Monday, May 30, 2011


There is a blog I visit that for me is a can't miss.  Doris's social worker's blog  keeps me coming back for her compassionate, often sad, sometimes humorous but usually redeeming accounts of people she has met as a social worker. Her stories are quick and to the point yet lack nothing and are only added to by being succinct. A trait I really wish I had.

Recently she went off the plate a bit and wrote about the Joplin disaster as she lives not that far away, but was not physically effected. She has some good links for those who want to help but the main reason I am suggesting you visit her blog is for the eye witness account she included that is written by a doctor who was working in the ER the day the storm tore apart St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Mo.

The news media gave us all a mind numbing look at the destruction after the fact and the eye witness accounts of what happened were heart wrenching, but I could not imagine what it really must have been like. This is  so beyond our own life experiences.

Dr. Kikta, takes us through those horrific 45 seconds but then further into what that actual horror looked like to a medical professional in the ensuing hours. After reading his powerful account, the full scope of that horror has hit home.

My exhausted bank account which has tried to help one unthinkable disaster after the other, eagerly flew open once more. I highly recommend the trip to Doris's blog.  My eyes, that I only thought were open, are now wide open.


Also, today is a day to remember those who gave all to protect us through years of humans acting out the baser side of humanity through wars. Most women have trouble understanding a lot of the reasons for war yet must offer up the prides of their womb as cannon fodder.

I do not understand the need to solve conflict with weapons but realize that we have not evolved enough.   Wars will continue be inevitable for a long time yet. The greedy, those who thirst for power, and those who demand we think as they do, will continue the need. Maybe some day.

Today, we remember those who gave their lives to keep their loved ones safe and to insure that English remained our first language. I remember and honor them but I also honor the families who have an empty chair at the table today. They too gave all.


  1. So many disasters here in the USA lately and I think more flooding in more states when more snows melt soon, I uderstand California is expecting lots of snow melt, so sad about people's losses across the country especially in these hard times.

  2. Amen. Thank you, Patti, for bringing up the subject of Memorial Day and what it means. In reality, every day should be Memorial Day. God bless.

  3. I thank you for the side trip. Sure puts my petty problems in perspective. And good reminder about Memorial Day. It is not just about the beginning of summer and a day to shop for those new white shoes.

  4. Remembering those who serve today is also on my mind, as I honor those who gave their lives. Well said, Patti, I think this year that Memorial Day is being remembered by many as something more than a day off. I'll go visit that link now.

  5. Another great post Patti. I will go read the other blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am so sorry for the people of Joplin and other areas that have been hit by disasters. We commemorate those who have given up their lives, but wars are so senseless and so terribly sad and unnecessary.

  7. When Robert and I visited a traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, it really hit home how many had given their lives...including men Robert and I knew...whose families have an empty seat at the table. Thank you for your moving post.

  8. Thanks for the link I will surely check out, and thanks for being such a good writer!

  9. So much to ponder. Blessings to those who suffered. Thanks, Pat, for this post.

  10. Heading over to read Doris's blog right now. And yes, to everything you said here, Patti.

  11. That humans believe in killing fellow humans for power and wealth will never end. Culturally it cannot. Scriptures and historic events are repeatedly referred to and speak to us of heros. We have created a double standard.
    I personally wish that teaching humans to respect humans would work. I hate war but I understand that we are bound to give thanks to those who opt to take care of us.
    Nature is so powerful and cruel and unpredictable. Hopefully strong young folks will step up and help rebuild the areas.

  12. Thanks, Patti... I'll check it out--in my SPARE time.. ha ha.. It does sound like a great blog though.

    YES we don't ever need to stop thanking those service men and women who did (and are doing) so much for OUR FREEDOM. God Bless them ALL.

    Happy Memorial Day.

  13. Thank you for guiding us to that amazing blog had to be good reading if you recomended it. I was in tears reading the doctors account.
    As for war ...I see why some happen and why countries get drawn in to others problems but really nothing is ever really resolved and so many loose lives on both sides ...will we ever have an answer that stops the maniacs at the head of the countries causing so much death around them, while they stay alive to the bitter end.

  14. Thanks for the heads up about Doris's blog post. I've posted about it.
    Rememebering those who gave their all so we remain free. And giving thanks to those who have served and are dad, my brother, my daughter, my grandson. I'm humbled.

