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If you have a teenage young lady in your family, this post is geared towards them. Or if you just want to read a pleasant, mystery with out gratuitous sex and graphic language, and one that keeps you turning pages, then this is the book for you. I am 71 and I enjoyed the stew out of it. Of course, my inner teen is alive and well.

Karen McQuestion is an e-book author and I have enjoyed several of her books. She has two adult books, plus she also writes young adult books. "A Scattered Life" which is adult reading, has been picked up for a movie option and is part of a give away at
Free Book Friday. Sorry but I think today is your last day to sign up.

Right now Karen is having a book give away on her own blog for her two YA books. Just leave a comment here before Friday and you are entered. Yeah, that means you have to enter there today also. Gosh I am sorry I was so slow with the information on both giveaways.

Her books always hook me either in the first paragraph or the first chapter. She hooked me on “Favorite” with the following excerpt from her book that she posted on her blog.

"No one was in sight at the dry cleaners when I walked in, but I sensed movement in the back of the building. The loud head-banger music coming from the rear reminded me of the heavy metal thumping I’d heard so often from Jason’s room.

I tapped the bell twice. A girl came out, took my receipt without comment and pushed the button to turn the rotating rack of clothes. Her eyes were still on the receipt when she returned, hanger in hand. “Hey,” she said, as she hung the dress on the rod in front of me, “your last name is ‘Favorite.’ That’s kinda cool.”

I nodded. I’ve heard it all by now—I must be everybody’s favorite, maybe I’m nobody’s favorite, was I my mother’s favorite? That one always made me want to cry.

“And your first name starts with ‘A.’” Her head bobbed in approval. “A Favorite.” She said it slowly, as if trying out a foreign phrase. “Way cool.” She punched a few buttons on the register and ran the scanner over the tag. “Kind of like you’re going through life as a chosen one. Like in the Bible.”

Now that one I hadn’t heard before. “Yep, that’s me,” I said. “The chosen one.” A strand of hair had escaped my ponytail. I tucked it behind my ear before handing her a twenty-dollar bill. If I wanted to I could have kept the conversation going by telling her that my first initial “A” actually stood for ‘Angel,’ but I decided not to go there.

She rifled through the register drawer and gave me my change in one lump. She said “You have a good day now,” in a really happy way.

It wasn’t until I was out in my car that I looked at the wad of cash in my hand and realized she gave me the wrong amount. Math was not my best subject, but I knew if you paid someone with a twenty, and you got a twenty, a single and some quarters in return, something wasn’t adding up. My first thought was to just let it go. I sat for a moment, staring at the cash and thinking of the girl’s earnest face and her friendly voice, then sighed. I had to take the money back. I didn’t want her to get into trouble because of me.

I tossed my wallet on the front seat of the car and got out with car keys and money in hand, not even bothering to lock the door. The Honda was the only car in the lot and just twenty feet from the front of the store. I figured it would only take a minute.

I was almost to the curb separating the parking lot from the storefront sidewalk when I glanced up, startled to see a dark-haired man coming toward me. He didn’t appear menacing at first. Just big. At least a foot taller than me, he had the bulky look of someone who wrestled professionally. He stepped off the curb as I approached. I mumbled a hello, but he didn’t seem to notice.

The next part I remember as if I’m watching a movie and seeing it happen to someone else. I’m lost in my thoughts, money clutched in one hand, the car keys in the other, and I’m walking toward the dry cleaners as if pulled by a string. The spell was broken when my arm was grabbed from behind. Shocked, I turned toward the guy whose vice-grip had stopped me.

I blurted out, “What do you want?” and looked to see if there was anyone else around, but we were alone. When I first passed him I hadn’t noticed anything but his size. Now I saw that his forehead was slick with sweat, and his sunken brown eyes were so dark in color they looked like two big pupils. I thought maybe he’d mistaken me for someone else until he grunted three words, “Come with me.”

It all happened so fast—I’ve heard people use that expression before, but I never really knew what it meant until right at that moment. Because it did happen that fast. In an instant I thought of the girls you hear about in the news, the ones who were abducted and raped, and how they tell you never to go anywhere with an attacker, unless you want to end up dead.

