Monday, January 17, 2011


Am I finally getting around to Christmas light photos? Nope, these were taken last night. I have a neighbor who likes to milk the season. I use to date a guy who left his outdoor Christmas lights up till April. He and his neighbor had a running war to see who could hold out the longest. My guy always won. It was a bit embarrassing to go to his home in late March for dinner and have a laughing Santa greet me.

You have read my whining comments on your blogs about my part of Arkansas not getting any snow and my being blatantly envious of yours. This little bit of snow came on last Monday night and I was excited beyond good sense. I took this shot in the dark before dawn. Couldn't wait for the sun to come up.

Heated water fountain for the birds, also taken in the dark. Those are Mighty's tracks. As you can see, the snow is not very deep. Took some looking to find an inch and a half.

Sadly, it didn't last long. This lethal weapon is from the last remnants of roof melt. Pierce my heart why don't you Mother Nature with your denial of just one really awesome snow in my area.

Some of my "pretend herd" were not as happy as I was about the snow. I pretend my neighbors herd is mine and I get to enjoy all the pleasure and none of the work. Good thing they weren't my real herd though or I would have probably had at least the young ones in my living room. Upper right, you can see a mama cow and her brand new baby rejoining the herd.

I don't know why nature sees fit to drop new babies from a warm 101.5 degree cow's womb onto a hard cold ground in Winter. Even in Florida, I used to see the dairy calves born in the cold with steam pouring from their wet bodies. That birthing thing alone cancels any desire of mine to come back as a cow. Electric cattle prods and eventually being served as part of the Golden Arches menu are also a strong consideration.

Lastly, a young calf hanging out with Dad. He was watching me and I felt a bit badly as I stomped the snow off my shoes and entered my nice warm house. They don't have that option.

I can only hope that small dusting of snow is not our last but at least for a short time, Patti was happy.


  1. Patti,
    You add such laughter to my day! thank you :)

    I do NOT want to be reincarnated as a cow; imagine standing out in the cold all day and being on your feet for hours? Seriously!

    I want to be reincrnated as a kitty that gets snuggled and hugged and played with and gets to take naps whenever they want...yep, that's my choice!

    Perhaps your desired snowfall will come on another day...personally, we will ahve rain today!

  2. Patti, I think a pretend herd is the best kind of herd to have.

  3. LOL! You make my day, ma'am!

    Love your photos!

    You and Gardening Daughter have something in common: the wish for snow! I like it only if I don't have to go out in it.

  4. Between the wind and high temps...our snow is almost gone.. ;( But...never fear....more is on the way....don't have cows around the them!!


  5. I don't know if I fully believe in reincarnations, but I do like the thought -- ultimate recycling.

  6. I too have often wondered why calves and lambs are born in the dead of winter. Perhaps it's a survival of the fittest type thing?

    I will continue to enjoy snow vicariously through other bloggers' photos and be happy I'm not slogging through the stuff myself. I have become a true snowbird.

  7. No herd nearby for me to adopt. Just empty fields with bulldozers ready to put in services for the new subdivisions. Snow is plentiful but it is also -10C and that's chilly even when one's indoors.

  8. This is something I simply don't get...spring calves???? BF's cattle start spring calving any day now??? hmmmm...

  9. Aw. Love the babies. Glad you got a taste of snow. Ours is hanging on amazingly well.

  10. Our snow is gone, and now we have temps in the 60s! That's a bit crazy for winter, but really it feels incredibly good.

    Nice photos of your pretend herd, patti.

  11. Our snow like yours is a short time visitor. I love the way snow is but I just don't like the way others behave when driving in it. So I guess I have to say for myself, oh well, no snow.
    As to the cows....I'm glad you have a pretend herd. I would be a bad farmer, rancher, caretaker of herds, because I would want to cluck over them and keep them human comfy too. I can barely handle dogs and a cat. Fur babies are hard work when they have you trained. The Olde Bagg,Linda

  12. I also feel bad for the animals in a snow. I don't live near cattle but my heart goes out to the homes and mistreated cats and dogs.

    I'd also like to see a good snow this winter but it's not likely to happen.

  13. Haha...Girl, you're a hoot! The regurgitation alone would keep me from wanting to be a cow!
    But, I do love your snow and your pretend herd of cattle.

  14. Congratulations on your snow! I love your pictures of the baby cows. My neighbor across the street has had a handful of large and small Christmas ornaments hanging from the Poinciana tree in his front yard for several years now. They're kind of faded, but they're still there.

  15. Hang in there, hubby just saw on the weather that your area has a chance for snow later this week. Your snow pictures are gorgeous!