  15. I enjoyed your post. Thanks to my wife, Patty, who reads you all the time.

  16. Hi Patti,
    Hugs are probably called for...
    It is certainly quite a time we are living through, and we seem to be having constant reminders of our frailty. Wind, weather, ground that shakes and splits, and sea that goes where it shouldn't... I guess we can either form a foetal position and not get out of bed in the morning, or fling our arms wide and embrace the life that we do have! I once asked a dear friend of mine (who is wonderfully cheerful) how he always keeps so happy, and he said that "I get out of bed in the morning with a fixed grin on my face". This was no throw away line, he said it with a gritty, determination, and it is an interesting and challenging way of looking at life and dealing with whatever...... P xx

  17. Both subjects today, encompass the unthinkable...The Natural Disasters and The Man-Made Disasters. It is ALL so hard to fathom, isn't it?
    Thanks for this post, my dear Patti.

  18. What a nice blog Doris has and thank you!

    Yes, Memorial day is one of remembrance; really it is not suppose to be a celebration so I tried hard to remember quite frequently today and I'm so thankful I was blessed to be an American!

    lovely post Patti!

  19. That does catch my heart so..."an empty place at the table." Just so graphically describes a loss, doesn't it? Thanks to all who served and serve today. In Memory of the Fallen.

  20. Thank you for the link, I did check it out and it looks like a good read.

    My heart goes out to all of the people suffering in the terrible storms etc.

    It isn't Memorial Day here in the UK, but it is a Bank holiday.

  21. I read the doctors account of the tornado! How awful!

  22. You are so sweet and selfless in that you are always directing traffic to others blogs and helping to promote people. That's a beautiful trait of yours. I'll pop over to her blog. Thanks, Patti.

  23. Linda Starr,
    It has been a staggeing season for disaster. I so hope we are through but then hurricane season starts Wednesday. Keep you head down.

    Thank you and you are so right. To bad we have to regulate caring.

    You are so right. It is so hard to have the nerve to gripe when we look around us.

    I fear when I was younger it was only a day off for me. Then Vietnam came and losing friends brought it all home.

    Thanks for also linking her blog. It was a powerful piece.

    Reader Wil,
    I know Wil, I also will never understand the need for wars.

    I really would like to see that memorial. I did lose some friends in that war also.

    Aw, thanks so much Judy for the compliment and for visiting her site.

    Yes there is and thank you.

    I know we feel the same about that. Thanks for checking out her blog.

    Wars are beyond my comprehension.
    I do hope the younger generation can try another way.
    As for Joplin, that community is really pitching in.

    Hope you make it for it is a powerful piece.
    We need to thank the living and remember the dead. It is the least we can do.

    I know what you mean. His account left me quite shaken also.
    I think if they let women run the countries, wars would cease.

    Thanks also for linking to Doris's post. It was a real stunner but gives one hope on how the town rallied.
    Wow,your family has gone above and beyond serving. Thank you.

    Thanks for stopping by Abe and thank you for your service.

    Thanks Peter, your hug arrived in good stead.
    Your friend has the only sound solution to getting through these rather rough days.

    Thank you Naomi. Somethings rather hurt but need saying. Lets hope at least the natural disasters take a break.

    Thank you and I thought you would like her post.

    Amen. Those with the empty place at the table remember every day, not just once a year.

    LLCool Joe,
    Thank you. It has been a rough time lately for all corners of the earth.
    Our banks close also.

    Iowa Garden Woman,
    He really made the whole thing quite vivid and horrifying didn't he.

    Some things just need to be shared. When I find something well done or informative, I like to let others know. I'm glad you went over to her blog.

  24. I consider Doris' blog a must-read, too, and was especially grateful to her -- and to you for the reminder -- for sharing the doctor's story from Joplin, giving us a personal view of the enormity of the tragedy and the very real human suffering. Whether weather related or war-related or due to some other tragic circumstances, the loss that so many families experience is unimaginable. Whether we help with money, with relief efforts or with heartfelt prayers, it's important to pause today and every day to remember those who have sacrificed so much and lost so much.

  25. Thanks for the post. This Memorial Day seems to be hitting hard - maybe due to all the recent weather tragedies all around as well. I will check out your friend's blog, thanks for the heads-up.

  26. I will make the side trip. Our church sent a group of people who stayed three days in front of a devastated HOME DEPOT and served 3000 burgers or hot dogs to workers and persons affected by the Joplin tornado. As their supplies diminished they hated to leave,but another church arrived out of the blue and ours relinquished the ideal location to them. God moves in ways that we cannot fathom.

    I hear you on the bank account assault, but it is all some of us can do. I get so much in the mail and have to set priorities.

