Monday, February 7, 2011


I really don't have anything for today so I will give you bits and pieces that alone would never qualify as a post. Together, they might not either but since I can't provide quality I say, provide quantity. That used to get me through my English classes.

Packers win Super Bowl, beat Steelers 31-25

I do hope your team won. If not, you can be content that while the Steelers may have lost, they gave you a great season and fought till the end. Or you might be like me and your team was watching from at home also. For the day, I was a Packer Backer. It was a good game that came down to the last seconds. Can't ask for much more.

As for the commercials, I did not see them all but was not "wowed" by any I did see. Seemed like a weak entry this year. Kind of liked the beaver chopping down the tree and of course the talking financial kid usually tickles me. Did I miss the horses?


Did anyone watch the Puppy Bowl earlier on Animal Planet. They turned a bunch of puppies loose in a room with the floor marked like a football field. Of course there was running and tusseling but what cracked me up was one particular puppy that insisted on humping his opponents. He was always in the back ground but I saw the little varmint. They finally removed him for what I am sure was excessive lust.


The above picture could appear to be sad. That poor old woman staring out at the world. That is because you can't see my face. I am wearing a huge grin and a look of childish wonder. It was snowing. That is how I spend the day when it snows, standing at the window watching it come down, my favorite stage of the storm. I revert from 71 to 7.1 on snow days.

I know that those of you up to your butt cheeks in snow are poo-pooing my puny snow. I understand completely. When I lived in Florida, I used to laugh when my northern friends complained about the humidity in the summers. "Humidity???" I would squeal, " You don't know what humidity is?" I was right.

And you are right, I don't know what snow is, but this little bit is awesome to me. Humor the old gal--OK? There really was enough to shovel and walk in. I loved it and only became sad when it started to melt. Just took Mighty out for his morning business and hooray, it is snowing right now. I'll be glued to the window as soon as the sun comes up.


The picture below of the first Robin I have seen this year was taken yesterday and there was still snow in spots on the ground with more coming this week along with some really cold weather.

Pretty sure he got the memo from Punxsutawney Phil and took it seriously. He is alone so I am sure he is the original "early bird". Fat chance finding a worm right now, the ground is still too hard. All I have on the menu is outrageously expensive sunflower seeds. Hope that carries him over.

Thass all folks.


  1. The snow gets a lot of viewing though my windows too, Patti, the sun hasn't come up here yet, either, but when it does there are birds to feed. We have a few Robins, maybe 3-5 that never leave with the other resident 15-20 that go south. All winter they stay in some heavy undergrowth that overhangs the creek.

  2. I'm glad for you, I'm much the same about snow although we get some every year at least once. Your robin looks different to the ones I see! Cute all the same. Bet he was smiling when he found the seeds.

  3. Your bits and pieces are better than some people's whole post!!

    Maybe if I was from FL I would appreciate snow, but I wouldn't mind never seeing it again except in other's photos and on TV.

  4. Well, together they stood up just fine, Patti! I enjoyed the game, I don't usually watch football but it's un-American not to watch the Super Bowl, right? The pre-Game almost made me turn it off. The commercials sucked, I thought, except for a couple.

    When we get snow here, things slow way down. We had snow at Thanksgiving and a little more since, but other than that, rain. Lots and lots. :-)

  5. We are up to our knees in snow here.
    It's pretty.

  6. I love the photo of you looking out at the snow and the picture of the snowy field. I enjoyed enjoying it with you - thanks!

  7. I'm the very same about snow - bring it on! blessings, marlene

  8. I'm glad the robins are in Arkansas, I'm sure they will get to Wisconsin in a few months. Can't wait.

  9. I like to watch the first snow of the winter, then pack up and head for sunny Florida. The humidity is an adjustment, although I have seen just as bad on Cape Cod and northern coastal California in my travels. Humidity was 100% on Saturday, but not raining. Everything was wet, shovelling needed.

  10. Well, Patti I loved reading your bits and pieces and think they made a fantastic post. I spend snow days just like you do. I love watching the new snow fall, but I really don't like it hanging around for long.

