Monday, March 21, 2011


Thanks again Joan for the cartoon version of Mighty Dog.

My Mighty Dog is a 10 inches tall, 12 pound bundle of attitude. Terriers are like that you know. Now, he is the wuss of the world when it comes to pain but he still has the heart of a lion when it comes to combat. Weird combination for sure. It would be like a boxer yelling "ouch" each time he is punched.

In June of '09, Mighty was recovering from knee surgery. During his life, both of his knees have blown out and he has had to have his anterior ligaments restructured out of pins, screws, and believe it or not, 80 pound test fishing line. He is my little bionic, $3000.00 dog.

I had taken him for a therapeutic walk in the city park that summer of '09 when he was mugged by a 3 pound Min Pin named Fifi. That experience really damaged his ego and he has just never had a chance to redeem himself. Terriers live and die by their attitudes.

His pride really took a hit that day. He so wanted a rematch with the "terrible Fifi" but it never happened though I have taken him to the same park many times. I know he was hoping for just one more shot at her to prove himself.

He tried to rebuild his pride with macho scampers after the occasional stray rabbit but those never ended in a face to face. He had to be content with those little white bunny tails that would rapidly disappear from sight. For almost two years, he was a dog missing a part, his pride. Then the other morning, he was finally able to salvage that wounded ego.

I had been awakened in the wee hours by a dog barking. It sounded like my neighbor's dog had taken to bothering the cows again. I was thinking there was only one dog this time and it seemed as if he was in the pasture beyond my back fence. Finally the barking stopped.

Thanks to the barking I was wide awake and Mighty always assumes that when my eyes open, it is a signal to relax his bladder control. So he was standing at the edge of the bed, indicating it was time to go out and to please hurry. It was only 4:30 but tell that to his bladder. So I got dressed and took him out.

Instead of watering my Liriope as usual, he soundlessly tore around the corner of the house and I followed him in my best old lady run/shuffle. I tried to keep the flash light on him and rasped a muted "Mighty", trying not to wake the rest of the neighbors. I was fearing a raccoon or worse, a skunk. Perhaps that was why the neighbor dog had been barking.

Then the unmistakable sound of dogs fighting broke out, Mighty's high pitched squeal in the mix. My heart pounded in my chest in fear. My neighbor's dogs are Pit Bulls.

The "super moon" had illuminated the night but I still needed my flashlight to locate the actual fight. They were in the corner of the property under some small trees. I was partially relieved it was just one dog Mighty was scrapping with. It was a brown and white dog I didn't recognize.

As I ran closer to the fight, I saw the dog was at least 3 times Mighty's size but thankfully not a Pit. The big dog suddenly took off running with my pint sized pugilist hot on his tail. The strange dog was looking frantically for a way out of the fenced yard as he ran.

His long healthy legs carried him yards ahead of Mighty's stumpy, bionic ones but hey, Mighty was actually chasing him. They tore up the hill towards the front of the property. Mighty was now a good 75 feet behind doing his best in his flat out, low to the ground, fast pumping scoot while barking doggy obscenities at the fleeing hound.

Strange Dog flew past me towards the front yard and I screamed at Mighty as he rounded the shed. He never slowed as he ran towards me, still intent on the dog he was chasing.

In relief, I leaned down with my large 3 cell flashlight still in my hand to try to catch Mighty as he ran by. He ran right into the flashlight's barrel with his head as I grabbed for him. It sounded for all the world like a baseball hitting an aluminum bat. He staggered a bit then dropped to the ground, feet in the air quivering, totally stunned. 'Oh crap,' I thought in panic, 'I've killed my dog.'

He was glassy eyed and unable to stand so I scooped him up and hurried to the house. As I got to the door, I saw Strange Dog awkwardly climbing the fence in terror. How he got in my yard I still don't know, I only know how he got out.

Mighty had not a scratch on him and was fine in about 10 minutes. Guess the flashlight just rang his bell. However there has been a decided change in his swagger and attitude since then.

The old fighter won that round paws down and had I not clobbered him, he might have actually drawn flesh. There is no doubt that the Mighty One is back and so is his strut. RIP humiliation by Terrible Fifi.
He is back and he is bad.


  1. "Oh Crap, I've killed my dog." Thank goodness I had swallowed my coffee before reading that, otherwise I would have spewed it everywhere. It was not funny/funny--like a person slipping on ice, ya know?

    Great story.

  2. Long live Mighty Dog!!

    "barking doggy obscenities" - I wonder, does google have an app for translating those? LOL

  3. I love this post!!! I've got a terror too...(terrier)so I know what you're talking about. Your humorous account just makes my day. I needed this smile. Good Boy Mighty!!!

  4. What a great and victorious moment your Mighty Dog had! He must have felt very happy!

  5. Oh, how mighty is Mighty Dog. Love that picture, and I do know he would have killed him if you hadn't clobbered Mighty by accident! Glad he's okay, even better than okay!!