    It is the nature of the organizations--just because you gave, they spend as much as you may have given on stamps sending you mailing labels for donations year after year, and sometimes several times a year. I finally sent one back, requested removal from mailing list. I threw the labels away.

    Now our Humane Society is in deep trouble. It became a NO KILL facility about 2 year ago. They were overcrowded then. Things have worsen. Leadership allegedly spent unwisely. It is a difficult decision to support or not. And now there are about 6 animal shelters of various unknown quality in the area, siphoning funds of animal lovers. It is hard to know if they are shelters or torture chambers in light of a recent court case in the area.

    I guess it is like giving to anything else: you heart is right and that is the most important criteria!

  27. Patti, As a student of history, I don't think there are now or ever have been rational reasons for war. There are rationalizations after the fact, for sure.

    Does anyone really understand why the US is spending 112 billion per year for the war in Afghanistan? I don't and I have read anything I could find to help me understand.

    No matter what we do, after the US is gone, the Taliban will come back with a roar. They always have. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but some would call this a rational appraisal.

  28. Oh my goodness, Patti! That 1st hand account by Dr. Kikta is totally mind shaking. It's incredible to really know what it was like.

  29. I wish there were something I could do besides send money.

  30. Hi Patti,

    I read this earlier and posted the link to your friends blog on FB ... wow, what a well written article and what heroes those people are. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments ... I know, the Scott's Broom does look pretty. I wonder if we could use it to make real brooms?

    Have a great day,


  31. I agree with you on the blog by Doris, social workers blog.
    I know what you mean by wanting to help people struck by natural disasters. They are nerve chilling. I wish I was young enough to go and actually help.

  32. Patti great of you to share this blog site with us. I will be sure and go by Doris's site.
    These storms have really been on my mind a lot and I can not even begin to imagine the heart ache and loss our neighbors are going through right now.
    Think of you often

  33. Thanks, Patti, for the link. The doctor's account of the suffering and devastation after the tornado was moving and sad, but so real. It really helped to "see" a bit of what happened. I just wish I could help them all out. I will keep praying.

  34. Oh, Patti, so beautifully said. I remember watching news clips of the bombings in Japan when I was a child and thinking that now that there was the threat of something so horrible, people would never war again.
    What does a kid know, huh?

  35. Dianne,
    Mankind just doesn't know how to play nice does it? Trying to find logic is a lost cause.

    I know, that account just stunned me. I had to share it.

    I feel the same way. Prayers and coins are all I can offer.

    Thank you for putting it on FB. The more that know of the true extent, the more who will be willing to help.

    I agree. When I was young and could help physically, I worked. Now I have the time but not the health or stamina. Not fair.

    It has just been one disaster after another. I just hope they are over for a while. Mom Nature needs to take a break.

    That is what it did for me also. To hear people were injured or killed is so sad, but to hear how is totally eye opening.

    Thank you. We just don't learn do we? It seems so simple yet unattainable.We should all think with the mind of a child.

  36. Thanks for hooking me up with another great blog, and for your Memorial Day comments.

    God bless us, every one.

  37. About blogger - your posts aren't popping up on my sidebar even though I have you listed. *sigh* I had to hunt you down. As you say, it is free, after all. At least there's that.

  38. Lisa,
    Blogger is a challange isn't it? I finally figured out that if I sign on to your comment section as anonymous, it will go through.
    Thanks for hunting me down.

  39. Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    Sorry, had computer problems and you and two others got misplaced.
    Doesn't Doris have a great blog? Her stories are so worth the trip.

    I Wonder Wye,
    Thank you for taking the side trip. Think you will find if worth wile.


    That was just wondeful what your church did. Wow. And then to have another church step in to continue. That is makes you realize just how great most people are about helping out.
    Sorry about your Humane Society problems. I wonder how the shelters in Joplin are handling all the stray storm dogs.

  40. Thank you Patti for once again taking an interest in those in need and spreading the word in your blog. It has been such a horrible year with one disaster after another.

  41. Canyon Girl,
    This truly has been a horrific year disaster wise hasn't it?

  42. Patti,
    You are SO SWEET!

    Thanks for linking my post to your blog, and for all the thoughtful comments.

    Sorry I am just now catching up... been so busy with work and now children out of school...phew!

    Thanks again, Patti. ((( hugs ))))


  43. Doris,
    Your post definitely needed to be read by as many as possible.
    Hope you get a chance to catch a breath. Have missed your stories.