Thursday, May 26, 2011


Blogger will not let me post comments using my Google ID to some blogs....It keeps sending me to sign into my google account, over and over.  

This is only for those that require   "select a profile".  Others I have no problem with. 

I am sorry if you fall into that group for I really am reading your posts, I just can't comment. Blogger knows about it and is working on it. Hope they fix it soon for this affects a lot of the blogs I follow. 

It also seems to see fit to capitalize whole paragraphs all by its self.  Sigh. I keep saying--it is free after all.   


This may not be appetizing to you but it just may make me rich.

Do you know what this is? A hint--it is animal and smaller than a bread box. In its live state, it was a tireless worker and a beneficial fellow. It does occupy a low spot on the food chain and is not on the list of creatures I would wish to come back as.

According to Wikipedia, this thing is a hermaphrodite in that it has both male and female parts so any old stranger that comes along will do for reproduction. Yes, it was a worm, now it is worm jerky.

 I have a yard full of these wonderful earth movers and enhancers, thus I have a large Robin population. Also since there is an abundance, the Robins don't seem to be concerned with finishing a meal.

Seems there is a really juicy part to the worm for they tend to eat that and leave the carcass to cook in the sun till it reaches a leathery state while they go in search of a live one.

He can't believe I am offering it to him. I usually make him drop them. Should have painted it red so it would show up better.
That is when Mighty Dog steps in. He adores worm jerky. Not sure they are all that good for him but he has been eating and rolling in them for 6 years now with no ill effects except rather nasty breath and sometimes sticky hair. Unless I muzzle him there is no stopping his search.

 He knows I disapprove.  When he runs around with one hanging from his mouth like a skinny cigar, he will drop it instantly when I call him by his full name. That is when  he gives me his much practiced, “I'm sorry, I just can't help it” look.

His contrition is only temporary till I quit watching and he finds the next treasure. He has zero short term memory. Those of you who don't have pets can feel fortunate. Those of you who do, know what I mean. Extremely well fed animals can develop absolutely disgusting appetites.

I am thinking I may be missing out here on a business adventure. I should scour the yard before Mighty, place them somewhere they can really dry out, package them and sell them as dog treats. I smell dog treat dynasty.  Haven't you seen the dog treats made from pig ears, animal hides and goodness gracious, bully sticks?

Bully sticks  are actual dried, sometimes smoked and usually braided bull penises. Yes, you read that correctly. So considering the field of products on the market all ready, worm jerky is the much more benign dog treat. 

Dehydrated and sterilized cat crap is another idea I am playing with.  If someone else grabs these ideas and runs with them, just remember, you owe me on payday.

Do your animals seek out taste treats that make your gag reflex ball up in your throat?


  1. "WHAT" a post to bring memories of my mother to mind, she used our full names when my sisters and I misbehaved! The grandchildren once gathered fifty worms(at least) that were floating down our drive after a HEAVY down pour once and placed them in the flower garden.

  2. Oooh yes... Any kind of poop at the farm was a new treat for my city dogs. Their biggest treat was when the horse got her hooves trimmed. That "toenail?" was chewed on all day...uuugh!!!

  3. I've been having that problem on Blogger, too. It's frustrating. Well, Joey will eat just about anything. I don't know that I've seen him with worms, but I'm sure he'd like them.

  4. When I was 14 years old, I was walking my pet daschund one fine day when we came upon a large bullfrog in thsquashed e middle of the road. It had obviously been there a couple of days because it was dried out and stiff.

    Imagine my astonishment Fritz, in one quick, smooth motion, scarfed it up. You talk about gross.

  5. My dog when I lived at home as a kid used to love cat turds when they were partially embedded in snow or ice. My mom called them her frozen treats. YUCK!

  6. Ohh, gross! I think your worm jerky sounds positively benign when compared to things like smashed toads and horse toenails! :-)

  7. I think cat crap has toxic stuff in it, work jerky is probably good, I am having the same trouble with blogger on some blog, I'm going to look at my blog to see what is what.

