Thursday, March 17, 2011


I had a light post for today but it really didn't seem right considering the situation in Japan. My heart is in Japan today and has been for days. I am just overwhelmed by the horror and tragedy on that island.

The massiveness of the pain and suffering is just beyond my comprehension. It is just one horror after another. The images have rolled through our living rooms, day and night. Thanks to all the media, we have front row seats to the devastation.

What has bubbled forth and the only bright spot in the whole mess is how we are learning about the way the Japanese are handling a situation that would break the strongest.

Many are terrified. Many have lost entire families, while others do not know the fate of their loved ones. Many are hungry. They have no homes. Food, water, warmth, electricity, simple basics are not available.

Still they are not breaking store windows and stealing. There has been zero looting. They wait patiently in long lines for simple necessities. They offer what little they do have to those who have less.

The gentleness, patience, orderliness,and kindness they have displayed is a lesson for us all.

They have set the bar high for human behavior. I am so impressed.

Fellow blogger Jenny Matlock provided a link to a blogger in Japan. Jen at Hamster Central who lives in Tokyo and has an insightful post. What shocked me in her post is that evidently some people are saying stupid things like the Japanese people are deserving of this tragedy.

I don't know who has said these ignorant things for I have heard nothing like this personally but went to her blog today to reassure her that it is just a few idiots out there and the rest of the world feels their pain and only wishes healing.

I have said my prayers, I have given money but I still wish there was some other way to help. Being warm, well fed and not in pain while others suffer, can sometimes feel quite uncomfortable. Being able to visit one person in the midst and to offer support has actually helped. If you get chance, stop by her site and let her know, we care.

My friend Peter in New Zealand supplied the link of Euan Graig, who is living in Japan. His account of the events is a very well written and comprehensive view of what this monstrous event has felt like to live through and what they must face as an uncertain future.


  1. Well said Patti. I rarely watched television but have been glued to CNN for days, partcularly on the nuclear disaster in the making. The consequences there could last for several generations.

  2. Hi Patti I too have been thinking of Japan. My blogger friend in Toyoko has another account of the news there via newspaper reports at Through the Sapphire Sky.

  3. It's simply tragic. The one I heard was Glenn Beck. I was horrified when he said it was a message from God.

  4. I cannot imagine the horror of their lives today. It could happen here, and I know that we would not be lining up quietly and helping those less fortunate. I am ashamed of those who think they know the will of God. I will go visit the Tokyo blogger's site now.

  5. Well put, big thanks. I feel the same, I have no lightness. I will visit the suggested links and if okay with you link to you and them in a blog post too. My friend's daughter and grandchild are on their way to her from Tokyo.

  6. I have had to turn off the television a number of times because I just get numb with the horror of it all.
    Our friends have a daughter and son in law in Japan. That is the first thing we heard after the news that they were okay--how exemplary was the behavior of the Japanese people in the face of such trauma.
    Glenn Beck--there goes my blood pressure. There must be a special circle in Hell for the sef-righteous b*#*#RD.

  7. What's going on in Japan has been foremost in my mind (and sight) for days. I will visit the blog of Jen at Hamster Central. I included the link to Euan Craig's posts in my own blog last night. His personal reporting of these events is incredible, and well worth reading.

    We in our church are awaiting direct news of our missionary friends Ralph and Miho Clatworthy who pastor a church just outside Tokyo. Ralph is from Little Rock.

  8. I just hope for better news from Japan soon. Thanks for your comment - I didn't know if a post on Japan was suitable for the chicken blog, but like you, I just had to say something.

  9. Thanks so much for your encouragement! I really appreciate it. I've written the latest situation in the nuclear plant in Fukushima. If you have time, please take a glance.

  10. We have friends in Japan, I think Tokoyo. I'm glued to TV, too but preparing computer for visit to HP hospital with a torrid comment about their support.

    It is a good time for it to be gone as I will be seeing medical doctors and possibly have procedure during April or May in Little Rock.

    I did not hear the Glen Beck comment; there are references in Revelation about natural disasters invoked on mankind for sin. Revelation was written in prophetic symbolism because the Romans would have persecuted Christians even more intensely if written in plain language. It is the most controversial book of the Bible in my opinion with 100s of interpretations. I don't claim to understand it. With the exception of about the 1st 3 or 4 chapeters addressed to specific churches, it is entirely written in apopcrycal language. I am not that knowledgeable, except the summation is those who are faithful until the end, whenever that is, that is the victory.

