Friday, September 24, 2010


Several years ago, I was in Walmart in Florida thinking about what would be a good dinner gift to take to a friends house when the announcement came over the loud speaker stopping me in my tracks and throwing me back 25 years.

“Lex Luther, come to automotive, your car is ready.”

No, they didn't really say “Lex Luther” but used the real, equally unique name that I knew had to be a blast from my past. If someone else had that name, I had to see them, and if it were Lex as I suspected, there was no way I was passing this up.

I met Lex 25 years earlier when I was newly divorced. He was a friend of a friend and when we met, all the romance novels quit being drivel and I knew were gospel. Our eyes locked and the rest of the world disappeared. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen, in or out of the movies.

Lex was blond, which is not my first choice, blue eyed--I prefer brown, almost too tall--I am quite short, but he had perfect features and a killer smile to off set any lack of preference. Throw in a perfect body with a really cute behind and the initial physical attraction for me was intensely powerful. Then toss in a gentle, attentive nature, spiced with a wicked sense of humor, and I was pretty much a goner.

We had a beautiful romance for a couple of months, perfect in many ways. My little world was bursting with joy till I got the phone call.

“Is this Patti K---- on Grey Heron drive?” an official sounding female voice said that day.

“Yes.” I said a bit guarded thinking it was a sales person.

“This is Mrs. Luther.” the voice informed.

“Oh Mrs. Luther, it is so nice to talk to you. Lex talks about his mother often and I had hoped we could meet.”

“I am his wife,” the voice coldly informed me, “And you stay away from my husband.”

I suppose had I been shot, I couldn't have been more stunned. It appeared that all the lovely flowers Lex bought for me he had put on his credit card. That is how she found me. I am pretty sure I convinced her that I had no idea Lex had been married and before she hung up, we were both crying.

Of course Lex and I broke up, I was as furious with him as I was hurt. Through out the years, his voice would come across my phone several times out of the blue in an attempt to rekindle. He remained married however. I often got the feeling that I was not the only one Lex had cheated with.

Then to have his name broadcast over the speaker in Walmart was too much to pass up. We were 100 miles removed and in different towns from where we had last met. What were the chances?

When I saw him, there was no doubt. My goodness he had aged beautifully. The man was as gorgeous at 55 as he had been at 30. Tan, fit with white hair and a trim Kenny Rogers beard. As I called his name, he turned from the counter and blanched. Yes he knew me.

We talked a bit catching up but his eyes kept casting about nervously. I was really enjoying his discomfort. Then the reason for his discomfort joined us, his wife.
I had never met her except over the phone that one time.

Years ago I had felt very sorry for her and I did that day also. I wondered if Lex had changed his ways at all or if he was still cheating on her. He did not introduce us and I just said I was an old friend. I was sorely tempted to tell her my name to make his life miserable but I really didn't think she deserved anymore grief.

After some awkward moments,they walked away from the counter.

I heard her say softly, "Who is that Lex?"

Anyone could sense the tension between them. I shouldn't have but I was quite a bit pleased. That nagging little hole of injustice in my heart that I wasn't totally aware of, closed up that day. I got to see him in misery trying to wiggle around the truth.

Small of me, you bet!!


  1. Oh Patti, how awful of "Lex" to have deceived you like that. But how interesting that you got to see him again by chance. I'm glad it did your heart some good - people shouldn't go around playing with other people's hearts - hmph!

  2. There are a lot of Lexes in this world. They don't deserve a loyal faithful wife. What a well told captivating story, Patti!

  3. You have done good the hearts of many a wronged woman today.
    Lowlifes earn their moments, even if it takes years.
    Scars may fade, but ...

  4. Wow!! What a heartbreaking story!!! I'm so glad to hear that you experienced a sense of justice!! Love you so much! Janine XO

  5. Your telling of this story is superb. The evil Lex Luther didn't deserve a loyal wife but he did deserve having his misdeeds come to roost. I don't believe in were given the opportunity to play your card and you did. Smart, classy gal you are. The Olde Bagg

  6. Some men don't deserve the really good women they have in their lives.

  7. What a situation to be in!! :-0 I can however bet that amongst the 3 of you, Lex would've felt the 'smallest'! :-/

    p.s.- As always wonderfully written. I am not gonna ask you to publish a book as I am beginning to sound like a broken record. Someday I'll print your posts & keep them with me !! :) Honest.