  16. Patti, Love the post. Where did you get the heated bird bath? My guys need something like that. We haven't had much snow here, but the bird bath has been frozen for days. David used to carry hot water out to thaw it, but he can't anymore, so I am ready to get serious about heating a bath for the little guys. Your early morning shots are lovely, cows, calves and all. I'm coming back as a pampered pooch. No one has a better life than my guys.

  17. Gosh, Patti - If you lived by me, you'd be happy all the time. Ecstatic even! I don't have cows to watch though. (Had to chuckle at your reasons for not coming back as one...)

  18. We had snow New Year's day, and that was it for us. It's unusual here.
    The cows are doing fine, no babies yet. I've worked/fed cattle in the snow enough to know its the first one to the truck that gets to drive...with the heater blowing full blast...

  19. You had better be careful what you ask for, Patti.

    The smart aleck in me has to say: reincarnation is only from human body to body.

    Transmigration would be human to animal - or vice/versa.

  20. Glad you got some snow, Patti. That is the perfect amount I think... We have gotten several snows here this winter --but none of them have been huge...The frigid temps is what I don't like... Luckily, this week we are in the 40's and most of our snow is gone, at least from the sunny areas.

    I don't like seeing Christmas lights after about Jan. 6... BUT--each to his own... Right????? ha

  21. Our 8 inches of snow is melting... tomorrow will hit 40*, but snow will return Thursday and so will single digit temperatures!

  22. Tracy,
    Glad I found your funny bone.
    I know, that standing around is miserable. It has rained all day and the temps are in the low 40's---yuck.

    Story Connection,
    Thanks for stopping by. I will have to check out your blog.

    You are ho hum about snow and you got the better part of the last storm. Guess you don't get what you wish for huh.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Pretend goats and horses are fun too. Enjoy them.

    Never thought of it that way but you are so right :))

    RV Vagabonds,
    I really hope there is a good reason for it has to be miserable on both mom and baby. Keep driving till you are warm. I once thought of that way also.

    Oh no, the dreaded sub division. I have a horror of that happening here so I keep voting for my neighbor to keep his job as county judge and so he won't think of subdividing.

    I know, they even call them "springers" in Florida and dead of winter is more like it.

    I am surprised you are able to communicate as bad as New England has been hit. Stay warm fellow.

    It has been weird all over hasn't it. I loved that deer that came to stare at you.

    Linda in NM,
    I tried raising day old calves and while it was profitable, market day really put me in the dumps. This pretend is much better.

    I feel badly for those poor dogs chained to dog houses in this bitter cold. It shouldn't be allowed.

    Oh yeah, I forgot all about that cud thing. Thanks, one more reason.

    I saw that also but the weather man keeps throwing us bones but only one had even a little meat on it. One can only hope.

    If your neighbor has white hair and looks a bit like Jeff Chandler, he might be my old boyfriend and fat chance they will ever come down.

    I just put a stock tank heater in my water fountain. I got it at the local farm store. They do make heated bird baths that you can get at a good pet store. The birds love it.

    I know, you really have it made of course that is only if you don't have to go anywhere.

    Ah, but the one who sits in the middle doesn't have to open the gates.
    Hope those babies wait for a warm sunny day.

    People warn me and unless I am thumped with an ice storm, I will be happy.
    So I will be transmigrating huh. Okey dokey.

    I for them coming down on the first but to each his own. My neighbor is completely alone with his lights. The place he worked closed down so maybe he is lobbying for devine help.

    Now 8 inches is just right. You have such a beautiful place I am sure it was like a fairyland. We are supposed to get something on Thurs also- they don't predict much.

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  25. I am glad you got a litttle snow to let you feel like you have had a winter:) At least your snow melts quick as compared to my state of Michigan. I got a big smile reading about your pretend herd and not having to do any of the work. I love cows but am also sad at how most of them end up:( It seems to me that alot of people are leaving their lights up longer but April is pretty late LOL.

  26. There is advantages living next to farms. We did in Gordon before we moved to Brookville. I could sometimes look out the window and see a friendly cow munching plants in my flowers or vegetable garden.

  27. Love your sense of humor. I am still smiling over the waving Santa in March.

    If one must have a herd, it is better to let it belong to the neighbor. Your insights about the experience of a cow were great!

  28. Glad you were happy for a short time. Perhaps you will be getting more. Our son still isn't all melted from the last time, it's been too cold and no sun to make it melt. Nothing wrong with having a pretend herd, like you said, you get to enjoy them without the work. Take care and have a good week.

