Monday, June 6, 2011


Now that I have you guys here----he he--I do love to tease.  

Seriously, I really have nothing for today but a little left over Blogger angst. For some reasons, some (definitely not all) of us became blocked on posts that have their comments embedded below post after that last Blogger fix.   If you allow "anonymous", those like me can still post a comment under that category. If you don't, there is no way to let you know we were there and enjoyed your work.

If it is something on my end that needs changing,  I would love to know so I could correct it.  Anyone who has the answer for my end, please let me know. Right now, I only know how to correct it on your end.

Sometimes through secondary sources, I have cleared up all but three on my list.  Originally it was about 13 of my regular blog buddies. The thing that will work for those of us who are"shunned" is if you change your "comment settings" through blogger dashboard to "full page". 

Of course if your are enjoying the fact that we are  missing, then I can only say, enjoy, leave it alone and you will be protected from us, probably for ever. I am pretty sure Blogger has ceased to work on the problem. It is in our ball park now.

The ones that I still can't contact are Grandmayellowhair, Muffy, and Turquoise Moon.  Just want to let you three know I have been reading, just can not comment.

Other than that, just brain numbing heat here daily on the plus side of 100 (actual temperatures, not feels like). Hopefully by Thrusday I will come up with something besides a petty gripe about Blogger which is free. 

See ya at your house.   


  1. I've been having trouble leaving comments on the "embedded" posts, too. I recommended to my cousin that she change to either full page or pop-up, and she changed to pop-up and now the family can leave her comments again. I've seen some blogs where people are complaing about Blogger and threatening to switch to Wordpress, but like you said, Blogger is free - which is a great service! - and I'm sure they're trying to fix the bugs.

  2. Wordpress is free, too, but it's way more complicated, if you ask me. I like the simplicity of Blogspot, but I have no idea what happened to Blogger. I have always been able to comment on your site but have been knocked out of Blogger several times lately and needing to log back on.

    Glad to know you were finally able to get a message to the Bag Lady. We had a great time yesterday!

  3. I have heard you need to clear you cookies and cache and then when you sign into blogger uncheck the "stay signed in" box. see if that helps.

  4. Blogger is free and easy! So I hope that your problems will soon be solved. I have sometimes visitors whose blogs I cannot get access to. It's frustrating but I answer them on my own blog.I am glad that I can reach your blog.Can't you still see my videos?

  5. It's definitely a pain in the you-know-what. I couldn't comment on anyone's blog for a few days, but now I'm not having any trouble. I did uncheck the "keep me signed in" box, so maybe that helped.

  6. Hi Patti,

    Did you have to be creative to leave comments on mine, or was it one of the okay ones? I seem to be able to leave comments on everybody's okay now, but I too had a couple of days when it was hard.

    I have heard that when you switch your browser to Google Chrome that it solves the problem for many. I am on Firefox and upgraded and then downgraded back to what I was used too. I DO NOT like changing browsers.

    All my comments go directly to be moderated, and I don't have word verification required any longer.

    My friend Gloria was so frustrated with this comment thing that she took a break on everybody's. She finally got through to leave a comment on mine the other day, so she was going to keep trying.

    I feel that Blogger is so much user friendly than WordPress. I have used both, and if you are a brand new blogger without any programming knowledge, WordPress can be frustrating.

    I hope that you have an awesome day, Patti. I put a link to this post on my post of today.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  7. I've only had a few problems not being able to comment on others posts. (Keeping fingers crossed.) Hope you get things resolved soon. I have other issues, but think it must be something I'm doing. Like setting the post to go online at a certain time and it doesn't. Photos that won't go where I want them. I could go on, but I know its free so I won't complain...too much. :D

    It's sure hot here, too. What happened to spring? Oh I rained almost every day.

    Have a nice Monday!

  8. It's amazing that your temps are 100 and ours here are only in the 50s and 60s. Rain rain and more rain. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a happy medium? I think we'd both enjoy it.

    I haven't been encountering any commenting problems, but that's probably because my blog list is very short. Good luck with it, patti!

  9. Sorry you are having problems with commenting on some blogs. I have not had a problem but know others who have. Hope it all gets worked out soon and all will be working good once again.

    100+ temps in my area too...good grief! It's not even summer yet. Hope this is not like it is going to be for the next 3 months. Stay cool.

