Monday, May 16, 2011


Yes it came and isn't it cute? In a previous post I mentioned how much I loved Orange Blossom perfume when I was a kid and how disappointed I was when I discovered my Mock Orange plants that were supposed to supply that aroma, proved to be of the scentless variety.

I found this perfume through Amazon and couldn't resist. I was truly excited when I opened the package and there it was. The label and  shape of the bottle were identical to the one of my youth though it was quite a bit larger. The original was half dollar sized. Ouch. I just realized that there are many people who have never seen a half dollar.  

My hands almost trembled as I opened the small bottle. Tentatively, I took a sniff that took me back the 60 years I was hoping for. Oh yes, it was a familiar scent from my childhood all right—airplane glue. Very similar to what my young boyfriend used when he built model airplanes. The memory target was the same, the scent was not.

Rats, twice disappointed by a scent in one week. I repeatedly sniffed it in the bottle hoping I was wrong.  Un uh, still glue.  The optimist in me dabbed the glue smell on my pulse points hoping it would improve outside the bottle. Nope, still the glue smell though not quite not as strong.  Now however, it followed me around.

Planning to chalk it up as a learning experience, I sadly went about the rest of my day. I puttered about the yard, had dinner and while waiting for my Marlin's baseball game to start, I went out on the porch swing to enjoy the approaching evening. There was a gentle breeze when I noticed it. The distinct aroma of orange blossoms.

Thinking my plants were finally coming through for me, I ran to sniff the blossoms. I buried my nose in them but nothing. Huh?? Then I took a whiff of my wrist. There in all its nostalgic glory was the delightful smell of orange blossoms. The glue smell was almost totally gone. Evidently this perfume takes its own sweet time to get going.

So those of you who also had sweet memories about this fragrance, I can recommend it. Just don't be in a hurry to go anywhere till it kicks in unless you plan to lunch with a person of interest who still dabbles in model airplanes. It will drive someone like that most likely into a frenzy of desire. Be careful.


  1. Funny. But at least you did finally get the bouquet you remembered as a child. Does the glue smell make you "high"? :)

  2. I've never heard of that perfume, but I love the bottle. I'm glad it finally worked for you...just have to plan ahead when you wear it!
    My favorites were Love's Baby Soft and Charlie. I found both of them at Wal-Mart recently! I looked pretty foolish standing there smelling those two perfumes over and over again...reminiscing...

  3. My mother thought To a Wild Rose by Avon should be my signature scent but I liked Ambush!

  4. Glad it finally kicked in. Too bad they haven't invented a "click here to smell" button on Blogger, but who knows, maybe they eventually will.

  5. I think you need some pure essential oil to regain that orange blossom fragrance, check at a health food store or head shop to see if they carry any, and lots of time there are testers, so you wouldn't have to buy unless the fragrance was what you wanted.

    Sometimes essential oil is too strong though and should be diffused by warming a small amount slightly and letting the scent drift into the air to enjoy.

    It is a lovely bottle and label.

  6. Oh my gosh! I now know the name of the perfume I've been trying to remember for ages! Thanks to is Ambush. I don't always read others comments, but I'm so glad I did. Way back when, I had a perfume that I wore all the time and even my mother started wearing it too. At the time, I wished she had her own scent but I didn't say anything. Then I moved on to other scents and didn't remember the name "Ambush". I'd look for it in the store, but nothing rang a bell so they must have quit making it. Wonder if I'd still like it after all these years?

    I haven't heard of your Orange Blossom but it sounds like it would be nice. Cute bottle!

  7. I understand completely how you felt. I only wear Tea Rose and it's getting harder to fine. This reminds me I need to get some more, only this time get a smaller bottle. Got large bottle last time, it soured with age.

  8. Patti,

    I'm so happy for you! The smell of glue gives me a headache, so I'll have to decide on that part ... unless I dab it on the back of my knees so that soon I'll smell good but not get a headache. I'm always trying to figure out how to make things work best for me, if you haven't noticed.

    Yay on your memorable find. Too bad it wasn't the flowers finally kicking in though. :>)

    Kathy M.

  9. Yeah! You finally got the smell of youth again!

  10. In my former profession we had time-delayed meds, but I did not remember any time-delayed perfumes or colognes.

    However, the airplane glue odor is kinda disturbing. Do you suppose you get high and then hallucinate the orange blossums.

