Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hum---think I am on a food kick. I am not sure what I am working with here but around Christmas time, I discovered candy canes. Yeah, I know, where have I been for the past 71 years? Now I have had an occasional candy cane in my life but they were just a seasonal thing that I put aside when the season ended.

I do love mint in most forms. Peppermint Patties are a #one favorite, Mint Tea, Chocolate Mint Ice Cream, when I use to drink, Peppermint Schnapps and don't get me started on Wintergreen Altoids. Christmas showed me a new use for the versatile mint. Diet food.

Don't scoff yet. Do you ever finish a healthy, moderate calorie meal and just need something sweet to finish it off? I have never been a dessert person. Not sure why but pies, cakes, cookies, etc after a meal are only rare occasion treats for me. They always seem to push me over the full mark right into the unpleasantly stuffed category.

We all know it takes about 20 minutes for the food we have eaten to relay the message to our brains that we have had enough. But during that 20 minutes, if the fork is not set aside, it will continue to feed that greedy little lying mouth.

My concern has always been how to turn off the hunger for that 20 minutes. People used to walk after a meal. Not so much anymore. After clean up, I most likely head for the porch swing or the ever deadly computer.

When I smoked, the nasty cigarettes occupied my oral desires for that important 20 minutes. I never had a weight problem when I smoked but then I couldn't taste food either which was another contributing factor. Actually a cup or two of coffee or tea would probably do the job as well but is not nearly as much fun as what I found. The candy cane.

Now I have Glucosamine soft chews for my arthritis that I take after breakfast and dinner to satisfy that something sweet need. However lunch, which is my biggest meal, was lacking that finishing touch. The candy cane now handles that problem.

I am talking about those 6 inch hook top mini canes that hit the stores each Christmas. They supply a grand total of 55 calories and peppermint is actually good for the digestion. I love to nibble them—it takes me at least 20 minutes, often more to nibble one and one satisfies me for the whole day.
Knowing I have one waiting lets me put my fork down while I still think I am hungry. By the time I finish a cane, my stomach has finally informed my brain all about the meal I ate 20 minutes ago and I am sated. Finis.

So where do you find them after Christmas. The wonderful Internet. First I researched the shelf life of the candy cane and it has a whopping 3 year life span. Almost up there with fruit cakes. Both should be in your survival supplies for the next "end of earth" should you not be one to go:)

This month I ran out of the ones I had squirreled away from the Christmas sales and  ordered 18 boxes of canes  from the Internet. That is what may put me in the hoarder category and might convince some that I am an addict.

All I really know is that it limits my intake of food, leaves me satisfied and that mammoth supply should last till next Christmas. I really am content to eat one a day. 

While this plan hasn't made the pounds drop off, neither have any pounds been added despite age reducing my exercise options.  I have easily maintained the 10 pound loss from last year. At ten pounds per year, I only have to live 2.5 more years to reach my goal weight.

Yes, food and weight are a constant struggle but it is a struggle I welcome over the ones other people in this world face who also go to bed hungry at night---- but not by their choice.

So do you think my candy canes are an addiction? Does the cupboard full of them make me a hoarder or have I hit on something​?


  1. Well I can actually comment. Eblog has been driving me crazy of late. Sometime I can and mostly I can't comment. Grrrr.
    And how are your this find day Patti now that I've whined. :)

  2. Addict? No. Hoarder? No. But you have hit on a plan that works for you. I wish I could find one for myself. I have tried booze, grapefruit, popcorn, cottage cheese and oatmeal. Oatmeal is the only one that showed promise.

    Thanks for posting this--it has got me to thinkin'. Maybe I'll go back to oatmeal.

  3. What happens when you get so tired of candy canes that you can't stand the thought of another one?

  4. Great idea, Patti. I bet the internet candy cane people do wonder though. You are probably the only person to order them after December

  5. I think you have hit on something that works for you. And did you know, they tell school kids to bring mints to suck on while doing the achievement testing? So apparently mint is good for the brain also.

  6. About the only comment I have is do you brush your teeth after the sugary treat?

    With my foood addictions I move from one sweet item to another. For awhile It was WW ice cream novelties. One didn't satisfy me, so my hoarding has diminished

    Then I had a craving for a once-in-a lifetime-healty food- cut-tup apples eaten, sprinkled with Splenda with a toothpick instead of finger.However it was not just a common ole Delicious apple. I like the uncommon ones, like Pacific Rose. If they did not cost $2.49 a pound, forget it.

