Tuesday, August 9, 2011


First off, I want to thank all of you who stopped by with your lovely comments and Birthday wishes for Kelli. This is a portion of the e-mail she sent me after reading the post.

Hi Aunt Patti!
Thank you so much for taking the time and for the thoughtfulness you put into writing about my time with Grandma Liz. It really warmed my heart that other people do sometimes recognize and appreciate. Thank you Aunt Patti. I just love the way you write and keep the many memories alive for all of us. Then to read other people's responses was really neat also. It was such a nice feeling, like a sense of connection to total strangers.”

See, even the young like to be noticed. So I thank you and Kelli thanks you. You dear readers are the best.

Now I need your help identifying something. My hummingbird feeders are right outside my window so I get to watch the activity. The other day I saw what looked like a hummer on steroids perched at the feeder so I ran to get my camera.

Ok, it wasn't a hummer but I am not sure what it was. It had a red breast like a robin but was too small. This is not the time of year here for the Rufous Sided Towhee, not did it have white on the breast though it was the right size for a Towhee. Are Robin fledglings really small? That would have been a tough perch for a newbie flier

I apologize for the pictures as it was through a not so clean window and screen with early morning light. This dufus kept banging on the feeder almost like a woodpecker. He could not figure out how everyone else was getting something to eat. Of course when I went out to get a better shot, it flew away.

Anyone else had big birds frequent the hummer bar?


I hope I am not premature but I think our heat wave has broken. We stayed in the mid 90's yesterday and it felt positively balmy. People crawled out of their house caves and sat on  porches enjoying the day and  waving at passersby.

The front door knob was safe to touch without burning my hand. There was a sprinkle of rain and a front is supposed to be coming through to lower our temperatures even more. Can't remember the last time I was euphoric over 96 degrees.

Just took Mighty out for his morning toilet. It was raining and it is only 69 degrees. Far cry from our lows of late in the 80's.  If you feel a huge gust of wind and feel the ground shaking a bit,  it is just me letting out a gigantic sigh as I do my happy dance. I could only feel better if I know you are getting the same relief.

Sometimes we need to be bludgeoned by a hammer to appreciate the lack of pain when it quits. Lets hope that heat hammer has quit. 


  1. Whatever bird it is, it sure is a lovely creature (and a sweet-toothed one, apparently)! The image is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the big gust!I thought our early a.m. temp of 79 was thanks to a front but no! It was Blogger Patti weather. So nice to have early a.m. under 80s for a change! Let us know when you find out the ID of your visitor to the hummer feeder!

  3. That heat must have been a study in tolerance. I haven't seen heat like that since I left Florida.

    That was a thoughtful email from Kelli. It was so nice of you to include us in her birthday.

    I've seen a couple of small birds at my feeders that have a reddish head and chest. I haven't had time to look it up. Looks a little like your bird.

    I finished Bonnie Turner's book. I did enjoy it and I could certainly relate to the times. I've seen plenty of hobo camps by the RR tracks when I was young. As kids we were never afraid of hobos. They were harmless.... just looking for something to eat. Thanks for that post on her.

  4. I'll have Abe take a look, I know nothing about birds, except the usual ones we see every day. Yes we're having a little relief also and it has been nice. Hopefully our next electric bill won't be as much as this last one.

  5. Let's see, now---it's early August and the question is, "Has the heat wave broken?"....

    I don't THINK so.........

  6. Hi Patti - Adult male orchard oriole.

  7. It does look a little like a baby robin, Patti, I am not sure, though. Looks like a young one of whatever sort. And I am so happy to hear it's a bit better for you out there! I'm hoping it stays...

  8. It's definitely been a hot, humid summer - glad you're getting some relief. Looks like your visitor has been identified!

  9. Not sure about the bird but it sure is cute.

    I hope the rain comes our way. My lawn would love it.

  10. Got down into the 60's here last night....and a breeze....i could here the leaves on the trees....the A/C will go off tonight.....maybe..?!


