Monday, July 11, 2011


"Well we're movin on up, To the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky." The Jefferson's theme.

I recently posted about the cat tree I bought in hope of giving my cats something else to do besides nest in my hair.    I was astounded at their total lack of interest as they never moved from the base.

Some of you suggested to be patient and in no time they would be climbing all over it.

O ye of little faith--that would be me-- was a doubter. Then it happened.

They both stayed here for several days.

A few days ago, this happened.

Sunday I couldn't find Minnie, then discovered her hiding here.

She then scampered to even higher levels and now my fragiles are in danger.

 So far this is as high as Minnie has gotten. I do have another two foot section to add on if she gets bolder.

Mickey, being a lot older. has only made it this high so far.

However, I now have patience and have become "Ye of great faith."

Another lesson in patience.  Thank you.


  1. Ahhh...the Jeffersons! Some very funny people on that show! Your Kitty Condo will become a favorite place in no time. Even the old boy will probably venture future; cats just crack me up! Snooty little things that they are, a high rise is just the ticket for them!

  2. Cats are independent souls. I have only met one person, a man, who had the patience to teach a cat tricks, similar to dogs, and for the same reasons, treats.

    Maybe the high rise kitty will dring out of the lavatory, that is an easy trick if you want to pay the water bill, with the drip drip drip. The drips, like leaky toilets surely add up over a month on a water bill.

  3. Ah! Cats will never miss a chance to play on something like that, even if it takes them awhile. Great shots! Glad to know your investment is paying off.

  4. Yippee, that is super, but not so super for the fragiles, I may have to get one for my cats and try again (with patience).

  5. My kitties love to be UP. I never know where I will find them. Missy prefers the top of the grandfather clock. Sweetie Pie likes the top of the bathroom cabinet (how she gets up there is somewhat a mystery). Squeak is somewhat less adventurous. His favorite resting place is on top of my desktop computer case.

    I foresee the Condo extension going up soon.

  6. Well, look at that girl go, climbing up the steps of society! How good is that?

    The other night, I remembered you, when one of our cats decided to sleep on my pillow, right behind my head. I had to laugh.

  7. Ha ha, love it! So it was worth it in the end then! Just like humans, they need a bit of time to get used to something new. :D

    Soon they'll be hanging from the ceiling lights so watch out!

  8. Good thing you have a cover on the fish tank!

  9. Good lesson in patience. I'll have to remember that when we try to introduce something new and fun for our kitty cat.

  10. We used to have a guy that made kitty condos to sell at the feedstore I worked at. They were so cool and went out the door as fast as they came in. Customers said their cats loved them.
    Not a cat person myself, dogs are my pet/friend of choice. Maybe because they are such a big help as well as friends. Cats don't seem to want to help herd cattle...

  11. Little by little they will get there and take over the upper spaces just like they have the lower ones. :) blessings, marlene

  12. Oh I did laugh at this post...cats do what they want ...when they I said before.
    Three words of advice though ... from someone who knows ...

    I would also attach the next piece as it may delay the onset of curiosity a little. xx

  13. Yep, cats do everything in their own time and like it was all their idea not ours. Now you will just need to move the cat tree or the fragile things so their will be no accidents. Cats are pretty good about walking around things and not disturbing them but there are accidents now and then.

    I loved watching the Jefferson's.

    By the way those are really good pictures. Hugs

  14. We finally got a piece of the pie!

  15. I have always said if you give a cat an inch, she will take a mile. Now your cat appears to have taken over. Have fun. Dianne

    PS Cats like to pretend they did not notice you doing anything nice for them. Then they owe you nothing in return.

  16. Now that is a neat looking kitty condo! I will have to look that one up. I looked at some at the Pet Store and they weren't what I was looking for. The Jefferson's tune will be playing through my head all day now, thanks Patti! :D That was a funny show. Have a nice day and stay cool.

  17. Cats--like people---do things at their own pace and time. Glad you were patient.. Now--you'll have to keep them off of the rest of your furniture... ha

  18. Cats are very interesting animals. Our cats were faithful to us and they were very sweet.

  19. So glad your cats are finally enjoying your great gift to them! That's the thing about cats-- they hate change and only gradually adjust to something new. Patience is everything1

  20. Looks like they're now loving their new high rise. They just needed time to adjust to the altitude.

  21. Count me in on the little faith side. I would have wanted them to scamper up to the top, also, the minute I put the tree out. I bet Minnie thought, "Oh this looks like fun but I'll ponder over it for awhile," and away she went.

  22. Alivia's cat manages to get to and sit on the top of an opened door!

  23. Deb,
    Yes they are snooty. So far Mickey is still grounded.

    That man could put Job to shame. I enjoy my sanity too much to even try.They have a water fountain that recycles the water via a stream. They love it.

    I was beginning to think of all the other things I could have bought. Now I am happy.

    Linda Starr,
    I guess you just have to let them think is is their idea.

    Wow, you really have athletes. Those are really strange places. What ever makes them happy--right?

    Ha ha, just what is that hair facination? Think we remind them of mom?

    LLCool Joe,
    Ha-- you have a point. I am a bit nervous about the ceiling fan. That could be messy.

    She has always had a facination with the fish tank. Now she can get a better view.

    I have now learned, you just can't rush a cat. Good luck.

    Me too on dogs. These were both strays that I felt an obligation for. A cat would never maintain interest long enough to herd. Besides, isn't that work?

    Stichinby the lake,
    They are slowly becoming upper cats. They don't even mess with the lowest level anymore.