    I am trying to make my meals last 20 minutes but portion size if you are really trying to lose, makes it difficult. One dieting rule is to chew food 40 times. Try that with soup! or ice cream!

    Then today I get e-mail from my brother that is making the rounds. The premise is eat fruit on an emptiy stomach and you will live forever. It also gives some rather nasty descriptions of the digestive process and why the fruit should be eaten separately.

    Wonder if EVE knew that when the serpent plucked the forbidden fruit, whatever it was?

  7. I say if they're working for you - and they obviously are - then it's great that you've got enough so you won't worry about running out. Hm...I wonder what the shelf life really is on fruit cakes...30 years?

  8. No, I don't think you are an addict; perhaps just someone who has found something that works and makes sure that need is taken care of; good for you!
    Now, mint is a stimulant for the brain as well. Teachers give mints to their kids during test taking to keep the mind active so just think of that aspect as well; you ARE doing good for your body AND mind.
    yeah, I MSUT have something sweet after a meal that has NOTHING to do with feeling full or's just something I need. I once was told that B-12 was helpful with curbing those desires, but hey, I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs; what's a sweet? Go for it Lady!

  9. I have found that a piece of fruit to finish lunch (also my biggest meal) helps me to think I'm done. I have also kept my ten pounds off, but it's only been for a few months. We'll see if it stays off for the entire year, then I'll work on the last five.

    I think your candy cane idea works for you, so who cares if the manufacturer wonders about your addiction? I think it's great!

  10. What a great idea for weight loss and if it works for you, well hooray! Hoarder, schmorder. I don't see a problem with stocking up.

    P.S. Peppermint schnapps? Wonderful two ways; as a chaser with beer (sounds horrible, is amazingly good) and a spoonful or so in a mug of hot chocolate makes a great cold weather drink.

  11. It will probably die .... like an old romance. I had the same obsession with Oskri Sesame Bars. I had to buy 6 boxes at a time to get the good price. 6 BOXES !! I got over the obsession and still have 2 boxes sitting on my pantry shelf. They'll go in the trash soon. It's a pity. They were good while it lasted but I've outgrown them. So will you. :)


  12. I'd say you are smart to find something that works for you.

  13. No, not an addict at all. It sounds like a great peppermint-y end to a good meal.

  14. A piece of peppermint candy satisfies my sweet tooth after a meal. Go for it!

  15. Patti, you are so funny. You are not a hoarder, you are just prepared and well stocked. If you were a hoarder, they would still be in plastic sacks buried under the heaps of clothes and books and important papers!

    My eating habits sound like yours, we don't have dessert around here either. The only thing about candy canes that I don't like is that they are sticky, and sticky really bugs me. I do like the taste of them though.

    I bet that next year you can get them dirt cheap the day after Christmas!


  16. It sounds like you have definitely hit on something, Patti....I wish I liked "Mint" better.....Maybe I could get away from my Chocolate! As to being a Hoarder----I think you have to stock up on more than ONE Item, to!

  17. Dear Peppermint Patti it sounds like you are having fun and that's a good thing.

  18. Sounds and looks like a fantastic idea to me, and if you only eat one a day how can it be an addiction? If you start craving them at 3 in the morning and come out in a cold sweat after on hour of not eating one, maybe then you have a problem. :D

  19. I have a similar pattern although it's one tiny piece of dark chocolate. Funny, I do love candy canes and eat them all during December and January. But after that I have no desire for them at all.

    As for the peppermint schnapps, a dear friend died recently and they put a bottle of peppermint schnapps in his hand. They figured he didn't want to go anywhere if he couldn't take his schnapps.

  20. Whatever works for you, Patti. If a 55 calorie candy cane does it, go for it!

    A shelf life of three years, huh? Well, now I don't feel so bad about the five or six packages of candy canes I threw in the garbage during my last clearing frenzy; the still tightly wrapped packages were at least 10 years old! I bought them for some long ago abandoned craft project -- round tins with candy canes hot glued around the outside and tied with fancy ribbon. Supposed to be Christmas candy containers. I did make one, as I recall, and gave it up as a bad idea, but did I give away, or personally consume, the remaining canes? Not until recently. I hope the landfill rats liked them.