  6. Oh, Patti, what a wonderful, action-packed story ... the thrill of the chase, the near death experience and the escaping by the skin of your paws were just the things that I needed to read at 6:15 a.m. - I do believe you made my day already!

    Mighty Dog is brave and remarkable and please tell him that I said so. I love how you describe terriers ... my Dana is a Sheep Dog/Terrier mix, and man, talk about an attitude.

    Thanks for the great story! My friend Lisa just got published in a Chicken Soup for dogs, and I think you should submit this story into their next edition.

    Take care,

  7. Every time I check Blogger and find a post from you I get all excited. Everything you post is always so interesting and the way you put the words makes me feel as if I am there watching whatever is going on.

    The whole time I was reading this I kept is this going to end. A super read my friend.

    I must say I am glad your little Mighty is okay and so glad he now has his pride back. Good for Mighty!!! Great job.

    Hugs for you and nose kisses for Mighty!

  8. You are such a wonderful story teller, Patti!

    Yours is the first post I read this morning, and I'm so glad; I'll chuckle over this all day.

    You go, Mighty!!!

  9. Loved this story, Patti! You have a wonderful way with words...I was right there with you watching Mighty Dog! Give him a scratch behind the ears from me...he did good!

  10. And the croweds are shouring, "Go Mighty, you"re a big dog, Go Mighty your a bad a%#". Now watch he's gonna have a thing about flashlight. tee hee
    This was a terrific read. Thanks.
    The Olde Bagg, Linda

  11. I have a bad chihuahua that drives me crazy biting people's ankles. I wish he understood people are not fair game.

  12. I'm so glad Mighty is ok, watch him closely in case he has a concussion.

  13. Hi Patti - Kathy and Oregon Gifts of Comfort & Joy suggested I hop over for a visit and I'm glad I did. Your post is a riot, and I'm glad Mighty suffered no ill effects from his self-imposed flashlight bashing. :) My daughter's miniature Dachshund has tried to take on a Rottweiler and a snowman. :)

  14. YeeHaa Mighty! Way to go big guy, keep'n the neighborhood safe for ol ladies is a noble cause.

  15. Mighty Dog is the MIGHTIEST doggie in the WORLD.... Yeah for Mighty Dog... He is protecting his Mama from that scary intruder....

    Great story, Patti.

  16. Good for Mighty dog, he still has it. Loved the post.

  17. Dear Patti, I definitely will NOT allow Lucinda to visit you and Mighty. That pastel Rabbit would be bound to put him in his place and his ego would be deflated again. However, as it stands right now, he's the vanquisher of your neighborhood. Go Mighty Dog!

  18. I'm so glad Mighty is okay! Way to go, Mighty! Love the picture, too.

  19. Here's to Mighty Dog! Even a flashlight couldn't do him in.

  20. RV Vagabonds,
    Thanks. Careful with that coffee:) Glad I found your funny bone. I am laughing at my little fellow also.

    You know Judy, I'd put money on the fact that there must be an app for that:))

    Thanks so much. They are their own special breed aren't they? You have to own one to love one.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks Wil. Outside of a headache, he was quite smug.

    Thanks. It is hard to strut on bionic legs but he is putting on a show.

    Oregon gifts,
    Thanks so much Kathy. So glad you liked his story. They do have the market cornered on attitude don't they? Will think about the Chicken soup thing.

    What a really nice thing for you to say. Thank you. Now you will make me try harder.
    Mighty is fine and thanks you for the kudos.

    Thanks so much. The whole thing made me smile also. He is quite the character.

    Mighty leaned right into the scratch. He and I both thank you.

    Linda in NM,
    Yep, he is convinced he is a real bad A*#. It happened so quick, I don't think he realizes that the flashlight nailed him.

    Chi's don't know they are small. As for the ankles, well he would bite butts, he just can't reach them.

    Linda Starr,
    I did watch him closely and wouldn't let him go to sleep. I had to sing to keep him awake:)) Poor dog. He is fine now. Thanks.

    Lisa Ricard Claro,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and I am glad you were entertained. Dachshunds are like Chi's. They have no idea they are small. A rotty??? Yikes.

    Thanks for the salute. Not sure he was protecting me or just wanting a good fight. He is such a scrapper.

    I'd like to think that but I am not sure his motives were pure. Thanks so much.

    He does have it and in spades. He was lucky it was a chicken dog.

    Wow, if Lucinda took him out it would be all over for the Mighty one. I won't mention it to him.

    Thanks. A friend did that for me a while ago and I really liked it.

    Well it darn near did. It was one of those that cops carry. More of a weapon than for light. Thanks for the kudos for Mighty.