    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog and always leaving comments I enjoy them.

    Hugs and some nose kisses for Mighty

  10. I'v been online only sporadically either to write or to comment since my youngest daughter and entourage arrived last week, so I don't know if I'm having Blogger problems :)

    It's hot, hot, hot down here, too.

  11. Oh dear, how frustrating!

    Stay cool!!!

  12. Blogger is a right pain in the butt at the moment. I was just trying to leave a message here and it asked me to sign in, although I already am.

    There have been some other minor issues that are not right either, like the colours on my followers box I used to be able to customise and now I can't.

    I just hope there isn't going to be one major melt down and we all lose our blogs forever!

  13. I had trouble for a while and then I didn't, Everyday is an adventure.

  14. I changed my embedded comment section to a small popup screen, but I may go with this whole page one instead. It's easier to read, I think. thanks for bringing this up, I'm sure lots of people are wondering what happened to their feedback.

  15. Hi Patti, I changed my format to full page and hope that has taken care of the problem. I would be bereft if you never commented again, so let me know if you have a problem.

  16. Hi Patti,
    I did get your comment and thanks. Not to many people read my second blog (book reviews so I'm glad for everyone I get) I've been very frustrated about the whole glitch but keep plugging away. :)

  17. Ellen,
    I just visited some problem blogs and it appears that Blogger may have fixed it--for now.

    Thanks for relaying the message. It was frustrating and now her blog is fixed.

    I clean up my computer every Sunday, just habit. Tried unsigned and it still didn't work. It appears from the blogs I just visited that it may be fixed. Yea.

    Reader Wil,
    I tried recently but could not get the video. Pretty sure it is not you but my painfully slow ISP.

    I tried that a few days ago but it didn't help. The ones I just visited I think are fixed. Got toes and eyes crossed.

    Oregon Gifts,
    I did try Chrome and also my spare Vista computer but I was just blocked. Just visited some and had no problems. Maybe it is fixed??? Thanks for the link.

    I think?? it may be fixed as of this afternoon. Keep fingers crossed. Spring really was a quickie wasn't it.

    Lets see, if I leave here and travel non stop at 55 miles per hour, when could you expect me? I really am jealous of your cool.

    Hasn't this been brutal? We had a real streak of 100+ temps last year but I thought it was later in the summer. Yikes.

    You may have just been lucky and missed the whole mess. Hopefully, they are fixed now. Yes--brutally hot.

    Rocky Mountain Woman,
    I am trying, send me some of your cool.

    LLCool Joe,
    Do you think Blogger may have outgrown its capabilities? I have kept a separate copy of my blogs in Open Office. Plan B never hurts.

    Hope you keep on with the trouble free mode you are in.

    Canyon Girl,
    I just visited you and everything went smoothly. Thanks.

    I couldn't stand it if your were bereft:))I will check your blog now.

    You have more than one? I will check it out. I do love to read though so book reviews save me time and money. Thanks.

  18. I seem to have no problems...probably by accident i cant help.
    I missed your last post and have to comment on that.Brilliant ...I think you have made a dieting discovery. You maybe addicted but I'm not sure that matters but you are not a hoarder need to have them in the house for your diet plan where do i find these canes lol xx

  19. I can't comment on Muffys Marks, either...just discovered it a few minutes ago! Poor Blogger...we really DO expect a lot from a free service (although I would be willing to pay to get rid of the problems!)

  20. Patti,
    I am having more success getting comments to post now so hopefully whatever problem there was it is now on the mend...or shall I say, I hope it is on the mend.
    take good care...

  21. i'm so glad you told me about it ... weird thing was, I used to get your comments. So I guess the web site changed something up...but anyway, glad you can leave a messaged on the comment page...

  22. Thanks for the tip. I couldn't comment on my own blog and that was a bit frustrating. Your fix worked.
    Thanks - Okay I am getting ready to hit the publish comment button. We will see if you get it.

  23. I don'y know if this is what you mean...But someone had a "fix" on there blog anout "Pop-Ups"....Everyone needs to go into Comment Settings and make sure that "Pop-Ups" is checked or has a bullet......