“Let go.” I tried to scream the words, but they came out as a strangled cry. I pulled away from him, but he held fast. I always wondered how I’d react if I were attacked. Now I knew. I had assumed I’d scream loud enough to rile the dead, and would kick or punch his eyes, neck or groin, like they tell you to do, but I didn’t know it was going to be like this. I couldn't’t get away from him and I was afraid. Scary movies, roller coasters, nightmares—nothing compared to the heart-pounding terror I felt at that moment.

“You need to see something,” he said, his voice flat. “Come with me.”

That may seem rough for a young adult but you have to read the rest of the story. It is a wonderful mystery.

Karen's books, if you don't win one, are found at either in Kindle or paper back form. Trust me, the price is right. Like I said, I really enjoyed this book and am sure your teen will also. Perhaps I found it so refreshing as I had just put aside Dean Koontz's latest novel with queasy stomach, unable to finish it.

I normally enjoy his books but this one took violence and evil to a new level that was just not for me. I have never had a book frighten me but that one did. If that is your thing then don't miss "What the Night Knows". I can not recommend it but someone else might like it. Different tastes makes the world go round.

"Favorite" was next on my TBR list after Koontz and it helped to glue my head back on. Aaahh. It would make a great present for a teenage grandchild, niece, or child who loves to read or whom you wish would learn to.

Enjoy, I certainly did.

Karen stopped by with the following information about the giveaway.

"If any of your blog readers want to enter my drawing, they have until tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. And if anyone reviews books on their blog, feel free to contact me. I still have a few paperback advance copies for reviewers."

March 6th
Congratulations to merrilymarylee for winning one of Karen's books. I am so pleased one of my referrals won. Way to go marylee. Enjoy.


  1. I'm already hooked and I know you to be a good book reviewer.

  2. I'm thinking about the Kindle thing.

  3. That was a good lead in. I will put it on the "gift idea" list since I do have a teen birthday coming up.

  4. Well, darn. I want to know what happened!!

  5. I entered the giveaway for Favorite. It sounds really interesting. Also, thanks for the heads up on Dean Koontz's latest book. I normally enjoy his books, too, but I'm sure this would be too much for me as well.

  6. Patsy, I saw the title for your blog post and thought it was such a coincidence that it was the same as my book title. :)

    Your review has made my day--seriously! Thank you so much.

    If any of your blog readers want to enter my drawing, they have until tomorrow afternoon. And if anyone reviews books on their blog, feel free to contact me. I still have a few paperback advance copies for reviewers.

    Patsy, I also wanted to say I love your blog. It's one of the few I follow and it never disappoints.

  7. I don't read Koontz (anymore), either, after I was talked into reading "Watchers." I must be easily spooked!

    You've given a tantalizing review, Patti. My 17yr old granddaughter would probably enjoy Favorite, and it piqued my interest, also.

    I've often wondered what sort of search engine/keywords authors use to find out when bloggers are talking about their books. In a post a couple of months ago I mentioned, by title and author only, a book I read in 1999, and received a very nice comment from the book's author. Shocked me, it did!

  8. Glory girl, I want to read it now!!! We have a thirteen year old gal outta our eight grandkiddos who would love this...thanks for the shout out!

    God less ya and have an amazin' day! place! :o)

  9. It is amazing how scarey the books young adults read ....look at Harry Potter.

    I am now the proud ownwer of both the 'Woman Homesteader' books ...paperback only though. ...I think they will be a great read ...and one I can dip in and out of if I so wish.Thank you for the recomendation on an earlier post.

  10. Can Kindle books also be bought for ipads? I wondwer with so many tablets out now how it will work.
    I also wonfer how ebook authors are created.

  11. marciamayo,
    Thanks marcia, it hooked me also and I found it quite enjoyable.

    Is there anyother way to read a book? I have really gotten spoiled.

    It would be a great teen gift. I remember loving to get books when I was a kid. Hope todays kids feel the same way.

    Same feeling hit me too and I had to get the book. It really takes some twists.

    Sure hope you win.
    It just may be me about Dean's book but it was just too much violence for the sake of violence for me. Rarely do I quit on a book.

    Thank you so much for the compliment. I'll add your information to the post. Thanks.

    Think I got through "Watchers" all right, this last one just left me really cold.
    Think your 17 year old will enjoy "Favorite"--- you will too.
    I am pretty sure they can subscribe to a service that will alert you when your name or book title comes up.
    How special that author contacted you. I have done several reviews, and Karen is the only one to notice. She is a follower so it may show up on her reading list.

