Thursday, July 7, 2011


There are Wordless Wednesdays but since I post on Thursdays, I am calling this Got Nothing Thursday.

Actually I do have a little something but it really isn't mine.  Manzanita at Wannna Buy a Duck posted a video that really affected me.  It made me feel small, huge with the possibilities of mankind, joyous and yet tearful, all in the same video.  If you think you may have problems, please go watch this video. It is about an amazing man born with no arms or legs. Trust me, you will be totally uplifted.   Thanks Manzi.

Far afield but also showing the power of persistence, I offer these pictures.

This is a sweet little Snapdragon which is one of my favorite annuals that I use for a border plant.

Somehow, it volunteered to grow out the side of a hanging basket.  How it got there, I have no idea unless a bird that was raiding the cocoa lining for its nest deposited it.  It does make one think that where there is a will to live, there is a way.

That is all for today folks. Rest you eyes and have a great week end.


  1. Amazing indeed. The will to survive and thrive....

  2. Someone else had a link to that video yesterday (gigihawaii I think) and I watched it, then went to visit his home page. It's a wonderfully inspirational video. And your flower pictures are nothing to sneeze at (uness you've got allergies, that is)...

  3. I'm always amazed at flowers growing out of cracks in sidewalks and other places they "shouldn't" be. Go Marlins!

  4. Right now I am with you, I have a pocket full of obligations--both medical (non-emergency) and non-medical from pet beauty appt. to finishing front yard renovations with certain purchases.

    I have several stories to write and not time to write. Be glad when football season starts as I write and watch at same time.

    Our vacation plans to Moroccan Reunion has put forth a few health
    anxieties due to the extreme change in altitude from here to SD, especially Mt. Rushmore. Walking is supposed to be limited according to brochure and program.

  5. I love to snap snapdragons, off to see the video, thanks.

  6. Nothing? Au-contraire, ma cherie! This is everything!

  7. Hi Patti, thanks for sharing the link. That is one amazing young man! I need to watch that every time I'm having a pity party over my aching back.

    The snapdragon is a survivor! I have a few petunias coming up in the cracks of my concrete patio. I guess a seed somehow found it's way there. Have a good weekend!

  8. I love the snapdragon photo. They are very hardy plants. I was just commenting to my husband how I have a volunteer snapdragon plant in some soil that is under the deck that is so hard I couldn't begin to get a shovel into it. I've never seen a plant grow out of the side of a hanging basket like this. It is quite amazing.

  9. The word has gotten around about that video. That is an insprirational story on so many levels. Thanks for sharing it and the intrepid snapdragon.

  10. What a wonderful video, Patt! Thanks so much for the link. I was especially touched by his message to teenagers that they're beautiful as they are. It's a message they so very much need to hear and he was really touching their hearts -- as he was mine. Loved your snap dragon pix, too!

  11. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all could be survivors like the amazing man in the video--& your snapdragon?

  12. I think you posted something wonderful on your "Got Nothing Thursday". I have seen that video before and what an amazing man of encouragement he is.

    That little snapdragon is a beauty. I love what you said about it. This was really a very nice post sweet Patti. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Mighty. Oh, speaking of Mighty what a smart and good dog to not touch food without permission and not even being taught to do so. Amazing little dog.

  13. Got nothing Thursday? To me, a hobo snapdragon hitching a ride in a hanging pot is something. What a will to survive that little plant had. You better save some seed and send it to me. I need survivors in this heat. And I adore primrose snapdragons.

  14. FANTASTIC! What a Great Great Spirit! Inspiring in so very many ways....Thanks so much Patti...And I love that your Border Flowers are now growing in a Hanging Basket....Nature doing it's wonderful mysterious thing1

    BTW: Party Pics are up! (Well, some of them...)

  15. That is an awesome video. I've seen it before. Makes me realize that I need to quit complaining about things so much, and appreciate what I have more. What an inspiration!

    Snap Dragons just love to pick a spot and grow!!!! Who knows!!!

  16. Thanks for the inspiration Patti! Couldn't have come at a better time!

  17. I'm sure you don't remember, but I had a snapdragon growing between two bricks on the fence that lasted for four years. Those I planted in the ground lasted one season. Go figure.

  18. troutbirder,
    Nature astounds me somethimes.

    I'm trying, I really am.

    Isn't that young man amazing?
    Sure is a weird little flower isn't it?

    You have to admire their determination--kind of like the Fish over the Philies--Yippe.

    Oh I hope you make that trip. That sounds like a really great one. Just moderate your walking and take oxygen.

    Linda Starr,
    Thanks, hope you enjoyed it.