  8. What an interesting way to tell a sad story. I had an experience with a Lex also...too many of them around. I was surprised to see that his wife was still sticking with you suppose he stopped his cheating. I know it has hard news to hear but finding out about him most likely saved you a lot more heartache down the road. Hope no more Lex Luthers find their way to you and melt your heart. Hugs

  9. Men!

    Brown haired, brown eyed is the way to go, anyway. ;)

    Great story, Patti. I like how you can pack years of information into a few riveting paragraphs. You really are a great writer.

  10. How wonderful you got to make him squirm a little. What a snake. I wonder how he could go home at night and face his wife. Apparently he had no conscious. I wonder if they had children, and also if she perhaps had the money in the family. otherwise, you would have thought he would have left her a long time ago. Once a snake always a snake. Happy week-end. Hope the back is completely better by now. We're having some terrific winds, apparently a cold front is moving through.

  11. You handled yourself very well. I would have been sorely tempted to suffer a sudden knee jerk landing in the appropriate area just as his wife walked up. Let him explain that. I guess though that would have only caused his wife more anguish.

  12. I don't blame you for that. I was lucky enough not to ever date a married man - or one I didn't know was married - although I had offers. Men like that disgust me. Too bad it worked out that way (and what an unnerving way to find out!)

  13. Ellen,
    I really was glad to see him again to put that part of my life at peace and to be grateful, I didn't have to go home with him.

    Reader Wil,
    Thank you Wil.
    I have the deepest compassion for his wife. What an uneasy life she must have led. Trust is vital and I can't imagine living with out it.

    I really do believe in Karma.I'm sure she ate him up on the way home if he told her who I was.

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    I just hated that my release had to come at her expense. How awful to live a life of distrust.

    Linda in NM
    Thank you. I just really hope I was the only one for her sake but I seriously doubted it as he kept cropping up in the following years and he traveled quite a bit with his work. Looks and opportunity bred a scamp.

    I really hope he was worth the pain he caused her.

    I know that day, he was one tiny guy.
    I love that you think my stuff is book worthy and trust me, if I ever did something like that, you would have the first copy. I am just a short story teller but thanks.

    I am so sorry you had a Lex in your life. Women don't realize that a large percent of the time, the other woman has no clue that he is married.
    Think I am safe from the Lex types at 71.

    Now those are all the right stats. Never trust a blond.
    Thanks Barry, I love that you think so.

    I really felt sorry for her, she did not seem to deserve any of it. I think his good looks and because he traveled a lot, he just had opportunity.
    We are getting the rain part of that front. Have a good weekend.

    Had I thought she deserved it, that would have been perfect justice. I'm sure he had some explaining to do as it was. She was suspicious enough,probably from a lifetime of putting up with him.

    I thought those very thoughts about never dating a married man till I got that phone call. Those rascles could be sneaky. It was a shocker.

  14. The Lexes of this world deserve all they get. I was once married to one of them and I can assure you, it was no fun. For him, probably, for me, not, definitely not.
    Mind you, he did come to a sticky end and, O Patti, I rejoiced!

  15. I have known a Lex or two or twelve in my time
    they don't get it, and they never will

  16. Glad you had a chance to see him again and cause him some discomfort. I believe that men like him get what they deserve in the long run.

  17. What a story, Patti. I've never been in a situation like that...he deserved your sweet revenge.

  18. I am so sorry that I have only just caught up with your posts ...not sure where time has gone ... I am so glad you have recovered in the main part from your fall. Backs suck ...and a poorly one just seems to get worse when teamed with a computer. Had to laugh at the Osteo remark late mum used to have terrible falls, including down a flight of stairs and never broke a thing ...she used to remark that she was glad her bones were made of rubber.

    I once met an old lover but wondered what I ever saw in him ...they say love is blind ...or should that be lust??? lol

    I am hoping to get back on tract soon with my blog visiting ...xxxx

  19. I love this story of just desserts. One never knows when the chickens will come home to roost, and these chickens made themselves comfortable right in the middle of Walmart!