    Hope you stay nice and warm when the cold and snow hits this week. Did you get some this morning, we had some mixed with rain, it covered the ground but is melting quickly.

    I didn't watch the game but hubby did and enjoyed it very much. He said it was a good game. Hugs

  11. loved your bits and pieces. And as for you exhilaration about your snow....well we all have our own happiness triggers and I'm glad you got one of yours. We seldom get dumped on so I am of the same ilk..I like snow, I just don't much care for the uber cold. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  12. Hi Patti, I know there are many bloggers who DO watch sports--but it seems that most of my blog friends do NOT... Just blows me away how many think of sports in such a negative way.. I love sports--and did watch most of the game. I was for the Packers--so my team did win...

    Didn't care for many of the commercials this year. They used to really make me laugh --but not this year. Guess I'm getting old since I didn't like the pre-game stuff, nor the gals who sang (YUK), nor the halftime show. Here we are in America at America's BIG game. Is that the best entertainment we have here???? I hope not!!!

    Good for you --getting snow. We have missed most all of the systems since the first of January. Looks like we'll miss most of it this week also. SO--now you can enjoy it for ME.

  13. Love seeing that pic of you looking out the window. And, that one of the tree and snow is really so beautiful.

  14. Yah...the horses were there....for about 3 seconds....they were in some beer add about a singing cowboy....singing Elton John no of the worst adds of the night....!!And from one Fl girl to another....i love the snow, even the 1/2 inch we usually get....!!
    ps...had a flock of robins on the back lawn yesterday...woohoo....!!

  15. Patti,
    First off, I am a Steeler's fan and they undoubtedly lost but I also like the Packers so I was in a win-win situation for sure!
    I do like the aesthetic look of snow; no denying that and even hoping we get some on Thursday nighte when they are supposedly calling for it :)
    I am in TOTAL agreement aobut the commercials; talk about DUDS!!! yes, you missed the ponies but even that wasn't that great; none were and the half-time show; BLECK as well...I should have just gone to bed at halftime!

  16. I just love your posts whether they are full of quality or bulging from quantity.
    That was a beautiful snow shot ...I too woul;d spend so much time drinking in the atmosphere created by that sun and snow.
    Are you sure that is a Robin? ...maybe its an american one 'cos it looks very different from ours.

    Everytime you post I am so glad you only had a rest from blogging and didn't give your blog up xx

  17. I liked your bit and pieces, Patti, and I loved the photos! I, too, grin when I see snow, but that's because I'm retired and don't have to go anywhere in it except 'out to play.' When I had to drive 14 miles to get to work, snow was a four-letter word. :)

  18. Wanda,
    Goodness, I thought they all migrated. Guess some just don't like to fly.
    I feel better knowing yours find food and shelter to make it through the winter.

    I looked up the European Robin and he does look different. Yours is a real cutie. His American cousin is still here.

    Thanks Judy. Sweet of you to say.
    I am sure it is what we get used to and just what is novelty. Snow is still novelty to me.

    I admire you for sticking through the pregame and all. That was just too much for me.
    From what I have been hearing, most people agree with us on the commercials.

    I would love to bury my knees Helen, maybe someday. Wednesday is looking good.

    Went to town today and it was picture perfect. The trees were laden with snow but the roads were clear. Just beautiful.

    We are definitely a pair about snow. It hides the meanness of winter doesn't it?

    They are on their way, honest. Spring will happen.

    Wait till you pair that 100% humitity with 99 degree weather. Brutal. No one vacations in Florida in the Summer. You are so smart.

    Isn't it just so beautiful as is floats down and dresses up the earth? It hides the ice damaged trees and the bare ground.

    Linda in NM
    I'm sure it is because it is a unique event for us both that we enjoy it so. I'm sure if I lived in the North, I'd feel different. Glad I don't.

    Yeah, the commercials were really lame this year I thought.
    I too love sports and somehow must get from football to baseball season. Wish I liked basketball but it just isn't my thing.
    We've got one more pretty hefty storm coming Wednesday. That may be the last.