    Thank you so much.

    He really puts any problems we have into perspective.
    I love the determined plants.

    Retired English Teacher,
    They really are amazing. They are the easiest to grow plants I try.

    He really impressed me. Thanks.

    Dr. Kathy,
    I loved how he reached those kids. They were spell bound and hopefully they took note.

    He really sets the bar high doesn't he?

    I thought he was so special. As for Mighty, he even asks permission each time he wants on the couch. Such manners. Who ever had him before me set some serious rules.

    Snapdragons are so easy to raise and demand no care. Perfect plants. Besides they are cute.

    Thanks for the heads up Naomi. Your new posts don't show on my blog list and I have to hunt you up. I'll be right over.

    He really puts our petty problems in the proper place. I think you all ready appreciate what you have. You are so positive.

    I am glad if Nick came at a good time. He is quite a guy.

    Oh how funny, four years?? I am like you and have to plant every year, except for this one.

  19. Thanks for the video, Patti...I hadn't seen it but I did know of this inspiring man. Your snapdragon looks to be off to a great start...very healthy looking.

  20. I saw the video and was super impressed. What a guy! There's no excuse for those of us who have all our hands and legs to do something wonderful.

  21. Snapdragons always remind me of child hood ...removing the bloom and chasing friends with the mouth opening and closing ...goodness that must be nearly 60 years ago... and yes they do seam to seed themselves ...helped by the wind and birds. I am off to watch the video. Have a great weekend xx

  22. Thanks for the link, Patti. The young man is, indeed, amazing. I can't halp but think of his parents (or other caregivers); they must have been incredibly supportive, encouraging and loving.

    If ever "bloom where you are planted" was true, your snapdragon is a fine example.

  23. Appreciated your "nothinga". It amazes me that I have trouble growing floweres but they can come up on their own in weird places and thrive. Now on to the video! Have a great weekend!

  24. Here's hoping you have a wonderful week-end yourself.

  25. Wanda,
    He was new to me and what a positive fellow.

    Yes it is.

    Really puts our own problems in a different light.

    Oh how funny, now I have to go out and give mine a closer look. '

    You are right, as amazing as he is, he had to have had some wonderful encouragement and support.

    I am always impressed by nature. Sometimes trees seem to grow out of solid rock.

    Stay cool.

  26. Just watched the video ...what an amazing chap ...makes one feel one should never complain about things....just get on with life.

    Cant believe you have never made the dragon snap lolxx

  27. Sorry to hear the phoebes are not 'going forth to multiply.' We have a couple who have two broods every summer. The first time, they built on our outdoor light. I was horrified to see a raccoon climb up and steal the eggs -- then they got smart and built so high up there is no way anything climbing can get to them...You sound like a good companion/caretaker to Mickey and Minnie...had to laugh when I read the noxious gas comment!! Keep cool...

  28. That video is a miracle worker.... well, the man is really. The first time I saw it, it was on my mind for a couple of weeks. You are such a wonderful person to humanity. I remember your post of the old woman who came into the bank where you worked and you made up her difference out of your own pocket. In your way, you too, are a shining example to people.

    I love snapdragons too. I remember when we were kids, we'd make them talk by pinching the backs.
    Take care.

  29. Thank you, Patti, for the wonderful video. It sure put things in perspective.

  30. Angie,
    I thought he was outstanding.
    I know, how did I make it thorough childhood??

    I Wonder Wye,
    I took the nest down today. They were dead eggs.
    Fortunately, Minnie is sweet smelling now.

    He really affected me. What a marvelous person he is.
    You too with the snapdragons? I feel like I had a deprived childhood now :))

    He makes it tough to throw a pity party doesn't he.

    Linda Myers,
    Glad you enjoyed.

  31. Persistance pays! Now whenever you see that little yellow gift, you'll smile, Patti. Hope your weekend is going well. My Grands just left so I'm resting and reading my favorite blogs.

  32. Barb,
    They are marvelous but do wear you out. Enjoy your R&R.

    4th Sister,
    Hay, thanks for stopping by. You have been missed.

  33. I hate coming late to your blog. It is beginning to take an eternity to scroll down for my turn at making a comment. :)
    I like your pictures the video I have yet to see but it is on my list now.
    I hope all is well.

  34. Grayquill,
    Thanks GQ. I hope you do for it really is inspirational. Save it for a rainy day.

  35. You're snapdragon is so sweet!
    Thank you for sharing Manzita's blog...I found her not so long ago. I enjoy reading both of your blogs! :D

  36. *Manzanita ...Did I get it right this time?! ;)

  37. Lynda,
    Thanks, glad you have all ready met her.