became aware of my name double at my gynecologists in my early thirties. I was in the waiting room, due for my annual exam, when my name was called. I smiled and followed the nurse but was surprised as she led me past the stirrup equipped rooms to a small room in the back the building.

" Patricia, I have your shots all ready for you. If you will just bend over and expose your hip." she said as she prepared a syringe.

"Ah, what is that for?" I asked confused. "I am here for a pap smear."

"Ok, but you still need to get your shots." she insisted.

I am not a needle wary person, I just knew I was not scheduled for any shots and refused to bare my behind.

She was getting a bit upset with me and showed me my records. The chart had my name all right but when I saw the strange address they had for me, I realized a mistake had been made. In a short time, the nurse and I realized they had two patients with the name of Mrs. Patricia K. Seems my name double had been unfortunate and was getting shots for an STD (sexually transmitted disease). Oops.

That evening at a cook out with my boyfriend Phil, I was laughing about my misadventures when his room mate, who was just going out said the he kept forgetting to tell me that he had actually dated a lady with the same name as mine. Seems she was a teacher in a neighboring town. They had only dated briefly but he said she was my age and divorced also.

The gynecologist mixup explained some other strange events I had experienced. The weird phone calls. Earlier that year, around 3AM , I received the first of the strange phone calls.

"Let me talk to my old buddy Dave." a strange voice barked.

"There is no one by that name here. You must have a wrong number." I answered and prepared to hang up.

"Look Patti, I know he is there for I just went by and his car was there." He said irritably.

I got the feeling old buddy Dave no longer an "old buddy", but I still couldn't help him. His using my name however really threw me.

"Put him on or I am coming up." he growled.

" I don't know who you are or what you are talking about." I said a tad scared and hung up.

I watched out the window for a while but no one showed up. Guess he went banging on the other "Patti's" door. I'm sure ole buddy Dave was surprised.

I continued getting odd late night calls from various men, most drunk and irritated when I denied ever knowing them. After the gynecologist episode I knew what was happening. I found the other Patti's number listed only under her initials. Since I used my first name in the directory, I figured that was where the problem came in.

I called her to let her know I was getting her calls. I was hoping we could find a way to solve the problem but she just yawned and said in a very insincere voice,"Sorry, not much I can do about that." Then she actually HUNG UP on me. Now that made me more than a bit angry.

Sure I could have easily redirected the wayward calls to her number but that meant I still had to answer them in the wee hours. You don't dare ignore a late night calls. What if it involved the well being of a family member?

So, I found another answer. First I got an unlisted number which was a pain for I had to make sure all my family and friends got the new number. Too bad the Al Gore had not invented the Internet yet. One group email would have solved the problem.

One night a week, the single girls from the bank where I worked and I had a GNO (girls night out). We would either go shopping, bowling, to a movie or sometimes go to a local night club with live music to dance and flirt harmlessly with strange guys. It was just for fun as most of us were in relationships.

We always used phony names on our nightclub nights. I kept my first name so I would remember to answer when spoken to but changed my last name to Craig. If we were pressed for a phone number, we usually gave out the one for the local 'time of day' service. I had checked and there were no Patti Craigs in the phone book.

Sorry guys but you played the same game as some of you had white places on your ring finger where the wedding ring normally sat. Did you really think we would believe that many astronauts, CIA agents and Navy Seals go to local nightclubs? Nope , no more than you should have believed that a contingent of airline stewardesses were on the town. Oh the games people play.

Since I was irritated with my name double, on a couple of the GNO, I give out her number instead of the usual "time of day " number to my dance partners. I just needed a wee bit of revenge. Not very nice I know, but I am pretty sure that was probably exactly what she had been doing with my number on a regular basis.

Don't know if she got any late night calls but I sure felt a lot better. When the new phone books came out that year, there were no longer any listings for a Patricia K. We both had vanished from that public record and I never had any more cross ups with my name double.

I'll ask the same question Judy did. "Have you ever met or known of someone with your same name (who wasn't a relative) ?"


  1. Not yet. LOL What a story. I say you need to write a book about the misadventures of Patti. Have a perfect week-end. Suppose to rain here tomorrow, perhaps that will get rid of some of the pollen, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm also using eye drops and nose spray along with the Benadryl to get relief.

  2. No...not a name double, but I get a lot of people who "know" me. I guess I look exactly like some other person, or..she looks exactly like me..what ever...she replies with a bobbing head... :)

  3. No Patti! I have never met a name double! But your story is great! It's frightening if your identity is stolen however, and you get fines and unpaid bills, because someone uses your bankaccount for instance, or your pasport.

  4. I haven't ever met anyone with my name. Your experience was a bit of a scary one, which makes me glad and hopeful that there's only one of me!

