Thursday, January 20, 2011


I might be going round the bend. I thought I would expand on my reincarnation/transmigration segment from my last post and started to write. The words came too easily and looked really familiar. I was just swimming in deja-vu with each sentence I wrote. Everything felt as though it had been said at another time. Was it by me or was I unconsciously plagiarizing?

Finally I convinced that I might have posted this before, I checked with my "search this blog" gadget and sure enough, I had. Quite early in my career, I had done this very post so I went to see what I had said.

Since the previous post said exactly what I had in mind and the fact that it had only garnered 2 comments, I thought I would spiffy if up and re-post it. Judy and Pat were the only commenters on that day in 09. Thank you ladies and you two are excused. I am pretty certain most of you have not read it and since this was all I had for today, forgive me for a rerun.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Naw, nothing erotic here, just something I do when things get slow. and I am a bit disturbed with the direction we multi-talented humans are going. Sometimes I feel we are such a waste.

I do not believe nor not believe in reincarnation, my mind is open. Though I kind of wish it were true for there are some world leaders I would love to see come back as "dung beetles."

Sometimes when I see a really cool animal, I think of what it might be like to trade lives temporarily, or perhaps permanently, with a lower creature. Creatures not tainted with greed, cruelty, and desire to dominate all others but are only concerned with survival and continuation of the species, aka breeding.

Yes, I have too much time on my hands. Sometimes it is hard to love the human species. I'm sure this too shall pass but in the meantime how about a little "avoidance" exercise and think just what it might be like to come back a non-human with your world being only what is in your eyesight.

I have friends who say that they wouldn't mind being a beloved pet. I really would not want to be any one's "pet". Pets, with the possible exception of cats, are mostly without control of their lives. They are subject to an"owners" time schedule of when to eat, when to eliminate , when to exercise and "if" and when to breed. No, I have wilder, less controlled creatures in mind.

Almost always, I imagine my self at the top of a food chain. Being eaten does not sit well with me. However, I also have a problem with being a predator. Not sure I could kill a bunny for a snack but then I have never been really hungry (missing a meal or two doesn't count). Anyway, that leaves big grazers, large water mammals, birds or a really large bear for me to trade lives with.

Eagles or actually any large bird would be wonderful just for the ability of flight. I sometimes have vivid dreams at night of flight and it is amazing. The distance you can travel, the vast spaces, and joyous peace.

Although in my flying dreams, I do have a little trouble with power lines and landings but generally it is marvelous. However, have you seen what birds eat? A lot of self respecting birds eat worms, grubs, maggots, or road kill. Eagles have to do that killing thing. Uh uh.

The natural choice of a large herbivore is of course the elephant. Only natural enemy there is man and a disappearing habitat. No one tells an elephant she has had too much to eat. Just eat, walk and raise really cute babies. Of course they also have long lives and great family structure. Not a bad choice if it wasn't for that tusk hunting thing.

Bears would have it all if it weren't for all the sleeping they do. Such a waste of a life span and you wake up soooo hungry.

Two creatures I do favor though are the otter and the porpoise. Both really know how to play and enjoy life. The porpoise has a better chance of a long life as even sharks fear them. It might be my luck though to be captured and have to do 3 shows a day at Sea World. As you can see, there is no perfect animal choice for me.
So human I stay. Being at the very top of the food chain is good. Maybe someday we will appreciate what we have, quit squabbling amongst our selves, trying to confiscate wealth, dominate our neighbors, and will do right with this beautiful world we have been given. One can hope, and hope is very human.

Aah ! I feel better all ready. Avoidance is good for a quick attitude adjustment.
Any animal you might want to trade time with ??


  1. Being human is good for me...but even for a brief moment or two I would like to be a bird and experience what it feels like to fly. (sigh)

  2. Hmmm Not really exchange exactly.... but when I retired my spouse pushed for me to engage in widespread and full time community service to keep me busy. I said forty years of teaching had pretty much fulfilled that requirement. Also I had found a new"role model." Our declawed cat, who spent pretty much 24/7 eating, sleeping and mostly following the sun around the house resting easy on all the comfortable chairs and beds he could find. :)

  3. This was definitely a post worth repeating--consciously or not!

  4. After reading this, and giving it some thought, you are right: being human is all I've really known and am comfortable with, but flight is such an attractive attribute of birds, I would love to fly. I guess becoming an angel would take care of all of that!