  20. Someday you and I will have to meet in person and share dating stories. ;-)

    About putting your blog stories in a book, have you ever looked into do that? I know Google has a connection with one service. I'm looking at Lulu to print a book I am starting.

  21. Dear Patti,
    The Lex Luther's, like chickens, always go home to roost. That is why the wife staysI. If told, she says, "Oh you must be mistaken. He's home every night." I was Mrs. Lex Luther for 25 years. Now, I can spot a full blown Narcissist in the next county.
    You write it so beautifully and with humor. The Lex's of the world are soooo sick but we can't help but get our buck's worth of revenge. My lex died this past Valentines Day. How's that for a Lex's sweet revenge!
    I enjoy all your posts but this one really zinged it way in.

  22. Friko,
    I am so sorry you were married to such a cad but am glad you got to see him come to a sticky end. I am smiling at your rejoicing.

    Ah, that he was, just glad he wasn't my lifetime louse.

    They are out there in abundance aren't they. We can only hope Karma rules.

    Sweet Virgina Breeze,
    We can only hope so can't we. That would be fair.

    He deserved much more misery but his poor wife deserved much better.

    Hay, you have been busy with that new grand baby. Good to see you back.

    Sometimes it seems to take forever but you never know when or where. Walmart wouldn't have even been in my wildest guess.

    Miss Dazey,
    Oops, sounds like you have had some interesting ones too. Let me know how LULU works. My sister would like one just for family.

    I am surprised at how many of my readers were Mrs. Luthers. So sorry you had one under your roof for so long and I dare say you saw the best revenge.

  23. We have a friend with the last name Luther and his nickname is "Lex".....
    How funny....

  24. Dang! Sorry that he aged well.

    What an odd encounter! Don't know what you got for dinner with the friend, but I'm glad you were able to serve ol' Lex up a dish of anxiety.

  25. Sandy,
    If that weren't a fictious name for my fellow, I'd have you ask him if he ever lived in WPB Fla:))

    Oh I love that and wish I had thought of it as my closing line.

  26. What a lovely bit of satisfaction that had to be that day in Walmart. Ahhhh, the "Lex Luthers" of the world deserve to squirm at least a tiny bit, now and again..!
    I'm sure you are right that this was probably not the only time "Lex" was out there 'stepping-out', as they say....Why do they always have to be so damn good looking??

  27. Hi Patti, What a story!!!! Wonder how many other women Mr. Lex Luther has had in his life.... Wonder why the wife has stayed with him --all of these years????? GADS... Glad you got away from him though. Once a cheater--always a cheater, I've heard.

    Bet that was crazy hearing that unusual name over the Walmart speaker... There has to be only ONE Lex Luther in the world, don't you think????? ha

    Great story...

  28. You see, it's the 'beautiful men' that get you into trouble. Now take the old, plump, balding men -- that's where its at. I wish. I hope.

  29. Great story. Did you ever get to the dinner? You mentioned to a commentator that you wished you had thought of a different ending. That can still happen. Just edit it a bit. It's your story even after you have published it.

  30. Oh my goodness that lex - well with a name like that what can you expect. thanks goodness you were able to get a bit of "do" after all that time - and in walmart too.

  31. OOLOH,
    I didn't get to see him squirm the first time, at least I got to see a little.
    And yes, Naomi, they are always so darn good looking.

    As Marcia said, they always come home to roost and that was evidently good enough for her.

    Ha, ha. The same could be said for beautiful women as opposed to nice, plump ladies that men walk past.

    Ah, but then it wouldn't be my story. I just wish I had thought of her words for that last line.
    Had a lot to talk about at dinner that night.

  32. The Lex's of the world never seem to care about the hurt they cause. I have a dear friend that was married to one for a long time. He Lex'ed around for many years until one of his honey's died in his arms. He wreaked havic on more than one family. As you can tell I'm not very fond of him.

  33. Brighid,
    Sadly, they do hurt everyone they come in contact with. Hope your friend has kicked him to the curb.