    Thanks robin. I never tire of looking at such beauty. Hope I never get bored with it.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Florida really makes one appreciate the cold and snow. I cooked my brains out long enough in the sunshine state. The winters are great but the rest of the

    Aw, I used to really like the Budwiser horses. I thought they had the best commercials. These were just lame this year.
    I'm glad you were able to enjoy who ever won.

    You and liZZie made me look up the European Robin and he is different. Seems smaller and really cute. Wonder if they are cousins.
    Thanks for the nice words. I try.

    Pretty sure if we had to commute to work in 2 foot snows and slip and slide on slippery sidewalks, we might change our opinions. Aren't we lucky we don't have to. We can just enjoy.

  19. I like bits and pieces. It's refreshing. Kinda like reading a newspaper. I was heard on high when I wished for two feet of snow to fill the Cody-made holes. We got a near blizzard all day. You'd probably love it. It blew so hard and made drifts that I couldn't get the door open. Had to go out through the garage. I didn't shovel yet but I had to shovel my way to the mailbox. No kidding. At least the holes got covered. I'll start the snow blower tomorrow if the wind has gone down.
    You'll have to feed your birds for a while yet.
    I think golfers would be more interesting than fb players. I do/did play golf. At lease you can pick their golf brains.
    Love and peace

  20. Yes yes yes on the puppy bowl, I have been watching it every Super Bowl Sunday for years, love the kitten half time show also. The past week since I have become unemployed/retired I have really really enjoyed watching the snow instead of having to go to work in it. There have been robin sightings here in Iowa, but none by me.

  21. I love to the hear the "sound" of snow falling. I told you the robins were coming, you look so wonderful staring out the window at the snow.

  22. Glad you finally got some snow. Enjoy!

    I missed the puppy bowl game - wish I had seen it. It sounds like it was adorable.

    I noticed several earth worms on my sidewalk after the rain over the weekend. Shall I send you some for the robin?

  23. I'd do the same thing if and when it snows here on this coast. I guess a little bit is fun; a lot is a nuisance.

  24. This retired English teacher thinks that you gave us quality not just quantity today. In fact, you personally made me marvel at your childlike joy in watching it snow. Then, you rewarded me with a fresh breath of spring air why showing me a photo of a robin.

  25. Bits and pieces make our world whole.
    Love the snow, but then I just go play in it.
    N Calif warm days of 70 here. It won't last, so played in the garden last few days.
    No SB watching for me, it was too beautiful outside.

  26. The Puppy Bowl must have been hilarious! The photo of the tree and the setting sun behind it looks like one of the first paintings of Mondriaan. Actually it's the only painting by him that I like.

  27. Good morning and I do hope you have a wonderful week. I try to look out, but then I am the one that has to run the Granddaughter to school, pick up items from grocery, drug store and post-office, plus run to the bank. so regardless, if the place is open for business, I am off and running. Well not really running, in fact these past couple of weeks it's been pretty hard just to walk. I'm just now getting back from the bank, post-office, Prescription Shop and Rite Aid, in that order. Would have done it all when I took Granddaughter to school, but it was only 7:45 and except for the post-office, the other places didn't open till 9.

    Question? How on earth did you get the back view snapshot? I know your arms aren't that long and or made of rubber. Just curious. I get one of the four legged friends has learned how to use your camera.

  28. Well...That looked and read like a Post, to!
    And it seemed to me you had a lot of snow....I realize it may not be like the Snowstorms that have been happening elsewhere---BUT, needing to shovel means a lot of snow to me! Lovely pictures My dear....And that Sweet little Robin....He may know more than Punxatawny!

  29. Hi, I'm dropping in from Linda's blog. Congrats on your award. She said you have a great blog and you do! I also stand at the window when it snows. It's just pretty.

    I'm following you now.

  30. Manzanita,
    I am so glad that Cody's dastardly deed has been covered by snow. Now she will never know.
    As for golfers being better, think Tiger Woods. Most pro-athletes seem to feel they are entitled humans. I learned to watch, not touch.