  11. I have been awed by the dignity of the Japanese people. Yesterday I read an op-ed piece by Kazumi Saeki in the NYTimes and was struck by his phrase "the hollowing out of their emotions."

    That's certainly understandable, isn't it!

    Really? Glen Beck thinks it's a message from God? Is he insane or just plain mean? I can't believe he's PAID to spew that crap!

  12. I share your horror at all of it.

  13. Thank you for writing this, Patti.

  14. Patti ..... Japan is on all our minds. You brought it all together for us in your kind and loving way. We can only imagine what they are going through. Only by the Grace of God are we spared now. Nuclear plants are scattered around the US and the one in NY is directly on a fault line. Can you understand how any American can be smug at a time like this or to put blame on the patient, kind and loving Japanese people. Thank you for using your keen writing ability to put out this post.
    Love and Peace.

  15. Patti, thanks for the links in this post. I shall check them out. I share your feelings about Japan.

  16. Hi Patti, I've been working on a post along the same lines as yours. This is just such an indescribable tragedy. It's hard to fathom how Japan will recover from this horrible devastation. I will check out the link, thanks for sharing that. Take care. Hugs, Cheryl

  17. Thank you Patti for the link to Jen....I visited and left a comment for her. Reading her post really brings the reality home.....To read what is happening from someone who is right there...It is mind-boggling.
    Thanks for this very thoughtful and caring post, my dear.

  18. Yes, dear Patti, you have commented on the situation well. The Japanese people are never far from my mind. The horror of what they have experienced and continue to experience is beyond comprehension.

  19. I'm like you... I have heard nothing negative about the people in Japan. I do know that there are some Christians who truly believe that God does this --not to Japan but to all of us in one way or another. I am a Christian who never believes that God punishes us, or would send us a message like this. Such a shame that the people in Japan are being 'fed' this crap!

    I am a little disgusted though with some people in this country --who only are thinking about themselves and their lives... Gads--I say that we Americans need to help the people in Japan first before worrying about us....Puh-lease.

    George and I have sent money to the Red Cross for Japan. Wish I could do more... SO SAD!

    Thanks for a great post...

  20. So much sadness and loss. It's becoming difficult for me to watch it.....

  21. My thoughts and prayers are with all the sweet people and sweet animals in Japan. You have done a wonderful job on this post, very touching and informative. Thank you! I have visited one of the blogs you mentioned but not the other, I will go there now. Hugs

  22. troutbirder,
    Thanks, it really had been all consuming hasn't it?

    Linda Starr,
    Thanks Linda, I visited her site and will add her link this evening.

    Don't know why I didn't think of him right away. Such an idiot.

    Thanks for visiting. We need good thoughts to wipe out the bad.

    Thank you for posting the links also. They help us to understand the awful scope of this.

    I am so glad your friends family are all right. Mr. Beck must be a nudist for he is always showing his A*S.

    I too was so impressed with Euan's account. Very descriptive and emotional. I do hope you hear soon about your missionary friends.

    This had been a very stressful time waiting for some positive news from that battled place.

    I am now a follower of yours so I will be keeping a close tap on you and hope you get some positive news soon.

    I do hope you hear from you friends soon and they are all right. I just don't understand the likes of Mr. Beck.

    I'm going to try to find that article.
    You know I hadn't thought about that but he really is paid isn't he? How criminal is that.

    Thank you and I think most Americans feel the same way.

    Thanks robin, I just had to say something.

    Thank you so much. Yes, we should pay attention to our own back yard. I don't understand those who need to lay blame on the victims. Makes no sense.

    Thank you. One good thing is that we are not alone in these feelings.

    I know. It just seems overwhelming but I am sure they will recover. It will take a very long time however. Katrina victims and Haiti are still no where near normal.

    Thank you Naomi for visiting Jen and commenting. I'm sure encouraging words mean a lot right now especially when they are being attacked by small minds.

    Retired English Teacher,
    This really is beyond the minds ability to grasp. Never has one country had such a series of disasters.

    Thank you Betsy thinking this is crap also and for you and George donating to the Red Cross. I did also as it is the only way I know how to tangeably help.

    Rocky Mountain Woman,
    I know, sometimes I just have to turn off everything and go play in the dirt in my garden to get my mind back on track.