  8. Hi Patti, glad to know you are safe from the storms. I had problems with not being able to comment the other day, too. Can I join you in the money making venture? We have tons of those worms here, too. They are huge. Should make into some tasty doggie treats. :D We don't have a dog now, but used to have German Shepherds and you can just imagine what those big ole dogs would eat. Yuck! Cute story. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  9. I too have had the same round and round. It has been suggested that if you go and download Google Chrome as you browser it will solve the situation....I am just stubborn enough to Google has enough of my soul as it is, they don't need to chrome me.
    I love the earthworm treats....why is it tht dogs eat such strange and disgusting things. Oh well, we love um anyway.
    The Olde Bagg, signed just in case I have to go anonymous in order to post this comment.

  10. Oh my! Thanks for the laughs! My (now deceased) Schnauzer, Silver, loved dead worms, dried or otherwise. I can't recall that he ever ate one but I probably wasn't watching closely, but I swear he could find even one dead worm in my yard then roll on it until he was covered with either dry or still wet worm carcass.

    All my dogs had a tendency to raid the cat litter boxes. YUCK! You could make a kajillion bucks if you could find a way to market that stuff!

    Mighty is mighty cute!

  11. With all the dogs I have owned, I would have a long comment.

    However, some are entirely too disgusting to write, and since I have had to discontinue my stomach medicine, I prefer to keep my gastric reflexes from upper entrance to lower exit in quiet esistence.

    However, cats eat a variety of disgusting stuff including grasshoppers, rodents, snakes.

    Three stray kittens have taken residence under our deck. I do not feed them but they look well fed. They are cute but I have to abide by City Ordinance.

    In our town, if you feed them you own 'em and you are subject to the pet ordinance.

    Next volunteer spay and neuter clinic I may pay for spay/neuter if they will find home. Since they are feral, I suspect shelters will not accept them. Those types belong on farms where mice and rodents comprise their daily diet.

    I'll have to get someone to humanely trap them.

    They are scratchup the top of my car and messing up the windshield as they slide down it with their muddy paws.

  12. Ohhhh...i have to race Max & Mia to the litter box, slam the laundry room, shift, dig and clean before the little devils can push open the's becoming a game...!!


  13. Blogger did that to me the other night and it made me CRAZY!!!! I had some time to read and respond and it wouldn't let me. I was so mad...

  14. The list of things that humans eat is pretty wacky too. I'm guessing that there are humans who eat bull penis, dried worms, and squished bullfrogs. Although, I think all humans draw the line at dried cat crap!

  15. Fun post... except for the problem. Same here. I'm a non techy totally but don't know how to fix. I know eblog is free but still this is all VERY annoying. :(

  16. Our dog loved to eat socks and kleenex. I think dogs can get the some pretty weird habits.

    I know folks are having trouble posting to my blog. I've to change things on posting and have contacted blogger. Like you, I've been thinking, "Well what do you want for free?" Hopefully this get fixed soon.

  17. I don't know where I will show up and don't understand a word you wrote about the blog issues. I thought you had the same setup I did and I pay about $24 per year for my setup.

    We love earthworms at our house. The compost bins are full of them. When Rita helped me fill pots last weekend we used dirt from the compost bin. She was very impressed with the worms. If you go into business, let me know. Dianne

  18. HI Patti, Several people have been having trouble with Blogger. It's those who use the embedded comment form (which I hate). AND--I have heard that it is happening to those who use Internet Explorer. I use Firefox and Safari--and have had no problems YET... ha

    You should 'market' those worms.... I'd bet you'd sell a bunch and become a rich lady.

  19. Bully Stick??? Learn something new every day.

    See I am not alone with the dog loving to raid the cat litter box. It was especially fun when she got full halfway through her snack and dropped the remainder on the floor. Wherever in the house she happened to be at the point of fullness. Gross!