  11. I have tiny little birds of the non hummer variety visit my back hummer station every morning. I never get a picture but they are yellowish all over and my grandson calls them computer birds because they beep like an error message prompt.
    Great photo of a lovely little bird.
    And as to the weather....bah humbug. Weatherman here says we missed our monsoon season and not likely to get another drop until maybe mid September. I'll enjoy your good weather by reading about it.
    Happy Day Patti. The Olde Bagg

  12. I have not seen other birds on the hummingbird feeder, but the raccoon will empty it right out if we don't take it down at night.

  13. Kelli must be a very beautiful and lovely girl. She is caring and loving and knows how to help people. I wish every young person was like that.

  14. I don't know what sort of bird you have there, but it's pretty, and evidently has a sweet tooth. I often have house finches (those with red/purple heads and some of the same color on their bodies) drink from my hummingbird feeders.

  15. Hi Patti, that is a sweet email your niece sent you. Hope she had a wonderful birthday.
    I'm not sure what kind of bird you have there, but he is cute!
    The lower temps are heavenly! We're going to be in the 80's up here in mid-MO all week. Near 90 today, but that's much better than 100!

  16. Looks like an Oriole. Not a Baltimore Oriole but an Orchard Oriole. If you type in Orchard Oriole on your Yahoo or Google search engine and choose "Images" then you should be able to see lots of them in different poses.

  17. I sure hope you do get a break on that terrible heat, Patti! It's about time! Of course, here in Arizona, we're still sizzling. What a lovely note from Kelli! She's a real treasure!

  18. Glad to hear your weather is breaking ...mind you anything above 70 finishes me off lol
    Cute bird ...I see one of your followers has identified it. We have flocks of Starlings and Sparrows landing in our gardens at the moment,hunting for bugs. I love it when the light reflects off the starlings feathers.

  19. I do hope the heat hammer stops pounding away at us all. Your niece really is a sweet, precious girl.

    I still have not seen even one hummingbird this year. Usually my yard is full of them.

  20. Merisi,
    That is funny, I hadn't thought about it but he really must like a sugar high.

    Hasn't the under 80's for lows and under 100 highs been wonderful. Glad you are getting some of it also. So far I am pretty sure it is an Orchard Oriole thanks to my readers.

    I remember hobos also. In fact, one use to walk regularily past my grade school an his name was Bubbles. There was no fear.

    Thanks, I know Abe will know.
    My electric bill for last month was a shocker.

    Anything under a hundred to me is a heat wave break. Funny how now mid nineties seems balmy.

    I knew I could count on you. I looked it up and that is him. Thank you.

    Me too. It is a wonder just what one gets used to. Under 100 now is good to go.

    That is another reason I love blogging. There is always someone who knows the answer.

    Gosh,you too?? Hope you get a break also.

    Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Well we still need the windows shut but at least we can breathe out side now. Isn't relief wonderful.

    Aw shoot, you mean this year is shot for you???This year has really been a brute for just about everyone. Hang in there.

    Does the racoon get a sugar high when he raids the feeder?? That might be fun to see.

    Reader Wil,
    Thank you so much. I know I think so.

    Goodness Pat, you read your self into eye strain today. Beyond all Price is next on my list. Hope it is good.
    It really was cool hearing from the author.
    Thank you about Kelli. I agree.
    According to my readers, it is an Orchard Oriole. I put an half an orange out for him but he hasn't come back.

    Isn't it strange how a month of hundreds can make mid 90's look good. Sure hope it stays for us both.

    Honest Abe,
    Thank you so much for that info. One of my birder friends Barry also said that was what it was. I wish now I had an oriole feeder. He hasn't touched the half orange I put out.

    Dr. Kathy,
    Gosh, don't you always sizzle in Arizona? I know they say it is dry heat so is an oven dry heat. Hot is hot.

    I like the starlings in their speckled look. They really build nasty nests though. I had a 4 foot nest removed from my soffit which is now blocked off.

    Retired English Teacher,
    Think I have all your hummers. I fix two quarts of nectar a day. They really use up the sugar. Hope we all get a break soon.

  21. I think it is a robin; so glad about the heat, we had the same thing here, rain for two day straight and much welcomed and lower temperatures. AHHHHH.

  22. Hello!

    I have no idea what kind your lovely little birdie is! But i am sure somebody else does!

    And i just found your blog true the bloggy grapevine and am glad i did!