  29. My husband put himself through college running a cattle ranch (without any experience) and still looks back fondly on that experience. I'm a little surprised we've never had a couple running around in the back yard.

    I'll show him yours. Maybe he can share your pretend herd.

  30. I loved the Xmas Lights. My husband used to light up the neighborhood. I swear the glow of our town could be seen several miles in the distance, and it was from our display.

    We got about same amount of snow and I must stayed in and warm. I expect more before the season is over. We get our worst snows here in March.

  31. Patti,
    You are such a love. You worry about the various animals as i do. I've always liked that beefy, bovine, cud chewing temperment of cattle. Those little calvies are so sweet. And in your living room, yet.... yeah, me too.

    Don't worry if you run out of snow, I have plenty of it here and I'll gladly share with you. :)
    Love and peace.

  32. Dee,
    Me too. I am close but now quite a vegetarian. In fact there is a "treat" steak in my refrig right now. Yes it is a rare "treat" for me, not so much for the cow. Hopefully someday I will take that final step.

    Yikes, not so sure I would like them munching my labors especially my veggies but they are so soothing to watch(on their side of the fence).

    Retired English Teacher,
    Actually my guys children were a bit embarassed by dad and that Santa had to be blown up each night. He did have a stubborn streak.

    Thanks and hopefully we will get another smidgen Thursday. Fingers and toes are crossed.They are mentioning ice and that will not be good.

    Wow, that is on the job training. They are neat creatures. Perhaps you can find him a herd, pack a lunch and drive out to watch them. What a nice gift.

    I guess when you put that much work into outdoor lights, you want to make it last.
    You and I both should get some Thursday. Lets hope it stays fluffy and pretty and not become an ice storm. Mske sure your Kindle battery is charged.

    Smart Mouth Broad,
    Actually I think it was in 79, there was a non-sticking snow in Loxahatchee,Fl which is not that far from you. Now that is a treat.

    Thanks for the offer, I'd love to take some off you hands.
    When I raised day old calves, my big concern was their comfort. I once spent the night wrapped up in a sleeping bag on top of thick hay with a sick calf.

  33. You are just like me excited about snow!! I love it even if every body else is complaining about it being a nuisance and causing trouble to our traffic.

  34. Patti you should have come down to Hot Springs - we had about 6" here. :) blessings, marlene

  35. Good, you got a bit of it at last. We are very glad that our lot is over for the moment and nobody here is keen on more of the same.

    You do know that cows don't breed according to their own desires but those of the farmer? And that a lot of them are born through artificial insemination rather than a bit of fun? You do know, don't you? Even if your herd is only borrowed?

  36. Reader Wil,
    You and I are kindred spirits. I suppose if we had to go to work it would make a difference but since I don't I just love it.

    I know, I was so envious but since we usually get the bigger snow, I am pleased you all got a nice one. Maybe Thursday----?

    Well that is mostly true of dairy cattle but these are range beef cattle and they do it the old fashioned way with a resident bull. I get to watch the show from my porch swing. They do seem to enjoy an audience.

  37. Patti, off topic but I thought you might like:

  38. I have a pretend flock of chickens who live next door. I get to listen to them in the morning and watch them strut around and, when my neighbors are way, I get to collect the eggs. But when they're flooded, I watch from the comfort of my home as others lay down extra material for the fowl to stand on.

  39. Wow those are 2 amazing posts. The 'Fractured' just took me along through your account as I hung on each word ...feeling for your friend. Parents are always blamed for their children yet so many times there is nothing they could do to prevent an outcome.

    'lighter note' was just that ...loved the photos the way, an icicle is a perfect murder weapon lol xx

  40. Brighid,
    Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

    Thanks so much. Parents always get the blame, right or wrong.
    You are right about the icicle. Only thing better would be ice bullets:)) No trace.

  41. Linda Myers,
    Oh lucky you. I love chickens. I do have another neighbor with chickens but I never get to see them. I do get to hear the rooster though which I really do enjoy.
    Pretend ownership of animals really is the best.

  42. If I have a choice, snow is much better than those ice storms Arkansas got when we lived there, glad you got a little white stuff before winter ends.

  43. We got snow here too. Fun fun fun. Went driving in it and that ended poorly - that might bring up a post on how number 19 is now in the record book.
    The beauty of snow seems to make any place magical when inside looking out.

  44. Linda Starr,
    Yep, I've done the ice storm routine. It is good for practicing survival skills.

    Oh no GQ, not number 19. You will soon have the Guinness record sewed up. Be careful Dude.

  45. Love that heated bird water fountain, where did you find it?

  46. Iowa Garden Lady,
    I'll zip over to your blog to fill you in.