  20. I too have issues leaving posts on some sites. And some replies arrive in my inbox mixed into other accounts almost as if they shared it. Creepy.
    This post has had me chuckle when I found myself trying to read and reread the penis word wondering if my eyes were working. Once I got to the you read it right I howled. You made my afternoon. Now I'm off for that eye checkup and will smile all the way!! Thanks Patti.

  21. What an adorable cutie!

    I've discovered and wrote about it on my post today that I can't post comments for those blogs that have their comment box embedded under their post. The full page and pop-ups are OK. It was really frustrating with that Google ID thing. I kept trying and trying and it was making me crazy. I finally just chose Anonymous and signed my name under my comment. That worked for most.

  22. Erm no, but your post made me gag! I can't remember our cats eating anything to disgusting, but licking their own butts was never that appealing a sight to me. :D

  23. I have one thing to say. You DO come up with the most interesting posts. It's always an education when I tune into your blog. You post on things I've never even heard of. LOL

  24. Blogger went through a nasty time of falling over every time I answered people's comments on my site. I would press send and it would tell me that it was unable to process my request (or words to that effect). I would always select my comment and copy it before trying to post it...., just in case. My second attempt to send it would always work. I do get frustrated sometimes with Blogger, but I can forgive it as I am so very thankful for this amazing free service and the opportunity it gives us to be in touch with people all over the world.

    We have no dog but... our cats do eat mice and rats... The little top part of the scull that they leave behind, and the worst parts of the digestive tract do make me struggle to remain in "adult" mode and force myself to clean up the mess!

  25. AHA! I think that you are on to something...Blogger has been giving us all fits lately. The next thing will be the news that they are going to a paid subscription serivce.

    And yes, on to something with the pet treats as well. Good luck with that.

  26. LOL, LOL....Well, not really! Though back-in-the-day, I use to feed my cats MELTS---they went crazy the minute they smelled them---I had to cut them up with a scissors, LOCKING the cats out of the Kitchen while I was doing it---I thought they would break the door down...!!!
    MELTS are the lining of some dear Anumals stomach, which certainly could be up-chuck or gag worthy for some people....

    Never have seen works like these, my dear. Good luck with this idea---I think you could make a fortune! The Worm Jerky Queen.....(lol)

    I hsve been having the same problem that you mention above--BUT, I find if I do everything it tells me I need to do, the comment does get posted, finally. But it sure is a drag having to fill out all that crap each time, plus, Word Verification.

  27. It must be a protein thing. We have a very old potbellied pig who lives in a heated switching case under our deck. For most of the winter he had a rat living with him and things were pretty tidy. Now, as the weather has warmed, the rat has vacated and it's getting kind of stinky down there.

    I don't want to know.

  28. Wanda,
    I too remember how that worked on me which is why I use it on Mighty.
    Wow, you probably have even more worms than I do.

    I had forgotten about that. My dogs loved my blacksmith. They would fight over the toenails.

    I'm sure if he was offered a nice dried up, leather like one, he would snap it up.

    You mean I have been driving by those road kill frogs when my dog would love them? Guess I had best break for frog pancakes.

    I hope the turd popsicles didn't smell. The fresh ones are awful.

    And just think of all the people who let their dogs kiss them on the mouth.

    Linda Starr,
    Don't think it is you. Blogger knows about it and is working on it. Hope they fix it.

    Line them up for the dehydrator or set them out in the sun. We can make a killing.

    Linda in NM
    I am still hoping Blogger can fix it. I tried anonymous and it still didn't like me. Aaarrgh.

    We just have to make cat crap safe to eat and non smelling and we would be filthy rich.
    Mighty likes to roll in them also. Not sure I would put up with a guy with those traits.

    Sure you and Luckie don't want three new friends? They are living there anyway.
    Good luck with the trapping.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    I had to put the litter box in one room and get a childs gate to keep Mighty out. The cats can climb it, he can't. They do love it don't they?