  5. Yes!!....i had a name double within the school double taught in a small elementary school in the south part of the county and i constantly got e-mails from her classroom, i was at the district office in accounts payable.....Sorry ! can't help with "Johnny's Birthday party or his failing in reading"!....i think she finally married or left...cause after about 2 years the e-mails stopped.

    Enjoyed your story....

  6. That story is priceless!
    Hope you soon feel better.

    Love Granny

  7. I do have at least one name double but I've never met her. I also had a face double once as people in another town would call me Kathy. One time in a grocery store store, I said, "I'm not Kathy," and I got the response, "Yes, You are!!"

  8. I've never met anyone with my name but I've found a few online. That was quite the story but I expect nothing less from you Patti! ha

  9. I have a name double in New Zealand but have never met him. My wife has a name double who is a patient of her Doctor in Little Rock. That has caused some confusion before.

    An Arkies Musings

  10. No, I haven't...but wish I had as it obviously makes for terrific stories...LOL...You have such an interesting life! And you are a wonderful storyteller! I love your posts! Have a super weekend! Love, Janine Xo

  11. No---I have never met a name double. In fact, the first name, Betsy, is not very common. There's only one other blogger that I know with the same first name. She's much younger than I am, lives in Ohio, and has 3 triplet sons.

    Enjoyed reading your story, Patti.... I knew you would have a 'tale' to tell!!!!! FUNNY!!!

  12. Patty,
    No one sharing your name? That can be a good thing. We are getting 4 days of rain here also. This has been a rough go with allergies.I'm ready for a break.

    Oh boy, I hope who ever looks like you behaves themselves.That is scary.Of coures you could always blame her for anything you don't want to claim.

    Reader Wil,
    Now that is really scary and unfortunately too common these days. One has to be really careful.

    Ah, we all know you are one of a kind which is a bit sad. We need more robins.

    BlueRidge boomer,
    Did you ever get tempted to answer the emails pretending to be her? Think I might have been tempted.

    Thanks and back at ya about feeling better. Take care.

    Oh how funny that they didn't believe you. A face double could be scary especially if they had questionable character.

    Thanks it was fun in retrospect, annoying at the time. Googling your own name is fun.

    Don't think you have to worry about the guy in New Zealand hurting your reputation. Sorry about your wife though. Not good when you share a doctor. Too much room for error.

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    Aw, thank you Janine. Glad you liked it. I consider that praise from Ceasar. Back at ya.

    Lets see, Betsy Ross---------gosh, that is all I can think of. You are lucky to be so distinctive. The name Patti is as common as dandelions. That is why I chose Arkansas Patti, to distinguish me from the herd.

  13. No, but one time our phone number was posted in the town newspaper as the number to call for tickets to a big wrestling match. We got about the same reaction you did when we called about it, so from then on Bob answered the phone and told each caller the match was a sell out, there were no more tickets.

  14. "Oh the games people play"! NO KIDDING!
    Great post, loved the story.

  15. I'm so glad I could jog your memory - you always have the BEST stories!!
    I'm glad that my name doubles don't live in the same city.....LOL

  16. Yes. When we lived in Denton Texas I worked at Eckerd's, a rather large pharmacy chain which became an acquisition about 15 years ago of another chain.

    As most pharmacies did in that decade, film developing and printing services were available. I patronized my own store.

    When I picked up my prints they were as foreign as could be. I did not recognize any of them-it was like being in the twilight zone.

    Yet the name on the envelope was right.

    After considerable resuearch the firm which contracted the chain's film services, mixed up two Carol Ann Cowards even though we each had deposited our film at different stores.

    I called her and talked to her. Her husband was a plumber. We laughed over it and got the mess straightened out. Our paths often crossed in various ways while we lived there But we both were careful to note there were two distinct persons with the same name but different addresses and phone numbers, any time we provided person information.

    I only wish she had been the person who got my parent's 50th anniversary photos I made. They never were found.

  17. What a tale ...oh yes revenge IS
    I have never had the name double but I did have a physical double apparently about 20 years ago ... like 'turqoisemoon'.
    Often strangers would nod or a car would toot and I would ignore or nod back...wondering for the next little while who the person was ...maybe a friend of my husbands that I had forgotten? or maybe someone I had met at a 'do'? This went on for quite some time until a friend dropped by and teased me with "....and where were you comming from this morning ...and you ignored me."
    I looked bemused and stammered when? where? How? and other similar words. Finally, with quite a number of questions asked on both sides....she anounced loudly ..." you really have a double out there" ...and there I was thinking I was unique lol

  18. Patti, Patti, Patti...what are we to do with you?
    Those poor souls that called the other Patti now all have STD's, shame one you. Oh, I guess they do have some personal responsibility. This was a great story and you are quite the creative one!
    I can not remember anyone with my same name - after all Grayquill is not that common but a friend told me about a look alike in Ireland who was gay...that did not make me happy at all. :( Why could he have not been a rich famous studly man with huge muscles and great abs? Oh yeah now I remember....I guess then he wouldn't have looked like me? Darn!