    I hope you can get on my blog, Patti, I have a second post about the Jacaranda Tree and it is sooo pretty...! (Nothing like tooting your own

  24. I do wonder if Blogger has major issues. I mean that recent problem was pretty big really.

    I have no copy of my blogs at all. How do you go about doing that because I'd hate to lose them all?

  25. Angie,
    Feel blessed that you have no problems.
    As for the candy canes, I got them on Amazon which is where I get most of my stuff. Have fun:))

    At least if we paid we could rightfully complain. Since it is free, I only feel allowed to grumble quietly.

    I have noticed an improvement also. Lets hope it is over.

    I Wonder Wye,
    I think when they fixed the last mess they ended up with parts left over for that was when the troubles started. You and I are good now.

    That could hurt your feelings when your own blog shuns you. So glad that worked for you.

    I will check that out Naomi, though right this minute, everything seems to be working.
    I do love those trees. They are spectactular.

    LLCool Joe,
    I had those same thoughts Joey. I will post what I did to save my posts in your comment section.

  26. I changed my settings to "full page" under comments. Let me know if this affect you making comments on my blog. All of this is frustrating. Thankfully, we all stick together and this helps us know how to keep in touch.

  27. The Middle of MAY, is the time to be here in L.A. for those trees, my dear.

    Just last night I tried to visit someone's blog and comment---it's a NEW blog for her--a different one than before....Blogger kept sending me to "sign in" and NEVER let me comment, no matter what I did. I signed in 5 times!!! Then, I gave up and wrote her an email.
    It's weird. All of it!

  28. I am having probs too! I have not been able to see anyones or my followers for weeks! Oh well...
    Thank you for leaving a sweet note about my Nana! I appreciate it so..
    xo, misha

  29. I am having sporadic problems and I never know which ones and why. some require me to sign in to , google amd I'm clearly signed in.

    Some blogs offer your web address as an account and I switched to that and signed in, even though I obviously was also signed in as I was on my blog. However, If I have to sign in to google mail, it doesn't work, yet I can leave my blog and connect to gmail without signing in.... Weird. No wonder computer programsers are a tad strange.

  30. Ditto here, me too, and I have found no pattern, except persons who have an alternate offering of accounts of your web address, that works. Not all of of us have that offer for some reason.

  31. Well Patti honey I just left you the longest and sweetest comment ever thanking you for this post and letting me know about it and then when I hit submit it gave me ERROR 503 or somthing to that
    Never ending is it.
    Off to see if I can follow your instructions

  32. Some blogs I visit, no problem. I think the more 'steps' necessary (logged into blogger, approval, word verification, and so on) the harder to get something to stick.

    Sometimes I just use my Wordpress ID which links back to a sometimes blog that may not have a very current post rather than keep trying trying trying.

  33. Retired English Teacher,
    Thank you so much. You have made it much easier to comment.

    That is the trouble I have been having. Changing their comments to "full page" will stop that. Frustrating isn't it.

    from my front porch,
    I haven't lost my followers--yet. Hope they solve all these annoying hassles. I try to keep thinking--free.

    It seems when we find one thing that works, another quits. Grrrrr.

    Do you think the boat is sinking? It seems when one hole gets plugged another springs a leak. So sorry you lost your comment. We will just keep trying friend.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Doesn't this remind you of when we first started using computers and how they fought us? I predict we will win.

  34. I'm sure they will work out the bugs soon! I guess we shouldn't complain too much since we aren't paying for it.

  35. I think that I really will start breeding carrier pigeons and practising the art of sending smoke signals.. Well, it was a thought.... I suppose that international flights by carrier pigeons would be banned due to the risk of spreading bird flu, and smoke signals would be seen as constituting a threat to our planet's fragile atmosphere... so you can't win. It will have to be up to big brother Blogger and the might of Google to navigate perils of the Internet to carry our thoughts, hopes, and dreams! Anyway, here's to bug free Blogger! P xxx

  36. Mom of 12
    I remind myself to that each day.

    Well you cleverly wiped out the alternatives so I guess we will stick with what we have. Surely this too shall pass.

  37. Hi Patti, Looked for your E-mail on the Blog but couldn't find it. Just wanted to say - what a good idea about paying me for traveling! I'd be glad to send my address if you want to send a check (or cash...). Hope you're having a great weekend.

  38. Barb,
    Ha ha, you did see that qualifying word "almost" didn't you?