    Hope to see lot's more!

  23. Hi Patti, Your bird is an Orchard Oriole... I don't have time to read your other comments --but I'm pretty sure that is what he is. He's NOT a baby Robin...

    Hope you are right and that our weather does get cooler. I'm sick of the heat... It's been one of our hottest summers.

  24. pretty little guy, whatever he is!

    Heat wave must be breaking because temps are only in the mid-90's? Ah, life in the south!

  25. Oh, I truly hope the triple digits are gone. It has been in the 90's here the last couple of days and it feels so much better.

    I have never seen a bird like that. I do not have a hummer feeder either.

    Keep enjoying the cooler weather and have a great rest of the week and weekend. Hugs

  26. Two quarts a day. Wow! I see one rarely. You must have dozens. The orchard orioles have sort of a bronzed orange and black.

  27. Oh, good! I'm so happy that you guys are finally getting some relief from that hot weather.

    I don't know what kind of bird that is, sorry.

    Hope your day is simply wonderful, Patti. I loved the note from Kelli. What a good girl she is.

    God bless,

    Kathy M.

  28. Linda Starr,
    Sure glad you are getting relief also. It has been a brute hasn't it?

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I will go hunt you up now.

    Think that is the general consensus. I do hope he comes back. I bought him some oranges. Thanks.

    It is noon right now and only 75. What a turn around. I'll take it.

    Lynda G,
    Well aren't you lucky to be in paradise and thank you.

    Abe is all of those things and one more--he is Patty's husband. He really knows his birds and is a fabulous photographer.

    It is only 75 right now. I sure hope you are getting this also. It feels devine.

    They are keeping me busy making nectar. Pretty sure it was an Orchard Oriole. The light was really poor when I took that shot.

    Oregon gifts,
    Thank you, my day has been splendid with the really cool weather. Open windows yet.

  29. Our weather is much better. No, I don't recognize your bird. Perhaps he had a strange parentage. Father hummer and Mother Robin. You know about those mixed marriages. Dianne

  30. I don't know what kind of bird that is, but I'll ask my bird friend and let you know if he has any ideas...

    It's cool and wonderful here in the mountains. I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it!



  31. Here's one of my unusual guests:

  32. I'm so envious of your cooler weather and especially the rain. We were watching tv last night and there was a rainstorm on the program. I told my husband "That is what rain looks and sounds like." It has been a long time for us, but not as long as it has been for Austin. They haven't had rain since last October and it was 1/4" then.

    Looks like you will be getting more rain soon from what they said on our weatherforcast today. Oh well, it can't last forever.

  33. It's still hot hot hot in Atlanta. Fall for us is still a couple of months away.

  34. schmidleysscribblins
    That is funny Dianne. I had similar thoughts. And who knows, the orchard oriole may be just that, a hybrid.

    Rocky Mountain Woman,
    You definitely have the right idea. Enjoy that cool.

    RV Vagabonds,
    Now that is some photo. Thanks for the link. You really had a big ole poacher at the hummer bar.

    Amber Star,
    When ever I get depressed, I remind my self that this could be Texas. Sorry to use you all for the sad example. However, you gave me an idea for tomorrows post--thanks.

    Hang in lady, when relief comes--like it has for us right now, the euphoria is just wonderful.

  35. I can not imagine that kind of heat - we have only reached 80 degrees a couple times this summer and here now August, everyone is grouching that winter will never leave. But...really the door knob is hot? That's a weird thought! But then during those beautiful spring days you have we are sitting inside wishing the drizzle would stop.
    Hang in there my southern friend.

  36. Grayquill,
    In my next post, I have a money maker for those drizzly days you have.
    Our spring lasted maybe two weeks. We went from unusually cold to really hot in a flash. I suppose if it were perfect all the time,we would get bored.

  37. That is the dearest bird, Patti....I have no idea what it is, but he is very pretty...! His beak and tail are a little long for a Finch...But, maybe they grow them different in your neck of the woods...!
    Glad to read your Heat broke...! I hope it stays that way for you, my dear.

  38. OOLOH,
    Thanks Naomi but he has been identified as an Orchard Oriole. Sure was new to me. So far the heat is still gone. Loving it.