    Iowa Gardening Woman
    I am so glad someone else saw it. It was a bit long but adorable. Saw some neat cat toys at halftime.

    Linda Starr,
    And that amazing quiet after a snow is just wonderful in our noise polluted world.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    It was my first PB but won't be my last. Check Animal Planet, they may have a rerun.
    I would ask for some of yours but they would freeze in transit. Thanks anyway.

    That is the truth about most things. I'm just glad it is still a novelty for me.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Phew, I was expecting a hard grade from you. Thanks so much for being gentle.

    That's right, when the SB is broadcast there, it is still afternoon. Don't blame--you enjoy those 70's.

    Reader Wil,
    It really was cute Wil but a bit long. Half time was a cat show.
    I will have to check out Mondriaan. I am unfamaliar.

    You were the only one to notice. I used a tripod and my camera has a remote pad.
    Sometimes I set it up out side then trip it from inside.
    Ok, my sympathies. I agree snow stinks when you have chores.

    I sure hope Mr. Robin is right and not just over eager.
    I guess I shouldn't compare my snow falls to other northern states. It was perfect for me.

    Kitty Howard,
    Welcome and thanks for letting me know Linda has a surprise for me. How very nice.
    Glad you liked my little blog and thanks for following. I will check your blog out also.

  31. We did watch the game, not many of the commercials. Our team won.

    I was complaining about the cold last night, it was 18° I think. Then check where my daughter lives in MN, it was -5° there. I am passing the long winter days on Twitter.

    Patti, as always thanks for stopping by my blog.

  32. Your bits and pieces were most satisfying. Happiness is enjoying the child in us. never loose it.

  33. I hope you made a wish on that first Robin, Patti - perhaps you wished for more snow. I like watching it snow, too (luckily...).

  34. Tou and Mighty stay warm and when you go out play "toss the snowball." I used to bumfuzzle my Ger. Shepherds by throwing snowballs which smushed on landing. This supposedly intelligent dog would look all over the place where it landed.

    Being a Texan I am fascinated with snow although latel I;m pretty much confined to house an still have an active bout of bronchitis. Feel better today.

    Nor so I have any faith in that fat overstuffed obese pampered hedgehog's prediction of Spring. The photo I saw, he looked like his eyes were closed--can't see your shadow while you are asleep.

  35. What a gorgeous photo of the orange light on the snow.

    I'm afraid my husband was a bit disappointed with the game. We're Bears fans, having lived in Chicago for 35 years. The Packers are our friendly nemesis. Ah well... as we say about the Cubbies, there's always next year.

    I liked the beaver commercial a lot, too.

  36. I think some robins live here year round. I would feed them but I am bad about not remembering daily.

    I'm told not feeding regularly is worse than not at all. Since I believe I am violating hature laws by feeding, so I have generally anbided by the latter which is law concerning dpmesticated species.

    I love snow too. Texans are accusing me of sending them so much cold, wet, unusual . You and Mighty stay warm and don

  37. Beautiful snow! One inch or ten, I love to watch it fall. Then about a day later, I am ready for it to melt. Happy window watching to you today!

  38. Miss Dazey,
    Yikes, not sure I could do negatives. Single digits as long as there is no wind and I am OK.

    So far, I haven't grown all the way up about some things. Hope I never do.

    Oh gee, I didn't know I could do that. Rats, missed a good opportunity.

    I wish Mighty would chase something besides furry things with four legs. That sounds like a fun game.
    Ha. Not only was Phil's eyes closed but all the extra lighting to get a good picture had to skew the results. I'm with you.

    Know how you feel. Being a Dolphin fan, I root against who ever in our division makes the SB.(Like New England).
    I liked the sweetness of the Beaver commercial. Karma and all that.

    Southwest Arkie,
    We have about 8 inches today and it is still coming down. Think the whole state is getting some. I actually got tired watching today--not the scene but my feet. It is beautiful.

  39. I'm always surprised at how many robins show up when there is melting snow on the ground. Loved your meandering... and your 7.1 photo!

  40. Marylee,
    Makes you wonder what they know we don't or if they are just totally messed up.
    7.l days are the best.