  21. I have a supply of canes I use for decorating at Christmas, they are 5 years old, look just as good as ever...if you run out and get desperate...just yell, Patti!

  22. You hoard candy canes and I hoard toliet paper. This comes from living on Hawaii and going through dock strikes. The last thing the authorities would fly in to break the blockade would be toliet paper. Food is more important it seems (and probably candy canes). Since then, I make sure I have lots of paper products on hand. David laughs, but we never run out of toliet paper.

  23. You found a good solution to your problem. What will happen when you grow tired of candy canes? I keep dark chocolate around for those after meal cravings.
    Wait. I need to have my fix right now.

  24. troutbirder,
    I know, it has been a trying couple of weeks with blogger. Glad you made it.

    Well, you have tried a few I hadn't thought of. Is booze in lieu of food or does that work the next day when you can't stand the sight of food? That might work if I still drank.

    Then I guess it will be time to have a give away. So far, I am good.

    You know, I wondered what they might think when I sent off the order. Pretty sure they don't get too many large orders the end of May.

    Yikes, maybe I will finally get smart. I did hear it helps keep you alert when driving. Lots of pluses.

    Think you are right and what would work for all of us is chewing our food instead of inhaling it. Slow and steady.
    I do eat fruit as a snack on an empty stomach.

    Ha They say 3 years for the fruit cakes but I think both FC and CC's are closer to the 30 year mark:))

    I must have grown up in the pre-mint testing age. Shoot. It is beginning to sound like a miricle candy. Might try B-12.

    I am sure my order was fodder around the water cooler of that company.
    Lucky you only wanting to lose 15 total.

    RV Vagabondes,
    Oh my, now that sounds really good. Good thing it is hot or I would be tempted to try that.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Thanks for the not so nuts vote.

    Well, I have 160 since Christmas and am still going strong.
    You ought to have a give a way on you blog for those Bars.

    Thanks, as long as it works, it is a useful tool.

    Thanks, besides the refreshing taste, it kills those dreaded 20 minutes.

    Linda Myers,
    After all, it is a freebie on the counter of most resturants. A nice finish.

    I leave them partially covered in the wrapper as I eat it and eliminate the sticky. I'll keep my eyes open for the start of leaving plastic sacks around. Thanks.

    Guess that makes me a half as*ed hoarder.
    By the way, I recorded all of Betty's movies from TCM that day and just watched "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" today. She was terrific as Sanatra's girl friend. Really cute.

    You bet, so I guess I will. Should have made that my blog name.

    LLCool Joe,
    Ha ha, I'll keep a watch out for the shakes and sweats. Thanks.

    NC Mountain Woman,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. That is too funny about that fellow and his schnapps. He must have been a real fan.

    They say 3 years shelf life for both candy canes and fruit cakes but I'll bet those 10 year old ones were just fine.

    Ha ha. Hang on to them for me. I'll keep your blog on speed dial in case I run short. Thanks.

    I can see where having your supply of toilet paper halted could turn you in to a hoarder. I call it being foresighted myself.

    So far after 160 of them consumed since Christmas, my desire hasn't changed. Think I am good to go. Luckily, I don't want but just that one.

  25. I happen to really love candy canes, but I am one who has to chew my hard candy. I would never make one last 20 minutes. I say if it is working for you, then keep at it - as long as you don't have to start dealing with tooth decay from the sugar.

    I keep dark Dove chocolates in the house for my craving for something sweet. One piece will do for me. They are supposed to be good for you too.

  26. Hi Patti, Cute post.... I have never heard of an addiction to a candy cane. I decorate with them at Christmas ---so I guess I'm glad you aren't too close, or else I'd find some of mine missing... ha ha ha ha

    Guess we all have those special things we hoard... I'm bad about buying too much cereal (when it goes on sale). Hubby has had to give up some of his book shelf for our extra boxes of cereal... ha

    I love the SOFT peppermint sticks--- and they are hard to find too... Cracker Barrel has them at Christmastime.