    OH well, we all need some escapism as we age. Unfortunately mine is linked to food.

  11. PS to your comment on my blog...

    I am indeed "on guard" over becoming too much of a Tennesseean. That corn-pone humor is too much!

  12. Oh Patti, you are a ray of sunshine, or should I say one funny, glue sniffing gal. Amazing mind-altering discovery.

    I would have been so angry when the glue scent emerged, I would have tossed the bottle out. HOurs later I would have had to pour through the trash. (No matter how strong the glue/orange blossom smell, it can't compete with the other scents that fill my trash can.)

    Congratulations on your perseverence. I used to have a cat like you. We called him "old patience, persistence and a burning desire." He always got his way. Dianne

  13. You found it! Body chemistry has a lot to do with scents I wear, maybe the same holds true for you.
    Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

  14. LOL, love it, a frenzy of desire. I wonder why it takes so long for it to kick in? I had a perfume once that didn't smell that great, then I discovered after I applied it, if I took a little warm water and rub over it, and dried it and it smelled a lot better. Don't know if that would work or not. Nothing seems to smell or taste like it did 60 years ago. I wonder how orange flavoring might smell?

  15. I've never been one to wear much perfume, but I did like Chanel #5. It was so expensive that I couldn't afford it often. But now that I am getting old(er?), I have found that my nose is very sensitive to smells, and that almost any perfume annoys me. But maybe it is just that people wear so much of it now. We learned that you should only smell the scent as you came close to the person wearing it-not the cloud of scent that envelopes so many people, I sound very old and crochety there.

  16. How wonderful...I have those thoughts when I smell 'Old spice' as it was the scent my Dad use to wear and my sister and I spent our money on getting him a bottle every year at Christmas time.
    Isn't it funny how the sense of smell takes us back?
    Have a great afternoon!

  17. That's funny!

    I'm sure I've seen scented Mock Orange shrubs in gardening catalogs. Wayside Gardens, maybe? My mother had an old-fashioned one and before my brother sold the house, I dug up what I thought was a small piece of it and planted it in Wilmington. It kept growing and growing... I didn't know what kind of mutant I had... until the green peaches appeared. So much for plant identificaton.

    Had to laugh at your comment about the uprooted tree statue. I remember your mentioning that you wanted a water feature. I thought you meant a little fountain. LOL!

  18. Bittersweet to Sweet! I had to giggle as I was reading, still glue...LOL
    I'm glad you finally enjoyed the scent to take you back. As for myself, I'd slice open an orange, smell it while it spashed my face, maybe even dab a bit of zest on my wrists, then savor the flavor.

  19. Oh, gosh, I used to love orange blossom perfume! Haven't smelled it in decades, and now I won't order it. LOL

  20. Oh, Patti - I'm laughing here in CA! Put some on the night before and you'll be good to go (or visa versa, i guess).

  21. LOL< LOL....How strange, Patti. One wonders where the "glue" smell comes from. Very Very Odd! BUT I am so happy for you that the Orange Blossom finally came through....And that is so strange, too--isn't it? I wonder what the explanation is for all this bizarreness?

  22. I am glad to know that it eventually fulfilled your dreams, but I wonder what it does to your skin - and why it takes so long to "mature" into the scent.

  23. Clint,
    Thanks. Ha, I was thinking it might but sadly, no, just a stink.

    I remember Charlie and used to wear it for a while. Scents seem to be attached to memories.

    I had a supervisor who wore Ambush but to excess. The good thing is that she could not sneak up on us.

    What a great idea. Work on that and your next of kin would be set for life.

    Linda Starr,
    Maybe I could set a warming pot on my porch so I could enjoy the smell in the evening when it is the best.

    Isn't the Internet wonderful? So glad Marcia jog your memory. My work is done.

    Miss Dazey,
    Don't you hate it when something you really like gets hard to find? At least with the Internet, they may go away but they can't hide.

    I'll settle for one victory and that might just work. Give it a shot.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Thanks. Small victories make for large pleasures.

    You know when Clint mentioned getting high, I thought about that very thing. You may be right and it is all in my head.

    I hope so. Constant exposure can wear you down.

    Thanks Dianne. I think I would have loved that cat. We have common values.

    You may be right. Now I need to find a willing friend I can dab a bit on and see what happens.

    I know what you mean about those people whose scent proceeds them by 20 feet. I only wear mine when I am alone and for my own benefit. So many people are allergic these days.

