Monday, January 3, 2011


There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life--music and pets.
Albert Schweitzer & Arkansas Patti

Sorry Albert for the paraphrase but I just had to change “cats” to pets for all kinds of pets perform that wonderful function.


It dawned on me the other day that I lift approximately 300 pounds each day, some days closer to 400 pounds. So why aren't I in better shape? I should have buns of steel and ripped abs but I am pretty much pudding soft.

How do I accomplish this weight lifting feat? I have a 12 pound dog with bad knees that has to be lifted everywhere but on the couch and sometimes even there. He use to be able to jump on the bed by himself, then his double knee surgery pretty much grounded him. I would get him a ramp but my bedroom is so small, that there is no room to put one.

So why does he need to be lifted so often? Actually 25 times is a conservative estimate. Mighty is a foot for foot dog. I move, he moves. I go outside, he must also. A sudden reversal in direction by me will result in a noisy squeal from him as he follows so closely. Being a super wuss, he screams if I come even close to stepping on him.
If it is possible, he goes in the car with me, which is more lifting. My computer is near the bed so when I work on it, he asks to be lifted on the bed to be close.

Now he is not noisy or whiny. He just stares with an intensity that is as effective as a howl. He stares when he has to go out side to pee. Since his bladder retention has diminished with age, that is darn often. In the morning on those rare days I sleep in, he stands over my face and stares when he thinks it is time for me to get up. He stares when he wants lifted. His stare is a physical thing---I can feel it.

When I leave the computer to stretch, get a drink, or use the bathroom, he jumps down to follow me. Jumping down is no problem, his front legs are good. Naturally when I return, he needs lifted back up on the bed again. Sometimes, even though he has a step up for the couch, he still gives me the stare to be lifted up on the couch. Perhaps on those days, his knees are worse. I have similar days.

Do I resent him? Does he annoy me?? NEVER, though I am grateful he is not a Rottweiler. I mean, the little fellow is impaired after all. I am just giving care. Besides, even though all the lifting has not given me ripped abs, I try to imagine what I would look like with out my 25 or more “bend and lifts” each day. The image is not pretty. I consider him my personal fitness trainer. Maybe I should fatten him up a wee bit to increase the effectiveness of the work out.

When I hurt my back a while ago, I told Mighty he was going to have to help with the lifting. I would slowly bend down to grab his middle, give the command “Help me” and the little fellow would spring upward ever so slightly. It wasn't a lot, but the slight upward motion made lifting him so much easier. Such a good boy.

So if I lift and place, 12 pounds, 25+ times a day, it is good for us both. Thanks Mighty.

You will have to excuse me just a minute, I'm feeling a stare.

The picture below of some of the cows in my neighbors pasture is mainly for Naomi who wanted to see them. As you can see, all is peaceful in the pasture these days. The Cow Saver has hung up her cape as the dogs are no longer a threat.


  1. Mighty is wonderful...tooo cute! Don't we just love our babies!!! I know the "look"'s amazing how powerful that stare is, how loud it is. Hugs to Mighty.

  2. That is just about the cutest stare I've ever seen and what a great name for that big old dog.

  3. Mighty is lucky to have such a compassionate care giver! I have one cat that asks to be lifted onto the bed now, although I have discovered that when she really wants to get up there, she manages to do it herself.

  4. I know that stare....!!!
    Mia has it down pat....!!!


  5. I understand the stare of a dog...the perfect communication device which can send you reeling in guilt. Mighty is a mighty fine looking dog and I can see why you love him so.

  6. You and Mighty are lucky to have on another. Pet friends are true friends, aren't they?

  7. Oh, I love your doggie! He is too cute!
    I have a chihuahua that follows me around like that. If I had of known she'd be so 'close' to me when she was given to me, I would have changed her named to Shadow!
    Mighty is adorable! I love his stares!

  8. Looks like you get a Mighty fine workout everyday. Gus has "the look" perfected. He cocks his head to one side, to add extra emphasis.

  9. Mighty does have quite a look. I love it. You two have worked out such a great routine for staying healthy.

  10. Mighty is a special guy. I can see how you could feel his stare. I'm sure he's worth every minute of care you give him. He's a lucky guy to have you as his mother.

  11. Oh yes, that stare! We dog-sat our daughter's dog for three weeks during major weather problems. Yes, they communicate beautifully when they need something, and we oblige with love and tenderness. They do keep us limber and agile, for sure.

    Even with rain and wind, we managed to take our daily walks.

  12. Patti,
    What a wonderful blog. I am with you and Al.

    I love "the look," We get it here too from our 17-year old Peaches, who only weighs 10 lbs.

    She got up to pee this morning at 4a.m. and then wanted to "play" in the pitch black back yard. Mommy was not amused.