    Cute post, you addict, you!!!!! ha ha

  27. Ha, what a cool trick to eat candy canes, and mint tea too, good advice.

  28. Okay - were these 6 packs? 12 Packs? 24 Packs? 48 Packs? Hmmm....times 18 = more or morer - I think.
    I cannot throw stones as I am guiltier than a dead coyote- good for you to find a way to help yourself. I am proud of you!

  29. Retired English Teacher,
    Yea, another candy cane lover. Chewing would defeat the purpose.
    I tried the Dove dark chocolates but I liked them entirely too much. Those, I can't eat just one.

    Glad to meet a fellow stocker upper. SU takes us out of the hoarder catagory.
    I like the soft ones but can't eat just one. They go to quickly.
    I'll keep your tree in mind if my supply goes low about that time of year:))

    Linda Starr,
    Hum-- wonder how a cane in my tea would taste? Thanks for the idea.

    Those are 12 packs and yes that is one heck of a lot of canes. I should be stocked up till Christmas or if the world ends on the new date in October, I will have survival food for a while at least.

  30. I have no place to talk about food hording.

    I could probably live a year on the food I have sitting around my house, but I still keep on buying it.

    I believe that food rituals are a wonderful addition to life!

    The cup of coffee out on the deck, the glass of wine with dinner, whatever floats your boat!!!

  31. Your dentist will not be pleased about this.

    One of my favorite salads is at a Middle Eastern restaurant which puts mint leaves in the salad dressing along with lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic. Try it--it may help counterbalance the candy cane calories.

  32. Rocky Mountain Woman,
    Good to know you are stocked up. Now I know where to go when disaster hits:))
    Keep floating your boat, me too.

    Actually, my dentist is adorable and I do what I can to keep him on speed dial:))
    Now that dressing sounds delicious. Think I will make some. Thanks.

  33. Fortunately we are all allowed to eat what we want. Nobody can forbid you to eat candy canes. You are not a hoarder, but someone with a hobby!
    Have a great sunny Sunday!

  34. Funny Patti but I don't think you are a hoarder or addict. Just someone who has figured out how to maintain. I so wish I knew what would work for me. I might just have to try your idea.
    Since my slow activity this year my uniform is way to tight.
    Hope your having a great weekend.

  35. I may have to try this myself! I've really put on weight since I quit smoking. I keep hoping it will stop and edge back to normal, but so far, no such luck. I may have to try your canes...probably better than what I've been snacking on lately!

  36. I would love to find something as simple as a candy cane! I love chocolate ice cream...but, I make a point not to keep any in the house.
    Hoarder of candy canes? need enough to make them last till the holidays! They last for 3 years? Oh Good! Because, I keep my leftovers from year to year. I just have to make sure no one sees me bring them back out for Christmas! Who wants to eat something left over from last year??? :-)

  37. Reader Wil,
    I like "hobby" better that the other words. Thanks for your faith in me.

    Hope it works for you Maggie.
    I still can't comment on your blog. If you change the comment settings to "full page" there are a lot of us out here that would have no trouble talking to you and that really want to. Take care of your self Maggie.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Ah that quitting smoking is tricky. I never had a weight problem till then but I was working on my bladder cancer with each puff. Try the cane, it sure works for me.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence and have full faith in those left overs. Three years I am sure is a conservative estimate.
    I have had trouble accessing your blog but made it through today to leave a message.

  38. Patti, I read your post in DJan's blog and have set my comment settings to "full page". Please give it a try.

  39. I have a red tin of 'King Leo' peppermint candy on my kitchen counter...I love them. And I am a Leo. So you never need to worry about dessert at our house. You're welcome!

  40. Linda,
    Yipee, it is working fine now. Thank you so much.

    I Wonder Wye,
    Is that ever the perfect candy for you. Have to compliment you on your marvelous taste.
    Thanks for the invite.

  41. Patti - You always manage to make my day. Now whenever I see a candy cane (or taste peppermint), I'll think of you. All I have to say is, you'd better live at least long enough so you don't have shelves of candy canes in the house when your time comes. People will speculate that maybe you had a peppermint overdose.

  42. Barb,
    Those full shelves would raise a few eyebrows wouldn't they?
    I guess if you can overdose on toothpaste, candy canes could take you out also:))