    I felt for the animals also. One scene showed a cow standing among pure rubble. How did it get there and all the pets that I am sure are gone.

  23. Thanks for this post Patti. I join you in prayers. blessings, marlene

  24. I agree. How can we possibly understand, when we sit in warm homes, our bellies full. It doesn't make sense and it isn't fair! God bless us that we may never knew such horrible calamity. I have to turn the news off. My dreams are haunted.

  25. Thanks Patti honey for doing this post. It is heartbreaking to think of the devastation that they are suffering through as we speak.
    I too have prayed and sent a donation but does not seem like enough but we have to continue our prayers.
    I will check out these sites that you mentioned and I appreciate you for writing this well written as always post.
    Love ya

  26. I just read (in another blog) about how some people are saying the Japanese people deserved this. I'm totally dumbfounded. I have to just shake my head. The pain is too great.

    I posted something lighter today just because I needed to get a bit of a break. Otherwise I find myself getting too frantic.

    One of my cousins in Sendai has a new baby, an adorable little boy that she waited a decade for. My other cousin has two beautiful children. They along with my aunt and uncle are in Sendai. I want them to be able to leave. The frustration is terrible.

  27. Being warm, well fed and not in pain while others suffer, can sometimes feel quite uncomfortable.

    Patti, I think the word for that is empathy and it's good to feel that way.

  28. Apparently there are a great number of venomous posts being made on FB to the effect that the Japanese people deserve this because of Pearl Harbor, yada, yada, yada. In this day and age I find such ignorance and bigotry appalling, because you hope each successive generation will be more understanding and educated. Apparently that's not the case.

    Thanks for sharing the link that we might get more of a first hand account. The citizens of Japan are being amazing considering what they are going through right now.

  29. Stichinbythelake,
    Thanks Marlene, they need all our prayers.

    Me too. It is just too much to comprehend and I do have comfort guilt.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    I know, it seems surely there is more we can do but I just don't know what.

    I do hope your family is able to get out of there. This must be so awful for you. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    Thanks. It probably is good to feel but it really is not much fun.

    RV Vagabondes,
    I guess I am glad I don't follow FB but sadly the Japanese people do. The only hope I have is that we do out number the bigots and only hope the Japanese people realize that and pay no attention to the drivel.

  30. Patty, I so enjoy your blog. I am on my Sister's blogs several times a day and then there are 4 other blogs I read. yours, and velvet sacks to get a good story and hear about 2 people who have lead an interesting past and write really well....I read Old dog, Betty in Arkansas, to hear her rant because she is a lot like us sisters...and old lady lincoln for a good I am glad you are back to blogging again...

  31. I am working in Lafayette, Louisiana this week on a Habitat for Humanity build. In our group of 20, 15 are over 70 years old. We are doing good work here. Our foreperson Lauren says if anyone 71 years old would like to come work, they should call her. I'll get her phone number.

  32. So many people in the world are suffering now..

  33. Patti, excellent post. Many could learn from the Japanese people. One place to consider donating is the Salvation Army: I did not realize they give all, 100% of donations they receive that are earmarked for Japan (unlike many organizations who skim off the top).
    Thanks for posting this.

  34. Hi Patti,

    I read your post last night, but seemed to overwhelmed with it all to leave you a comment. You did a wonderful job explaining your feelings, and mine match right up with yours. I too, feel horrible for the whole nation of Japan, our friends. I'm going to read and link up to the blogs you mentioned.

    On another note, thanks so much for taking the time to come and visit me.

    Take care and God bless,

  35. I read this yesterday, but could not respond. The Japanese will recover and faster than anyone else. They have a wonderful resilience and heart. Dianne

  36. I've been over at Jen's site in Tokyo and am just appalled at the negative comments that have been thrown at the Japanese people during this horrific time in their lives.

    I join you in prayer for the many lives lost and devastation in Japan.

    God bless and have a beautiful weekend!!!

  37. Patti, several people have mentioned pets in their comments. I don't know if you can take this or not:

  38. 4th sister,
    Well there you are. I have missed you since you blocked your site. Pretty sure that was you coming thru as "anon" sometimes. Thank you for still hanging in there with me. Sorry I had to discontinue "anon". Too much spam.