    Well now, aren't you clever. I tried it and it really works. It really speeds up the process. Thanks.

    Music and scents can take me immediately to a memory. The mind is a wonderful thing.
    I also like Old Spice and Mighty Dog wears it on occasion, against his better judgment.

    Oh how funny. I hope you made a pie out of those "mock oranges".

    Me too on the smell of the orange fruit. One of my favorite scents and flavors.

    Sorry I scared you off. It is good, it just can't be rushed and kills spontaneity.

    It does make me plan ahead. Thanks.

    I am sure there is a logical explaination, I just don't have it. I am just enjoying it, however it gets here.

    I'll let you know if my wrists end up glued to my sheets. So far, no ill effects.

  24. Hmmmmmmm.... Never thought of a cologne that takes its time working on its scent!!!!! Funny---guess you have to put it on several hours BEFORE you go out....

    Glad you got it though---and glad it worked (even after awhile)...

  25. Girlfriend I was really feeling sorry for you and then thank goodness it was a Happy ending. How strange that it smelt like airplane glue and then turned later. lol
    So happy for you that you were able to find this and enjoy it.
    I have to catch up with you while I am here. I always love your writing and you

  26. Nice...
    I remember half dollars and even the old silver dollars. I hope your old bow comes across you blog sometime.

  27. Patti, Airplane glue! OMG that must have been a shocker at first but so glad it came through for you. I have never heard of that fragrance. I was so much into Evening in Paris. In fact I'm going to do a post on that. They were both around at the same time and I know you were aware of E in P. Cute little bottle too.

  28. How amazing! What a fun post,Patti! There was an Avon rose smell I used to like. I wonder if they still have it. I can't quite remember the smell for sure though. Your orange blossom smell sounds very intriguing. I'm so glad you were able to find your past in that scent.

  29. I'm so happy to learn the patience and the fresh outdoor air united to bring a moment of youthful times back. And I know what you mean about those fingers that just don't perform when one wants to hold a hammer. :)

  30. Betsy,
    That would work but really kills spontaneity. I am such a "think then immediately act" person rather than a planner. Need to work on that.

    Thanks Maggie. I know sitting at a computer is not high on your list with your back problems. Thanks for making the trip. Take care gal.

    Want to feel old? Ask your grands what a half dollar looks like. Maybe we ought to give them out as birthday gifts just to keep them in our century.

    Oh good, want to read your post about EIP. That used to be huge in grade school.

    I sometimes wonder if there is anything we can't find on the Internet. So far, I haven't stumped it. Some where, there is someone hanging on to a case of what is no longer available.

    Yep, age does steal but it gives us plan B's to fall back on. At least so far it has.

  31. I hope the perfume smells like the air in Orlando in April. It would be magical. I remember my husband had picked up orange honey hoping to have found the aroma captured in the jar, but no such luck.

  32. I'm so glad that the orange blossom scent finally came through for you. I laughed and laughed over the airplane glue smell; you are a wonderful story-teller.

  33. Munir,
    The perfume is OK but nothing like the real thing. Isn't it just wonderful. Sorry the honey didn't do the trick.

    If you could have seen my face when anticipation turned to shock. That was the very last thing I expected. Glad you enjoyed.

    Thanks, I will hope over now. Tags are great when you just can't think of something to write about.

  34. I love that you smelled it hours later! Good things come to those that wait. (Concerned about the glue smell though...ugh!) :D

  35. Lovely memories! I don't know this Orange Blossom perfume, but I guess it must be very special! Great story again, Patti!

  36. Very interesting. As soon as you wake up each morning dab some on your wrists first thing. By the time you finish breakfast you should be smelling like orange blossoms.

  37. I find that any after shave etc I put on fades after about an hour. Doesn't seem to matter how expensive of cheap it is either.

  38. Lynda G,
    Yes they do, sometimes. Maybe if I just left the bottle open for a while the glue smell would go away??
    Thanks for the kind words about my bench.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks Wil, the orange blossom fragrance is great, glue smell-- not so much.

    Think I will wait till after breakfast. The glue smell might kill my appetite.

    Cool Joe,
    Welcome Cool One. So glad you stopped by. Thanks for the nice words about my construction efforts.
    You are right, most often the smell fades, not changes.

  39. Nice story, for me it was Hawaiian White Ginger from Avon.