  13. I love Mighty.....he looks like a refined edition of our Ellie Mae Scootles. I love little dogs now. And yes, when my St. Bernard needed help into the car at 127 lbs, that was problematic.
    He's a lucky dog and you're a lucky lady to share each other's love.
    The Olde Bagg, Linda

  14. turquoisemoon,
    That we do. Sometimes the look is lazer like.

    Thanks, I think so. He actually nameed himself.

    That is funny about the cat. I had a dog once that limped for no other reason than to be carried.

    BlueRidge Boomer,
    They know how to work us don't they.

    You are right. It is totally geared to produce guilt.

    Miss Dazey,
    They never have bad days not are they ever judgemental are they.

    Tina G.
    I love chihuahuas, You have to be owned by one to really appreciate them.

    Gus knows how to work you. Mighty does that head thing if he is desperate.

    He has worked on that look for 12 years. He is helpful in keeping me fit.

    We are both lucky. It was a special day he walked up to my gate.

    It is a fact that pets will improve our quality of life. For one thing, they make us move.

    Ha, they do pick the darndest times to "play".

    Linda in NM
    Ouch, that had to be brutal and a real work out. I used to have a Great Dane but I was much younger then. Today, I am content that less is more.

  15. I too know that stare! Before seeing Mighty's picture I would have sworn you were talking about a dachshund. They are known for giving you the look. My 4 follow me around like your Mighty. I call them my velcro dogs. Love them all so much and would be lost without them.
    Big Hugs and Kisses to Mighty!

    new to your blogs and just love it!

  16. Aaahhhh..... who could resist that stare. You know, my bladder capacity has diminished with age too..... could you manage another 125 lb to your work out. Ha ha... I even make myself laugh.
    We love our pets so much . They kept showing that video ad for money for the pets during the holidays. The music is soooo sad and the animals look sooo forlorn, I sent money but couldn't look at the videos.
    Mighty is mighty lucky (and so are you to have him).
    Love and peace...

  17. Mighty is very cute, with a stare like that, I would lift him too.

    I'm sorry I've missed several of your posts, Patti. My husband just returned home after 2 weeks in the hospital and is still recuperating. I'm just beginning to catch up on all I've missed. Your blog is one of my most favorites!

  18. HI Patti, You ARE getting your exercise --and what a perfect way to get it. That sweet Mighty just gives you that 'special look' when he wants something. Mama will help in whatever way possible. You love it, Patti. I am sure you do!!!!!! And Mighty loves you too. He's just an adorable doggie....

    Cute post... Congrats on ALL of that exercise!!!

  19. Mighty is adorable! What a good pawrent you are, Mighty is so lucky. You are the perfect pair. That was so sweet that he helped you pick him up when you asked him to help you. Loved this post. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Mighty from Chancy and me.

  20. What a sweetie dog! I'd be helping him, too. However, it's a good thing that it's 25 times @ 12 pounds instead of 12 times @ 25 pounds!

  21. That stare is very cute . Love your doggie

  22. Oh my. We had a couple of dogs that got arthritis so bad that they couldn't do much.

    One had lived 23 human years with us and in our family and we had to choose to end her life because of the pain she was in doing simple things like bending to drink water, walking, squatting to pee.

    Dogs have been my best friends during my lifetime.

  23. What an adorable little dog. He's worth every bend and lift. Maybe you need to carry him in one of those baby snuggly things, that way you wouldn't have to be picking him up all the time, and he would be right there with you at all times. No worry about getting stepped on, but it might cause the back to hurt more, carrying around an extra 12 pounds all the time. Glad the man is keeping the dogs away from the cows.

  24. I don't think I have seen such a cutesy photo of Mighty.

    I tried to calculate what I would be lifting with my 40 lb Luckie. I was to tired to thinking about it. We rarely lift her, but sometimes now have to assist her slightly, when she jumps in car or truck.

    I hate the "the stare" but the bark in the middle of a deep sleep, is certainly attention getting. This often happens when I sleep in, or it is her night crunchy treat time. Geez, the whoosh is me.

  25. Annie,
    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.
    You are right, Doxies do that also. Like the velcro image.
    Hope you come back.

    Wow, 125, I don't think so but am impressed with that number. Think I was in my 20's when the dial stopped on that number.
    I know that commercial, it tears my heart out.

    I know you have had your plate full and am glad your husband is now home and in the best hands he could be in.
    Be well both of you.
    Thanks for the compliment, you know I think of your blog as therapy, pleasure and comfort. Waiting for your return.
    Your hubby is still in my prayers for a complete recovery.

    Thank you. Sometimes we view our dogs the way people do their children. We think they are beautiful and perfect where others may look at them and see ordinary.