    My cabinets are now bare. I thought I would let them get comfortable before the next piece goes up.

    Thanks. Think I will tune in an old Jefferson's show and see how they like the tune.

    I'll bet you know all the words.

    schmidleysscribblins ,
    Ha, had to laugh. I have known a few guys just like that.

    I got it through Amazon with free shipping. I know about that tune. I mowed for 2 hours today and it was in my head the whole time. Yikes.

    So far, Minnie has claimed the little house as her very own. My hair and furniture for now are all mine. Mickey never was a problem.

    Reader Wil,
    They really are unique animals. They move at their own pace.

    Dr. Kathy,
    That is what I am finally learning. I'm really glad it wasn't wasted money.

    Wonder if the change in air bothered them:)) At least Minnie is a high hanger outer now.

    Thank you. Here I was feeling all alone wanting instant appreciation. She definitely isn't impulsive.

    Gee I hope if you haven't all ready, that you post a picture of that. What an acrobat.

  24. I love how they are working their way up in the world. Minnie is really a beautiful cat. Her markings are quite unique.

  25. Oh no, looks like a fish tank on the one side, make sure the cat doesn't try leaping over from the high part of the kitty apartment. See, you just had to be patient.

  26. I think cats are meant to teach us patience! I loved the photo essay depicting the climb!

  27. Have a great week, dear Patti! Thanks for your visit!

  28. There are times I wish we had more room for a kitty condo type of perch, but we make do with Patches' two level scratching post. Denny created a larger top level so the cat can really sprawl out while she watches out the window. Currently she's watching the squirrel show as we are backed up to a tall pine tree and I scattered sunflower seeds below to draw the chipmunks for her entertainment.

  29. THAT IS GREAT!!! I had a lot of faith that they would find their way up...! And I LOVE that you have a whole other two foot section to add---I urge you to do so, my dear Patti...The whole thimg is Perfect, my dear....Just Perfect!

  30. Cats! Love them. Such unique souls.

  31. Because cats are smarter than humans, you know they are going to ultimately use this to their advantage - to do something dastardly for sure.

  32. My childhood pet was an outside cat. Loved experiencing your cats' acceptance of their new furniture through your posts!

  33. Retired English Teacher,
    Gee, do you suppose that if I pay her transportation you would want her? Kidding of course. I keep trying to find her a home but her potential gas bombs keep her here.

    They have watched the fish tank from the floor, now they can lie comfortably and watch a bit closer. It has a cover.

    Thanks, Mickey made it to the top tonight. Yea.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks Wil, you too.

    RV Vagabonds,
    Well at least you take yours on walks, that is much better than a press board condo. They do like to watch the outside creatures.

    Mickey joined the climb today and hit the top shelf. Guess I will have to add on the other 2 feet.

    They really are original aren't they. We would never tolerate humans with their behavior but on them it is cute.

    I have visions of them using the new heights to take a flying leap into my hair. Yikes.

    Thanks. My childhood cats were outside cats also. This is a relatively new experience.

  34. How strange that you did a post on this today because just a little over an hour ago Christi and I was at Wal Mart looking at cat toys and she showed me what you had bought. I then told her about you doing a post on it and how so far they had not enjoyed their new play thing but now I come by and here it is. lol
    Just funny when things happen like this in blog land.
    We did not purchase anything but wanted too.
    Glad ye wrote this for us to enjoy.
    Now I am off to read your post before this one.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    I am dreading tomorrow because of a meeting with the captain tomorrow but such is life for me now a days
    love ya

  35. I hope you don't mind a new reader. I just discovered OldOldLadyoftheHills tonight and she is delightful. So I clicked on a couple of her reader links in her comments and came here and am enjoying your blog as well. New reads are fun to pick up now and then! Love your cats, btw.

  36. Yay! Bush dwellers becoming tree dwellers. I love it. I bet they are so happy with you for giving them such as spectacular gift. Sometimes I too take a while to use my new presents ... I didn't use my new camera for around 3 months; and then looked what happened. I think that cats are pretty careful with fragile valuables, unless they are mad at you.

    Thank you for all of your visits and comments when I was gone, Patti. They mean a lot to me.

    Kathy M.

  37. That is so funny Pat! I love the sequence of photos. We sometimes talk about making "an adventure playground" for our two rascals, but then look around at the shredded furniture, and the clear evidence of feline chaos high and low, and give a shrug realising that they have their adventure playground already! P :) xx

  38. Grandma yellow hair,
    I highly recommend getting one. The old dude has reached the top and now both are on it at the same time.
    Hope things go well with the Captain.

    Of course I don't mind, welcome to TNS. Always love to meet someone new. Will have to check out your blog.

    Oregon gifts,
    Maybe they were tree dwellers all along, just never had a chance to show it. They are both working it out now.
    Yes, cats can be spiteful,I try not to tick them off.

    That would be a great new project for you to build. The rope around the supports gives them something to scratch besides furniture.
    They really love it now.

  39. YAY! I am glad they are getting the hang of it! :D

  40. Lynda,
    It took a while but they really are enjoying it now. Phew.

  41. Your cat tower looks very stylish. Ours is carpeted. And the cat never goes to the very top on her own but stay a while if you place her there. Lately she has become more of a jumper and ended up parading around my bedroom TV.There ways are very interesting.

  42. KleinsteMotte
    Mine haven't climbed on to that last platform by them selves either. Top of the house is as far as they go but that is good enough.
    Glad you have on also to entertain you cat.