    I know. It is so aggravating. I hate that people think I am ignoring them.

    Think you are absolutely right on both counts. At least I sure hope you are right about the cat crap.

    I just hope this is fixed soon. At least they know about it.

    Retired English Teacher,
    At least I hope they let us know how we can correct it if they can't. It came on suddenly.

    I'll let you know. Think of a cool name for the product.

    Those are the ones that I can't get through on. I have Firefox, maybe I ought to switch when I want to comment. Thanks.

    Well now that is special. Aren't they thoughtful. And we love them anyway.

    So glad I could give you a chuckle. Good luck with the exam.

    Isn't it frustrating? I tried Anonymous also but it still wouldn't let me. It doesn't want me in any form.

    LLCool Joe,
    Cats really are flexible aren't they? Dogs can do the same. No kisses for me thank you.

    Don't feel badly, I often don't know what I am going to write about either.

    Well, if you are ever reduced to eating rats, you will know what the good parts are thanks to the kitties.

    Well at least if we paid we could really gripe. Now I feel guilty complaining.

    Eeew, never heard of Melts. Think I will by pass them if I see them.
    So far, no matter what I do solves the problem. Hope Blogger can find the answer.

    Linda Myers
    Pretty sure you are right on it.
    Do you suppose the pig and rat had a falling out. Good luck.

  29. Patti - I am confessing to you that when I was finishing my Masters (long, long ago), I made an "earthworm farm" as a science project. (The Masters was in El Ed which might explain why on earth...) You and I could have made millions - me producing the worms, you drying them in your yard. (However, you would have had to keep Mighty on a short leash.)

  30. That was so funny! What a cute dog! My dog, Pearl, has been bringing me dead mice (big ones) from the backyard. I have a doggie door, so she just brings them in and leaves them on the carpet! She's done it twice, and both times I've had a panic attack until I realized they were dead. You must never know what dogs will do. Ha!

  31. Our dog also eats many disgusting (to us) things, but never seems the worse for it. We just have such sophisticated tastes, I suppose!
    Wordpress has not given me any problems whatsoever, and it is free, as well. Don't know the pros and cons as to why people go with one or the other, but I hear more complaints about problems with Blogger.

  32. I've never seen worms do that. I wonder if they're a different variety. I'm sure my dog would have loved them though, the smellier the better! I think that's a great idea for a small business ;)Sue

  33. Hi Patti,

    I'm sorry that you are having so much trouble with Blogger. Lisa and I have lost our followers widget.

    I think that you are onto a great idea. You can begin a worm farm, soak them in beef broth and stick them into your deydrator. Then, just stick them into a ziplock and sell them at your local Farmer's Market. EASY project.

    I'd leave the ones in your yard, because they do good and are the private reserve for Mighty Dog.

    You know what is funny? We do not have earthworms here in CO. I don't know why. Something about the climate. We don't have rattlesnakes either, but I don't miss them. I've bought some worms that the fisherman get and put them in my planters, but never saw them again.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  34. I'm having problems with my comments and the follower thing won't show up, although I contacted my computer guru and he said they are still there. He said to said to wait a couple of days and sometimes it takes care of itself. I remember you once said you did the new editor and I'm still on the old editor. Do you think that makes a difference? I don't know what to do. Any ideas?

  35. Oh, can I identify, right down to my dog poop post today! We live in parallel universes. Mighty has the cutest, most expressive face!

    I get that Blogger Sign in thing often and find that if I do the back arrow, it takes me back to the Comment section again but isn't such an ass about it this time. :)

    Incidentally, when I initially posted my blog, only the title posted--nothing else. Go figure.

  36. Barb,
    That would work. We can't have Mighty eating all the profits.

    Janie B.
    Wow, you have a mouser dog. Good dog.

    Blogger has worked quite well until about a week or so ago. Now it seems when they fix one thing another breaks. I will stick with them a while longer. Changing is not easy and often you lose a lot of benefits.