    That floored me when it happened. I was just wishful thinking when I asked for his help, I had no idea he would come through.

    That is funny but it would probably give me better results in the ripped abs department.

    Elen Susan,
    I find him impossible to resist.

    They really do surpass humans in many aspects. I think they have only the best of our traits and none of the bad.

    That might be like strapping on the 12 pounds back on that I lost this year. Besides, he needs the exercise to keep those knees functioning.

    Every time I lift him I am grateful he is a small dog. Mighty is really good about letting me sleep unless I get piggy about it. Then he will let me know but by then the cats are yowling anyway so there is no hope.

  26. With that look I would never be able to say no to Mighty about anything.Just think, he is helping you exercise and giving you unconditional love at the same time.He is earning his keep. :)

  27. Mighty is a cutie-pie. It'd be hard to resist those big brown eyes and his devotion to you. Blessings to you both in the new year...

  28. Dee,
    I know, I have tried but those big eyes get me. He more than earns his keep, I need to put him on salary.

    I Wonder Wye,
    Aren't they huge. I have cared for a ton of dogs with my shelter and he by far has the biggest eyes and knows how to use them.

  29. Awwww, just the look on Mighty's little face melts my heart! What a little cutie he is!

    Yep sister, weight liftin' is weight liftin'. I do wood curls while bringin' in the firewood. I wear my Hubs 10 lb. barn boots while doin' chores. I lift the grandkiddos up in the air with my legs. Not to mention all the runnin' of the wild~eyed cattle. Who the heck needs a gym membership.

    You go and Mighty!!!

    God bless ya and have a wonderful New Year sweetie!!! :o)

  30. Oh Mighty is so beautiful and perky looking. Wonder if you could get a sling to help left him up by placing it under his belly. Pulling him up that way would increase the muscles in your arms even more. One of my cats, Butter is so heavy I risk throwing out my back if I lift him. Mighty, Mighty cute he is. My cat Betty follows me around, you probably saw the photo I posted of her lying right next to the computer. She is getting old and it's getting hard for her to jump up now, thankfully she is a bit of a thing.

  31. Mighty is mighty cute! (What is his ancestry?) My deceased Golden had "the stare" you speak of - she wouldn't bark or make a sound, but would stare until the esp would go between her and us. We always seemed to know what she wanted/needed. I think Mighty is helping you in more ways than one!

  32. Mighty is so precious! Oh, when they LIVE to e near you...!

    My Miss Piggy weighs 39 pounds. When I lift her, I KNOW it!

  33. Yes, Yes. Music and pets!! I'm in love with the dog. He's beautiful!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about humor. I'm now going to look up It's Just So Homer. You're right. I think men DO have a corner on humor!!

  34. What eyes! It's no wonder that you can't refuse "the stare".

    He's a cutey. Remember that on the 24th lift of the day.

  35. Hmmm....maybe a series of ramps could be made for all of Mighty's favorite high perches. Oh, but that would hinder your workout routine. Second thought, let's not mess with success. I suggest only one change, add a cube of butter to Mighty's dinner tonight.

  36. Great story, Patti! We had a cat that could outstare us, when he wanted to go outside. If we didn't notice it he drew our attention by throwing something on the floor, whereupon we hurried to him saying:"I believe it's time for you to go outside." He knew that this did the trick.He was a clever one! And so is your dog!

  37. Nezzy,
    Glad to see you take your exercises also on a daily basis. Life can keep us fit if we let it.

    Linda Starr,
    That really would increase the intensity but not sure my back could handle that.
    Know you cat will get the lifting necessary also.

    Mighty was a stray and while I know he is terrier, not sure what the mix is. Those stares are physical aren't they?

    Now Miss Piggy is a real work out. I am thankful Mighty is a little fellow.

    Ann Best
    Think you will really like GQ. His dentist post is really funny.

    RV Vagabondes,
    The 24th is Ok, it is those back to back ones when he can't quite make up his mind that get me.

    I would,but I have such a small house with an even smaller bedroom, there is no room if I want to be able to walk around the bed. He does have one for the couch but sometimes still wants lifted. Sometimes I think he is faking it.

    Reader Wil,
    Oh how funny. I wish Mighty would do that. Sometimes, I just don't catch the stare and there will be a puddle to clean up. I never fuss at him for it was my fault. Now if he would just learn to throw stuff like your cat-----

  38. It just goes to show you that might comes in all sizes of packages. :) I tell myself that my dogs keep me in shape (well not that good of shape) by wanting in and out about 100 times per day.

  39. Iowa Gardening Lady,
    I always try to think of how I would look without Mighty's help. Same goes for your dogs.