    Linda Myers,
    You really got me interested so I am contacting a chapter that is more local(40 miles away) so I can do that and still take care of my pets and garden. Thanks for the inspiration.

    You are so right. I don't think there is a spot on this globe that isn't having some sort of crisis. The world is hurting.

    Oregon Gifts,
    Thank you. That part of the world needs all our help and encouragement right now.

    Thank you, I was unaware that the Salvation Army was in Japan. They are a wonderful organization.

    Yes they are Dianne. I have been so impressed by a people I barely knew before.

    Thank you for visiting her. She needs to know that those nasty people are just a small minority.

    I had seen that and it broke my heart. Somehow we see all these horrific numbers but have few faces to this tradegy.
    That simple and sweet story really hit home and brought the tears. Thankfully both dogs have been rescued and are being treated.

  39. The people of Japan will need our prayers and help long-term. I have not posted. I cannot add anything more to the your thoughtful post and others I have been reading.

    And oh yes, we heard some of those "they deserve it" comments after Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

    Thanks for the links.

  40. Good grief, the Japanese deserved this??? There certainly are some mean spirited people in the world, aren't there?

    I remember when Iowa was flooded, which pales in comparison to what the Japanese are enduring, but none the less it was terrible, our property was flooded as many thousands of others, at the time I was talking back and forth with a gal I had met online who lived in CA, she told me that Iowa was getting paid back for voting for Obama, a Muslim, I was speechless! Ignorance knows no bounds.

  41. Beautifully said! What happened in Japan rips at the heart. How the Japanese are coping with extrodinary challenges is an inspiration.

    Glenn Beck is a high school dropout with a GED, a Nazi bookcover, and a loyal following. This guy is trouble!

    Thanks for the links. I'm on my way over.

  42. LC,
    I do remember that and the same thing was said about Haiti. Somehow I don't remember a thing said about the Cristchurch quake.

    Iowa Gardening woman,
    Oh good grief. That you had a flood due to voting for Obama is the most ignorant statemnet I have heard. Those minds are hard to fathom.

    Think your description of Mr. Beck about covers it. What a douche he is. Thank you.

  43. Patti I did go by these links you gave us and read up on their latest post.
    It is such a tragic loss for all in Japan and I pray for them everyday
    Was thinking of you this morning wondering how you are doing

  44. I'm going to visit your friends link after I get done with my comment, Miss Patti. I feel weird posting funny posts now, too. I have a very silly one for tomorrow and I'm debating on it.

    It certainly seems Mother Nature is shaking her finger at the earth of late.

    So sad to think of the suffering all over...and so impressive to see a people rally with grace and dignity.

    Hope your Sunday is blessed today.

  45. Grandmayellowhair,
    Thanks for stopping by again. I was on your site this morning but rushed for time so I will be back to give your story a good read.

    I know, it is hard to be light considering all that is going on today but I think we do need to have a laugh, smile or just some light reading to take our minds off all the grim business.
    I will be going light also on Monday, think you should also.

  46. Patti, I found your blog while surfing and the title of your post intrigued me to stay for a visit.
    I think we have all been praying for Japan and marveling at the resilience of her people.
    I would only hope, in the face of such devastation, I could be the same.

  47. Shawn Becker,
    Thank you so much for stopping by.
    I agree, the Japanese are setting behavior standards quite high.Perhaps we can all learn by example.

  48. Hello Patti, You have written a fine tribute to the resourcefulness and dignity of the Japanese people. i have been grieving all week - I have several blog friends in Japan plus two American friends living there. I felt I could't post. Then, today, one of my Japanese friends asked me to start again - she said the Japanese people will move forward, helping each other and also relying on the help and good wishes of the World.

  49. You are so right. Japan has completely raised the bar for human spirit/behaviour. I am so stunned everytime I watch the news and view glimpses of Japanese folks resuming normal life , paying bills etc with such strong will! What's surprising is they haven't cried to the world for support yet!! Kudos to them. I am so hugely inspired just like you and the rest of the world(I hope). I pray for them everyday & hope they come out of this.

    Thanks for the links.

  50. Barb,
    Thank you. With the aid of the Internet, this world has really shrunken and world events now become personal.
    Do keep posting and do keep them in your thoughts and heart. I plan to.

    So good to hear from you, just sorry about the circumstances. What examples they have set for us. I know I am inspired to do better myself. They certainly have millions of world citizens behind them wishing them well. It will take time.