    So for me, a fantasy creature will do the trick. That was fun, Patti.

  5. I'm glad I had the sense to be one of the readers of your original post on this subject. Thanks for the rerun.

  6. Glad you said it all over again, and let us know when you do some shapeshifting... Been thinking about this for some time and it always comes back to being a cat of some kind. I am intrigued by snow leopards and clouded leopards, but a domestic moggy would suit. Every morning when I wake up beside a cat and a dog and another cat on top of me I think I must be a furry four legged beastie because they think I am. Makes for a snug and loving existence.

  7. I also hope that someday the human race will stop the squabbling, greed, and just plain lack of courtesy we live with. And I agree - it's a beautiful world we've been given. This post was worth repeating to remind us of it.

  8. You know, when you really think about it coming back may not be such a good thing after all. I would really be upset if someone killed me for my bicuspids or tusks.

    PS Deja vu is my middle name.

  9. I is what I is...
    We never seem to truly appreciate what we are... The human brain is the most amazing thing.

  10. I enjoyed this post very much Patti, and agree with you that there is no Animal that has a perfect life---And I guess, even Humans have all sorts of things that can get in the way of a perfect life. So, I cannot think of an Animal that I would want to come back as...In fact, I cannot think of a Human I would want to come back as, either...!
    The only non-human I would like to experience one aspect of is the way a Hawk can fly and glide on the air....But, that would be the ONLY thing I would want to experience of a Hawks!

  11. Cute post, Patti... Glad you posted it again for those of us who weren't following you then. We humans are SO spoiled --especially here in the good ole USA. I was looking at some of what goes on in China yesterday (since they Pres. visited Obama)... Anyhow--some humans are treated HORRIBLE over there, as well as other countries.

    Look at the conditions in Haiti... It's just horribly sad... SO --being a human is not always good I don't think. Maybe I would want to be someone's PET... ha

    Truly, we humans need to help each other, love each other, and quit trying to kill each other.


  12. Great post! I don't think I would like to come back as an animal, but I'm almost sure that Sophie, my Cairn Terrier will come back as a beautiful, but spoiled blond in her next life. ha ha ha!!!

  13. This is a great post and I enjoyed reading it very much. I am very happy being a human being. I do have times now and then that I would not mind being an eagle or at least fly like one and other times when I would like to be a wolf for a little while.

    If I came back as something though I think I would rather come back as a different and better person.

    I am glad you posted this again it was a great read. Hugs

  14. I'm fine with being human but I would get a chuckle out of seeing Dick Cheney come back as a dung beatle.

  15. Patti,
    Since I'm not excused because I didn't read the prior post I would LOVE to comment...actually I have a few comments to make! 1.) I thank you for your caring and continual support the last week or so with Meg and dealing with those thoughts. Your warm words were a tremendous help and I truly felt surrounded by friendship, sot thank you! 2.) I'm also not quite sure how I feel aobut reincarnation...but if there IS? I want to be a cat with a nice home so I can eat when I want and take naps and cuddle...3.) I agree that the direction humans are going is definitely not the path I'd choose. My world would be a Polly-Anna type mentality that would encourage kindness, compassion and empathy. Why is that so difficult?

  16. Hard enough to live as a human, with our tools and conveniences.

  17. Dee,
    The flying I do in my dreams is really cool. So free. Good choice.

    Wow, you picked a role model that was easy to follow. Cats really do have it all figured out don't they?

    Thanks, at my age, I am never sure just what is original.

    Flight seems to be the desire of choice. Waiting for angelhood might be the more doable choice.

    Pat Arkansas,
    See how long you have been around. That was almost two years ago. Thanks for hanging in with me.

    Good choice. Cats are the only domestic pets that really have it their way.

    I know, I sometimes get so frustrated with this superior species that is often so lacking in common decency.

    That is why I had to eliminate the poor elephant as a new home. It is criminal how they are treated.

    Our brains truely are amazing but also lacking in comprehending the simple function of getting along with others of our species. Sigh.

    Ha. You are so right Naomi. When I think hard about it, there really isn't anyone I would like to come back as or like. Gosh, that is either sad or it means I am content to be me.

    The USA is far from perfect but we do have it so much better that 98% of the rest of the world but even we are a work in progress.