  19. Hi Patti, thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend. I hopr next week will be sunny and warm for my daughter and family will be coming from Australia on Wednesday!

  20. Linda,
    Oh how awful, you must have gotten a ton of calls. Don't blame your hubby for that answer when they refused to cooperate. That will learn em dern em.

    Texas is safe enough that your shouldn't cross paths. Phew.

    Lynda G.
    Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by. I'll check your site now.

    Thanks for the idea Judy. You are lucky yours is in another town.Less chance for mixups.

    When you know the other person exhists, it is easier to protect yourself. What if your weren't a pharmacist and your prescriptions got mixed up? Yikes.
    That is a shame about the photos. Wonder where they went. Maybe there was a third Carol Ann.

    A physical double could be an advantage. You could be a bit naughty and blame it all on the double.Hum, wonder if I have one.

    You do make me laugh. I did not think about all the poor fellows with burning pee that could have used the proper phone number.
    How funny about your gay Irish look alike. You probably shouldn't plan any trips to the old sod.

    Reader Wil,
    Hope you have a fine visit with your daughter and family from Australia. Wishing for sunny skies for you and that you take lots of pictures.

  21. No, but when people hear my name they think I am Brenda Starr from long ago. they also think I must be a movie star or they think I made up my name. Nurses are supposed to ask your name and birthdate before giving medication and verify it in the chart, shame on her.

  22. Oh, you were a devious one! LOL!

    I haven't met them, but you can imagine that there are a string of Mary Lees out there. About half the time, people assume that Lee is my middle name. Everybody seems to know a Mary Lee somebody.

  23. Linda Starr,
    Funny you should say that. When your name first appeared on my comments list, I immediately thought of Brenda Starr with her cool looking boyfriend with an eye patch and a black orchid. It is those double "r's".
    Now days only about 50% of nurses ask me before giving meds, in those days it was not required.

    Probably because Mary and Lee just go so well together.I have a niece named Kaleigh and now it seems every preschool or gradeschool child is named various forms of Kaleigh. It is the new Tiffany.

  24. Hope you're having a great week-end and not too much rain. It's been raining here off and on for the past two days.

  25. Sometimes I wonder how many same name mix ups there are at medical laboratories especially on the occasions when one is feeling really unwell, but the tests come back healthy!

    As far as physical doubles goes, I have terrible trouble remembering names and faces, and when someone does greet me with enthusiasm, I assume at first that it is my memory that is playing tricks. So usually "wing it" for a while, trying to turn the conversation around to give me clues as to who they are! The real problem comes when it is their mistake, and they in fact do not know me! .. This has happened to me at least twice!

  26. Just stopping by to send you my love...we "cute" types need to stick together, you know ;-) Love you so much! Janine XO

  27. Patty,
    We had a pretty rough couple of days with tornados bouncing off our county. Some people really were hit hard. We were blessed.

    Sounds like you have a double out there. I sure hope he behaves himself and keeps your reputation in tact.
    I do that "winging it" routine also but it is alway me that has forgotten someone's face. Rats.

    Sniffles and smiles.
    Thanks for stopping by Janine. Hay, there are a lot worse things than being "cute". Got to work with what we have since tall and willowy are out.

  28. :-) I do not know anyone (related or otherwise) in the whole wide world with my name!!!! Its uniquely unique. Ppl don't forget me more b'cos of my name I feel :D
    The first incident -- in the hospital was funny. But truth is, its scary too. Thank God you checked twice!!

  29. lostworld,
    You are lucky to be unique. Common is boring and undistinctive.
    I wasn't about to let her give me shots that I didn't need. I amagine some people would probably have just bared their behind and taken the shot.

  30. Very interesting...! And it's good it got all sorted out, too...That could be kind of scary under certain circumstances, as you found out...The weirdest part to me, in a way, was that you were both patients of the same GYN...! AMAZING!

    I read this post on Judy's blog and the answer is No,I have never run into anyone with the same name as me. And I'm kind of glad I haven'!

  31. OOLOH,
    Think how awful if we had both been scheduled for an operation at the same hospital. Good grief.
    You are lucky you are an original.

  32. That's a great story. I have a fairly common name but I haven't had any mix-ups yet. When I was younger I found other people with the same name as me and e-mailed them. It was interesting to find some similarities.

  33. Kelly,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. It is really interesting when name doubles take similar paths.