    It is funny with there great smiffers how they like really raunchy smelling stuff.

    Yes, I would have to leave Mighty his private stock. Might even put his picture on the package.
    That is so strange that you have no earthworms. Think I'll check in to the why just for my own benefit.

    I can't leave comments on your blog so I will email you.

    I haven't been able to perservere long enough to post a comment on some blogs. Those with anonymous settings are accessable. Blogger does know about it and is working on it.

  37. Patti,
    I made the changes you suggested. How do you know all this? You sure know a lot more than I do. I don't know if people can now leave comments but my followers are still missing. Hope I don't lose them all and have to start over. For several months, I haven't been able to answer comments on Safari (Mac computer) but it worked in Firefox. Wonder if this was the beginning of this mess.
    Thank you so much for your info. You one "smart cookie."

  38. You and your post ~ you crack me up! Dogs sure can take a liking to some strange things. Back in the day when we had the bait shop our dog would eat dead minnows. I'd toss them out for the birds; but if she'd see them laying on the ground she'd first have to roll in them then eat them. Needless to say, I quit tossing them out for the birds. A dog rolling in dead fish bait is not a pretty smelling critter to have around:)

  39. You have great ideas! Are you going to send them to a factory for animal food? I have no idea where you can send inventions and new ideas.
    Patti, I changed the video, may be you can hear it now? Thanks for your visit anyway. I hope that your problems will soon be over.

  40. Good grief Patti. I'm not really sqeamish but... this all reminds me of Baron's puppy (if its dead or deposited and smells really bad I'll eat it) phase. Thanks god he's past that now.... :)

  41. Manzanita,
    Most of that I learned from others. Hope it helps you out. I know now at least I will be able to leave a comment on your blog. Thanks.

    Ok, dead fish trumps dried worms. Yikes.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks, I will try again. I tried to copy the warning message but my computer didn't respond. This is frustrating but I am sure will pass.

    Maybe he is just sneakier about it. Mighty will grab one and run under a bush to eat it.
    By the way, I am unable to comment on your blog lately. Blogger is supposed to be fixing it.
    If they don't, you can change your comment setting to "full page" and that will fix it. Hope we are fixed soon.

  42. I think you have a plan with 2 winners Patti. If they can sell bully sticks surely you can sell your cat poop and worm carcasses. I don't think I would buy any of those products for Chancy but I would hope your business did well. Chancy would love to get to the litter pans and eat poop but he can't get to them. That is just gross!!! Thank you so much for visiting Chancy's blog and leaving a comment. I love what you have to say no matter where you say your gift with words. Hugs and nose kisses from us for you and Mighty

  43. Miss Patty, I do declare your subject matter today is a bit dried out but I must say educational for sure. Your entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring. I do think you might have something worthy of our local pet store. Will I see you on the TV show Shark Tank soon? Good Luck :-)

  44. OMG! This made me laugh AND shudder all at the same time! ha! Blogger is being a pain but I keep telling myself, "You get what you pay for..." ha!

    I think my weiner dog would be one of your first customers. He likes anything to do with 'bug' flavor.

  45. LOL, Patti you never cease to amaze me. Yes, you might have quite a little enterprise in your backyard.
    I was having problems with blogger also, but they seem to be straightened out now. I finally gave up and shut the computer off.

  46. Mumsy,
    Thought I would check out that blog since you had taken a break.

    You know I haven't watched the show but I know the premise and I thought of them right away. Good call.

    I will put "weiner dog" on my mailing list :))

    It has been maddenig hasn't it? Seems one thing gets fixed and another breaks. I agree about the price however.

  47. Add goose poo to your list of potential marketable items, my dogs thing it is wonderful! I had to change my walking route so I don't have to watch them scarf it down :).

  48. PS I am having the same problem with Blogger posts......

  49. Iowa Gardening Woman.
    You have my deepest sympathies. Nothing smells as bad a goose poop.