    Thanks Nezzy, she sounds just the right age. Hope my commenters check out your givaway.

    Oh,girl, you are ahead of me. I still haven't gotten the Elk Hunt book of hers. I understand it gives a truer depiction of frontier life. I do plan to. Enjoy.

    Would you believe there is an app for that?
    Check out these two sites that will help.

    Also check Karen's back posts, she give very helpful advice on publishing ebooks.

  12. Thanks Patti - I'm going to check it out. blessings, marlene

  13. Thanks for the great review, Patti.... I have a teen granddaughter who might just get this book from me for her birthday!!!!!! Thanks again.

  14. Patti, Your reviews are always interesting and informative. Thanks for sending me insearch of again...

  15. Hi Patti! ,You made me curious! I 'd like to read the book myself now!

  16. Stichinbythelake,
    Think you will like it Marlene either for you or a youngster in your life. I know I did.

    I think books for teens is a wonderful gift. They need to know there is more to reading than decyphering text messages.

    Thanks, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Reader Wil,
    The same thing happened to me Wil and I had to go get it. Enjoy.

  17. You all are ahead of my reading on Kindle. I have enough for a year, maybe longer, without adding any more, but I do keep adding, especially inspirational reading which I need right now.

    So glad you enjoy your kindle as I do. I somewhat wish it had color like the NOOK, and it probably will some day.

    If I had hundreds to sink into a device that does a lot more than read, it would be the iPad. It is one cool gizmo.

  18. So glad that your inner teen is still alive and well! Thanks for the book tips.

  19. WEll goodness gracious, missed that deadline; the story of my life!
    Oh well, such is life, but thanks for the head's up and I'll have to seek it out.
    Thanks dear...

  20. Your post has hooked me on reading Favorite. Just think, it may be that that inner teen that Iowa Gardening Woman mentioned is alive and well in me, too!

  21. Live Paul harvey I know want to know the rest of the story.

  22. Nitwit,
    Me too. I have 104 books TBR but keep adding more.
    Nook would be great for magazines or newspapers.
    I'm with you on Ipad except that I have no reception here. Someday.

    Iowa Gardening Lady
    We have to nourish those inner children don't we?

    Aw, sorry you missed out. One of my readers did win which makes me happy.

    That lead in is what got me hooked also. I had to know what came next.

    Linda Starr,
    Me too. That is why I had to buy it.

  23. Well you got me hooked on Favorite, now I have to wait until April 1 before it's released. I don't have a Kindle. It's chilly here again this morning. Everyone is coming for cake and ice cream around 2. Granddaughter turned 11 (going on 30) yesterday. One of our four daughters will be turning 49 (going on 11) tomorrow, Monday. No meal, jsut cake and ice cream, but I have four different kinds of cheese ready, crackers, two kinds of dip and two kinds of chips, plus two kinds of grapes, so they should all find something to eat. I know my Mom will be bringing her delicious home made peanut butter fudge. Have a great day. Thanks for your visits.

  24. Here is a Kindle e-book that I thought you might find interesting and get a kick out of. It explains a bit about the cow business. It's called
    "Shadow Of The Wind" by Mackey Hedges

  25. Hi Patti, I will be looking for Favorite when it comes out. Sounds very intriguing. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Dear Patti,
    OK, you did it to me again. You got me hooked on another book. I love mysteries. I'm late with this post, I've been trying to organize my blog roll so I don't miss anything ..... spent the better part of a day on it and I klutzyly deleted everything. Grrrr Start all over again. My butt's sore from sitting at this computer. I try to be organized but I'm the most disorganized person you ever saw !!!!!! Thanks for your glowing book report.
    take care xo xo xo

  27. Marinela Reka,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome to TNS.

    That was funny about the two age comparisons. Happy Birthday to the 11 year old going on 30. Cake and ice cream is always good.

    Thanks so much. I checked it out and that does sound like one I would really enjoy.

    Guess it will be out soon. Thanks and hope you enjoy it.

    Good luck with your blogroll. I switched mine to "by date posted" rather than alphabetical and I still sometimes miss someone. Wish there was a fool proof method.