  21. Mighty Dog is top dog again! I love this story and I'm glad Mighty is OK.

  22. I am laughing out loud for sure after that! Like the RV Vagabonds I'm glad I wasn't mid swallow! You gotta' love a small dog that doesn't know he's small. blessings, marlene

  23. Atta way to go Mighty. You showed that dog and then your Mom knocks you cold.
    I looked up the reason for the alcohol in the aloe mixture. It dilates blood vessels and that speeds up the cleansing action of the Aloe and honey. 2nd reason is the aloe plant contains aloin and the body is unable to fully absorb this if not dissolved in the distillate. The Gerson Instit. is now using the aloe mixture. That how I found out about it originally. There are 2 books about it, both by Father Romano Zagi. One is "Aloe isn't medicine and yet, It cures". Other is "Cancer can be cured." He's not a fantastic writer but his information is valuable.

  24. Go Mighty! Dogs in Blogland better beware.

    Luckie lost a lot of spunk with age but when we lost all the trees, chipmunks and squirrels moved elsewhere. Her fun and exercise fell to nil.

    When I am through with procedure I know the order is to walk. I hope the construction on B.S. Dam is complete and we can walk as it is the only level area I know around here. I'll use my gym membership too.

    It doesn't work to put a treadmill in the house. I see too many other things that need attention.

  25. Reading your post is like watching a movie--the writing is that good.

  26. Long Live Mighty Dog! This was so cute! Thanks for the chuckle!

  27. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at the flashlight bonk. (I carefully removed the i there!) I know you must have been terrified.

    The late Howard Lee had that surgery three times. The new, break-proof line lasted less than a week. He weighed about 130 pounds though (sigh--my dog had my ideal weight) so I'd say that Mighty's knees are safe.

    Loved this story. I'm so glad you have a dog with a 'tude to guard you.

  28. Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    Thanks so much. Self esteem is so important.

    Thanks. You are so right, he hasn't the foggiest he is pint sized.

    Sure wasn't much of a mom to wack him senseless.
    So sorry the alcohol is necessary. Otherwise I would try it.

    I'm glad you have a level place to walk. These hills are brutal which is why I really like the treadmill. Sorry that won't work for you.

    Gee thanks Olga. That is a great compliment.

    So glad I could find your funny bone. Thanks.

    I am so sorry about Howard Lee. I am sure his huge size was just too much on the repair. Mighty has done marvelously on his but it was a long 90 days of therapy and care each time. I had a really good vet.
    Ha, 130 is my goal weight also.

  29. Oh Patti,
    I'm trying very hard not to laugh...between the line of imaging you doing your old lady shuffle and imaging you killing your dog with a flashlight...oh my gosh, what a sight!
    I am not diminishing the horror of the incident however but I am with RV Vagabonds...glad I didn't have anything in my mouth.
    Mighty Dog has been rescued by himself!!!

  30. I am sitting here laughing out loud at your funny scene in the middle of the Well 4:30 does seem like the middle of the night.
    Honey your the one that should be writing a book. I always enjoy reading your post but today was especially a treat. I sure needed a good laugh and you sure gave me one.
    Mighty is Back!
    Love ya

  31. Hi Patty! Thanks for your comment on judo. I am looking forward to reading your story of you taming a bully by using judo. ;)

  32. Yae for Mighty Dog. I'm glad he's got his mojo back. I'm glad you weren't hurt in any of this fracas.

  33. Holy COW! I'm late into this one, as usual. Mighty is one tough little dude! Try explaining that to the vet. Sure, Lady. He "ran into" the flashlight.

    I wonder what became of the stranger dog.

  34. Tracy,
    Good, I was hoping for laughter, that was my goal. When it happened was different but later when i knew he was fine, I saw the humor.

    Thanks Maggie, glad you liked it. Thanks, I can do short fluff pieces but I'll leave it to you and others to do the hard core book stuff.

    Reader Wil,
    You post did remind me of that time and I will be doing a post on it next week. Thanks for the reminder.

    Oh, I am fine thanks and Mighty's headache has been forgotten as he basks in his glory. Pride suffers no pain.

    You might be right. Sure looked suspiciously like puppy abuse didn't it:))
    Strange dog was last seen running down the side of the road like he had a destination. He looked prosperous so I am sure he belongs to someone. Have no idea how or why he came in my fenced in yard.

  35. LOL, LOL...Great post Patti....And GOOD FOR MIGHTY!!! I love the way you wrote this---I was right there with you and the wonderful Mighty!
    I'm so happy Mighty got his 'mojo' back!

  36. OOLOH
    Thanks. Me too Naomi, he has been acting almost puppish lately.

  37. Doggone adorable that Mighty is! :D

  38. Lynda G
    I know I am prejudiced but I really have to agree with you.

  39. Sweet Patti I loved this post the first time I read it and still do. I could see it all unfolding as you told it. That sweet Mighty for sure lived up to his name. Hugs