    Now that is so funny and probably really true.

    Hum, you are the first wolf wantabe. Interesting. I do think they are beautiful animals.
    Think I will just work on the present model. I would hate to do this all over again.

    Ah Ha! He was on my list for dung beetleness also.

    Think you and I share the Polly Anna gene. Makes it hard sometimes with that gene to navigate this world. You and I both feel that the better way is so simple, why don't people just do it? Maybe someday.

  18. rosaria,
    That is true. Perhaps it is all the tools and conveniences that complicate our lives. Regardless, I don't plan to give any of them up.

  19. Is this a bit of, "You reap what you sow?" I wouldn't mind being one of your pets. :)

  20. We're still hoping, Patti! "Maybe someday we will appreciate what we have, quit squabbling amongst our selves, trying to confiscate wealth, dominate our neighbors, and will do right with this beautiful world we have been given. One can hope, and hope is very human." Fun post!

  21. Yes fly, some birds fly so high, perhaps a manatee, they are so gentle, a mountain goat, they climb so high, maybe a gopher turtle they only eat grass and have few enemies, a whale, they travel so far, a bumble bee they sip the nectar of the gods, then maybe a cat, they seem so intelligent and thoughtful sometimes. I think if I put my mind around it i could imagine myself as any creature for one reason or another, great post.

  22. I have hope when I see wonderful people like you in this world. Good fun post...yeah, I have had similar thoughts but never came to any firm conclusions - not that it would have done me any good. It is kind of out of our control and that no control thing I don't like too much.

  23. Very interesting, Patty! I've never thought of it. I am sure animals only want food, warmth, freedom and the need to breed.This will differ for each animal according to the kind of creature it is. A predator would not mind killing. Animals are not known to have remorse about killing.I think I'd like to come back as a horse.

  24. I'd rather just stay human and enjoy my life this way. But, I would like, for one day, to come back as a bird. I'd fly over my kids house to see how they were doing..but if I saw four wheel drive trucks and four wheelers parked out front, I'd know what they spent my life insurance money on..and I'd be pretty hot! They're suppose to pay off bills and put my grandkids through college! haha...

  25. OMgoodness honey! I am so happy you reposted this. lol
    Funny funny funny to say the least.
    I do have had these feelings so glad to hear someone like yourself thinks like I do.
    Never thought of it though quite in the depth. hahaha
    Glad you decided to stay human look what us others would miss if you were a animal and did not yet have a blog

  26. Manzanita,
    Thanks but pretty sure my pets would take you aside and tell you horror stories of how I abuse them.

    Being an optimist, I do think it will happen. That ever human hope refuses to die.

    Linda Starr,
    Ok, you know how to play the game right. They all do have strong selling points. Of the domestic animals, cats seem to rule.

    Thanks fellow. Know what you mean GQ about loss of control. Me too.

    Reader wil.
    Excellent choice Wil. Horses are such magnificient animals. The best thing about preditors is that they kill for food,not pleasure or gain like we do.

    OK, I am still laughing at your reason for wanting to be a bird. Let you kids know you have that in mind. It would scare me down the right path.

    Thanks Maggie. Pretty sure I won't get the chance to but nice to hear someone else lets their thoughts run free on occasion also.

  27. Just re-watched 'Camelot' and Merlin used to have Arthur pretend to be animals for what he could learn from them -- perhaps you dated Merlin, too, and did he keep his holiday lights up too long as well?? Enjoy the second snow - this one was deeper and prettier...

  28. Great post, I always wanted to be a beautiful song bird, like the Baltimore Oriole.

  29. My cat Larisa usually looks so relaxed, I think I'd like to be her. Not thinking much, you know.

  30. I Wonder Wye,
    Nope, I missed Merlin. This last snow was wonderful but it has all ready melted.

    Iowa Garden Lady,
    Ah, you either have a good voice or wish you did. I have never seen a Baltimore Oriole. They are so pretty in pictures.

    Linda Myers,
    Of all the domestic pets, cats do seem to have it made. They have mastered stress free.

  31. Love the post, especially this part: Being at the very top of the food chain is good. Maybe someday we will appreciate what we have, quit squabbling amongst our selves, trying to confiscate wealth, dominate our neighbors, and will do right with this beautiful world we have been given. One can hope, and hope is very human.

    Hope you've had a great week-end. We've had a cold one.